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How To Make Good Feng Shui In Kitchen – Quick Tips

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Feng Shui in kitchen: In this guide, we will understand how to make your kitchen more enjoyable and harmonious with Feng Shui Kitchen Tips.

The kitchen is the favourite corner of the house of many! That’s where we store and prepare our food, talk to our family members, and even grow those little spice plants.

Regardless of decoration or size, various Feng Shui techniques can apply to the kitchen to make it more balanced and harmonious with the energy of the rest of the house:

Before we jump in to understand all the Tips here are some basic questions which most people might have.

What Role Does The kitchen Play In Feng Shui?

At the heart of family and social life, the Feng Shui kitchen is a real asset in a home. First of all, very often open to the living room, it allows the person preparing the meal to stay in contact with family members and guests seated on the sofa.

Then, it frequently hosts an island – an element of conviviality par excellence – which, beyond its usefulness as a bar, work plan or dining area, quickly becomes the privileged place for chatting over coffee or for making homework.

How To Decor Kitchen For A Good Feng Shui

From an aesthetic point of view, a kitchen presents minimalist, pure lines, in a chic and sober spirit. As close as possible to trends, the selection of colors, limited to three shades, is in perfect harmony with the materials chosen: stainless steel, aluminium, concrete, etc.

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We can also combine these with more traditional materials, such as wood for a resolutely feng shui effect. The style is then sublimated by the luminaires (suspensions, recessed spotlights, lighting rails, etc.) Which play a central role in Feng Shui kitchen decor.

With Kitchen originality, its sleek design and materials, the Feng Shui kitchen have it all.

Check out all the Feng Shui Kitchen Design Ideas for better understanding. Choosing a Feng Shui kitchen means opting for a kitchen that is pleasant to live in, aesthetic and functional.

What Is The Best Color For A Good Feng Shui Kitchen?

The recommended colors as per Feng Shui are soft and warm colors such as White, yellow, blue, green, beige, red and orange are all important Feng Shui in kitchen paint colors.

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Find out more about Feng Shui Kitchen Colors.

Another important aspect is to understand how to use them. The most popular go-to color in most kitchens is White. As it can go with any decor and furniture in the house.

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Blue color represents water which is an anti-fire element, so we must avoid it under all conditions. Many people like the Green color, you can use this to rectify Feng Shui faults, if required.

Where Should I Place My Stove For Good Kitchen Feng Shui?

Placement of a stove at a suitable position in the kitchen is one of the challenging parts of a good home.

kitchen stove
Feng Shui In Kitchen Stove

Here are the best Kitchen Feng Shui Rules to Stove Placement

  1. The stove placement direction should not face the kitchen door. If you place like that then change the direction immediately as it can bring bad luck and disharmony to the family.
  2. The stove must be placed by leaning against the wall rather than the open space.
  3. The stove direction should not face any bedroom as it might cause health issues.
  4. If you have a lucky Buddha statue placed in any corner of the house. Then avoid placing your stove facing it because it shows disrespect and it can lead to bringing bad fortune to the family.
  5. If you have used any mirror in your kitchen, then make sure that it does not face or reflect the stove.
  6. Do not have 2 or more stoves in the kitchen. You can have a 2,3 burner stove but having another stove will hamper your relationship.

Which Place Is Suitable For The Kitchen In A House?

Suitable Feng Shui Kitchen Directions are :

  • South-East Direction – This is the most recommended place for placement of a kitchen within any premises or apartment by Feng Shui experts. Other options are Southern or eastern areas.
  • While cooking the cook always faces the east or south direction.
  • The placement of the Feng Shui Kitchen stove should be in the southeast portion of the area.

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25 Feng Shui in kitchen Useful tips

Here are hot tips for having a well-decorated master chef kitchen.

1 Clutter-Free Environment

Keep the kitchen always clean and organized, clutter attracts bad energy.

This is the very first Feng Shui kitchen organization technique.

2 Place Fresh Fruit

Exposing natural flowers in the environment, bring kitchen Feng Shui colors and joy.

Feng Shui In Kitchen Fruits
Feng Shui In Kitchen

3 Use Decorative Elements

Display utensils like pots and pans decoratively. It will add Feng Shui kitchen decor as well as manage the area.

4 Add Fresh Herbs To Your Kitchen

Keep pots full of herbs or cereals always fresh and practical. By doing this it allows positivity and a good vibe.

5 Allow Natural Light

Try to provide complete and adequate lighting that helps save energy and also keeps the food always fresh that needs light.

6 Free Up The Extra Spaces

Free up a corner of the Feng Shui kitchen stove to get the most loved cookbooks so they can be easily handled while cooking.

7 Suitable Feng Shui Colors

The predominant color, for a good Feng Shui in the kitchen, should be white, leaving the colors for details such as photos, objects, small plants, household items, etc. For example, if you want to use the light blue color, green will make your kitchen cozy and yellow will stimulate your appetite.

8 Add Some Greenery and Fresh Flowers

Exposing natural flowers in the environment, bring color and joy. Find out more about Feng Shui Kitchen Plants by the below-related articles.

 kitchen plants
Feng Shui In Kitchen Plants

9 Using Adequate Feng Shui Stove Color

Practice Feng Shui in your kitchen and set the color of the stove. The Chinese believe that there is a God who lives in the kitchen and his favorite place is the Feng Shui kitchen stove.

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So avoid black! Because it symbolizes water and will conflict with the main element of the kitchen, fire. Red should be used carefully so as not to cause an excess of this element

10 Feng Shui Kitchen Decor

To increase good Feng Shui in the kitchen, always try to decorate it yourself, as the more energy exchanges and emotionally valuable personal items are in your kitchen, the greater the connection with it and the desire to spend more time there.

You can read more about Top 21 Feng Shui Living Room Decorating Mistakes.

11 Distribution

When choosing the distribution you must think about the available space, the Feng Shui kitchen decor style, your lifestyle, the size of the family and your budget. The most common distributions are in U, in L, in line, in parallel, with an island or with a peninsula.

The most spacious ones can choose anyone but theirs is to take advantage of the central space with an island, a peninsula or a dining table. The ideal space to leave between the island and the wall or the kitchen front is 90 cm.

It can be something less, 80 cm, or go up to 110 cm. More is not necessary or comfortable in the movements. Smaller kitchens will have online or U-shaped distributions.

12 The Working Triangle

It is an imaginary triangle that we must form in our heads when it comes to distributing the different areas in the kitchen. There are three: cooking, laundry, and pantry (where the refrigerator is located).

Neither side of that imaginary triangle should be greater than 2.50 m nor less than 1.20 m. Another tip is that the cooking zone and the washing zone are in the same working line or forming 90º.

13 Water OR Washing Area

If there is a window, place the water area in front of it. Consider the type of window sash opening in case the faucet gets in the way. There are models of folding taps to open the leaves.

14 American OR Side By Side Refrigerator

Want one? Its depth is greater than conventional modules and appliances (60 cm), so it stands out from the rest of the furniture. Sometimes two refrigerators are placed together to avoid this difference in background. This is another Feng Shui tip for the refrigerator.

15 Space On The Sides Of The Fire And Washing Area

Nothing to stick or the sink to a wall or leave on the edge of the furniture strip. In addition, there must be a space between the Feng Shui kitchen sink and the cooking area because splashing water is dangerous if there is hot oil on the hob.

16 Dishwasher Near The Feng Shui Kitchen Sink

Because dishes are usually rinsed or go to the dishwasher from the sink. So use this near to your sink area.

feng shui kitchen sink
Feng Shui In Kitchen Sink

17 Garbage

Especially the organic one, better near the preparation area. This is generally where the waste is generated. Another thing is recycling modules. They should be comfortable to easily dispose of different types of waste.

18 Doors And Shelves

The modules with doors keep the interior of the cabinet and its contents safe from splashes and dust. That does not mean that you can have on hand, on shelves or other types of solutions, that you use the most.

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Think that there are many types of openings so that they do not get in the way and systems that hide appliances that are not necessarily paneled.

19 Panel Appliances To Improve Aesthetics

Because you like it and, with more reason, when the kitchen is open to another room. They look like one more piece of furniture.

20 Vertical Storage

It will allow you to have on hand the most used utensils.

It is about installing a solution on the wall with hooks and cans to have cooking utensils, pots and pans.

Also, It is practical to have mitts, handles and cloths easily within reach.

21 Space To Gather

A bar, a table after the kitchen, an island that prolongs your worktop. The kitchen becomes a meeting place where you can share and teach your culinary skills if you turn it into a space to be lived. These elements are suitable. Extend the countertop about 25-30 cm on an island and you will have the bar.

22 Reserve A Space For Small Appliances

The coffee maker and the toaster, for example. Maybe in your case a kettle, a juicer and a mixer. Analyze what you use every day and organize the plugs for

For these gadgets, even think in their place. A cupboard with a shutter is appropriate to hide them.

23 Invest In A Good Extractor Hood

You will appreciate it, especially, if the kitchen is open to another room. But in general, it is the best way to avoid smoke and odors.

24 Large Drawers or Gazettes

Practical for pots and pans, in general, for the bulkiest of the kitchen. Many people prefer to have the dishes here (with dividers that prevent the dishes from moving or colliding with each other at each drawer opening) or food packages.

25 The Lighting

Take advantage of natural light but study the uses of each corner so that it has correct lighting. Use LEDs in the spotlight areas – on the worktop and cooking area and recessed LEDs or down lights as general lighting.

You can incorporate flexo-type wall lights from a wall. kitchen Feng Shui colors temperature is important. You may need whiter in the prep area or cope with the warm one. This is always cozier and should not be missing on the bar or dining table if it is in the kitchen.

Learn more about Feng Shui Kitchen Do’s and Dont for your understanding.

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Feng Shui Kitchen
Feng Shui In Kitchen


In addition to its welcoming and refined appearance, a Feng Shui kitchen has an optimized space and layout, serving the comfort and safety of its users. Thus, the worktop and the devices are installed at an appropriate height.

As for storage, kitchens are designed from their opening system through their layout, so as to limit movement and displacement. Finally, to facilitate circulation, the kitchen door is sometimes replaced by a sliding door or even removed.

Note that a Feng Shui kitchen is fully customizable. All spaces, even small, can benefit from its advantages for a unique result.