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[100% Working Tips]: How To Feng Shui Money and Luck

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese metaphysical science that deals with energy flow and its effects on the natural elements in space.

The primary aim isn’t to Feng shui money and wealth, the main objective is to bring harmony to the environment we are living in.

The world has become too materialistic in nature and the desire of mankind to earn wealth and money is there since the ancient centuries.

Here today we will focus on feng shui tips for wealth and money. If we manifest anything from a pure heart, it will become true.

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How Do You Attract Money In Feng Shui

The basic tenets of Feng Shui concern the home we live in how we use our living space and how the effects of goodness can be spread and enhanced through the use of some of the principles of nature.

The ancient Feng Shui masters have given many Tips to attract money. This is a tradition in Eastern society that has spread to other parts of the world to make people live a life of abundance of money and mental harmony with nature.

 These can be used by us all to attract more money and wealth by making some adjustments and by including some specific things in our house.

Feng Shui Money and Wealth Home
Feng Shui Money Charms

These tips to attract money are time-tested and can be used by anyone who has a strong desire to become wealthy and consciously strives hard to attract money and wealth.

Many people have proved that though Feng Shui itself cannot give money and wealth you can attract money by making adjustments in your home as per the Feng Shui principles.

This increases your ability to act diligently and become determined to attract money. By using the various tips to attract money through Feng Shui you can get support from Feng Shui.

To get into the necessary environment for seeking and getting the wealth and fortune as you wish. feng shui money area.

What Is Feng Shui Money Mantra

Apart from this Feng Shui can strengthen your desire to earn more money and attract the Feng Shui energy flow in the desired patterns with the use of the methods prescribed by ancient Chinese masters and followed by millions of people all over the world.

  • Feng Shui gives many simple yet effective ways as tips to attract money that can be used in our living and working spaces and attract and retain strong wealth energy.
  • This includes the use of symbols of Feng Shui to attract money as a way of strengthening the flow of wealth energy in our home or office.
  • As per the classical Feng Shui principles, you can use Chinese five emperor coins, the laughing Buddha, the dragon turtle, wealth vases, the money plant, feng shui wealth ships, etc.
  • As the symbols to attract money by using these at the right places in your home, it is proved to be effective in attracting wealth to your home.
Feng Shui Money
Feng Shui Money and Wealth Tips
  • Apart from this Feng Shui Strongly believes that certain music is capable of attracting money and you can use this music to attract money in your home and create the right environment to attract wealth.
  • Feng Shui gives a clear secret to attract money in your home or office and by following them consciously it is now possible to become wealthy by making little alterations and additions in your home.
  • Feng Shui is the study of energy flow and the influence of natural elements on it and hence plants play an important role in the process of making you wealthy.
  • There are many Plants to attract money and by using these in your home or office you can easily bring in the necessary changes to your living environment to attract wealth.
  • Colors are nothing but forms of light energy and these play an important role in the process of attracting wealth Feng Shui gives many tips for using colors to attract money and wealth.
  • The Feng Shui Money corner ideas are the ones that teach you how to nurture the wealth corner of houses to attract and accumulate money and wealth in your home.
  • Feng Shui also tells you what to keep in your wallet to attract money and these are only some of the good feng shui tips to increase wealth and money and live a happy life in perfect harmony with Nature.

How To feng shui money corner in the bedroom?

If there’s a Bedroom room in the SE (South East) of your home then it’s considered great. Place everything that represents wealthmoney, abundance, and prosperity in the SE room. You can place a Chinese Jade plant here as it’s a sign of wealth or any Feng Shui Friendly Plant for wealth.

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What Are The Feng Shui Wealth Colors

If you want to Attract Money use more RedPurple, or Green for decoration as well as wear them.

Color has a scientific impact on our mood. Also in feng shui red represents power“. Anything hint of red grabs one attention like walking on the red carpet.

Other auspicious colors are Purple and green which attract Feng Shui prosperity.

Feng Shui For Money Success In Business

The water element is the most powerful symbol of Money in Feng Shui. For achieving luck and success in business the chi energy must be flowing for your health and prosperity.

Adding water needs care to keep water fresh and clean. You can add any water features like a mini fountain or consider including goldfish in your tank as gold is a Chinese symbol for money and is thought to attract it.

Along with that try Feng Shui Lucky Charms For Money for proper growth. Also, read Top Feng Shui Plants For Office & Business

Feng Shui Tips For Attracting Money and Good Luck

You can use the Chinese art of Feng Shui to find and reach ways of earning money and retaining more of it in your home. Feng Shui is more than 3000 years old and all these years it has been bringing harmony.

And prosperity to millions of homes that have taken the principles of Feng Shui as a way of life.

Feng Shui Money
Feng Shui Money

 They consciously followed the tips to attract money by allowing the neutral flow of CHI the circulating life energy within their living space. Due to this, they have been blessed by all prosperity and abundance along with good health and love.

So, if you too want to find the right tips to attract money under Feng Shui you are sure to find the best ways to attract wealth into your home.

By following certain simple lines of action. Feng Shui experts believe that Wealth Vase is one of the best and most effective ways to attract money.

#1- Have Feng Shui Wealth Vase

As per the ancient Chinese Feng Shui masters, a Feng Shui Wealth Vase is a feng shui money magnet of wealth and is capable of attracting and circulating the wealth energy inside your home in a positive way.

Monks in the Tibetan Buddhist Temples made traditional Feng Shui Wealth Vases but now it is possible to get them from many places.

It is better if the Feng Shui Wealth Vase looks more oriental and it can even be made by yourself and filled with prosperity inviting things.

#2- Maintain a Good Fish Aquarium

Feng Shui Fish tank
Fish Aquarium

Aquariums are beautiful and are said to be very auspicious in Feng Shui. They represent the Water as one of the basic elements of nature and as such occupy a special place in the Feng Shui concept of maintaining and circulating the Chi in your home.

So, having an aquarium is one of the best tips to attract money. Have a good aquarium and place it at the right place in your home.

Maintain it in such a way that it becomes the center of attraction for your home and this is sure to amplify the available Chi the life energy in your home to attract abundance and more wealth.

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#3- Find Your Feng Shui Money Area

In the classical Feng Shui world, the Wealth or Money area is represented by the SouthEast(SE) corner of your home or office space. Try keeping Feng Shui Money related symbols in this corner.

#4- Replace Broken Things In Your Home

Feng Shui believes that any broken and useless thing in your home kills the chi the life energy and sucks out the chi and sends it out of your home. If you want to find the tips to attract money then it is necessary for you to spread the good energy throughout your living space.

For this, you must find out the things that are not working properly and throw them away and immediately fix the things that are not working anymore.

Pay special attention to plumbing items and fix them as soon as possible and never let water flow waste in an uncontrolled manner and it is bad for your home and will result in flowing out of Chi out of your home leading to a financial clog.

Symbols To Attract Money and Success

There are many symbols to attract money as identified by the Feng Shui Masters and if you want to reach abundance in your life you need to select the right ones and place them in your house or office at the right places for maximum benefit.

#1- Feng Shui Dragon Turtle

Dragon Turtle is also called the Chinese dragon and is a Feng Shui Charm to harness the power of Chi to attract wealth and prosperity.

This is given to those who are starting a new business as a symbol of abundance and by placing it at the right place in your home or office it is bound to bring and store vast amounts of wealth.

FengShui Dragon turtle
Turtle Dragon For Feng Shui Money

The best place to display this Feng Shui symbol to attract money is the southeast part of your home or office or store. It is believed to bring in more luck and prosperity.

#2- Feng Shui Wealth Bracelet

In Feng Shui, there are a lot of Feng Shui Lucky Charms Bracelets + Symbols, which you can use to prosper your life. Read also Feng Shui Jewelry- Enhance Beauty & Life, for more understanding.

#3- Feng Shui Money Tree(Wealth)

Money Tree: this is also one of the most popular Feng shui symbols to attract money and it is available in many sizes. The money tree is one of the symbols of Feng shui that has the power to give financial luck to a person or a business.

The Money tree also increases a person’s earnings and savings.

So, keep this near the cash register in your store or house and also in the southeast corner of your home or office. Another place to keep a Feng Shui money tree at the front door to welcome positivity and prosperity.

#4- Feng Shui Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha: this is one of the most widely used Feng Shui symbols to attract money. It is very common to see laughing Buddha statues in homes, restaurants, and stores.

This symbol is also called the Buddha of wealth and is believed to bring happiness, good luck, and abundance to the place wherever he is placed. Do not go for a small-sized Buddha but take a bigger one and rub his Tommy to fulfil all your wishes.

To use the laughing Buddha as a symbol to attract wealth keep it on your office desk in your visibility as well as in the southeast corner of the house or office to attract wealth and abundance.

#5- The Money Bat

The Money Bat: is yet another symbol to attract money and it is a depiction of a bat in flight. It is believed that it is a symbol of good fortune.

And is capable of attracting more happiness and wealth to the place where it is displayed. By placing this Money Bat in your home you will find that feng shui tips for money luck just fly into your home or business.

#6- Feng Shui Money Frog

Money Frog is yet another strong Feng Shui symbol to attract wealth and prosperity and is a good symbol to be displayed in all types of places of business. It is usually made in porcelain or gold depicting a frog sitting on coins or a frog with a coin in its mouth.

This attracts wealth and prosperity when it is placed near the entrance to your home or office and it must always face inwards and never face outwards.

Apart from the above, there are many other Feng Shui symbols to attract money and wealth. Select the right ones and place them in the right place and attract money and wealth to reach the level of abundance you always wanted.

#7- Feng Shui Money Jar

Feng Shui money jar used to be part of only rich families in China. These Feng Shui jars and vases contain items to be believed to increase wealth and can be kept inside the home to increase prosperity.

#8- Feng Shui Money Bowl

Just like the Feng Shui money jar, the bowl is also a collection of items that attract more money into your life. It’s said to be placed in the part of the house where you can see it frequently to remind you to want to bring it to your home and life.

Let’s find out feng shui items for wealth & prosperity below my top recommendations.

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Music For Improving Personal Wealth

  • If you want to use Music to attract money, then you have to find the right type of music that complies with the ancient Feng Shui principles.
  • Feng Shui recognizes that a sound is a form of vibration capable of transmitting energy. When this energy is applied to a particular space it brings out changes in the surroundings.
  • Due to this, it is possible to use music and other related sound vibrations to produce and retain the types of energy that contribute to the rising of Chi the eternal life energy in your home or office.
  • For this, you have to find the right type of music that is tuned to work along with the vibrations of nature and that can amplify their beneficial effects.
  • While selecting the music to attract money bear in mind that there are natural forces that have their inherent vibrations giving power to the existing Chi in your home.
  • The music you are using as a way to attract money and wealth should be selected in such a way that the vibrations caused by the music in your home do not in any way disturb you.
  • The flow of chi in your home alters its path in such a way that some negative forces come into play and interfere with the natural role played by chi.
  • Over time we find that there are many music compositions available both online and offline and these are capable of adding to the chi in your home or office and this will increase its power many times.
  • When this happens you will be able to use the power of music to attract money and wealth.

Feng Shui Secrets To Attract Wealth

Feng Shui is the science of energy and natural elements provide many secrets to attract money. These secrets are time-tested concepts that have helped millions of people from ancient times to accumulate and retain wealth in their lives.

As such by following these secrets to attracting money you too can attract wealth and live a life of abundance by following these simple secrets given by ancient Chinese Feng Shui masters.

FengShui coins for wealth

Chinese coins are good for bringing in luck and good fortune and are found to be exceptionally good for attracting money. These brass Chinese coins can be hung on a wall in your home or your place of business just after framing them or by simply placing them on any surface in your home.

These coins work to attract money even if they are hidden from the sight of others but they must be kept in such a way that you can see them.

But keep these Chinese coins in such a way that the side with four figures namely the Yang side always lies on the top side. For added benefit, you can also carry these coins three of them tied together with a red ribbon in your wallet or keep them in your money bag.

Good and neat working space

Good and neat working space: Feng Shui is all about spaces and the flow of the chi and the life energy in them. One of the most important of the Feng Shui secrets to attract money is to keep your workplace neat, clean, and clutter-free.

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So if you want to attract money keep your work desk be it in your office or in your home must be neat and clean. Never put your work desk against a wall as it impedes the free flow of energy and prevents new opportunities from coming to you.

So, rearrange your work desk to face a space or have a lively view of a free flow of life energy. If possible put chairs in front of your desk it is one of the secrets to attracting money and prosperity.

Placing Citrine Crystals in your window sill

Placing Citrine Crystals in your window sill: There are many natural materials in the form of crystals that are found to bring in money and these can be taken as secrets to attract money in Feng Shui.

Citrine crystals are one such material that is considered to be the stone of light and happiness. By putting one or two citrine crystals on your window sill you attract the energy flow from outside and the same can be sent into your home adding to the chi and bringing in more money and wealth.

Feng Shui Plants For Making Money Fast

  • Feng shui believes that plants are very sensitive to the energy flow in your home and due to this reason, it is possible to use plants as one of the secrets to attracting money.
  • By placing the plants at the right places inside your home and if they are growing well you can find that the energy flow is right in your home and it will give abundance to you.
  • Never leave the plants uncared and allow them to sag and die but take good care of them so that they draw good energy flow into the house giving you more money and prosperity.
  • Among various plants to attract money, Feng Shui enthusiasts all over the world are using plants like Palms which are considered to be lucky plants.
  • And are aesthetically majestic in look and are used to create dividers inside your home. The Palm plants attract good energy and can activate any missing Feng Shui element in the room in which they are kept.

#1- The Pachira Money Tree

This money plant brings a good look and helps you become wealthy besides getting peace of mind with its soothing effect on the interiors of the home in which they are kept.

These plants are usually braided together and if you want more luck have at least three or five of these braided plants and place them at all important places in your home.

Always avoid 4 numbers of these plants and see that these braided plants have at least five fingers.

#2- Money Plant

This is a wonderful plant and it is always believed to be one of the plants to attract money but it does more than that by adding harmony to your home and making its surroundings more lively.

The money plant is good to attract wealth and prosperity and hence you can pay special attention to this plant if you want to use the power of plants to attract money.

It’s also called Golden Pothos, find out the complete guide on How To Fix Pothos Yellow Leaves (Simple Yet Effective #21 Tips).

  • Feng Shui money plant placement- In Feng Shui Money Plants can be placed indoors and in the southeast direction of the living room or hall.

#3- Lucky Bamboo

The Far Eastern culture has always regarded bamboo as a plant of good fortune and the Lucky Bamboo is popularly called the Fu Gwey Zhu. This means that it is the planet of luck and fortune, with power and honor.

The Fu- denotes luck and fortune and the Grey signifies wealth and prosperity. Bamboo is a powerful plant in Feng Shui.

As it has the power to harmonize the basic elements of Fire, Earth, Wood, Water, and Metal. Keep lucky bamboo in the eastern or southeastern part of the house to attract health, love, peace, fortune, and luck.

Lucky bamboo

You can also use other plants like the snake plant, Jade plant, Potted orchids, and other plants to attract money.

Feng Shui Colors To Attract Money

Feng shui colours for money play an important role in our lives and they are everywhere in the universe and you cannot see a place without them. In nature some colors are dominant and others are submissive but still, each has its impact on the things surrounding them.

To know more about colors that attract money in Feng Shui, you must understand that the basis of Feng shui relies on the energy flow and the vibrations it is making on the place they are flowing.

Light is a form of energy and it has its vibrations manifested differently by each of the colors.

No doubt you can attract money by using particular colors and this is firmly believed by the Feng Shui masters worldwide. Attracting money by using particular colors is not modern thinking but it has been in vogue for centuries.

When it is proved that even physical illnesses can be cured with the use of some of the colors. Similarly, it is now possible to attract money and wealth through the use of colors.


this signifies light and life itself and is the best color to attract money and its constant use brings in success in business and leads to prosperity.

With gold color, you also get fame and wealth and when you use this color in your daily life often it leads to circumstances when you can pay off your debts and put an end to your problems.

For best results place some golden-colored objects to decorate your home and also place some gold-colored objects near your money box.


This is considered to be a neutral color and it is a color that attracts money giving you abundance. As it is a color with great energy it leads to stability in your actions and helps you take the required steps to reach economic security in your life.

Make brown the major color in your office or your home and you will be happy to find that you can get more income and have a feeling of happiness.


is a color of actions and it makes your mind more active and helps you achieve higher levels of creativity. Yellow is among the colors to attract money and with its vast energy, it can bring strong changes in your life and mind giving you more opportunities to achieve your goals whatever they are.


signifies the strength and it is the one that will come to your aid when you are facing problems in your life especially ones that involve money and financial matters. This is a color of abundance and wealth still it must be used in a balanced manner, but it is the pillar of strength in case of attracting money for your prosperity.


is one of the primary colors that is recognized by Feng Shui as the color that attracts money. When it is combined with yellow and red its power increases substantially.

And you get the power of strength and energy to act on your life to give you the ability to earn more and become a person with abundance. This color also adds to your ability to achieve your goals.

Thus, use the right colors in your life and combine them in special ways to achieve prosperity and abundance with their combined power.

Feng Shui Wealth Corner Ideas

Feng Shui is all about spaces and by finding the real meaning of feng shui wealth corner ideas you can easily attract money and wealth into your home and lead a life of abundance.

When you are using the concepts of Feng Shui corners for attracting wealth it acts on the spaces in your home to balance the energies. And increases the inflow of money and brings down the money going out of your home unnecessarily.

Feng Shui clearly defines the relationship between directions the natural elements that are acting on you and your home, and the colors that influence you and your mind.

  • The southeast corner of your home and that corner in each room in your home is the wealth corner.
  • The Northern part of the house is called the secondary wealth corner as it is directly related to career and success.
  • To have good money and wealth it is important that the Southeast part of your home must be very strong and should not have Feng Shui defects for the Chi energy to flow freely and attract money and wealth.
  • If there are defects in this corner then the money flow will be severely affected and you may be spending more than what you are earning.
  • Likewise, if the north part of the house is strong and without defects, you will have a very strong feng shui for wealth and career and will be able to accomplish more financially.
  • For the southeast corner of your home to make the feng shui wealth corner ideas work for you keep this corner clutter-free, neat, and clean.
  • Having a living room in this corner is very good and keeps all things that mean money and wealth in this room to attract abundance and prosperity.
  • Placing a jade tree as a sign of wealth is recommended, and creates something related to water in this corner of the house.
  • Keep a big aquarium in this corner of the house and fill it with dragon fish or Arowana fish. The aquarium must be bigger in size, clean, and properly oxygenated for the fish to live healthily.
  • It is a good place to have a water fountain in this area and the water flow should be arranged in such a way that it flows towards your home.
  • Place a dragon figurine near the water fountain and it is necessary to attract more wealth. You can also add a golden ship of wealth to bring in more prosperity.
  • You can also add gold coins, ingots, gems, etc and the ship must be placed in such a way that it sails towards your home.
  • There are only some of the Feng Shui wealth corner ideas and you can find more of them in Feng Shui and apply all those into your home and achieve great success and prosperity.

What to Keep In The Wallet To Attract Money

There are certain things you can keep in your wallet to attract money and if you are a follower of Feng Shui you must know what to keep in the wallet to attract money. It is a common adage that money comes only to those who know how to attract it.

FengShui Wealth Corner

By knowing what to keep in your wallet to attract the money you will be very clear of things that should not find a place in your money in a wallet.

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As per the principles of ancient Feng Shui, you must attract positive energy around you for the money to come to you. And for this, you must consciously take some items in your wallet and it will get the power to attract money.

This also states that the colors you have to use to maximize the power of attraction of money through your wallet. These are the things that you must keep in your wallet to make it lucky and attract money

Silver Coins

Silver coins: this has the power to generate luck in many ways as silver itself is considered money and has served humanity as a valuable item through the centuries.

As it is a metal by keeping it in your wallet you are representing the element of metal in the Feng Shui system and it gives you clarity and freshness to your mind.

It also symbolizes wealth and abundance and as money attracts money silver coins in your wallet will attract money and make you feel prosperous.

Brass and Silver Objects

Brass and Silver objects: these are like silver coins and these can take place in your wallet after you search to know what to keep in the wallet to attract money.

These have the same effect as the silver coins in giving abundance, wealth, and propensity. As they can be smaller in size they can find their place in your wallet easily.


Banknotes: are the money that finds a place in your wallet and as the money attracts more money you have to take it into your wallet. When you search to know what to place in the wallet to attract money.

It is better to carry banknotes that are too new and fresh bills of higher denomination. Feng Shui attaches great value to the number 108 as far as banknotes are concerned.

So it is beneficial to attract more money by just placing banknotes to the value of 108 in your currency.

Natural Stones

Natural stones: are another group of things you can place in your wallet to attract money and they can be of smaller size to be placed in your wallet.

As these stones represent the earth element of Feng Shui it is possible to get more money and you can choose black or green stones in your wallet.

Debit Cards With High Balance

Debit cards with high account balance: this type of card with a higher account balance is great at attracting money. You will be surprised after you have searched to find what to place in your wallet.

To attract money that these debit cards are good to carry in your wallet as they attract the spirit of saving and help you accumulate money in your bank account.

21 grains of rice in my wallet

Grains of rice or rice wealth bowls are also one of the things to place in your wallet to attract money. Feng Shui during the course of instructing you as to what to place in your wallet to attract money has given.

That when 21 grains of rice are placed in your wallet it attracts more money. But you have to change the grains of rice often to refresh the energy flow.

In addition to this, you can also keep things like Peepal leaf, Lotus roots/Kamal Gatta, seashells, Sea Salt, etc. Feng Shui while letting you know what to place in your wallet to attract money has stated that it is not good to carry things.

Like Old wallets, Receipts, Notices of bills to be paid, credit cards Scribbled notes, Snacks, wrappers, Medicines, Weapons, or sharp objects.

Redundant currency Provocative or dirty pictures Expired cards, Torn or old banknotes, Empty wallets, etc they disrupt the flow of energy and prevent the flow of money toward you.

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Common FAQs On Feng Shui For Winning Money

Q1: How do find the wealth corner of the home?

Bagua maps help you discover your home’s wealth corner in Feng Shui.

This spot in the southeast of your home or room symbolizes prosperity and riches. How to discover it:

Face inward at your home’s main entrance.

  • Finding the Southeast Corner: From here, find the southeast corner of your home. You can use a smartphone or a real compass.
  • Apply to Specific Rooms: Same process for individual rooms. Looking in from the main door, find the southeast corner.
  • This is your wealth corner. According to Feng Shui, adding plants (indicating expansion), water features (flowing prosperity), or wealth symbols (such as cash or gold things) to this corner will attract and stabilize financial prosperity.

Q2: Best feng shui bed placement for wealth

The standard is consistently to put the bed appropriately first and afterward watch individual feng shui. On the off chance that you can situate the bed on the two dividers inverse the entryway (either inverse or diagonally).

And it’s in your abundance heading, it will assist you with improving your budgetary status and welcome more business and professional occasions to you.

Q3: Best feng shui money tree placement

Conventional feng shui standards assign the southeast territory of your home or office as your home’s “cash zone.” Not only is this the clearest cash tree area, but on the other hand, it’s believed to be the most prosperous.

The East region of your house is known as the “well-being and family Bagua territory” in conventional feng shui.

Q4: How to feng shui for wealth, career, and business success?

As indicated by feng shui, work execution, and business abundance can be expanded by cleaning up and setting up requests around your work area.

Profitable chi can’t stream if all that “stuff” around your work area is impeding its development and jumbling up your psyche. Take everything off your work area and tidy up any jumbled territories around it.

Q5: Quick top good luck tips for money

  • Place in the north, east, and northeast of your home.
  • Storage spaces and the fundamental safes in the south-west zone.
  • Keep your home clutter-free free. Clutter makes bad chi.
  • Keep your front door entryways fixed and repaired.
  • Place water fountains and little aquariums in the northeast directions.

Q6: What is feng shui money altar?

An altar is an arrangement upon which you offer your players & sacrifices, basically used for religious purposes. You can find Altars most of the time at shrines, temples, churches, and other places of worship.

Q7: How much lucky money to give?

How much lucky money you gift in red envelopes during Chinese New Year or weddings depends on your relationship with the receiver and your financial situation.

Lucky numbers in Chinese culture include 8, which denotes wealth and prosperity. Some general guidelines:

  • Common amounts for children and younger relatives include $8, $18, $28, etc.
  • For teens, young adults, and older children: $50, $88, or $100 may be appropriate.
  • For weddings or major birthdays (such as 60th birthdays): Consider $100, $200, or more, depending on your closeness.
  • Because odd numbers are associated with funerals, always end in an even number. Also, avoid the unlucky number 4.


Thus, Feng Shui is great at giving you everything you want to know how to attract money. In this article, we have seen so far some of the great tips to attract money.

The symbols to attract money that can be placed in our home or office and the music to attract money and also some of the great secrets to attracting money.

Likewise, we have also seen that plants play an important role in Feng Shui to make us rich and prosper and how to use the plants to attract money.

Apart from the above while learning how to use Feng Shui to attract money and wealth we also learned the colors to attract money and how to take care of our areas in our homes.

And offices while discussing the Feng Shui wealth corner ideas. We also learned about what to keep in the wallet to attract money.

So, from the above, you will understand how Feng Shui will help you attract money and by following the above principles of Feng Shui you will be able to attract money and live a life of abundance.