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11 Easy Feng Shui Garden Design Principles For Lucky Space

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In our previous article, we discussed How we can Energize the Garden With Feng Shui.

In this article, we will extend this topic and will see how we can change the entire look and feel with [Top 15] Feng Shui Garden Design Principles and Decor Ideas.

The implementation of good feng shui in your garden will bring good Feng Shui energy into your home and integrate feng shui garden ornament into it.

Nowadays we all have space-related issues due to the increasing level of population. But If you have any space to create a garden, small or tiny, you are lucky.

What is the Meaning Of Feng Shui Garden?

The main aim of Feng shui is to help improve the energy in any space. It could be a house, Your office, or a Feng Shui Garden.

No matter how big or small, if you have an opportunity to have a garden in your house, you must go for it.

A Feng Shui Garden tip will create vibrant energy, as well as great decor for our entrances.

How To Map Garden For Good Feng Shui?

If your query here is How To Map Out A Vegetable Garden For Beginners, then below are the steps.

  • Step 1: First, and foremost you must make a sketch of the garden area showing the dimensions of your garden. This will give you a rough insight into your garden
  • Step 2: Check out the seed list and try to arrange the crops in the feng shui garden map.
  • Step 3: Now you have a map and seeds, Start plotting your garden with the crops.
  • Step 4: Last but not least check on crops that need support to grow.
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What Are the top Feng Shui Garden Design Principles?

For a good garden space, there are a few basic feng shui garden layout principles. Find below the top ideas and feng shui best buy for your garden along with the Top 6 Feng Shui Garden Design And Decor Tips.

1. Add Beautiful Garden Stools

The more Feng Shui Color you will add to your garden space, the more vibrant it will look energy-wise. You need to combine more objects to make it more colorful. One such object is to add these colorful and happy garden stools that can be used in a variety of ways.

You can use these stools as side tables, or a small coffee table. Only things you need to find the correct placement as per Feng Shu Bagua and Feng Shui Five Elements.

For example, you can keep a bright yellow color stool that is excellent in the South area of your garden because it represents the Fire feng shui element of this direction.

2. Use Of Stepping Stones For Path

The most obvious thing that we can keep in mind is that Straight paths are never used in Feng Shui, especially for the garden. As they bring sharp, negative energy along with slippery paths.

Feng Shui Garden Design Principles
Feng Shui Garden Design Principles

Have you ever seen a straightforward natural habitat? So in order to give our garden a natural look, we can make a path in the garden by adding a few stepping stones to it. It definitely will add great decor and design.

3. Learn to Create a Good Feng Shui Garden

Feng shui can help you to improve the energy in any space, house, office, or garden. If you have the possibility to create a garden around your house as we understand the space-related issues these days.

But if you can create a place no matter how small, sure go for it. A feng shui garden will create vibrant energy and kill the bad energies coming into your house.

Mastering in design a Goodluck garden takes several years but using feng shui you can take small steps to start. But we need to define the feng shui Bagua garden and use the right feng shui elements. And one day you’ll be successful in creating a magical space for yourself.

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4. Create the Vision for Your Garden as per Feng Shui

When it comes to implementing a good feng shui garden design, the size of your garden is not the main thing. Yes, it is wonderful if you are blessed to be surrounded by a big, lush garden.

But if all you have is just a small space to work with, still with the help of Feng Shui you can create a good garden with a good vibe.

5. Define the Garden Energy Map Bagua

There is one important feng shui factor to consider when you are deciding about your garden to be as per the Feng Shui Bagua area. To always define the structure based on the Bagua of your house consider the guidelines of Feng shui.

6. Feng Shui Water Feature in Your Garden

If you are planning to include a water feature in your garden. Then there are some basic feng shui guidelines you must follow for good energy surrounding your house.

You can keep small to large water fountains but remember that the water used must be running and can’t be stagnant. If you are still having difficulties you can consult a Feng shui expert for better guidance.

7. Get To You Know If Your Garden Has Good Feng Shui?

This is a very basic question after you follow Feng Shui guidelines for your garden to make it better. So it is very easy to tell if a garden has good feng shui or not.

There are some questions like “How do you feel in your garden?“. “Do you like spending time in the garden ?”.” Does it look amazing to you?” If your answer is YES then congratulations! You have a good Feng Shui in your garden.

8. Feng Shui Garden Decor With Animals

A Green Dragon in Feng Shui, which is the most powerful animal is considered auspicious when placed in the garden area. The dragon represents wealth, communication, and possessions. The recommended colors are green and blue to enhance luck. Read the complete guide on Feng Shui Dragon Placement.

feng Shui Dragon

9. How To feng shui sand garden?

For Feng Shui Sand, use colorful elements like the 5 elements in Feng Shui by adding Fire with colors fuchsia/pink/red. Combine with Earth terracotta color or yellow orange, or purple. Then Rake the sand using a fork or a comb to create a design.

10. How To Feng Shui Backyard Design?

Below are some quick ways to Feng Shui in Your backyard.

  1. Include the Suitable Elements from the Five.
  2. Balance the Energy with Good Paint Colors.
  3. Know Your Feng Shui Bagua Directions.
  4. Arrange The Front Door Properly.
  5. Select the Correct Bagua for Your Garden.
  6. Add good windchimes For Good Vibes.
  7. Have suitable lucky symbols.

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The size of the garden is not something that should bother you while thinking about the fengshui garden but how you will enhance and define its structure even in a smaller place matters.

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Your garden should give you new vibes, positivity, and freshness. All you can achieve is by using a Feng shui products list and feng shui supplies for your old garden.

I hope you will learn and integrate all these Feng Shui Garden Design Principles into your garden.