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17 Feng Shui Front Door Facing Remedies For Blocked Chi

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In every building, the first thing that catches the attention of a passerby is the front door. Your front door speaks volumes.

Likewise, in feng shui, the front door is given priority considering its effect on the people staying inside the home.

Your front door determines whether you will enjoy good energy or bad energy. If everything is put in place, your front door can bring you positive energy. That is where the energy and luck pass through into the house. For Example if the front door is facing the staircase, that means it’s blocking the chi energy.

And when the front door attracts positive energy, you’re set to experience comfort, peace, prosperity, fortune, and tranquility. The reason is that the positive energy brings along luck responsible to make you happy.

Therefore, is important to know how to position your front door to attract luck and positive energy.

In this blog, we discussed front door facing, and the best direction that will favor you.

But to make it more insightful, we covered these topics:

  • Front door that faces back door
  • Feng shui front door facing
  • Feng shui front door facing south
  • Feng shui front door facing north
  • Front door that faces southeast
  • Front door that faces southwest
  • Feng shui front door that faces east
  • Feng shui front door that faces back window
  • Feng shui front door that faces west
  • Feng shui front door that faces northwest
  • Wall in front of main door remedy

7 Front Door That Faces Back Door Remedies

Constructing a house with a perfect layout and pattern is very important. In some houses, the kind of layout the house is constructed is obstructing the flow of good energy into the house.

One of the unfavorable layouts which are difficult to deal with is when you have the front door facing the back door.

Feng Shui Front Door Facing Remedies
Feng Shui Front Door Facing Remedies
  • It means that there is every possibility to see inside the house to the back door without any obstruction to your view.
  • When you have a front door facing the back door, it drains the positive energy. The good energy flows into the house through the main entrance, and it escapes as a result of the front door facing the back door.
  • Also, it can lead to luck, opportunities, and resources draining. It is a bad omen for a front door to align or face the back door.
  • The simple test to know if your front door is facing the back door is to stand at the main entrance and look forward to seeing if you can have a view of your back door.
  • If your back door is seen, it simply means your front door and back door are facing each other. Therefore, it calls for a solution.
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If you notice your front door and the back door is facing each other, and some of the negative effects are been felt, use the tips below to correct it:

1) Hang curtains on the door

  • One of the effective ways of correcting the front door facing the back door is to hang curtains on the doors. In feng shui, it is discovered that curtains can serve as a means of controlling energy flow in the house.
  • The use of curtains is not limited to windows only. Curtains are suitable for demarcating certain areas in the wall and even can be used to demarcate or make barriers between the two doors.
  • To provide a solution to the front door facing the back door, the curtain can be hung on the doors to seclude or block one door from the other.
  • Is better to place one curtain on the door that is less frequently accessed. For example, the back door.

2) Get the space between the doors properly lighted

To prevent the escape of energy from being escaped through the back door, you can get the space between the two doors lighted.

While the lighting removes every darkness between the two doors, it can introduce positive energy into the area there is a space. The lighting expels bad energy coming as a result of the doors looking dark.

3) Introduce water element in between the two doors

  • The water element is one of the five main elements in feng shui.
  • Bringing water which is a symbol of water element in between the two doors means inviting tranquility, and calmness to your space. Also, water can absorb energy.
  • All you do is place the water element in the space between the two doors and you can benefit from the absorbing power of water.
  • It absorbs every negative energy present while hindering the loss of positive energy through the back door.

4) Hanging gemstone within the doors can prove effective

  • Gemstones or crystals are semiprecious stones that can distribute and disseminate energy and even have the attributes to separate different light.
  • These semi-precious stones have the quality that makes them good energy dispersers. So, hanging them between your doors can add good energy to your space.
  • We have many types of crystals that you can use to hold up the positive energy and stabilize light and energy, but the most effective one is clear quartz.

5) Beautiful the space between the doors with natural flowers or flowers decoration

  • Natural flowers, flower decorations, or even flower wallpaper are symbolic, and they are used to representing serenity, quietness, peace, and harmony.
  • Since they carry attractive and lovely nature, they will fit well in placing them between the doors.
  • When you hang flowers wallpaper or place natural flowers in between the two doors.
  • These plants will fill your space with liveliness, newness, and provide balance and stability between the energies entering inside the house.
  • Plants have purification ability that can distil the air that flows inside your home.

6. Place furniture between the two doors

  • To obstruct the loss of energy through the back door. Your furniture can help you to stop the escape of energy.
  • But be mindful that the furniture doesn’t take up all the space between the doors so that it will be difficult to pass through.
  • In case your house is small, you can use small furniture that gives enough space for passage.
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7. Where your house will soon experience renovation or redesign

You can tell the house builder or architect to construct a partition between the two doors to obstruct the outflow of energy.

Feng Shui Front Door That Faces The South

In feng shui, the front door facing south is the most notable, lucky, favorable, and positive house direction that anyone can adopt for their front door.

This direction is significant and is known for prominence, energy attraction, and harmonious living.

In feng shui, the front door is symbolic, and the most suitable direction for a front door to face is either the east or south. These directions are auspicious and can attract good luck to your door.

Selecting a front door facing south can bring you luck that will make you be recognized for all your hard work and efforts to make things work and be rewarded. It can also bring you luck that can make you famous and renowned.


  • Distinction
  • Recognition
  • Fame

The favorite colors that represent south are:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow

The feng shui element representing the south is fire.

Feng Shui Front Door That Faces The North

The front door facing north direction is a good sign. North is also a prominent direction recognized in feng shui. It is a direction that is favorable for career men and women.

It suits your profession any time. If you want promotion in your career, the north direction can be a good sign of luck

The feng shui element for the north is water, and it attracts abundance, fortune, outstanding accomplishment, success, and career breakthrough.

Front Door That Faces Southeast

The front door facing southeast is great. It is an auspicious direction because it is a direction that receives sunlight.

Front Door That Faces Southeast
Front Door That Faces Southeast

Because the sun rises from that direction, it allows the flow of positive energy which energizes your house daily.

It is a direction that represents the wood element in feng shui, and the suitable colors for the southeast are purple, red, green, and blue. Southeast is synonymous with growth, and expansion.

While the most suitable colors are:

  • Blue
  • Black

Front Door That Faces Southwest

This direction may not receive a favorable amount of natural light. But something good still comes out of the southwest.

Southwest is a direction that symbolizes romance, family bond, adoring relationships, and mother’s care.

This direction depicts the earth element, and the best colors that represent earth elements are beige, yellow, peach, and brown. You can add the touch of these colors to your front door.

You can add heavy earthy objects like a vase, ceramic, clay pots, etc.

Feng Shui Front Door That Faces East

In feng shui, the most favorable direction the front door can face is the east direction. The east direction is connected with new start, growth, development, and family.

These directions can bring the following luck:


  • Growth
  • Expansion
  • Increase
  • Development
  • Enlargement

The colors that align with the east direction are:

  • Turquoise
  • Green
  • Aqua.

It is symbolic of a fresh start in a relationship, and family. It shows the conception of new ideas, new undertakings in your life. It is also linked to wellness and healthy living.

It revolves around a new beginning. Therefore, this direction is ideal for couples who just want to start a new life.

In feng shui, the east represents a wood element and the suitable colors for wood include green, blue, and turquoise.

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Feng Shui Front Door That Faces Back Window

The front door facing the back window is not a good attribute of a home.

In feng shui, windows are undoubtedly important to the house. It is believed to be the eyes of the house, including the people dwelling inside the house.

Utmost priority must be given to windows. It determines what enters the house. Windows are the medium through which good air enters the house.

They can improve your energy or deplete it. Therefore, you must choose the best location for them.

Likewise, to ensure the quality inflow of good air, give your windows the best attention. Clean them every day to remove dust and stagnant energy.

When you have a front door facing the back window, the positive energies that entered into the house are lost through them.

In feng shui, the solution is to close part of the windows or hang curtains on them to prevent the energy from escaping.

Feng Shui Front Door That Faces West

In feng shui, the front door facing west is associated with the metal element, and it is a sign of toughness, meticulous, creativity, proficiency, happiness, and connectivity.

Give your front door facing west a hue of metal colors like white, silver, copper, and brass.

Feng Shui Front Door That Faces North West

Northwest is a great direction that gives way to the positive energy that attracts mentoring, support, guidance, and empowerment.

When your front door is facing northwest, it implies you will enjoy support and help from people that can go the extra length to ensure you realize your goals.

Northwest is the direction for metal elements, and the colors that are favorable to the northwest are white, gray, blue, and black.

Wall In Front Of Main Door Remedy

The Wall in front of the main door hinders the flow of positive energies into the house. The movement of energy is restricted as the energy would be bouncing backward and get lost.

It is recommended to follow the feng shui tip to correct this situation. One of them is to redesign the front door and get the wall broken. If this is impossible to do, put mirrors there, or light the wall.

FAQ: Front Door Facing

Q: What is the best direction for door facing in feng shui?

If you’re looking for the best house direction in feng shui, it is east and south directions. Make sure your front doors are facing these directions.

Q: Which color is the best for the front door?

There are different feng shui colors but for the front door, the best color is red.

The red color is good for the front door because of its vibrancy, and activeness.

The color shows good luck, protection, and vigor.

Red is the color of fire element which makes you distinctive, palpable, and impacts you with motivation.


The front door is vital and its placement can say about what enters your home. Take advantage of the best direction for placing your front door.

We hope you find this article to be helpful in terms of your front door feng shui remedies.