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How to Feng Shui For Happiness & Prosperity: 15 Ways

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As an ancient Chinese practice, Feng Shui’s principles are still relevant to our modern life.

Feng Shui For Happiness has a solution that ensures your home is properly aligned to provide the great support needed to achieve your desires.

As a great catalyst for good things in life, feng shui is powerful enough to make your home experience happiness, peace, and prosperity.

What do you want in your home? Just make it to be a good Feng Shui residence, which in turn makes your home to be balanced, receives the free flow of luck, removes stress, makes your life calm and smooth, and grants you more peace.

Feng Shui focuses on the energy that makes your home:

  • An abode of happiness, and prosperity,
  • Ensures you get the best out of the home you live,
  • Fill your home with pleasantness which makes your passion for your home ever fresh
  • Backs you up to live the best life you want.
  • Remove anxiety from your life and lift your spirit each time you enter the house.

How do you annex Feng Shui for your happiness and prosperity? In this blog, we discussed at length Feng Shui for happiness and prosperity. This blog provides useful insight into the practice of Feng Shui to enjoy happiness and prosperity.

The following topics are expanded to help you know more about happiness and prosperity in Feng Shui:

  • How Feng Shui For Happiness Works
  • Feng Shui for family happiness
  • Feng shui happy married life
  • Feng shui for a happy home
  • Feng shui rules for happiness
  • Feng shui wallpaper for happiness

How Feng Shui For Happiness Works

Is your family’s happiness eroding day by day? Have you sought different ways to restore the happiness in your family to no avail?

It doesn’t matter if the communication gap between partners, family members has been broken, or you want to see improvement, feng shui can be the solution. 

Feng Shui For Happiness
Feng Shui For Happiness

Feng Shui tips can be channeled to restore and bring about happiness in your family.

It means your family can experience much-needed happiness, restore the connection between partners, makes your love bond stronger, and removes every iota of doubts and disagreement.

Feng Shui For Family Happiness

There is nothing that can be compared to family happiness. A family filled with happiness is always a hub for progress and good luck. Members enjoy prosperity and peace.

But in the absence of happiness, there is disagreement, strife, hatred, and bad luck.

If your relationship is void of happiness and filled with tension, Feng Shui can restore fortune, happiness, and peace. If you’re looking to make the happiness in your family much better, Feng Shui can also help.

The most important thing is knowing how to make use of the right Feng Shui correctly, as it can turn things around

The following are some of the ways to utilize Feng Shui tips to make your family experience happiness and peace:

De-clutter your home

When your home is filled with clutter items or materials, you’re at a disadvantage.

In feng shui, clutter can block energy flow around your home, and the effect is always devastating. You feel tired, weak, stressed, demoralized, and missing out on great opportunities.

Clutter is a bad omen, and it is a major cause of unhappiness, weakness, and stress in the family. There is a stroke of luck and peace that trails a home void of clutter.

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The solution to your happiness might be to remove any unused items from your home to create enough space. De-clutter the entire vicinity, and see life, peace, and happiness restored to your family.

Create a free flow of movement or traffic

The lack of happiness in your family might be caused by blocked free movement. When the furniture inside your home is not properly arranged, it can disallow free movement which results in negative energy.

In feng shui, how you arrange your home for free movement is important. Therefore, arrange your furniture for easy movement, and ensure nothing is on the way that brings about disturbing movement in your home.

Your walkway inside the home should be smoothed and cleared to enjoy better feng shui. Your family’s happiness might be tied to this.

Remove debris from the main entry

The main entry of your home can determine how energy flows into your home. It is important to keep it cleared of specks of dirt, used items, and old furniture.

When you clear your main entrance of debris, it helps the flow of positive energy into your house. Place flowers vases or plants around the place to prepare it for the flow of positive energy. 

Makes the front door more inviting

The kind of happiness you’ll feel inside your home starts from the front door. That is why you need to make your main entry more appealing, inviting, and beautiful. Create an environment of peace and happiness around your home from the front door. 

Put things around your main entrance that will promote a welcoming atmosphere for everyone that enters. For example, use doors that make less noise, and are sticky to remove the frustration that may arise because of its opening.

Also, let the entire vicinity be properly lighted to avoid walking in the dark.

Introduce feng shui plants

Raising natural feng shui plants around your home connects you to nature easily which can bring freshness, calmness, and positive energy.

You can step up your decoration by nurturing green plants inside your bedroom, and living room. These plants tend to bring life and happiness to your home.

The only caution there is to raise plants that can adapt to your room conditions and your water choice and nurture the plants. You can go for plants that have round, and soft leaves. They cause no harm!

Adapt the command position

You can take advantage of the commanding position in your home to restore your family peace. For example, Feng shui recognizes that every piece of your furniture, especially your bed has a commanding position and this position is necessary to your sleep at night.

A sound sleep at night is important to experience happiness and good health during the day. Therefore, if your bed is not in the command position, you will experience tension, and your sleep will not be sound.

In addition, ensure your bed has a strong headboard and wall behind for support, and protection during the night. Also, move your bed away from under the window and position it so that you can have a direct view of the door without lying inline directly.

Use feng shui colors to stabilize and balance your home

Feng shui colors are potent enough to bring happiness and calmness in your home. They are symbolic that they can light up your home with happiness. Seeing feng shui color every day can bring about the proper balance your home needs.

Using nature-friendly colors like green, yellow, and blue can bring calmness and peace to your home, while colors that are vibrant and energetic will enhance the energy base of your home.

Feng Shui Happy Married Life

Many relationships fall apart because of a lack of romance, and happiness. You can increase your romantic affairs once your partner is happy. 

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A happy relationship is a relationship filled with love and romance. If you notice the romance in your relationship is dwindling, it might be as a result of a lack of happiness.

Feng Shui For Happy Married Life
Feng Shui For Happiness

There is a key to unlocking the happiness of your relationship and making things work again. You can enjoy happy married life using Feng Shui.

Feng Shui can create an ambiance of positivity, delight, harmony, and fun which is the desire of every couple, and in addition, it is absolutely an activator of the free flow of positive energies!

So, what are the feng shui ways for happy married life? Check them out below!

The intimacy between you and your spouse/partner begins from the bed. As a couple, sleeping on the right bed promotes romance and happiness.

Hence, it is necessary to use the right bed in your bedroom. In Feng Shui, your bed must meet the following conditions: 

  1. Your bed must be positioned with space at both sides, and away from the wall or under the window. This will foster the flow of positive energy within your bedroom.
  2. The bed must be placed in a command position, and this position allows you to see your room entrance door.
  3. Move your bed away from under the ceiling fan as it is found to cause energy instability which can make you experience tension or stress.
  4. While sleeping, ensure your feet with that of your partner are not pointing in the direction of the door. But let your sleeping position allows you to see the door. Don’t sleep in a position that aligns with your door.
  5. Don’t put mirrors at the sides of your bed.
  6. Don’t put or store anything under your bed.
  7. Stick with a bed of considerable size. Don’t go for a large size bed that can separate both of you.
  8. De-clutter: Keeping unused items in your bedroom can hinder the flow of energy which can cause disharmony in your relationship. In feng shui, de-cluttering helps your room to receive a flow of positive energy which is encourages intimacy, romance, happiness, and peace in a relationship.

Get rid of insignificant materials and items, and let your room be spacious, accommodating, and free of dirt. With these, you’re sure to enjoy good energy.

  1. Remove every electronic like television, and all other gadgets that divide your focus, distract and cause interruptions between partners.
  2. Use colors that promote love in your bedroom. There are some feng shui romantic colors that are suitable for enhancing love and bond between partners. Pink, for example, can boost your love. Also, a red color can improve your romantic affair. 
  3. Grow natural plants that can serve as decorations in your bedroom. Some natural plants are ideal for bedroom, and adding them can bring calmness, peace, and nature to your bedroom. These plants can also beautify your room. Ensure to go for plants that can survive in room temperature and other conditions. Also, place the plants in the southwest area of your room to attract luck too. Avoid plants with sharp leaves.
  4. Anytime you go to the market to buy things, ensure to buy two of those things. It is magical and is a good sign that shows love, and fairness. Nevertheless, it is discovered not to work for gadgets. Any other things must be bought in two pairs.

Feng Shui For Happy Home

We are desire to live in a happy home. A home filled with joy, happiness, and peace. If presently you’re not experiencing happiness in your home, there is a way-out. Feng Shui has a solution for a home that is not experiencing happiness, and harmony.       

Incorporating the feng shui practice into your home can provide answers to your much-needed happiness and improve the conditions within your home.

Please know that the happiness of your home is tied to certain tips that must be fulfilled. Use these tips below to improve the happiness of your home:

  1. Clear up your home to give more space for the flow of positive energy which boosts your happiness.
  2. Remove any unused or unimportant things to give more beauty to your home. De-clutter your living room, especially the dining table of used items like paper, stationary, and others. It promotes serenity.
  3. Make your home more attractive by using feng shui colors. Go for colors that catch attention, lift your mood, and attract happiness.
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You can use nature-friendly tones which will foster calmness, serenity, and joy. Also, the use of bright and lively colors like red, and yellow will enhance the flow of energy within your home.

  • Grow feng shui flowering plants within your home. Plants that can survive your room conditions. These plants connect you with nature which brings liveliness, freshness, and happiness.

Feng Shui Rules For Happiness

You want to be happy, follow these feng shui rules for happiness. These rules work well in bringing happiness to your life and home.

  1. Give your living room a proper arrangement that allows free movement, and gives enough space for free flow of positive energies. You will enjoy tranquility when you properly remove debris and the used things.
  2. Place your bed in a command position: Ensure your bed is moved away from under the window. Use a bed with headboard to boost your safety sense while sleeping. Let your bed be in a sleeping position that allows you to see your room door directly.
  3. Also, your sleeping position matters. Your sleeping position should allow you to see the door, and your feet are not towards the door.
  4. Your kitchen can improve your happiness. Make sure your kitchen cabinets are fitted close to the ceiling, leaving no space between. If there is any space, it becomes a dead space, and that is where the dust and stagnant energy are collected.
  5. In case there is a space between your cabinets and the ceiling, the solution is to place natural plants there to make the place lively and energized.
  6. Mirrors can bring happiness if it is used rightly. Place your mirrors to enlarge things that are small like rooms and staircase.
  7. Ensure your windows are cleaned to allow the flow of fresh air. In feng shui, windows are vital and often described as the eyes to both the mind and the home. Keep them beautiful, cleaned, and cleared. Give them proper washing to remove dust and stagnant energies that have gathered on them.
  8. Decorate your home to make it look more inviting, and attractive. A beautiful house can lift your heaviness and mood. You tend to experience serenity, and happiness in a well-decorated house.

Feng Shui Wallpaper For Happiness

Feng shui wallpapers can be a cure for unhappiness, and heaviness. You can improve the happiness in your home by hanging wallpapers with happy people around your home.

This is because what you see every day has power in your expression. You can also hang wallpapers showing the beautiful landscapes, mountains, and the beauty of nature.

Feng shui wallpapers can connect you to the flow of positive energy which energizes you for happiness.

In conclusion

You can use feng shui symbols that foster confidence, happiness, calmness, serenity, and tranquility in your home.

Feng shui leaves no place for heaviness in you and within your home. Follow the tips and you will see yourself surrounded by positive energies.