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Exclusive 16 Feng Shui Gifts For Couples Happiness and Luck

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Finding the perfect gift for a couple can be a challenge. A couple in their last years of life may have reduced to living in homes for groups with limited personal space.

Today in this blog we are going to discover the top 16 Feng Shui Gifts For Couples.

Many times, comfort, practicality and improved quality of life can overcome the novelty by choosing a gift for the couple.

You can learn more about gifting options for Gifts For Wealth & Prosperity, Gifts For Home and Gifts For Good Health. Below are quick feng shui inspired options.

The following lists of feng shui gifts are the best to give a newly wedded couple or old ones too, learn the following gifts and give them out to the newly wedded couples.

Feng Shui Gifts Made Of Souvenirs

As the couple gets older, they may feel more obligated to share their legacy with their children and grandchildren. The elderly have fascinating stories to tell, but many don’t know where to start.

Feng Shui Gifts For Couples Souvenirs
Feng Shui Gifts For Couples

Souvenir gifts are a great way for them to share their life experiences with future generations.

Book Of My Memories

The Book of My Memories offered on Lines is a 190 x 235 cm hardcover book with a fabric marker. It contains hundreds of questions designed to help someone write the story of their life.

Topics include his family history, childhood memories, historical events, life lessons, and religious beliefs, among others. It also has other versions as guide books to write about your family tree, your favorite music, travel, and many others. Each book costs about the US $20 and can be customized as if it were a newspaper.

Feng Shui Special Diary

A good-sized diary (think sheets of at least 15 x 20 centimetres – and ideally letter size) with designs on the paste and maybe some special touch on the sheets can free the writer that everyone has inside.

You will want to choose a diary or notebook of a size suitable for the needs of the elderly as well as a pen that besides looking special adapts to its motile capacity.

If you want this gift to be really special you could make a list of topics or questions that you know are of interest or expertise to the person to whom you will give the newspaper.

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For example, if you were to give this gift to someone who loves cooking you can prepare a list of questions about their best recipes or ingredients, their best cooking tricks.

The best dishes they have prepared or tested and their recommendations for other Gourmet read their memories.

An Interview For Posterity

If the couple you want to give away the gift of preserving their memories is not in a position to write by hand because of vision or motility problems, you can interview yourself.

Feng Shui Gifts For Couples
Feng Shui Gifts For Couples

You can schedule a couple of visits for the interview, or better yet, make it a long-term project. Family Search offers a compendium of 52 questions to ask over the course of 52 weeks.

When you have completed the interview you will have all the material you need to write the life story of the interviewee. You can print it on beautiful paper and bind it in stationery near you, or send it to print and bind using the online services of Office Depot or Staples.

Where you can upload your files online and then pick them up. You can also use online book printing services such as Blurb or Printcolor that are a good option if you want to include photographs. This will be a gift of time, dedication, and love. Surely invaluable.

Feng Shui Gifts For Wellness

Stress can lead to unhealthy behaviors that increase heart attack and the risk of stroke. These gifts can help the recipient manage stress and support overall health.

Couple Coloring Book

There are many benefits for older couple s who color and exercise this creative aspect of their personality. Many coloring books, however, have intricate designs difficult to be seen in detail by the elderly, making it difficult for them to color.

Choose books with large images and basic designs. Amazon Mexico offers a wide selection including this large-format coloring book for

Many seniors do not go out in the sun as much as they used to, especially those with mobility problems. However, the sun is a great source of vitamin D that helps the body absorb calcium and supports heart health, healthy vision, and a healthy immune system.

Lack of vitamin D can cause some mood disorders such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). You can give the gift of sunlight throughout the year with a vitamin D lamp (especially for home phototherapy).

Unlike other less expensive sun lamps, this lamp has the appropriate UVB rays that the body needs to produce vitamin D. The cost is approximately $ 795 and up.

Feng shui Cold Mist Humidifier

The humidifiers help to restore the humidity of the environment and the air. According to Australia.

The humidifier can help relieve common respiratory problems such as sinus congestion, asthma, allergies, and chronic nasal congestion.

All of these, conditions that no older couple should deal with.

This cold fog humidifier is a good option. It offers up to 10 hours of continuous operation, a safety function of automatic closing and led light in seven colors ideal for night use. The humidifier costs about the US $ 30.00.

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These gifts may not be sentimental, but they will help any couple in your life to manage your day effectively.

Feng Shui Rosie Reminder

Even the most active couple has the so-called senile moments. The Rosie Reminder (Reminder Rosie) is a voice-controlled reminder system created to help seniors remember their appointments.

Their medication hours and daily activities. It looks like a large digital alarm clock. It shows the time, but also allows anyone to record up to 25 daily or weekly reminders or a reminder for any date.

The device works with electricity and can be programmed in any language. The Rosie Reminder costs around the US $ 100.00.

Wireless TV Headphones

Wireless TV headphones are similar to regular headphones, but they have the advantage that they allow the person more mobility when watching TV. There are them in a wide range of prices and with greater or lesser technological advancement.

These headphones are particularly useful when the elderly person has hearing problems and wants to enjoy watching TV using headphones without having to stick to the screen.

A good set of wireless headphones for TV should offer an individual volume control so that the person can increase or decrease the volume to taste as well as a wide range of range so that the person has freedom of movement.

You can find a wide variety of wireless headphones to watch TV in specialized electronics stores such as Best Buy, RadioShack, and department stores.

The details you will want to consider are the ease of operation, the convenience of use, the durability of the battery, and of course an adequate range of range.

Personal Sound Amplifier For TV

If what you really want is to allow a person with hearing problems to share a good TV entertainment session with a couple with good hearing then the best gift would be a TV sound amplifier.

A personal sound amplifier allows the person with hearing problems the ability to listen more clearly, and at the volume they need, the same as others without having to increase the volume of the TV.

Key Finder

This little gadget is cheap but solves a common problem: lost keys. The device helps you locate lost keychains wherever they are in a radius of 30 to 40 meters in open spaces, and about 20 meters in indoor spaces considering walls, furniture, and other interference.

It comes with a base and four key fobs with a chip for the keys. When the key chains have been lost, it is only to press the button of the base that corresponds to the set of lost keys. A strong alarm will be emitted on the remote control.


It is a great feng shui gift you can give to a couple of. It can be for megatons or for the sun. Undoubtedly, the models that feel the most are aviator, wayfarer and club master type.

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Feng Shui Suite Cases

there are for all tastes, the easiest to give are those of solid colors, with some kind of texture. For me the most suitable, are those that have an appearance of wood, marble, are simple but are exquisite.

Wireless Headphones

Feng shui Wireless headphones you can get them large or simple (that do not take up space), honestly I am not very fond of cables (I do not think anyone) is a mess. They are of all colors and sizes.

The most difficult gift to choose, but I think if you know a little about that couple, it is an incredible gift.

Feng Shui Kitchen Gloves

Kitchen gloves cannot be overemphasized, hence, feng shui kitchen gloves should be used as a gift for the couple. Feng shui kitchen gloves will help to create a positive chi and send away negative influence and chi in the kitchen.

Video Games

Of any kind for Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, etc., all you have to keep in mind when giving away this is that you have the console (or you could also give it away to the couple.).

To find the type of video game, you can remember what kind of series you watch, or movies; many of them take out endless games.

You can also improve your knowledge of Feng Shui more by reading the following articles. Also, find below gifting options in Feng Shui.

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Feng Shui Gifts For Couples are exchanges of objects that have many advantages. Among them is offering something to the other person and showing that it is important to us.

In addition, money is not a problem since there are many original, unique and present feng shui gifts and incredible products that can be given without spending a lot of money.

And with which you will be able to not only leave a good memory to the other person but you will get that The other person wishes to give a gift back.

But the important thing about such a gift is that it be original, practical and creative. Little can serve something like a piece of clothing or an object that is different but has no use.