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25 Feng Shui For Love Tips To Fire Up Romance Blissfully

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In this blog, we will discuss the most powerful 25 Feng Shui For Love Tips to fire up the romance in a relationship.

These tips will be helpful for those who are looking to improve their current relationship, or for the single looking for partners to sail through the journey of life. We will also see below things along like.

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  • Feng Shui to Attract Love for Singles
  • Feng Shui to Attract Love and Money
  • Feng Shui Your Bedroom For Love
  • Energizing the Feng Shui Love Corner
  • How Do You Activate the Love Corner in Feng Shui?

15 Feng Shui For Love Tips to Fire Up Romance

As such, Feng Shui is a respected, and proven ancient science used by the Chinese people to improve their health, emotional, and physical well-being. Its profound tips can propel true love attraction and be used in achieving a blissful relationship.

Feng Shui’s effectiveness lies in building and balancing the energy level within and outside, and the surroundings of a person through the force of nature.

Feng Shui is like a magnetic force that has the capacity to attract one’s desired energy into their relationship and love life.

Hence, we provide some tips and tricks of feng shui that are useful for improving your love life, eliminating any iota of bad feelings, and have the understanding possible ways to have a long-term relationship.

1. Adding Romantic Colors

In Feng Shui colors like, pink is recognized as a love color that represents love, joy, and happiness. Pink is the color of relationships, and for anyone trying to improve their love life, or relationships, the best color to use is Pink.

Add a touch of pink to your bedroom, or any available space to get powerful results that enhance your love life. Another alternative color to pink is light blue. Light blue is also a positive relationship color, which can be used to light up some romantic moments.

2. Use Decor in Pair- Mandarian Ducks

You may be wondering how can Mandarin ducks improve your love life? Mandarin ducks is one of the popular items used in feng shui to cure or amend shattered relationship or other romantic relationship.

  • Mandarin ducks are often used to represent a pair of lovebirds which has unique benefits. Since the Mandarin ducks are symbolic, they share a lifelong bond that can help couples achieve their desired results.
  • Because the Mandarin ducks are devoted to each other exclusively for life, they are a source of great inspiration to anyone hoping to have a blissful love affair.
  • If you’re looking for steadfastness, devoutness, and romantic love and loyalty in your relationships, it’s found in a pair of Mandarin ducks in Feng Shui way. They are often used for improving love life because of their die-hard commitment towards each other.

3. Clutter Free Space

Do you know that cluttered space can harm your love affairs, and relationship?

Feng Shui For Love
Feng Shui For Love
  • Cluttering free space is one of the recommended ways of improving your relationships and romance.
  • Having a cluttered house or bedroom can lead to mental stress and fatigue, and if unchecked can limit your romantic life.
  • If you are looking for a simple way to attract love using Feng Shui, get rid of cluttered space. Remove everything causing cluttering, right from unused, broken, spoilt, and useless things from your bedroom, and environment.
  • Cluttering free space is a sure proof of getting an easier, simpler, healthier and happier life.
  • Make sure to create a clean, hygienic, and beautiful environment. This activity also improves your health.
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4. Separate Work from Bedroom

Your sleeping chamber should be free from workloads, or work activities. In other words, your bedroom is meant for resting and having intimacy with your partner.

One of the tips to fire up the romance in the Feng Shui way is to remove work-related furniture from your bedroom because each time both of you and your partner sees it, you’re reminded of work.

In fact, some feng shui experts advised that you should not bring your laptops or smartphones to bed so as to prevent you from constantly checking your emails, social media accounts, and others.

Seeing those work-related things in your bedroom reminds you about work, which makes you give less attention to your partner, which adversely affects bedroom romance. In addition, when you’re always being reminded of work, you subject yourself to stress.

5. Cleansing the Air

Polluted, or bad air can result in discomfort and bad feeling which can adversely affect your love life. Clean air brings smiles, relaxation, and comfort.

Cleansing the air is one of the feng shui ways to improve romance and relationships. The reason is the fact that human beings are greatly affected by what they smell.

The smell is a powerful sensory experience that influences the mind of humans. It has the capacity to immediately move a person to either a positive or negative state of mind.

Since we are greatly influenced by smell, it is important to create an inviting environment that enhances your romantic mood by cleansing the air and adding a touch of aromatherapy.

6. Fresh Flowers and Plant

Placing fresh flowers and plants in your living room, or in the right place is one of the powerful Feng Shui tips for attracting love. It may not be favourable for married couples.

If you’re trying to start a new love chapter and end up married, placing a vase of flowers around your vicinity (living room and bedroom) can speed up your love life.

The feng shui experts suggested that the flowers should be placed in the living room in order to get the result you desired. Don’t place it in the bedroom because it may not create the impact you need.

Placing the flowers in the right place shows that the person needs a love partner, and can help you attract love.

This is not suitable for married couples, because placing flowers in your bedroom might invite other people into your relationship. They may think you need to fall in love.

7. Use Fire Element

Using fire elements (one of the five elements) is one of the feng shui ways for keeping the fire of love burning or sparking up the fresh fire in a new relationship.

It is a symbol that sends a strong signal between the love partners. Getting a fire element is not difficult. You can use a burning candle, or set up a fireplace which can be used to attract love.

8. Lucky Art Work and Paintings

Amazing wonders lie in placing lucky artwork and paintings around the house. Artworks are found to greatly influence our emotions.

Feng Shui Art
Feng Shui For Love Arts

The reason is that what you see greatly impact your thoughts. There is a connection between what you see and what you ponder upon.

It is therefore important to use artworks that depict love because they can influence your behaviour through your thoughts.

Love and romantic feelings can be enhanced and restored by adding a few love paintings in your bedroom. If you’re looking for a way to cure poor relationships, bring back romance, and promote love, hang art love work and paintings.

For example, you can hang pictures or paintings of couples holding hands together, couples kissing each other in a beautiful sunset, couples relaxing beside the beach, and much more.

It has been found that when you keep your eyes on these love pictures, you’ll easily connect intimately with your couple because your mind is programmed, or influenced. 

Feng Shui For Love Tip - Stay away from paintings that illustrate violence, or sorrow in your bedroom because they can invoke negative emotional feelings that may affect your sleep and bedroom romance.

9. Use Good Room Freshener or Natural Aroma

For ages, the use of natural aroma or freshers in a room can spark up romance among couples.

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It is a very powerful and popular Feng Shui tip to attract love in your relationship. Good room freshener and natural aroma can help attract love, leaving unforgettable fragrance.

Using natural room fresheners or aroma can be effective in making your home smell divine, and sending a love signal around.  

10. Use a Strong Headboard for a Bed

Are you aware that your bed placement is one of the most important pieces of furniture and thing in your home which has a connection with your love life? It has the potency to affect your love life positively or negatively.

Your bed is one of the powerful tools that can be used to stabilize, enhance, and restore love in a relationship because it represents you, is close to you and as well as absorbs your qi.

While sleeping, you’re in a passive yin state, which may affect your feelings and emotions. To get rid of bad emotions, and vibrations that may affect you, make sure your bed has a strong headboard, which is part of the feng shui tips of enhancing your love.

11. Keep Crystals

Do you know that there are several healing crystals that can be placed inside your bedroom and turn it into a true love haven?

Crystals are gifts from nature designed to heal our emotions, and emptiness by attracting the best love. It doesn’t matter who you’re, whether single or married, you need crystals for the bedroom to heal your marital or sleep-related issues.

Your bedroom aesthetics can influence a person’s sleep records arrangement, and sometimes it may affect the bedroom romance.   

Keeping healing crystals inside the bedroom can heal, cure, and enhancer of your love life.

Using healing crystals for the bedroom is easy but to get the best out of it, make sure it is kept in the right places. Looking for long-term marital bliss, restore love, keep crystals because of the higher powers.

12. Balance Yin and Yang

Balancing Yin and yang can greatly improve your bedroom romance. Since nature comes in twos, including man, every other thing you see come in two too. That is why you see cold, and hot, light and dark, hard and soft, etc.

Yin and yang exist in nature, and when you learn to balance it, you create harmony in your life, relationship, and work.

One of the Feng Shui ways to power your romance is by balancing yin and yang.

Yin is for female characters, and it comes mostly with feminine qualities, such as female, soft, passive, nurturing, dark, while the yang is masculine. Yang’s qualities are male, hard, active, aggressive, bright.

When you learn to accept these qualities, you can balance your interior surroundings.

13. No Electronics in Bedroom

If you want to spark up your bedroom romance, pack out all the electronics from your bedroom.

Getting rid of any electronics in your bedroom is one of the feng shui tips to bring romance into your relationship.

Your attention on your partner beside you in your bedroom will be divided or reduced when you have electronics, which negatively affect your relationship.

Therefore, if you want to shower complete love on your loved one, remove everything that may be causing distraction.

14. No Mirrors Facing Your Bed

One of the powerful ways of using feng shui to attract love is to ensure that you have no mirrors facing your bed. When you have a mirror facing your bed, it is like you’re involving a third party in your relationship.

In addition, having a mirror standing next to you in your bedroom is depriving you of having a quality sleep each night and making you experience bad romances in your relationship.

If you want to get your love life back, and enjoy quality sleep, remove the mirror in your bedroom.

15. Use of double happiness symbol

A double happiness symbol can go a long way in enhancing your love and relationship, as well as marriage luck.

If you want to enjoy lasting love, fire up your bedroom love, get a double happiness symbol in form of jewellery, fabric, showpieces, and many other items of use and display.

When you see this symbol every time, your relationship bond will be getting stronger, and you can enjoy undiluted love.

How Feng Shui for Love Marriage works?

Thanks to the Feng Shui secrets which make everyone access unprecedented romance and happiness. Every human is excited about love, and we want to receive love, attention, and care.

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For ages, feng shui tips have proven to assist couples, and single attract love and romance into their life.

This ancient science will change your romantic story by positioning the love energy of your home to attract and keep love when applied, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

Feng Shui to Attract Love for Singles

For singles to attract love in the Feng Shui way, and experience the true passion that leads into a long-term relationship or marriage, you need to follow the tips listed above.

The profound truth of Feng Shui has turned the love life of many around and can help you find a new love through energy connection.

Keep your bedroom tidy, organized, and decorated because your emotions, and thoughts are strongly influenced by your surroundings positively, or negative.

Feng Shui to Attract Love and Money

If you want to attract love, and money the feng shui way, add plants and water into your bedroom and create a vibrant, healthy, inspiring and clutter-free home.

The truth is that space brings more opportunity, and when your room is clutter-free, it gives you more space. Also, make your entrance inviting to attract money. Stay away from using water symbols around your home

Feng Shui Your Bedroom For Love

One of the powerful tips of feng shui is that when you decorate your bedroom, it can help you attract love.

In addition, the way you decorate your home defines your personality because there is a connection between your home and your romantic life.

Follow the tips listed above and also the complete guide in the feng shui bedroom, and its layout.

Energizing the Feng Shui Love Corner

According to Feng Shui For Love tips, if you want to cherish the best love, your home has a love corner that can take your relationship to the next level.

It is stated that the love corner of your home is located at the far right. Always go through the front door, or the main entrance.

You energize the love corner and make it receptive by removing objects, colors, and other elements which would limit or stop the flow of energy to this area.

A few things that can harm the flow of energy to your love corner include: removing any image of a lone figure, unused or broken items, cluttered things, electronics inside the bedroom, dirt, refuse and other things that can cause distraction.

Energize your love corner by adding items that improve your love like fireworks elements, love arts, romantic paintings, two figures standing together, adding vase of flowers around your vicinity, sexy items, and romantic music like radio, guitar, and piano.

FAQs On Feng Shui For Love Tips

Q: What Do You Put In A Relationship Bagua?

Adding a few items that promote love, and leave a romantic impression on your mind always make up your relationship Bagua.

Q: How Do You Decorate A Love Corner?

You can decorate your corner by adding a symbol of love, ranging from pink color, as well as keeping fresh pink roses in the corner.

Keeping fresh flowers at home help to enhance the energy of a space, and also reduce fatigue and anxiety.

Hang artwork or paintings that depict love, compassion, and romance around can be helpful.

Q: What Should I Do to Manifest Love?

You can easily manifest love when you fill your mind with what depicts love. When you’ve items that constantly remind you of love and romance, shortly you start manifesting what you see.

There is a connection between your mind and your actions. What you feed your mind with, you will start portraying in a short time.

Q: How Do You Activate the Love Corner in Feng Shui?

Activating Your Love Corner In Feng Shui Can Assist Those Looking For Love, Or Couples Who Want Cordial And Romantic Relationships.

You Can Activate Your Love Corner By Adding Pink Color Or Red And Shortly You’ll Start Getting The Attention Needed From The Universe!