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11 Feng Shui Protection Symbols, Cures + How To Use Tips

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Here we are going to talk about Feng Shui for protection symbols and tips like carnelian tumbled stone, evil eye, and Tiger’s eye stone are the great protectors of bad people, enemies, and bad vibes. Once you started to wear these amulets, you will compact the feeling of insecurity, fear, and depression.

Before understanding the best guide on Feng Shui For Protection, have a look at What is Feng Shui?

The definition of the Chinese words of Feng Shui is “wind” and “water“. When either of these two elements does not flow harmonically, life is in imbalance. Feng Shui is the study of the movement of energy and of how it influences and affects all aspects of our life.

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Feng Shui Protection Symbols

Each Feng Shui protection symbols are different and none works in the same way. The first thing to do is therefore to determine your needs: against what do you want to protect yourself?

Here are some examples of protection needs:

  • Feng Shui Protect yourself from energetic vampirism
  • Need Feng Shui Protecting Against Bad Energies
  • Protecting yourself from your own demons
  • Feng Shui Protect yourself from toxic and unhealthy relationships
  • Protect your home from negative entities

Below are a few Feng Shui Protection Symbols listed.

How do you get rid of negative energy in a room?

Find below quick tips on feng shui negative energy protection:

How Feng Shui Protection From Enemies Work

Sensitive people find it difficult to work in an environment where they experience negative, enemies, or unwanted energy. For some, it is the place itself that is a challenge and for others, it is the people who work there.

The most important aspect of any protective work is your intention, you need to determine exactly what protection you need and be aware of this goal to develop the effective energy needed.

It will only take you a few minutes a day to acquire mental, emotional, and psychic security against psychic attacks that consume your energy.

A quick feng shui protective from enemies, aura says: Before reaching your workplace, energetically protect yourself from head to toe by taking the time to breathe for a minute or two.

Then try to imagine a diamond shield wrapping itself around you and sucking you in. the air, a bubble with multiple colors, a protective wall. The choice is left to your imagination.

Feng Shui For Protection Against Evil, Bad and Negative Energies

Powerful purifier which has the reputation of acting against bad luck, by driving out evil spirits, feng shui salt and water creates a real barrier against negative energies.

Feng shui protection

Feng Shui For Protection- Salt

If it has the reputation of relieving muscle pain and fatigue, feng shui salt may well be a real ally for the successful purification and is a cure for Feng Shui protection of your home and yourself. We tell you everything.

  • If we feel negative energies, uneasiness, or even anxiety, we think that it is linked to spirits, but in reality, it is linked to energies.
  • For a successful purification, it is, therefore, advisable to use feng shui salt for energy cleaning, to clean your home after work, illness, arguments, or death.
  • By purifying your life, feng shui salt can suppress the karmic memories and bad energies present in your body.
  • A very good alternative to incense for those who can not stand the smell, coarse feng shui salt purification rituals must be performed every two months.
  • Coarse feng shui salt would, in fact, absorb energies better than fine feng shui salt. Note that it is important to have a harmonious environment and rid of superfluous business for a good propagation of positive energies.

Feng Shui Protection With Salt Rituals

1. Purify your home

  • To increase the energy of the room and purify the environment, you can put a little coarse feng shui salt in the four corners of your house and on your doorstep.
  • Remember to replace it about once a month. You can also leave a glass of feng shui salt water behind the door of your house by changing the water every week.
  • Note that if the feng shui salt changes color or begins to crust, it is also time to change the glass, this means that all the negative energies are absorbed.

2. Clean your home

  • After a party or reception at home, you can wash your dishwasher with coarse feng shui salt to eliminate the psychic waste left by your guests.
  • Do not hesitate to clean up with coarse feng shui salt in your usual cleaning water.
  • You can, too, after letting the feng shui salt soak in, vacuum the floor to protect yourself from bad luck and negative waves.

 3. Purify your body and mind

  • When feng shui salt comes into contact with the skin, it removes negative energy from the aura. For this, you can opt for a purification bath or a shower.
  • If you do not have a bathtub. Then just fill a bottle of water with three handfuls of feng shui salt and pour the contents from the top of the skull, letting it run down the body.
  • It is important to visualize the negative waves flowing in the shower siphon. Then wait a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  • You can also throw a pinch of feng shui salt over your left shoulder to get rid of any bad luck. Note that doing it over the right shoulder will bring you even more bad luck, don’t be mistaken!
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4. Bring good luck in your life

  • To have positive energy, during a job interview, for example, you can put feng shui salt in your pockets.
  • This technique would make it easier to reach your goals and thus eliminate all negative waves such as stress.
  • To protect yourself from the evil eye, you can also put a mixture of feng shui salt and black pepper in a cup in your office, your business or at home.

The virtues of The  feng shui salt in everyday life:

  • Helps detoxify the body
  • Eliminates impurities
  • Reduces stress and tension by providing deep relaxation
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Relieves physical injuries

How To Enable House For Feng Shui Protection

After all, home is the place where we spend the most time. If the feng shui in the home is good, our own feng shui fortune will have a certain improvement.

Feng Shui houses are divided into Yang houses and Yin houses. There is no doubt that Yang’s house is good. So what kind of Feng Shui can make Yang house rich, If you want to ward off bad energy and protect yourself let’s take a look below?

1. Green plants increase the life

Many people like to put some green plants in their homes for decoration. In addition, the right choice of plants can improve the feng shui fortune in the home. In fact, the green plants can not only decorate the feng shui of the Yang house.

But It can also improve the Feng shui gas field of Yangzhou, and even purify the air, so green plants are very common! Among them.

  • Green plants can also enhance the vitality of Yangzhou. When the energy of Yangzhai is enhanced, the Feng Shui for wealth in the home can also be improved. This Feng Shui gas field can make us rich quickly!
  • It should be noted that not all green plants placed in the home can have a wealth-seeking role. If the plants want to play a wealth-seeking role, you can choose to place a green plant in the southeast of the house.
  • Because the southeast is The symbol of Feng Shui for wealth at home and the economy at home. Placing green plants in this position has the effect of increasing anger and improving wealth! It is necessary to pay attention to the selection of plants.
  • Any flowering or thorny plants should not be placed here. Instead, some evergreen plants should be selected, such as rich bamboo, money tree, golden Pueraria, rich tree, etc. Tie a red rope to the plant!

2. The arrangement of financial positions cannot be ignored

The financial position is divided into a bright financial position and a dark financial position in Feng Shui. Compared to the dark financial position, the financial position is better to find the diagonal line after entering the door.

If you want to let Feng Feng Shui of Yangzhai help you to go the fastest On the road to getting rich, you must not ignore the Feng Shui arrangement of the financial position.

Because, in the entire house, the relationship between the Feng Shui arrangement of the financial position and financial transportation is the most direct and close.

  • When we can make the Feng Shui gas field a financial position When it is prosperous, our fortune will naturally become prosperous, and when it is prosperous, it is not far from getting rich!
  • Points to note about the financial position: The financial position must be bright and clean, and the financial position is very taboo.
  • Therefore, in the layout of the house, it is still best to place a long light on the financial position, so that the financial position can stay bright for a long time. The light also has to clean the area of ​​wealth frequently.
  • Do not leave the wealth full of dust or debris. Otherwise, it will reduce the wealth of the family and make it difficult for the family to get rich.
  • In addition, placing a lucky mascot in a financial position can also play a role in prosperous wealth, let us quickly get rich! The lucky mascots are Jin Chan, Xun, God of Wealth, Kirin, etc.

If you want to have good fortune, there is no relationship with Feng Shui at home. It is a saying that if you have a good Feng Shui at home, your own fortune will naturally rise. Of course, you must work hard to do it. Take a look below.

3. The living room should hide wind and gather gas

If the living room is empty and there is a wind blowing through it, this is not a good time. To remind friends who have a large living room or a living room connected to the dining room.

It is best to put some furniture in the middle to form a gap. In this way, you can keep it after you have a fortune.

4. Pinpoint the backing

Feng Shui is very important. Generally speaking, Hengcai comes through a special relationship. If there is no help from others, Hengcai is doomed to fail, so check your own sofa, bed or office chair. Is it standard? There are backers on the back.

5. Color of shipping items

It is important to have good fortune items and the color of the items. You can improve your fortune by wearing the corresponding color items according to the birthday lunar calendar.

People born on Day A and Day B are mostly yellow, and people born on Day Bing are mostly white.

People born on Pentecost are mostly black, people born on Geng Xin Day are mostly green, and people born on Rengui Day are mostly red, which can increase their own fortune.

6. Repaint the room, change luck

If it is said that people who have been fortunes have not been good, they can refurbish their stoves, doors, and windows, and refurbish them at the same time.

At the same time, grow some vibrant green plants or hang paintings at home. This can suppress bad luck. , For luck.

Although Feng Shui has many different opinions, it is generally believed that there are “symbolic financial position” and “substantial financial position“.

The symbolic financial position belongs to the “Mingcai position“, which is the position of the left or right diagonal of the entrance of the general public. Then add a wealthy corner to your home!

7. Feng shui is in place, and wealth is attracted

It is best not to use aisle passages for the position of Qian Wangcai, but to form a corner to gather wealth, and then place some mascots on it, there will be an opportunity to increase resources.

At the same time, the proper decoration can also increase the aura of the living room. A financial position is a place where a Feng Shui for the wealth of money is gathered and should be used. This type should be chosen indoors.

8. The entrance of your house

It is very important that the entrance to your house be free of obstacles and open to the good opportunities that life offers you.

In it, the Chinese say we have the Phoenix.

Take care that the entrance is free of obstacles so that the energy and its good vibrations enter.

9. Energy enters alone or accompanied

Energy enters your home, with you and with anyone who passes the threshold of the door.

Be careful not to be surprised by other discordant energies.

10. Create “space”

Create a “sacred” space in your home. For example, you can light a candle and place incense so that you enter there whenever you need to cleanse yourself of jarring energies.

11. Deteriorated objects where your energy leaks

Throw away any object that has been broken, however valuable it may seem. It is blocking the energy flow in your home and in your life.

  •     Repair the dripping faucets.
  •     Change the fused bulbs.
  •     Add oil to the creaking doors.
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12. Leave free space – don’t pile things up

When you feel overwhelmed … clean the workplace, your office, and your library. Throw away everything you don’t need. You will be making a place in your life for new things.

Avoid storing junk in your home. Order clean and throw when things are accumulating. It facilitates the flow of energy.

13. Things are according to the glass you look at

Be an observer of your energy and know-how as she interacts with you and the environment.

Avoid getting angry: things happen every day, they don’t happen to you, and don’t take it as personal.

14. Energy cleaning

  • Many times we feel tired and obstacles prevent us from moving forward. With dense energy that slows our projects.
  • Perform energy cleaning. Saltwater in the corners of the house. Incense or essences, to harmonize the space.
  • Visualize how the energy arrives in the form of violet, white and golden light in each of the rooms of your house.
  • Purifying quarters absorb dense energy.
  • All this will help you create a space of harmony and well-being in your home and in each of those who live in it.

15. The energy in the images

The images that surround us, pictures, prints, and photos, are powerful stimuli for our unconscious. It is very important what each image means to you.

Surround yourself with images loaded with energy that will bring you what you want for yourself.

Avoid those charged with discordant energies that only overwhelm you and disturb your rest.

16. Moods that influence energy flow

When you arrive at your home after a long day at work and, despite the fatigue, you feel happy because you have successfully achieved the intended goal, your energy is in tune with your vibrations.

When you are low-spirited, shake your body and do not let the low vibrations of energy settle and spend the night with you.

17. Housing, its inhabitants and annual energy

Learn to harmonize your home with the ancestral energies (Flying Stars) that visit you every year.

 Know if the energies of your home are compatible with yours.

Find how to harmonize your home.

18. Feng Shui For Protection-The landscape

Feng Shui suggests that you have your home protected so that energy flows through the 4 cardinal points.

  •     May your backs always be protected. Represents support in life.
  •     That the facade is clear. It represents good opportunities.
  •     The right side that has little movement represents protection in life.
  •     The left represents abundance and prosperity.

The center is balanced, still. The movement will be avoided.

19. Ventilate your house and let the air circulate and with it the energy

  • Prevent energy from being trapped in your home or business. It produces tiredness and headaches.
  • In some sectors of the home, it runs too fast, (long corridors) and in other sectors, very slow (short corridors, dark places, corners).
  • Open the windows and shake the corners of each room to prevent Chi or energy from accumulating in the corners.
  • These Feng Shui tips will be a great help in maintaining protection, balance, and harmony in my home.

Feng Shui Protection TALISMAN And GODS

Some faithful owners pay special attention to the display of the deities. Because in the home furnishings, the furnishings of the home are involved in the overall fortunes of the home, so you must be extra careful.

1. The god should be placed in the house or the master’s palace to be blessed.

2. The god should be in front of the house or left and right, avoid sitting on his back.

3. The god should lean against the wall.

4. God avoids sitting on the mountain with his back to the house.

5. The gods should not be placed in the fierce party of too old.

6. The gods are placed above the Tao.

7. The gods avoid being placed under the beam.


(1) The divine position cannot be opposite to the orientation of the house.

(2) The throne cannot face the toilet or kitchen.

(3) Remember that you should not be pressed by beams.

(4) Do not place sundries under god.

(5) The broken gold body of the deities should be repaired immediately.

(6) Do not move easily when cleaning the incense burner.

(7) No sundries should be placed on God’s table.

(8) Behind the god, the table should be a solid wall, avoid windows or stairs.

(9) The ancestral tablet must not be higher than the idol.

(10) The incense burner should not be too high and should be below the idol’s waist.

(11) The vision before the throne should be wide and become a pattern of Tibetan wind accumulation.

Feng Shui Cures To Bring Luck and Protection

Feng shui luck and protection charms are worn around the world.

We are so obsessed with the concept of luck that we have collected data and curiosities about feng shui luck. And protection charms from around the world for you to enjoy, learn something new, and even experience if you are interested.

Have you ever wondered why the Chinese believe that eight is a lucky number, or where does the habit of wearing that little hand pendant to scare away the evil eye come from? Well, it is part of the feng shui culture.

Here you can have fun with these and other curiosities, and maybe even find a new amulet to make luck on your side or to protect you on Tuesday. lol…

The Chinese often use this number when choosing dates for important events and decisions. In China, the words used for “eight” and Feng Shui for “wealth” are very similar, so it is believed that this number brings extraordinary luck.

The Olympic games held in Bejing on August 8, 2008, were considered an event with a seal of success. And luck since its inception, due to the number 8 of the date (8-8-2008). It should be noted that the opening of the Olympics was held at 8 p.m, well feng shui made this possible.

Feng Shui lucky charms are objects that, according to popular tradition, provide protection to the person who uses them against bad luck, diseases, and dangers. The word “amulet” comes from the latínamuletum, which means “object used for defense.”

They generally have an animal or mineral origin and their characteristics vary among the peoples and cultures of each country, due to the presence or absence of these minerals or animals.

This explains the wide variety of amulets around the world. Today, thanks to globalization, charms to attract money and good fortune from different countries have spread and have begun to appear worldwide through the art of feng shui.

Feng Shui Protection From NEIGHBOURS

The gate is the only way for the whole family to go in and out every day. It is like the throat of a person. Therefore, there must be no mistakes in the feng shui at the gate, as it is the only protection you have against your neighbors.

The door-to-door Feng Shui protection from the neighbor pattern is very common now. In any residential area, there are almost two doors facing each other in any unit building. A door is a place where people move and air flows.

It is also called an air vent in Feng Shui. The airflow is smooth. If the two doors are opposite, the two gas fields will affect each other.

This is not good for living in the house, so This Feng Shui pattern is not good, but for the unit building, the pattern has already been formed. Phase collision cannot be avoided, here are some tips for protection

  1. Harmony is expensive between neighbors. It is recommended not to use feng shui items such as mirrors, animal heads, and tiger heads with strong energy on the door is used for protection against neighbors.
  2. Entrance or screen, this is more suitable for commercial houses. A screen is placed on the door, or the entrance is designed during decoration.
  3. The purpose of this is to avoid direct airflow from the opposite door. In addition, outsiders cannot directly look inside the house. It is also conducive to privacy/protection against neighbors.
  4. Five emperor money, I think the use of five emperor money is the easiest way to resolve the door-to-door Feng Shui pattern of neighbors.
  5. Many friends do not know what the five emperor money is. The emperor made money one by one and then placed it on the inner gate or on both sides of the gate. Five emperor money is best to use real ancient money rather than crafts.
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In short, the gate has always played an important role in the houses in various places. Based on the gate itself, is also very particular about it. As the gate of the Beijing Courtyard, the Huizhou slanting gate, etc.

It is not only the architecture itself but also the feng shui solution. It is designed with the layout of Feng Shui, so the gate is very important in all feng shui, It serves as a means to protect from neighbors.

Feng Shui For Protection at WORK

Our workplace is like our second home. We spend long days in the same space day after day. So getting more prosperous environments where working with more enthusiasm and creativity is key.

Feng Shui, a Chinese science that studies the flow of energies, seeks precisely that: to fill each space with harmony, and today more and more companies are looking to improve their workplaces.

Thus, each element and its arrangement counts the shape of the accesses and stairs, the lighting, the colors, and the ceilings. The windows and doors, the location of the water.

Everything is thought according to the principles of Feng Shui in order to ensure the best energy and therefore, be more productive at work.

Next, we detail some precepts of this discipline that, applied in your office, can improve your attitude towards work tasks, and increase your concentration and your creativity not excluding protection as well.

The entrance. For Feng Shui, each space has a meaning and the entrance is one of the most important areas within an office since it receives the impact of the energies.

And handles its distribution. It should always be well lit, clean, and clear. If there is a receptionist, it must be located in such a way that it has a good view of the entrance, but never directly faces the door.

The desk

It is the most important piece of furniture in any workspace, whether shared in an office or in the study of your home. A fundamental requirement of Feng Shui is to have protection behind the back.

The ideal is to have a wall behind, there should never be a door. If we have a window, it is ideal to take advantage of the natural light that enters through it by placing the desk on its side.


If the desk is in a straight line with a door, it is better to change it to escape the bad energies that may enter.


Wood transmits solidity, stability, and confidence. Metal desks are conductors of energy and leave us exposed to the negative action of bad environmental vibrations.

The glass tables convey transparency, mental agility, and flexibility, but it is necessary to combine them with wood.

Desk form Rectangular tables favor concentration, ideal for shared offices. A circular desk is optimal in creative rooms, where team meetings are held to generate new ideas. The U-shaped shape is very conducive to concentration

Tones Colors

Tone’s Colors influence our emotional state and can help dissipate bad energies. For those jobs where communication is essential, shades of orange are the most advisable.

Greens are ideal for those who work generating ideas. Blue brings a sense of calm and white is linked to intellectual work, ideal for tasks that require concentration and mental activity.

Heavy environment

Office air conditioning, and computer monitors… fill the air with particles with electricity and an ion-laden environment causes fatigue and drowsiness. Salt lamps, quartz stones, or water sources help clean the air.

Clean and organize

The workspace must be well organized and clean, without many things in sight that block energy and disperse attention.


If the workplace is small and dark it can cause a “cave” sensation. Keeping some plants or flowers on the desk can help, as well as placing photographs with landscapes of nature.

Citrus aromas With natural essences, they clean stagnant Chi and energize energy, and improve all-around protection from dangers.

Feng Shui Amulets For Protection

  • Dragon
  • Evils eye
  • Horseshoe
  • Tigers Eye Crystals
  • Feng Shui Bagua Mirror
  • Door Protectors Foo dogs
  • Strong Front door

Feng Shui Stones For Protection

How feng shui protection works FAQS

Q: feng shui symbols for wealth and prosperity

Use a money bowl, Place a fish aquarium, and check your home for broken things.
Remove the clutter from home, invest in Chinese coins, and create a good home Office working space.

Q: Feng Shui Items For Protection and Health.

Use of Elephants, Horseshoes, Four Leaf Clovers, Shooting Stars, Money Jade Plants, Money trees, Feng shui paintings, and feng shui crystals.

Q: How to protect your front door from negative energy

Use the below symbols at your front door to deflect negativity.

Dragon, Turtle, Lions, Elephants, Horses, Rooster, Mandarin Ducks, Wind Chimes

Q: How to use Feng Shui Dragons For Protection?

In Feng Shui Dragons For Protection can be used at your front door. Just use them in pairs as they act as door guardians. The dragon is the most power full symbol that represents dominant male Yang energy.

Q: Feng Shui Bracelets For Protection

Feng shui black obsidian and Pixiu bracelets are great amulets that provide protection. Just wear them on your working hand.

Q: Feng Shui Colors For Protection

Colors like bold RED, and Blood RED are the best colors for protection. Because in the general, color red represents safety or the barrier. So it prevents bad vibes.

Q: Feng Shui Mirrors For Protection

In feng shui, The Bagua mirror is used to ward off and prevent bad energies. As a property of mirrors, they reflect back the energy. They are also used as a cure to fix poison arrows or bad shapes and structures.


Feng shui protective salts are essential salts, both for those who work with salts and for those who simply wish to wear them by putting part of the salt in beads or necklaces. There are different kinds of feng shui protective salts and each salt has its own specificities.

It’s up to you to know what you want to protect yourself from. To learn more about this type of salt, here is a simple guide that will allow you to better know the different feng shui protective salts in order to know which one is suitable for your needs.

A feng shui protective salt is, as the name suggests, a grain of salt used as protection for you or your home. Protection can affect different aspects of your life.

For example, you might want to protect your home from evil spirits, or need to protect yourself from certain negative emotions.

Your need for protection can fall into several areas. And the different feng shui protective salts that exist will help you on different points. That is the reason why this article cannot be overemphasized.