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How To Feng Shui Swimming Pool: 10 Rules To Bring Luck

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How to Feng Shui Swimming Pool? Are you building make a pool in your house? Click here to read about helpful tips that can help you Feng Shui your swimming pool and bring good luck into your home!

There’s nothing like unwinding with a nice swim on a hot summer day. It is a great way to enjoy yourself and beat the heat.

So if you plan on adding a swimming pool to your home, it is indeed one of the best additions to the home that you could make.

When you add a water feature to your home, it also helps balance the rest of the elements. Feng Shui experts suggest some really important ways to use the pool in the right way.

The most important thing is considering the pool shape, size, and placement. It must be placed in the wealth corner of the home. It should also be in a curved shape since sharp-edged pools resemble poisoned arrows and can bring bad luck.

You must also take care that the pool is kept clean at all times, and the water shouldn’t be stagnant. If you have any trees around the pool, then trim them regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the area.

If you’re wondering how to Feng Shui swimming pool, then continue reading!

How To Feng Shui Swimming Pool: 7 Useful Rules

Here are a few ways to drive bad luck away and invite luck and prosperity your way.

How To Feng Shui Swimming Pool
How To Feng Shui Swimming Pool

1. Pool Placement

Feng Shui experts suggest that the pool placement is critical to your luck. Ideally, you should be able to see the pool from the windows. It should also not be placed very close to the house.

There needs to be enough space for energy to circulate freely. If the pool is very close, it only leads to energy blockage.

Additionally, you also need the energies to balance out.

  • The fire and water elements (Five elements) can only balance out when there is enough space.
  • Furthermore, the pool should ideally be in the wealth corner of the home, which is the southeast quadrant.
  • Positioning the pool in the south, northeast, and southwest corners can lead to the elements clashing, which is not a good sign.
  • This matters the most if you don’t have a wealth corner in your home. Placing the pool in such a way allows you to attract positive energies in the home.
  • Feng Shui experts also recommend that you protect your house with some kind of raised land.
  • Instead of the center, you must place the pool at the sides of your backyard or garden. A pool at the center is known to bring in bad luck in the house.
  • It is also wise for you to build a fence around the pool to safeguard your house and increase your chances of good fortune.
  • Being mindful of the pool placement can allow positive energies to enter your home and bring good luck.
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2. Pool Shape

  • The pool shape is very important and affects your wealth too. The best ones are round, curved, oval-shaped, or kidney-shaped pools. These allow energy to flow around gently, without any obstruction.
  • You must never opt for a shape with hard edges (poison arrows), like a rectangular one. These can create a position arrow effect, which means bad luck.
  • Having said that, you don’t always have the option of choosing the pool shape. So what do you do then?
  • First, you need to check which if the sharp edges are pointed towards the house like a poison arrow. Then, you can place flowers or other decoration pieces there to soften those sharp edges.
  • You can use plants that thrive throughout the year since it is hassle-free.

3. Pool Size 

  • The size of the pool should be proportionate to the size of your yard and your house.
  • An exceptionally large or small swimming pool can look awkwardly placed and does not allow positive chi to flow.
  • Based on the size of your house and your requirements, you can select how large you want your pool to be. 

4. Water Stagnation

In Feng Shui, stagnant water can trap energy, which is not healthy. So what should you do then? The pool pump must be in working condition to keep the water moving. This helps positive energy flow throughout.

  • Many people also like to add a waterfall to the pool. This helps with energy movement throughout the pool.
  • Adding a running water filter to the pool is also a great idea. It serves two purposes: it helps clean the pool in the best way and also helps keep the water flowing.
  • Feng Shui places great importance on cleanliness. The best part is that a water filter can ensure that the pool water is clean.
  • Sometimes, algae and overgrown leaves can clog the water filter too. You need to be mindful of that and keep a check.
  • If you see any tall shedding trees near the pool area, trim them down instantly to ensure a clean and safe pool for your use at all times.   
  • Having a pool in your backyard means that the water element is very dominant, so you might need offsetting to strike the right balance.
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5. Earth Element

The earth element balances the water element best. So, what do you do then?

You can use earth tones in the form of cement or brick pavers near the poolside. It looks very soothing to the eye and at the same time also helps you with the right balance.

6. Adding Furniture

You can also use furniture in shades of sand and brown. Placing chairs, tables, and cushions of these colors around the pool area is a great idea.

Feng Shui Swimming Pool Furniture
Feng Shui Swimming Pool Furniture

You must have something from every element there. So you can add wood plants and wood furniture too.

7. Adding Fire Element

You must remember that Feng Shui experts place great importance on the lighting of the pool. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is beautifully lit.

There should be no shadowy corners, and neither should there be any harsh lighting.

To add the fire element, you can use candles and torches. The lighting should be enough for you to be able to see and also not very harsh.

8. Infinity Pool Are a Big No!

If you love being around nature, infinity pools might seem very enticing.

  • But in Feng Shui, infinity pools are not recommended at all. They make it seem like the water is flowing away from home, which is not good.
  • It signifies wealth and luck going away from you. Who would want that, right?
  • So you should avoid infinity pools, no matter how great they look. Instead, opt for a regular pool with rounded corners.
  • However, if you really want an infinity pool, you must get in touch with a Feng Shui expert who can help you with this.
  • They can guide you on how you can work your way around the design and shape to help minimize the negative effects.

9. Connections

  • If you have kids in the house, you might consider making two pools – one for yourself and one for the kids.
  • If you do so, then make sure to have a connection between them by either making a bridge or by putting paving stones there.  
  • This means there will be one water element in the house instead of two since they’re connected. Excess of any element in the home is not good.
  • So, if you’re wondering how to Feng Shui swimming pool, make sure to form a connection between two pools if you have them. 
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10. Plan Ahead

Planning is the most important part of making a new home or renovating yours.

You need to have a fair idea of what will go where and how you will balance the elements to allow positive chi to flow through.

If you plan on building a pool, then there will be an abundance of water elements in your home.

You should think about balancing that off with the other elements to strike the right balance.

With these useful tips in mind, you can Feng Shui your pool, and allow positive chi to flow through your home!

FAQs: How to Feng Shui Swimming Pool

Q: Which direction should a swimming pool be in?

The pool should be in the southeast direction. This is the direction that Feng Shui experts suggest.

They also say that this direction is ideal since it helps with good luck as well.

Q: Which shape is best for a swimming pool?

Feng Shui experts suggest that an oval, round, curved, or kidney-shaped pool is the best.

Rectangular or square-shaped pools are not good since they have sharp edges, which resemble a poison arrow.

Poison arrows pointing towards the hose are not a good sign.

But if you have a rectangular or square-shaped pool, you must place something at the edges to negate the effect.

For example, you can place decoration pieces or even plants.

Q: Should a pool be in the sun or shade?

Ideally, it should be in a place where it can get at least four to six hours of sunlight in a day.

This is important to ensure proper lighting and the pool’s cleanliness.

If you have large trees near the pool, then you must ensure that you trim those or cut the edges to avoid dirt in the pool.