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How Feng Shui For Knowledge and Wisdom Works: 13 Ways

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Since creation, man has been on the quest of seeking relevant knowledge as it relates to different fields in order to improve their lives and gain name and fame.

As a practice, Feng Shui has profound principles that take into consideration how to improve knowledge.

If you notice your retention ability is low, easily forget things, or lose focus, feng shui can be helpful. Feng shui comes with an approach that can deal with poor memory retention.

Feng Shui recognizes different knowledge corners in the home and if discovered; it can bring about positive change.

Getting your knowledge area in your home can strengthen your memory; pave way for mental brightness, and insights rejuvenation. Discovering your knowledge and skills is made easy through the application of Feng Shui principles, and these are readily available within the corner of your home.

In this blog, you will be equipped with Feng Shui for knowledge and wisdom. After reading this blog, you can be sure to enhance your memory capacity.

The following topics are covered to provide adequate explanation relating to knowledge and wisdom in Feng Shui:

  • Knowledge area bedroom in Feng Shui
  • Knowledge area living room in Feng Shui
  • Garage in knowledge area in Feng Shui 
  • Bathroom in knowledge area in Feng Shui
  • Northwest corner in Feng Shui 
  • Northeast corner living room in Feng Shui 
  •  Creativity area in Feng Shui
  • Spiritual area in Feng Shui 

How To Find a Knowledge and Wisdom Area Of Your Home?

To discover the knowledge and wisdom corner of your home, stand at your main entrance, and have a view of the entire area, take a left direction, and then look to the left-hand side.

Feng shui stated that knowledge and wisdom are situated right at afar on your left-hand side from your main entry. Maximizing this corner is not available for students only, rather anyone that loves to improve his/her knowledge.

This corner within your space aids the level of your assimilation, cultivates skills, and upgrades your level of understanding through knowledge.

Feng Shui For Knowledge Area Bedroom

Within the comfort of your bedroom, there is a knowledge area that can be tapped for your advancement in life.

The knowledge area within your bedroom is known as “Gen”, and is a suitable place to strengthen your knowledge base.

According to feng shui, this corner of your bedroom is strategic to meditation, inner capacity, intuition, and inspiration. To enhance the knowledge quality of your bedroom, remove anything that can distort your learning ability.

In feng shui, Gen falls under the earth element, and by painting it with a hue of earthy and green color, you can make your bedroom stable and balanced.

You can add ornamental materials made from the earth like vases, ceramics, or figurines to your bedroom. Likewise, you can add wood elements to increase the calmness of your room.

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Knowledge Area Living Room In Feng Shui

The living room is an exclusive aspect of your building which is a representation of your social life. The living room is symbolic so much that it is a place of resort for every member of the family as well as entertaining visitors.

Feng Shui For Knowledge and Wisdom
Feng Shui For Knowledge and Wisdom

In feng shui, there are nine Bagua areas that encompass the house and the knowledge corner of the living room is among the 9 Bagua maps.

The knowledge area of your living room can also be gotten by dividing your home into 9 equal sections, and the knowledge area is situated at the third portion of the front left. 

Others 8 sections that fall into your home are:

  1. Family
  2. Abundance
  3. Fame
  4. Relationships
  5. Health
  6. Children
  7. Helpful people or benefactor
  8. Career

The knowledge corner in the living room can experience improvement and also benefit when design elements that favor growth, career and knowledge are put in place.

The Knowledge area of your living room can be channeled for the free flow of positive energy.

Garage In Knowledge Area In Feng Shui 

Apart from other usefulness, your garage has a knowledge area. The knowledge area can also fall within your garage just you’ve it in your bedroom and living room.

To determine the knowledge area of your garage, divide the space into 9 equal parts, the knowledge area is situated at the third portion of the front left. 

Enhance the knowledge area of your garage by following the steps below:

  1. Place pictures that reflect knowledge acquisition, meditating, or artwork that depicts learning.
  2. You can bring in wallpaper with natural landscape such as mountain, or plants.
  3. Where you have the main entry to your garage, you can put art designs that promote peace, growth or serenity, or displayed them on a shelf.
  4. Make sure the place is well lighted to permit easy movement of good energy.
  5. Use attractive and calm colors to paint the walls of your garage making it a place you desire to spend more time. 

Bathroom Knowledge Area In Feng Shui

The bathroom is an integral part of the house, which is a place of convenience, relaxation and rejuvenation. A bathroom is a place where we pamper ourselves and enjoy the best care.  

With these benefits, it is a place where we can upgrade our learning skills, knowledge, and wisdom. In feng shui, the Bagua map shows the knowledge area of your home, including the bathroom.

We provided a few tips that can make you enhance, and discover this part of the Bagua for knowledge when you’re ready to satisfy your motive. Place any of these materials in your bathroom which can make you attain your goal of improving your knowledge

  1. Pictures that portray successful, men of wisdom, your idols, mentors, and people seeking for knowledge.
  2. Wallpaper or images with mountains, and lush landscape.
  3. Materials that represent self attainment, improvement and goals accomplishment.

Self-proclamations about your focus on improving your knowledge and attaining the kind of success you want to desire.

Northwest Corner in Feng Shui 

Feng shui recognizes the importance of every part of your home, and one of such is the northwest corner. It is an indispensable part of your home because of its importance. 

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According to feng shui, the northwest corner is seen as a place that can improve your finances.

The direction is quite vital which can elevate you in your career, finances, and bring people that are ready to help and mentor you.

When it comes to advancement omen, don’t take this direction lightly. The north-west is a corner that sees that you enjoy quality mentoring and luck.

Feng shui takes it so important that if it is missing in any home, it is considered as a bad omen, because negative occurrences may be trailing that home.

If you want your family to enjoy abundance, and make your home a hub of prosperity, it is necessary to correct it.

Also, ensure this direction is balanced. The northwest corner is greatly affected when you cook with fire, or kitchen situated close to this direction, or flames of fire travel toward this direction.

To correct this, you can follow these steps:

  • Suspend the metal wind chimes, and the rods
  • Position your water urn at the northwest corner of your kitchen to extinguish flames of fire travelling in wrong direction.
  • Place an image of a vast mountain on the wall to represent earth element which is used to improve the metal element in that area.

According to feng shui, when you maintain and strengthen the north-west corner of your home, it positions you to receive help, support and mentoring that will favor your career, and see your dreams fulfilled. 

Northeast Corner Living Room In Feng Shui 

Inside your living room, there is a northeast corner that serves as a base of knowledge.

The northeast direction is known for proficiency, skill improvement, innovation, assimilation, decision-making, wisdom, and spiritual upliftment.

Feng Shui For Knowledge and Wisdom In Living Room
Living Room Colors

In order to get the best out of this direction, you must place items that will improve the virtues loaded in this direction and the elements associated with it.

The northeast is associated with the earth element; therefore, you can place earth elements to promote it. These include:

  1. Pictures that show earth, landscapes or soil, mountains and hills.
  2. Use of colors that represent earth element such as yellow, orange, beige, or brown.
  3. Place objects such as earthy pots, earthy vases, ceramic bowls or figurine.

Using these earth element items will improve the strength of knowledge present.

Creativity Area In Feng Shui 

In feng shui, the creative area of your home makes you experience happiness, blissfulness, calmness, creativity, innovation, motivation, and health of your children

In feng shui, the creativity area can be enhanced and this can be achieved by using colors that align with the area. The recommended colors are white and yellow. This is because brightness and purity are often associated with creativity. Also, white is a color that children love, as it adds fun to the house.

In your home, there is a creativity area and this area covers the following:

  1. Exhibiting creativity in all areas of endeavor
  2. The healthy living of your children (for parents)
  3. Fun and playfulness
  4. Activities that bring pleasure, and leisure
  5. Ideas generation, and creative innovations.
  6. Vitality
  7. Ability that portrays arts and craft
  8. Fertility
  9. Happiness, peace, and joy.

Spiritual Area In Feng Shui 

The feng shui spiritual area is present within your home, and this area is responsible for your spirituality, self-growth, and accomplishment.

This spiritual area can be activated by using some items that symbolize spiritual energy such as figurines of spiritual gods, and angels.

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The earth and fire elements can also be brought inside the house as they can enhance the spiritual area within the house such as lamps, crystals, and wallpaper showing images of hills, mountains, canyons, and green vegetation.

In addition, you can paint your spirituality area walls with any of the earth or fire element colors such as red, beige, brown, and earthy colors.

How To Activate Bagua

Activating the Bagua can be done by laying the Bagua down and then setting in motion the energies present in your home! Bagua area points out your knowledge corner.

Choose the Bagua areas you want to trigger to see the effect and you can do this by choosing between one to three Bagua areas you want to activate. Stick with these numbers as anything above 3 can limit the effect.

 Since there are different gua, activation of such areas can be achieved through:

  1. Raise lively green plant
  2. Paint the area with appropriate colors
  3. Get and put objects that represent the element associated with the area;
  4. Engage yourself with more activities which allow you to spend more time there;

The Most Suitable Direction To Experience Spirituality

As earlier mentioned, the northeast corner is the suitable direction to experience spiritual upliftment in your residence.

You can enhance this area by bringing earth element items such as images that depict nature, like mountains, hills, landscapes, and also you can use earthy colors such as brown, and beige.

You can get earthy objects such as vases, ceramics, and others.

FAQ: Feng Shui For Knowledge

Q: How To Activate The Northwest Area In Your Home

You can take advantage of this area in your home, and to activate the northwest area, introduce colors that enhance it such as gray, white, and metallic.

Also, you can bring in items with a circular shape, as it favors this area too. 

Q: What Is A Bagua?

You may be surprised to hear Bagua. It is a common and profound map used in illustrating different sections present in feng shui. It consists of eight areas and the house can be divided using this principle. 

In Chinese culture, “Ba” is interpreted as “eight” while “gua” means “area”. Combine both together, you have eight areas. Each section that forms an area is differentiated with colors, and elements, and more.

Q: How Can I Improve My Knowledge Region In Feng Shui?

Improving your knowledge region in Feng Shui in your residence is easy. Make use of these symbols to connect with what you are seeking knowledge after.

Go for artwork that depicts knowledge, and learning.

In conclusion

There is an opportunity to get the best out of your knowledge area in your home. For those in your career, you can follow the guidelines, and enjoy advancement in your career.

Also, anyone can improve his/her proficiency by taking note of the knowledge area. Your knowledge area can make you more intelligent, bright and skillful.