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How To Use Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol As [Love Cure + Enhancer]- Complete Guide

The double happiness symbol is one of the most pious Chinese symbols that hold significance in Chinese weddings and joyous events. This joy symbol has been regarded as a symbol of love and marriage in Chinese tradition.

Double Happiness Symbol

Traditional double happiness Chinese symbol represents a balanced harmonious union.  In this symbol, two identical characters are present that are embedded in each other.

This symbol can also be represented as a sign of happiness and a good luck charm. It is not only popular in China but also popular in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the United States of America.

This symbol is also famous as the feng shui cure for love. If you look closely at the calligraphy of this symbol you would find two similar figures holding hands.

Also, this symbol is a synonym for balance, flow, and symmetry. Therefore, it symbolizes lasting harmony in love relationships.

Chinese Double Happiness

Chinese Double Happiness is associated with joy. It is a very popular design used in Chinese decorative items such as accessories, tea sets, jewelry, and many other things.

Double Happiness Symbol
Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol

Double happiness decorations symbos are very common in the wedding as it represents the happiness of the wedded couple.

What Is Chinese Double Happiness Symbol Meaning?

The double happiness character is made from combining two Chinese characters. The precise meaning in English is the symbol of joy. It is derived from Chinese calligraphy and the symbol is a polysyllabic Chinese character.

The Chinese characters for double happiness symbol can be found frequently on Chinese items such as decorative items, tea sets. Also, it can be seen all over Chinese marriages. Red is the color in which the Double Happiness Symbol is made, sometimes it can be made with black color also.

The genesis of this symbol is associated with the famous Tang Dynasty. According to the Chinese tale, once there was a student who was traveling to the capital for the purpose of giving an examination.

Toppers of this exam were selected as minister of court. However, he couldn’t reach there as he fell ill on the way.

An herbalist and his daughter found him and took good care of him. He recovered quickly. When he was about to go he found it hard to leave. Since the boy and herbalist’s daughter fell in love with each other.

Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol
Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol
  • The girl gave the boy a couplet written on paper as a token of their love. The couplet was as follows, “Green trees against the sky in the spring rain while the sky set off the spring trees in obscuration”.
  • He took it and left, when he gave the examination this time he ended up scoring the highest marks in it. The emperor called the boy to check his intelligence.
  • For this, he asked him to complete the following couplet “Red flowers dot the land in the breeze’s chase while the land colored up in red after the kiss.”
  • The boy suddenly thought that the girl’s couplet would fit perfectly in it. He used it and the emperor got happy and appointed him. He then goes running to the herbalist daughter and tells her the whole story. After that, they got married.
  • In the background, where they were getting married, they put the double happiness Chinese character drawn on a red paper.
  • Ever since this symbol has become a Chinese symbol for marriage and became a part of Chinese social custom. It is among a typical gift given to couples after marriage.

As the double happiness wedding symbol is believed to bring love and prosperity in their life.

What Is The Significance Of Double Happiness Symbol In Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese art that holds great popularity nowadays. According to Feng Shui, each thing holds energy whether good or bad.

Also, there is a specific position for the placement of all the things in the house, office, or any other place.

  • The double happiness Chinese symbol is a symbol of great feng shui significance as it is associated with love. This symbol is also used as a feng shui sign to improve love life.
  • Along with many of the feng shui love cures with strong energy in them, this symbol is also considered one of them.
  • The Chinese symbol for double happiness is used in feng shui in a specific way. First, you need to find within yourself that do you evoke any energy related to love from this symbol?
  • If you are able to feel this energy, you should use this symbol to enhance your love life. However, if you don’t feel anything, it is recommended to try other feng shui cures.
  • If you want to use this Chinese symbol for love and happiness, place it in the corner of your house where you feel love and intimacy with your partner. As it enhances the power of mutual love and liking.
  • You can also give this symbol as a present to your loved one. In this way, it will create a feeling of love and enhance the love between you and your partner.

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Where To Place Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol For Love Cure

If you are also in doubt where to place double happiness symbol. Following points will help you to overcome this dilemma: –

  1. There are a lot of commonly seen happiness symbols such as Phoenix and dragon, rose quartz crystal, and mandarin duck.
  2. A double happiness symbol is also one of them. Southwest direction is considered most appropriate while placing this symbol in the home.
  3. The married couple can also place a double happiness symbol picture in the southwest corner of their bedroom to enhance the romance and love between them.
  4. At weddings, it is an official Chinese wedding sign. It can be seen everywhere at weddings like on the bride and groom’s clothes, teapots, chopsticks, and on many other things.
  5. The Chinese are firm believers that this symbol is magnificent for perfect marriage and conjugal bliss.
  6. For singles, the Chinese happiness symbol can be used to boost your romantic luck and attract your better half in your life.
  7. If this feng shui cure brings you favorable energy while you are at home with someone. This surely means that you have found your true companion.

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Best Double Happiness Symbol Uses

The double happy Chinese symbol brings a great dose of benefits in your life. Its main usage is for the purpose of a happy and lasting marriage. The double happiness symbol is immortalized by the legend of two lovers who make us believe that if there is love then a miracle can occur.

Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol
Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol Picture

The Chinese character for happiness is usually placed in the master bedroom. The best place to set is either above the bed or in the southwest corner in the bedroom. In the common feng shui applications, this symbol is used for bringing auspicious things and attracting happiness.

In a Chinese wedding, this happiness Chinese symbol is extensively used. Typically, it can be found everywhere in the marriage. After the marriage of that couple in the story, this symbol is believed to bring love and prosperity. Therefore, it is believed to do the same in the marriages for a very long period of time.

The key to happiness symbol or double luck symbol can be used in any part of your home décor. In places where you want to bring love and prosperity, you can use this symbol. It can be used in the form of painting, wall hanging, decorative items, and even on utensils it can be seen.

The double happy symbol and the other happiness elements can be used to bring harmony and love. But there must be a balance between these and characteristic five feng shui elements.
These auspicious symbols should never end up creating clutter in your home. Also, they shouldn’t be fit in a space unnecessarily so that it looks like they are upsetting your normal room or home décor. 

How To Make Your Own Double Happiness Symbol For Wedding

Whenever we visit a Chinese wedding we have always seen a Chinese happiness character or double happiness symbol. This symbol is incorporated in Chinese weddings on a very large scale nowadays.

There are many ways in which you can make your own double happiness symbol and incorporate it in your wedding. However, as per Feng Shui practices, it is advised to consider colors, direction and material used while creating and placing Chinese symbols for happiness.

In Chinese culture, red and gold colors are considered lucky and auspicious. Therefore, they are usually used for creating the double happiness symbols. Following are some of the ways by which you can make and use your own double Chinese symbols: –

  • The symbol can be incorporated into a bride’s or groom’s wedding dress. You can knit the symbol on your wedding dress to bring love in your married life.
  • You can use paper cuts with the double happiness symbol. You can create simple wall hangings with paper and use it for decorating items in your wedding.
  • The double love symbol can also be used to make double happiness lanterns. You can use it to make lanterns with this symbol and use it at your wedding.
  • This Chinese symbol of happiness can also be used in wedding cards and invitations. If you want to use a handmade card you can draw this symbol on them.

In these ways, you can use this symbol for happiness in weddings by making it by yourself. However, there are other ways too with which you can incorporate this symbol in your wedding such as:

  • You can use the neon backdrop sign of double happiness symbol at your wedding. It looks cool as well as will give a modern and elegant look to your wedding.
  • Another way to add a Chinese symbol of happiness in your wedding is to have it in the form of a carved wooden backdrop. It is perfect for couples who love simplicity and would like to have a classic look at their wedding.
  • You can use wedding favours to flaunt your personality and rich cultural heritage to your guests. Thus, double happiness sign weddings favours make a perfect choice. You can use cutlery engraved with symbols of happiness, double happiness gift box, double happiness bottle openers etc.
  • Apart from the main wedding dress, bride and groom can include this symbol in their wedding as accessories. Bride can wear double happiness symbol jewelry. The groom can wear a tie or jacket that has this symbol.
  • Food is another interesting way to include a double happiness sign in your wedding. You can have cookies or macaron decorated with this symbol. You can even consider a cake decorated with a double happiness symbol.

It doesn’t matter in what form you are going to incorporate this symbol at your wedding. It is going to work its charm and will bless you with a lasting harmonious relationship.

What Are The Best Double Happiness Symbol Jewelry

The double Chinese symbol of happiness is widely popular in making jewelry these days. Here is some of the best jewelry in which this symbol is used: –

  • Earrings: – The double symbol for happiness is widely used in making earrings. They are either in the shape of this symbol or have this symbol attached to them. Earnings are the most popular jewelry that is used with this symbol.
  • Necklace: – The double happiness symbol gives a beautiful shape to the necklace also. It is usually present in the necklace in various forms. As this happiness symbol is associated with marriage and it is said to be auspicious. Therefore, its necklace is also used as a common wedding gift.
  • Pendant: – The symbol of double happiness is also used to make a pendant. It is typically created in the shape of this symbol. It is a popular jewelry that is worn by the bride at the wedding.
  • Bracelet: – Bracelet gives an option for wearing the Chinese symbol happiness on a daily basis. This jewelry can be worn by men as well as women that’s why it is more popular.

How do you say double happiness in Chinese?

In Chinese Double Happiness is said as 双喜, also in traditional Chinese: 雙喜 . People also know this as Double Happy.

What is the Double happiness synonyms?

Here are few similar words for double happiness – equivalent happiness.
double satisfaction, increased happiness, like happiness, twin joy.

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The double happiness symbol is a very auspicious symbol. As we already said, happiness in Chinese can be associated with this symbol. If you use this symbol in any form in your day to day life.

Whether you use a large double happiness sign or small sign on your little things, it will bring the feeling of love and prosperity in your life.