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Feng Shui Rhodonite Crystal Meaning, Benefits + How To Wear

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Do you know Rhodonite Crystal Meaning and benefits in Feng Shui? Rhodonite is one of the most admired crystals in the world with a good reputation and usefulness.

Because of its huge benefits, this crystal has been used for many purposes, including healing, adornment, and energy balance.

The discovery of Rhodonite crystal was in the late 1800s and was widely held as a gemstone in Russia. Its popularity grew and became acceptable all over the world.

And since its first discovery in Russia, it has been found and exploited in many countries too like the United States of America, Finland, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and Tanzania.

Feng Shui Rhodonite Crystal Meaning
Feng Shui Rhodonite Crystal Meaning

Rhodonite is composed of a mineral known as manganese silicate and with a physical appearance of a transparent opaque. In addition, Rhodonite has an emotional and spiritual curative ability which makes it effective in balancing yin-yang, heals emotional pains, activates positive energy, and helps to accomplish one’s dream and attain full potential.  

This fantastic super attractive natural crystal can be used for decoration and gives stunning look. In this blog, you will know more about this spectacular gemstone and how you can immensely benefit from it.

Are you eager to know more about the values loaded inside the gemstone, Rhodonite, and how you can tap into them? We provided valuable insight on different topics relating to Rhodonite.

  • Rhodonite stone meaning
  • Rhodonite magical properties
  • Rhodonite and Rose Quartz together
  • Rhodonite vs Rhodochrosite healing properties
  • Different Rhodonite colors and meaning
  • How to wear a Rhodonite bracelet
  • What is Rhodonite chakra?
  • Rhodonite stone benefits
  • Rhodonite spiritual meaning
  • How to Care for and Cleanse
  • The healing properties of Rhodonite
  • How to use Rhodonite crystal


  • Where should I put Rhodonite in my house?
  • What does Rhodonite help with?
  • Is Rhodonite a protection stone?
  • Can I shower with Rhodonite?
  • Who can use Rhodonite?
  • What power does Rhodonite have?
  • What planet is associated with Rhodonite?

Feng Shui Rhodonite Crystal Meaning

The Rhodonite is derived from the Greek word, meaning rose.

The meaning of Rhodonite is synonymous with love, kindness, compassion, and affection. This gemstone revolves around one of the most important issues that either make or mar human beings, i.e. emotion.

In Feng Shui, Rhodonite is counted among the semi-precious crystals that hold great worth. These crystal stones carry healing power and can alter the situations of things around your home, and work.

Rhodonite carries spiritual healing energies that can perform emotional healing, physical healing, and spiritual healing.

The Rhodonite is identified with its spectacular color, namely rose (pink), brown, white, and light yellow, mostly with black manganese oxide stripes.

Rhodonite Magical Properties

The Rhodonite is nothing less than a spectacular crystal with magical properties that make it richly affect its users. The magical properties of Rhodonite make it different from other crystals and they include:

  • Rhodonite color is part of its magical properties which is commonly found in a pink or red hue.
  • Rhodonite is rigid and of high density.
  • This gemstone contains a property that harmonizes yin and yang energies.
  • Rhodonite unleashes excellent healing vibration waves.
  • It shares a bond with the heart chakra.
  • It has a refreshing ability that is capable of bringing selfless beauty and pleasantness back to your life.
  • Rhodonite fosters positive energy.
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Rhodonite And Rose Quartz Together

The combination of Rhodonite and Rose Quartz is a perfect match. In Feng Shui, Rose Quartz is an ideal gemstone that is compatible with Rhodonite in releasing tranquility and amazing sensations.

Rose Quartz is a gemstone that inspires and delivers calmness, serenity, love, and peace. You will greatly benefit by combining these two powerful gemstones. They can heal emotional pains, and trauma of the past, then fill your heart with ease and comfort.

The combination of Rhodonite and Rose Quartz crystals is also extraordinary for breaching and curing the heart chakra. You can combine these two gemstones and enjoy stability, emotional balance, and foster love.

Keep these two unique stones close to you always and benefit from their bolstering energy.

Lastly, you can use Rhodonite and Rose Quartz together to help you during a time of anguish.  Rhodonite and Rose Quartz releases loving vibrations which are powerful for healing your soul after a loss.

Rhodonite Vs Rhodochrosite Healing Properties

Rhodochrosite is a twin gemstone of Rhodonite. They have similar healing properties, serving the same purpose. We listed below the Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite healing properties in comparison.  

1. Rhodonite Healing Properties

Rhodonite is known for its diverse healing ability based on the unique properties found in it. Rhodonite is mostly engaged in therapy because it is suitable for healing emotional pains and stabilizing depressed minds as a result of past trauma. Hence it is reputable as an emotional stabilizer.

The healing properties of Rhodonite are:

  • Rhodonite has emotional and spiritual properties capable of healing and restoring emotions. It is powerful in removing emotional wounds and pains associated with the experience.  
  • The Rhodonite contains healing properties that invigorate and offers strength.
  • It has healing properties that restore lost energy.
  • Rhodonite is found to serve as a remedy for healing some diseases like stomach ulcers, facilitating digestion of food, and boosting the immune system.
  • Rhodonite is useful in the healing of scars on the body and removing insect bites.
  • Rhodonite is an effective cure for shock and fear.
  • Offer peace, serenity, self-confidence, improvement, appreciation, elegance, and inner direction.

2. Rhodochrosite Healing Properties

The healing properties of Rhodochrosite are:

  • Rhodochrosite contains effective healing properties that balance emotions.
  • It harmonizes physical and spiritual energies.
  • Rhodochrosite has a healing ability capable of revolutionizing feelings from bad to positive.  

Different Rhodonite Colors And Meaning

Rhodonite is identified with two major colors, namely pink (rose) and red.

1. Pink Rhodonite

Pink Rhodonite is greatly cherished as it is seen to represent enthusiasm, unconditional love, and companionship.

It is the most symbolic out of the types of Rhodonite because of its color. Pink Rhodonite means love, shares a strong connection with peace, romance, virtue, and purity, and is powerful to transform emotional feelings.

2. Red Rhodonite

Red Rhodonite is also spectacular and is known for its strong red color and mostly with black markings or stripes. 

Red Rhodonite means the balance between yin and yang and is capable of resolving conflicts that arise in a relationship, excluding the apart from its incredible stunning appearance.

Anytime, Rhodonite crystal is nothing sort of inspirational and enthusiastic gemstone. It gives you confidence and stirs up your boldness.

If you see that you experience emotional swing and depletion, reach out for red Rhodonite. Red Rhodonite induces strong emotions.

Enhance your energy and enjoy intellectual and psychological strength through the use of red Rhodonite.

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How To Wear Rhodonite Bracelet

Since Rhodonite carries great virtues, it is a good step to put it close to you. And you can achieve that through the wearing of its bracelet.

Wearing a Rhodonite bracelet has many benefits. When you wear a Rhodonite bracelet, you tend to enjoy its healing energies on the hand on which it is placed.

Feng Shui Rhodonite Crystal Meaning
Feng Shui Rhodonite Crystal Meaning

Rhodonite bracelets can be worn on the left or right hand, and interchange between the two wrists as you desire. Also, it’s most suitable to wear on your working hand.

Benefits Of Wearing Rhodonite Bracelet:

  • Rhodonite bracelet releases positive energy that influences the heart chakra energy and satiates it with passion, affection, peace, purity, virtue, and meekness.
  • Wearing a Rhodonite bracelet is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance your mental and physical health.
  • If you want to heal pains as a result of trauma suffered before, wear a Rhodonite bracelet.
  • Wearing a Rhodonite bracelet enhances and stabilizes spiritual and emotional life.
  • It defends the body against envy and resentment.
  • If you feel frightened as a result of a past ordeal, wear a Rhodonite bracelet.

What Is Rhodonite Chakra?

Rhodonite is a gemstone connected with the heart chakra. The heart chakra is in charge of love, compassion, kindness, and other emotions connected to generosity. And one of the crystals that can greatly influence heart chakra is the Rhodonite.

Sometimes, you have Rhodonite Chakra! An active or opened heart chakra leads to compassion, friendliness, love, and generosity and you will enjoy a commitment to cordial and striving relationships.

On the contrary, when you have an inactive or overactive Heart Chakra, you easily get detached, unfriendly, and selfish as well. It leads to an unhealthy relationship causing a hostile environment.

But there is a solution to getting an open Heart Chakra. Rhodonite as a healthy gemstone shares a strong connection with the Heart Chakra.

Those who need help in getting rid of the negative habit, and emotional pains, and experience rejuvenation in their love relationship can use Rhodonite crystal. It will remove every impact and unpleasant memory.

Rhodonite Stone Benefits

The benefits of Rhodonite are enormous and listed below few of them:

  • Rhodonite is effective in eliminating difficulties experienced in love affairs and relationships.
  • Rhodonite is an effective cure for past trauma, unhappiness, depression, and emotional pains.
  • Rhodonite is a crystal that activates the art of generosity inside you and you get true love in return.
  • It encompasses its user with all emotional blessings such as peace, love, purity, positivity, unity, harmony, and selflessness.
  • Rhodonite colors your love life and makes you sensitive to the feelings of others, thereby showing compassion.
  • It radiates your life with goodness, helping you to achieve your set goals.
  • Rhodonite can also improve your immune system thereby defending you against foreign attack.

Rhodonite Spiritual Meaning

Rhodonite has a spiritual connotation and is acceptable as a semi-precious stone in Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, Rhodonite is symbolic and it means the stone of compassion spiritually.

It can fill the heart with love, kindness, peace, and purity. It can invigorate, configure, and triggers the heart to release pleasant feelings.

This gemstone has the purpose of releasing love vibrations needed by your spirit to recuperate, flourish and reclaim freedom.

How To Give Attention and Clean Rhodonite

The kind of care you give to something determines how you value that thing.

It is good to give proper care to Rhodonite and this will make it to be effective and durable.

Cleansing crystal is really important in order to recharge its properties.

Check out some ways to cleanse and care for your Rhodonite:

  • Cleanse Rhodonite under running lukewarm water.
  • Don’t subject your Rhodonite to steaming because of its brittleness. Use a normal washing method to clean it. Use the diluted solution as a washing agent.
  • To prevent interruption in the flow of energies and reduce surface dent, place your Rhodonite separately from many gemstones.
  • Adopt measures that can protect your gemstone from scratching and breaking.
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How To Use Rhodonite Crystal

Since you are familiar with the benefits loaded in Rhodonite, you can use it in the following ways  

  • You can wear the gemstone as jewelry. If you are looking for a beautiful adornment, Rhodonite can serve. Because of its strong connection to the heart chakra, you can wear this beautiful stone.
  • Rhodonite is a good crystal ideal for meditation or use during therapy. It will aid treatment, and restore healing.
  • Rhodonite can also be placed at home. It can be used for decoration as well as serves as a natural balancing agent.
  • Couples looking to improve their relationship can get gemstone. It balances yin and yang, hence, is ideal for smoothening love affairs.

Rhodonite Crystal Meaning FAQs

Q: Where Should I Put Rhodonite In My House?

A Rhodonite crystal can be placed in the southwest direction of your home. Placing it in this area improves affection and inner peace. It is also good for strengthening much-needed energy.

Q: What Does Rhodonite Help With?

Rhodonite is a stone linked to kindness, care, and love.

Therefore, Rhodonite can help alleviate emotional difficulties, modify moods, and fill you with peace and happiness.

Rhodonite is a crystal to possess. It is seen as a healing balm, as well as the solution to some diseases.

Q: Is Rhodonite A Protection Stone?

Rhodonite is a protective stone because it has unique properties that can protect against negative occurrences.

It can also protect the body against diseases and sickness as with immunity. It strengthens the immune system. 

Q: Can I Shower With Rhodonite?

Yes, Rhodonite can be used for a shower as it does not cause any damage. You can take a shower with your Rhodonite on you.

Q: Who Can Use Rhodonite?

Rhodonite is suitable for different people as everyone desires to receive love and release love. But according to Feng Shui, Rhodonite is best suited for those who were given birth during spring.

Q: What Power Does Rhodonite Have?

Rhodonite carries immense power as it is seen as a gemstone that can ease emotional pains, and heal the heart.

It has the power to calm every conflicting situation and attracts happiness and positive energy that can cause a change.

Q: What Planet Is Associated With Rhodonite?

The planet associated with Rhodonite is the earth because of its bond with the heart chakra.

Now you know how to use Rhodonite Stone, find other related blogs on Feng Shui Stones and how to use it.

In Conclusion

The Rhodonite gemstone is an uplifting crystal that has the advantage of untangling emotional conflict and exudes compassion, affection, and kindness.

When your life glows with unconditional love, you can enjoy progress and feel the positive energy that becomes the outcome of your love.

Match out each day as you rely on the outstanding energy needed to fulfill each day passed from Rhodonite to your heart.