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Mandarin Ducks Feng Shui Symbolism + Placement Guide

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Mandarin Ducks Feng Shui Symbolism– Feng Shui suggests that Mandarin ducks be placed in pairs to mend a strained or broken relationship just like the double happiness symbol. They are also deemed extremely effective for marriages and other lifelong relationships.

With mandarin ducks, Feng Shui symbolizes the attraction and fostering of love and passion between lovers. They are a must-have Feng Shui object for married couples and need to be there in the homes.

From representing love, strong bonds, and happy relationships to be the living symbol of hope and positive energy, these colorful mandarin ducks are one of the most important Feng Shui objects known.

When it comes to Feng Shui, knowing the right placement for your mandarin ducks plays a key role in bringing positive Qi energy.

The Historical Aspect and Importance of Mandarin Ducks in Feng Shui

A pair of Chinese Mandarin ducks are known as Yuan-yang in history.

This expression is frequently used to describe odd coupling as well. This is mainly because a pair of male and female mandarin ducks are so unlike each other.

However, just because they are different does not rule out the possibility of them being a good match.

If we are to put it simply, Mandarin ducks denote the coming together of two dissimilar flavors or persons to create something exquisite and unique, such as everlasting love.

The presence of mandarin ducks fosters a caring environment in which heartaches are alleviated, and mutual support between lovers is encouraged.

They were widely used in Chinese marriages as symbols of commitment and long-lasting love.

The Feng Shui saying for mandarin ducks goes as:

Two Mandarin Ducks Playing In Water

This depicts the perfect love connection between couples and partners. A great depiction of the lively and happy spirit of love, as per Feng Shui.

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Mandarin Ducks Feng Shui Symbolism and Representations

Mandarin ducks are a species of aquatic birds with brightly colorful plumage. Their feathers are the most vibrant and are said to be the most beautiful.

In Asian art, when it comes to mandarin ducks, Feng Shui revolves around a pair of ducks that can be found on vases, textiles, screens, and sculptures.

Feng Shui representation for the ducks could include the lotus for peace, which means that when used in couples or pairs, they bring in double the amount of positivity, joy, and good luck to the relationships.

Here are a few things that mandarin ducks symbolize, especially in the Feng Shui principles:

Mandarin Ducks Feng Shui Symbolism
Mandarin Ducks Feng Shui Symbolism

1. Lifelong Bonds and Commitments

Mandarin ducks pair for life, and this unbreakable tie represents a couple’s commitment to each other.

A pair of mandarin ducks represents stable binds, passionate relationships, and undying romantic love and loyalty towards your partners in Feng Shui.

When a mandarin duck loses its mate, it chooses to stay alone and does not look for another mate or partner. Rather, it spends the remainder of its life alone, unhappy, and melancholic.

This is exactly what your relationships would be like with proper use of mandarin ducks, Feng Shui principles suggest.

2. Gifts for Good Luck and Harmony

In most civilizations, weddings are regarded as one of life’s most auspicious and pleasant moments.

The couple is thought to receive an unlimited amount of lucky Qi on their wedding day in Feng Shui.

They also receive a lot of life force energy from the people and well-wishers.

In Asia, a couple is bestowed with good luck and conjugal happiness when they receive mandarin ducks, Feng Shui objects that represent good luck and harmony.

How to Use Your Mandarin Ducks: Feng Shui Way to Place and Decorate

When you set out to choose the perfect mandarin ducks for your home, you need to consider not only how the ducks look or how big mandarin ducks are but also the materials used to manufacture them.

Mandarin duck pairs are sometimes made out of quartz, and people love them, even though they do not have the delicate patterning of real mandarin ducks.

Feng Shui suggests that rose quartz is said to open the heart to love and generate tranquility by healing any wounds. So if you’re opting for a pair of mandarin ducks, go for ones made out of rose quartz.

1. Keep the Mandarin Ducks in Pairs

There should only be two mandarin ducks in any picture, sketch, or photograph you choose. A pair of ducks represent a man and woman in a relationship, and Feng Shui says that they must be depicted together.

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You also do not want two paintings of individual ducks because they indicate being alone and apart.

2. Keep the Ducks in a Well-Lit Area

Light draws in the Qi energy, whereas darkness repels it, according to Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, light represents fire, and it complements the Mandarin ducks’ affection well.

Thus, Mandarin ducks should be kept in a bright environment. A window nearby can help you accomplish this.

Feng Shui suggests that artificial lighting can also be used. Besides this, wood in the form of plants, as well as water, should be avoided in this area.

3. Choose the Right Spot for the Placement of Ducks

The Mandarin ducks’ Feng Shui placement is the next crucial step in allowing them to perform their magic, as Feng Shui views arrangements to be just as important as the objects themselves.

Their position is part of a larger scheme for the house’s layout and maintenance.

Feng Shui considers the center of the house, the northwest, and the southwest area of the house as the areas that play the most important and vital role. The southwest, in particular, is known as a love and marriage hotspot.

Placing the Mandarin ducks in the southwest direction will fill your home with positive Qi energy.

If you live by yourself, you can also keep the ducks near the bed.

4. Focus on Taking Extremely Good Care of Ducks

If you are using mandarin ducks, Feng Shui categorizes them as a love cure, and it is vital to keep them clean.

Regularly dust off and properly wash the Mandarin ducks that you have around the house, and try to incorporate both partners in the process.

This confirms your commitment to your relationship and puts it at the top of your priority list. It is a great way to show that you care about your relationship.

Moreover, you also make it obvious that you want things to last. You can do this by taking the first step and caring for your Mandarin ducks, especially with your partner around.

This is one of those tiny gestures that can have a great impact and strengthen the relationships between you and your partner.

5. For People Seeking Marriage or Love Luck

You can try tying a red ribbon, twine, or cable around the necks of the ducks to symbolize tying the knot if you are in a romantic relationship but haven’t married your partner yet.

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As a result, all couples’ commitment and fidelity will be strengthened. A pair of mandarin ducks is one of the key factors in Feng Shui when it comes to bringing in good luck for love.

For married couples, passionately devoted couples, and singles, this combination will draw love and dedication.

6. Consider the Bagua Map and Ducks’ Positions

Keep in mind that you should place the ducks in the same direction that you want your lover to face you.

You can also face them in the same direction to show that they are on the same path and are working toward the same objective.

One of the best places to put the love ducks, according to the Bagua map, is in the Southwest Bagua section of your home, which signifies love, healthy relationships, and happy marriages.

Tip: If one of the mandarin ducks gets broken, get a new pair. For mandarin ducks, Feng Shui does not work with replacing just one of the two pieces.


Mandarin ducks are known for their colorful plumage and represent love and togetherness.

Mandarin duck sculptures are said to improve married couples’ relationships and help singles attract love when displayed in the home.

Traditionally, Yin energy has been identified with feminine qualities, whilst Yang energy has been connected with masculine qualities.

A breeding pair of Mandarin ducks is an excellent illustration of the two opposing forces that, in the end, keep the household in peace.

FAQs: Mandarin Ducks Feng Shui Symbolism

Q: Is it good for Qi energy to have mandarin ducks around?

Yes. Having mandarin ducks around is good for Qi energy.

A pair of mandarin ducks represents stability, passion, and undying romantic love and loyalty towards your partners in Feng Shui.

When a mandarin duck loses its mate, it opts to stay alone and does not seek another mate or partner.

Rather, it spends the remainder of its life alone.
You can build the same relationships by having these ducks in your home.

Q: What representation do mandarin ducks have in Feng Shui?

As per Feng Shui, mandarin ducks represent positivity, joy, good luck, and everlasting love in relationships. They showcase your commitment to your partner.