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Top 16 Feng Shui for Couples Tips for Blissful Relationship

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Having a happy relationship is a top priority; hence here are feng shui for couples tips you must follow to build a blissful bond.

Every couple, or two people who come together for love, have one fundamental wish, and that is to stay together – happily in a blissful relationship.

But as time passes, a lot of couples face problems and even start drifting apart. While many reasons lead to problems between a couple, there is one thing that we often tend to neglect here: the environment.

Believe it or not, your environment and the sort of ambiance you spend your time in play a huge role in your life. It can impact your relationships, your health, and your overall lifestyle, which is why we recommend people apply Feng Shui tips in their daily routine to build a healthy and optimum environment for you to live in.

Feng Shui techniques are very helpful for couples as well – hence, we have brought you some top Feng Shui for couples tips that can help you build and maintain a blissful relationship.

What is Feng Shui and How is it Helpful?

Feng Shui is a part of the Chinese value system that highlights the importance of one’s environment in their life.

It is an ancient Chinese practice, also called Chinese geomancy, which claims that human interaction with their surroundings can impact their lives by attracting positive and negative energies.

This is why Feng Shui tips help people harmonize with their surroundings by improving their lifestyle and living conditions.

Feng shui can help you with various aspects of your life – be it health issues, or bringing you good luck.

Your environment can attract natural positive energy flow to impact your life positively. Similarly, Feng Shui practice helps couples build a blissful bond and live happily.

Here is some top Feng shui for couples tips to help you.

Feng Shui for Couple – Tips for Bedrooms

According to Feng Shui, everything begins at your home, from positivity to growth.

And the most important space of the house, especially for married couples, is their bedroom because that is where they spend the most time together.

Hence, feng shui for couples begins in the bedroom, and altering your room as per the Hengshui tips can be helpful for you.

Feng Shui for Couples
Feng Shui for Couples

Tip 1: Buy the Right Bed and Place it in the Right Position.

A bed is the most integral piece of furniture in your bedroom, especially for couples since that is where they can be close to each other. In Feng Shui, choosing the right kind of bed and the right place to keep the bed is important.

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1. Size of the Bed

When going furniture shopping with your spouse or partner, make sure you pick a bed with an appropriate size.

According to Feng Shui, the size of the bed’s mattress matters is a lot. Your bed must not be too small or too big.

Even though most couples prefer buying a king-sized bed – as per Feng Shui, the large size can be a distancing factor for many couples. Therefore, it’s better to go for a medium-sized bed.

2. Placing the Bed

When placing the bed in your room, you need to be careful about many things. The first thing is to ensure your bed is accessible from all directions.

This helps promote balance in the room and within a relationship. Couples who push their bed toward a corner hinder the positive energy reaching the bed. It’s better to keep your bed in the center with all its sides open.

Secondly, make sure the bed is not directly placed under the ceiling beams or the fan. Just like the bed corner, the beams and the fan blades also create ripples and obstruct positive energy by adding pressure levels – which is unhealthy for a couple.

Lastly, place your bed in a position where your feet are not pointing to the door when you lie on the bed. This is a practice that affects the positive energy coming to your home.

3. Sleeping on the Bed

Sleeping on the correct side of the bed is also an essential factor to consider.

According to Feng shui for couples, women should sleep on the right (yin) side of the bed while men should sleep on the left (yang) side of the bed, understand more on (Yin vs Yang)

In Feng shui, the directions, northwest (NW) and Southwest (SW), represent male and female energies – you can also identify it as yin and yang, where yin represents women and yang represents men.

Hence, picking sides according to the yin-yang principle helps enhance one’s positive role in their relationship while maintaining balance.

Tip 2: Always Keep the Bedroom Door Closed

You might think an open door is a sign of opportunity, then why must we keep our bedroom door closed? That’s actually because an open door is only prosperous in business.

Bedrooms are an intimate space, and it is not a good sign to keep your personal life open to external influences. Hence, according to Feng shui, it is best to keep your bedroom closed, especially at night when you are sleeping.

Tip 3: Choose the Right Colors for your Room

Colors play a pivotal role in influencing your environment and, in turn, overall lifestyle. As per Feng Shui, it is important to pick compatible colors for your bedroom.

It is best to pick romantic colors and colors rich in earth and skin tones so they can highlight the love you two share with each other.

We advise couples to paint their room walls in soft and natural colors like pink and put bed sheets in similar romantic tones, especially red.

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Avoid using dark colors like black and brown – they do not give off a positive vibe. Your bedroom should have colors that help your love thrive and strengthen your bond.

Tip 4. Things to Put in your Bedroom

Some objects help achieve a blissful relationship by attracting good luck and positive energy. According to Feng shui, for couples, you must keep it in your bedroom.

1. Feng Shui Elephant Figurines

An elephant has a lot of significance in the concept of Feng Shui. It symbolizes wealth, strength, and, most importantly, fertility. This is why young couples are advised to keep elephant figurines in their rooms, homes, or anywhere close to them.

2. A Pair of Mandarin Ducks

You must have seen the mandarin duck showpiece in many houses. This is because, in the Feng hui belief system, these ducks hold a lot of significance; they are popularly known as a “cure for love.”

These birds are the ultimate symbol of union and love between a man and a woman. Hence, keeping these ducks as a showpiece in your bedroom will help enhance your love and bond.

3. Fresh Flowers and Plants

Plants are always a sign of good luck, and fresh flowers symbolize love.

As per Feng shui, for couples, men and women who keep fresh flowers and plants in their house or bedroom attract peace, love, and prosperity in their life.

It is best to keep them in the southwest corner of the room for optimum impact and energy attraction.

4. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stunning pink crystal, and it is also a symbol of peace, love, and healing.

Adding a rose quartz showpiece into your bedroom decor can help bring good luck into your marriage or relationship.

The closer it is to your bed, the better results it will show. This is especially good for couples going through problems and frequent fights.

Amethyst Stone Compatibility With Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Bracelet

Tip 5: The Thing to Remove From your Bedroom

Like some objects represent love, keeping them in your room helps attract positive energy for the couple. Some objects can hinder this, and it is better to eliminate them from your room.

1. Television

You might not like to do this, but taking this step really helps the couple. Televisions are disruptive, and they can draw concentration away from more significant things.

As per Feng shui for couples, television inside the room is like an incision for external, negative forces to come between you two.

2. Mirrors

Putting mirrors in the bedroom is a no-no. Like the television, these reflective surfaces have the potential to bring in extra energy that can lead to problems between the couple and an individual’s life.

According to Feng shui beliefs, mirrors inside the room can lead to restless sleep and infidelity between the couple.

3. Water Bodies

This includes everything that contains water elements – from small objects like water bottles to bigger objects like an aquarium. Remove any water body you might have in your room to protect your love.

According to the Feng shui belief, water is said to “dilute” the love present between a couple – and one must not take any risks with that.

4. Clutter

Feng shui is a practice that tells us a way of living that is healthy and good for us. Hence, as per feng shui for couples, keeping your bedroom clean and tidy is important.

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Decluttering can be cathartic, and according to Feng shui helps get rid of negative energy. Removing the clutter also allows undisrupted energy flow and keeps newly married couples away from external influences.

What to do For your Partner to Strengthen Your Bond

Write them Letters

This is a very effective feng shui practice for couples who are facing issues among themselves.

Writing a letter to your partner, whether you send it to them or not, helps your heart to heal and, in turn, allows you to mend problems in your relationship.

Sharing the letter with your partners will help you two to converse about the problem. However, not sharing it can also produce powerful results by attracting more love to your relationship.

Buy Things in Two

Feng shui for couples states that you should buy and keep things in pairs in your house. It helps maintain the bond between you two and improves your love life.

So whenever you go out, buy a mug for yourself, get a matching mug for your parent as well – and so on for other objects a well.

Build a Blissful relationship, Using Feng Shui for Couples

Feng Shui for couples is a great way for two people to build and maintain a healthy bond with each other. Following this practice, you can see the change in your life as well as your relations.

A relationship between two romantic partners begins in their bedroom. Thus, it is essential to be very careful about how you decorate your personal space and what you keep in it.

Always make sure the room you share is clean and tidy to allow positive energy flow. Focus more on each other and your love instead of focusing on external influences – which is why it is best to remove devices like the television from your bedroom.

If you follow these practices, you are sure to have a long-lasting and blissful relationship with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Feng Shui Attract Love?

Feng shui states that colors like pink and red are romantic colors – also known as the colors of love, relationship, and passion.

Using these colors around you will help set a tone for bonding and communication between two people and attract love between them.

Q: What is Bad Feng Shui for Couples

Things that can negatively affect your relationship can be categorized as bad feng shui.

In this case, sleeping with your feet toward the door or with the door open is bad feng shui for couples.

Moreover, keeping reflective surfaces like mirrors and television can also be negatively impacted.

Q: How Long Will it Take for Feng Shui to Heal my Relationship

If you follow the practice consistently and religiously, feng shui for couples will take as little as 3 months to make things better between your partner and yourself.