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13 Feng Shui Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Home [Check Now]

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Feng Shui, the art of positively influencing the environment, especially serves those who like to complete their projects without leaving loose ends.

In this article, we will learn what are the worst Feng Shui Mistakes, and Feng Shui Things to avoid or not repeat.

Worse Feng Shui Mistakes
Worse Feng Shui Mistakes

Throughout history, and from what we now know, even since prehistory, humans have been aware that the position that things occupy in space affects them.

This is generally accepted evidence, although it is not so much to establish to what extent it will or will not be decisive in the trajectory of a construction, a residence, a stay, a design or a project.

#1 There Should Not Be Too Many Spotlights In The Living Room

Feng shui mistakes in living room– In today’s home furnishings, many working families are pursuing the beauty of light. So they installed as many spotlights as possible in their home decor. But in fact, this is a big misunderstanding. First of all, too many spotlights are likely to cause security risks.

Although these spotlights seem to have a small wattage, they accumulate heat on small lamps, which can cause high temperatures in a short period of time, which can easily cause a fire. Secondly, these spotlights are usually only turned on when guests come, or they are only used during the New Year’s Day.

Many comrades who installed spotlights regretted it, thinking it was a mistake to spend money on it. Therefore, in the placement of spotlights, we should adhere to the principle that there can be less.

#2 Floor Tiles Should Not Be Downgraded

Floor tiles are a huge expense in home furnishings and are extremely scalable. The price of floor tiles is hundreds of yuan, and the price is only a few yuan. In order to save money, many wage earners are reluctant to spend money on high-grade floor tiles. In fact, this is a big mistake.

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First of all, the floor tiles are easy to wear. If they are too cheap, they will not wear out. As time goes by, the floor tiles will be traced. Secondly, the floor tiles that are too cheap are non-slip, and easily slip and cause accidental injury. Therefore, when buying floor tiles, at least the mid-range.

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#3 Curtains Should Not Be Neglected

There is a good rule to remember: Hang curtains at a height of 5 cm above the window frame. If your ceiling is high, hang the curtains from the top to the floor to make the space look bigger. Of course, you can also simply hang a small hemp roman shade to block the light.

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Worse Feng Shui Mistakes
Worse Feng Shui Mistakes

#4 Don’t Buy Cheap Wires And Water Pipes

In the decoration of the entire house, electric wires and water pipes are also a big expense. Some comrades in the working class have the idea of ​​saving money in this expenditure. They often pay less attention to quality and only value the price. This is a major mistake.

If the quality of electric wires and water pipes is not up to standard, there will be great hidden safety hazards after decoration. Therefore, wage earners should not lower their standards when purchasing electric wires and water pipes, but should purchase high-quality electric wires and water pipes to ensure safety.

#5 The Power Plug Is Not Less

Some people think that while saving a plug, some wires are saved. So when they looked at the current home appliances, they tried to save as many power plugs as possible. This approach is also wrong.

First of all, with the development of electrical appliances, more and more household appliances will be installed. Once new appliances are available but no sockets, it is difficult to install them again.

Secondly, when using power plugs for electrical equipment, try to avoid using several plugs at the same time. There are few plugs, and several pieces of equipment are used together, which may cause accidents.

The correct method is that according to the housing area and the design of a professional electrician, the actual number of household appliances should be integrated, and the power plug should be reasonably placed, and some spare plugs should be reserved to facilitate capacity expansion.

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#6 Living Room Decoration Should Not Be Visually Confused And Lose Focus

Ignoring the window is the rejection of light

Sheets and blankets are for beds, not windows. Window decorations don’t just represent the end of a room’s decoration, they are just as important to a room as jewelry to a woman.

Aside from paint, tracery is an easy and cheap way to change the look and feel of an entire room.

It’s not suitable for the light to affect the mood

Generally people think that a light bulb is a light bulb, a lampshade is a lampshade, and a lamp is a lamp. You want to bring different moods with different lamps at different times of the day.

Dimmer switches are a very good secret weapon-cheap, easy to install and can create all the space atmosphere and feel you need.

When deciding on a luminaire, understand the function of each space and then choose the right one. In the kitchen, you need to configure the operating area work lamps while flood lighting.

In your home office, you need a desk lamp to light up your work surface. Don’t just rely on a ceiling light to illuminate the entire room, it will make the room flat.

Fear of color is a waste of color

The color combination can give the room a different feeling, but everyone does not know how to match it, and then it turns out that there is no color. Many people like colors but are afraid to use them.

They are afraid to use color on the wall, because they are afraid to appear too bold, to be afraid of the result and choice dislocation, and not to match the furniture.

We should try to use color on the wall and learn to fall in love with it. As long as the paint is environmentally friendly, everyone can rest assuredly “graffiti” (of course, do not make the living room too fancy, you can do multi-color substitution in the child’s room or bedroom .

Give the child and himself some imagination). Get along with it at different times of the day and find the differences it shows in the early morning, noon and night. If you don’t like it, cover it with other colors.

#7 The Door Must Not Face The Elevator

The door of the building’s home must not face the elevator door directly, which will cause unfavorable fortune for the shot, and the residents are susceptible to illness.

#8 Do Not Direct The Door To The Window, Back Door Or Toilet

Doors and windows are the openings in and out of the room. The main door cannot be connected with the window and the back door in a straight line, forming the front and back doors crossing.

The toilet is a space for people to excrete. It is not clean in nature, so the door should not face the toilet directly. Facing the door directly to the toilet will make financial investment mistakes, make people’s money in and out, and damage the family’s wealth.

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#9 The Home Is Located Diagonally To The Door

main condition is quiet and stable. It cannot be the moving line of the passage. Generally speaking, the living room is located diagonally to the entrance of the living room. Since the busy places are mostly diagonally opposite the door.

it is not suitable to hang the mirror, because the mirror has the effect of reflection, which is likely to hinder the fortune of the family; it will make the fortune poor and the opportunity will be lost.

Prosperous mascots should be placed in the prosperous position. A good method is to grow green leaves with vitality.

#10 The Living Room Should Use More Decorative Objects With Round Shapes

The living room is a place where family, friends and relatives meet, and it needs to create a lively and harmonious atmosphere. The circle belongs to the sun and is a symbol of dynamics, so the circular lights, ceiling shapes, and decorations have a warm and lively atmosphere.

Quick FAQs Feng Shui Mistakes On Water Element

#11 Can We Have A Water Feature In Bedroom Feng Shui?

In feng shuiwater features represent water element (one of the five elements). Which usually represents the flow of water energy. However, as we know the bedroom is one place where we need to avoid. 

#12 Feng Shui Water Behind House

Any water element which is larger than the home(probably a drain) is always considered as a bad feng shui. In opposite, if the body of water is available in front of the house like (as a lake, river, or well-kept pond) has great impacts in terms of feng shui.

#13 Can We Have Waterfall Pictures In Feng Shui Home

In Feng Shui, water is identified with cash. Pictures of waterfalls can assist us with associating with the never-ending progression of general wealth. Feng Shui Waterfalls for Money must be set on a similar divider that contains the front entrance.


The gradation of answers is wide. It goes from those who believe that it does not make much sense to make these kinds of considerations. Feng Shui Mistakes are very common if follows carefully can ve avoided.

To those who consider it essential to study the most favorable points to complete a balanced project, capable of properly exploiting the energies of the environment.

Among the latter are usually observer, methodical and perfectionist human beings, among which are prestigious architects.

Feng Shui, gives these positive people, who prefer to leave the foundations of success well seated without forgetting loose ends, a methodology to establish the most harmonious, beneficial and prosperous location and design.