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Feng Shui Symbol Of Phoenix Bird: Meaning, Placement Tips

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Want to learn all about the Phoenix in Feng Shui? Read here to find out the Symbol Of Phoenix Bird and its significance and placement.

The Phoenix bird is as fascinating as it looks. Its colossal wings and raging mane of fire are powerful enough to encapsulate anyone’s attention.

This is why it is a vital symbol in Feng Shui. If you wish to learn all about this majestic bird and find out how to maximize the presence of good luck in your life through its placement in your home, then read ahead.

How Feng Shui Works to Bring Good Luck Into Your Life

Practicing Feng Shui is considered the ultimate lifestyle change that seeks to benefit one in all spheres of life.

Be it the professional, social, academic, or personal life–it does wonders in bringing balance. A balance between what you might ask? It helps the energies emitted from within you and those surrounding you come into harmony.

Feng Shui Symbol Of Phoenix Bird
Feng Shui Symbol Of Phoenix Bird

As these energies balance out, the path to fortune, prosperity, and luck is opened. The energies are positive and negative and vary from time to time and are based on the source/object.

All elements in the universe give out specific energy–the task in Feng Shui is to figure out which items offer the desired energy and which seek to disrupt the free flow of positive energy.

The way to reach this balance is by focusing on the 5 elements of Feng Shui in their recommended usage. These are water, wood, fire, metal, and the earth.

Origins of the Phoenix Bird

The Phoenix is a mythical creature just like a dragon and has a lot of significance in both western and eastern cultures’ astrology and mythologies.

In most popular mythologies, it is said to have been a divine bird that perished in a fire. The Phoenix then came to life from the ashes that remained. Thus, representing rebirth and immortality.

In addition, since the Phoenix can soar up great heights, it also represents freedom and has the ability to connect with the positive energies present above.

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Being a fire element, the red Phoenix bird in Feng Shui is also considered to be a celestial guardian alongside the black tortoise, green dragon, and white tiger.

This is why you will often find the red Phoenix bird in many Chinese artifacts and deco items.

Feng Shui Symbol Of Phoenix Bird Significance

In Feng Shui, the Phoenix bird is a powerful symbol. It is often the first thing people get tattooed on their arm for luck. But, there are other ways of benefiting from the Phoenix.

Here are the benefits it has to offer along with the significance of this majestic bird.

  • Symbolizes rebirth and energy–having the Phoenix bird as a figurine or symbol in your home can enhance the presence of positive energy in your home.
  • Fosters love and mutual understanding.
  • Offers the potential to reach fame and recognition.
  • The Phoenix is a significant element for transformation. If you’re seeking a path toward self-discovery, then incorporating the Phoenix bird into your Feng Shui practice can expedite the process and help attain growth and spirituality.

Feng Shui Phoenix Placement Tips

Getting the right placement for your Feng Shui Phoenix bird is key. Without this aspect, you can expect your Feng Shui practice to be futile. All in all, remember that the south is the direction that offers the ideal location for the Phoenix to be placed.

Feng Shui Symbol Of Phoenix Bird Placement Tips
How To Place Symbol Of Phoenix Bird
  • The front door–this location is perfect for the placement of the Feng Shui Phoenix bird. It will help prosperity and luck enter your home in abundance.
  • The bedroom–this will help in self-transformation and letting go of the past. You can even add it to your meditation area.
  • A right corner from the front door–having the Phoenix bird placed here can improve your chances of finding a soul mate.
  • Living room–the southern-most part of the living room is where the Phoenix bird would be best suited for good luck and fortune
  • Bagua corner of the living room–here the prospects of inviting fame and recognition into your life are activated. Adding the Phoenix bird here in the form of a painting or portrait is what you can do. Get a Bagua map to locate this placement direction.
  • Northeast corner of the office–pairing the Phoenix with a dragon and placing it on your office desk can enhance your prospects of wealth creation.

Additional Feng Shui Symbols for Good Luck

Here are some Feng Shui symbols you can use to further enhance your chances of good luck:

  • The lucky bamboo–place this inside your home in the south or eastern corner
  • The Smiling Buddha–place this Feng Shui symbol in the south or northeast area of your home or at the entrance facing the inside of your home
  • Feng Shui evil eye–when hung at the entrance of your home, this symbol can help promote good luck and prevent feelings of hatred from entering your home
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Other Benefits of Feng Shui

Feng Shui has a wide range of benefits to offer other than just good luck. These can be within your reach if the right Feng Shui elements and symbols are used.

Here are some of the benefits you can bring into your life through the art of Feng Shui.

1. Academic Success

Feng Shui symbols such as the owl and the use of wooden study desks help in gaining academic success.

If you’re a student struggling to get your grade back to the desired level, then giving Feng Shui practice for student success can help alongside the placement of the Phoenix bird.

2. Wealth and Financial Stability

Another great way to make sure your business does well in terms of finances, or your savings and investments experience a boost, is by using the Feng Shui symbol of water.

The color purple also aids in wealth creation.

3. Improved Health

Feng Shui also helps with improving your physical and mental health. It can help improve fertility, get rid of stress and anxiety, and help one attain a long life.

The crane and tortoise symbols are often used for longevity and luck. Be sure to add it into your Feng Shui practice.

4. Improved Relationships

If you’re looking for a way to mend relationships and prevent arguments within the household, then giving Feng Shui a try is what should be the next thing on your list.

The easiest way to get started is by removing clutter from your home and going on a deep cleanse.

Get rid of all damaged and broken artifacts, crockery, furniture, and items inside your home, and make sure there is no build-up of dust and debris.

Along with that, pairing the red Phoenix with a dragon symbol or figurine is sure to help foster love and improve your relationship with your loved ones.

How to Enhance The Benefits From the Feng Shui Phoenix Bird Placement

To make your Feng Shui practice excel and offer the desired benefits, there are a few additional steps you can take.

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These tips, when combined with the right placement of the Phoenix bird, will not only further open up opportunities for success and luck to enter into your life but will also help you view your life from a whole new perspective. 

  • Stay persistent and committed to the practice. By believing in the science of Feng Shui, the path to prosperity can be attained faster than you could have ever imagined.
  • Engage in activities aimed at cleansing your aura from negativity as well. These include being mindful of your behavior, meditating, trying out yoga, or taking time out for self-reflection.
  • Aromatherapy also works wonders in helping eliminate negativity.
  • Fragrance diffusers can be easily bought and placed inside your home to help calm your nerves and allow for prosperity, growth, and luck to come knocking at your door.

Where Can I find the Feng Shui Phoenix Bird?

The Phoenix bird can be purchased from any Feng Shui store near you.

If you’re unable to find one, you can invest in a painting of a Phoenix bird or simply hang up a portrait or picture containing the bird.

There are also several online platforms where items drawing inspiration from the Phoenix may be sold. You can check them out and place your order.

However, be sure to read the reviews first–you don’t want to end up getting scammed. For a quick reference check out the link here.

The Bottom Line

With a detailed insight into the Feng Shui Phoenix bird, you too can reap the desired benefits of good luck through its proper use and placement.

Follow the tips given here to make your Feng Shui practice for fortune and good luck a success.

If you found this article to be helpful, you can share it with a friend who may have an interest in learning about the Phoenix bird. This will surely help them fall in love with their favorite bird even more!

And, in Feng Shui, the practice of spreading knowledge also assists in helping gain wisdom and knowledge. So get started today and feel the difference it makes in your thoughts, emotions, and way of life in no time.