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What Is Hematite Jewelry And Its Usages In Feng Shui

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Hematite is popularly known as a “healing crystal.” Its metaphysical properties, along with magnetic properties, offer various benefits in energy healing and Feng Shui. Today let’s talk about Hematite jewelry meaning and Hematite Jewelry usages for endless health benefits.

After jade and citrine, it is the most used mineral in Feng Shui for multiple purposes. You can easily find various Feng Shui figurines made from it.

But its grounding and protective properties perfectly match the protective energy of the turtle. Its multiple usages in Feng Shui help you in enhancing your daily life. Let’s find out how but before we proceed to find below the complete Hematite Profile.

Hematite FeaturesHematite Properties
Raw ColorSteel gray to black, red in thin slivers or crystals, brownish red.
Specific Gravity4.95-5.26
FractureEven to subconchoidal
Optic SignUniaxial
Refractive Index2.94-3.22

What Is Hematite Meaning And Its Origin

The Hematite meaning is derived from an ancient Greek word “Hajma” that translates to bloodstone. It is due to this color Hematite is often used as a pigment. It represents an element of Iron/ metal, which makes it super special.

The most famous clay which gains its color because of Hematite is Ochre. It has somewhere between 20 to 70% dehydrated hematite ore. On the other hand, yellow ochre has hydrated hematite. Ochre is mainly used for tinting with a permanent color.

The earliest use of this mineral can be dated back to 164000 years ago when cave dwellers used it for red chalk writing.

Residues of hematite are also found in graves that date back 80,000 years ago. Red chalks drawings are found all over the world; some of the ancient civilizations also used them for pottery purposes.

What Is Hematite In Jewelry?

Hematite is a metallic-looking intriguing piece of gemstone that is widely used in jewelry. It is used in various ways, ranging from pigmentation to decoration.

What is Hematite Jewelry Feng Shui
What is Hematite Jewelry Feng Shui – Hematite Stone Usages

Although, it doesn’t belong to the category of the mainstream gemstone. But due to its unique shiny appearance, it is popular among collectors.

  • Hematite gemstone is very easy to find, and it is very abundant on earth’s crust. If you ever come across a brown or red rock. There is a very high chance that it contains hematite. Golden hematite also exists, but it is tough to find.
  • Hematite ornaments has been in use from the second half of the 19th century. The high abundance makes the price of hematite is usually low, which is another reason for its popularity.
  • It’s most common use was with onyx for mourning jewelry. Like every other piece of jewelry, it went out of fashion for a while. But soon enough as other vintage things came into the trend, and just like that, hematite made its comeback.
  • Hematite is very ductile as well as malleable due to which it can be used to create almost all types of jewelry. Commonly, Hematite beads are used for jewelry making, but hematite is also very famous, etc.
  • But it should be handled with care as it can be easily scratched. Despite being readily available, depending upon its shape and craftsmanship that went into making the jewelry, it can cost a lot.
  • The most widely used material with hematite is gold. Black hematite, along with gold, gives a royal look most people strive for.
  • Hematite has its cultural importance too. This rock is quite literally out of this world. Various scientific studies suggest that hematite is an abundant mineral on the surface of Mars as well.

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It is because of the presence of hematite that Mars appears to be red. Due to its magnetic properties and relevance to the outer world, it is very widely used hematite used by Feng Shui followers.

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They believe that the movement of magnetic (positive and negative) energies holds a very significant role in their life.

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What Are Hematite Ring Properties

  • The ring is a prevalent hematite men’s jewelry item that is effective in healing various kinds of pains.
  • It regulates the flow of blood and charge in nerve cells. It is also used to help relieve anemia and headaches.
  • In addition to this, it is said to treat various types of spinal problems, fractured bones, and cramps.

Hematite is a good choice for those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo.

which hand to wear hematite bracelet?

  • Now we have understood the healing properties of hematite and hematite bracelet benefits. You might be curious to know.
  • How to wear a Hematite Bracelet? You should always wear the hematite bracelet on your left hand, as it is the best position to maximize its magnetic properties.

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How To Use Hematite For Healing

It has various uses; one of the most popular ones is its use in jewelry. It is also used to make beads, cabochons, tumbled stones, small sculptures, and other items.

Hematite Jewelry For Healing
Hematite Jewelry For Healing
  • Silver-colored hematite with uniform and rigid texture is generally used to make these materials. Silver color hematite is comparatively heavy, which makes it a very widely used tumbled stone.
  • Due to its highly dense nature and being inexpensive in its raw state, it is used by doctors to stop the X-Rays, and it is highly effective.
  • It is also used as an anti-radiation material in medical and scientific equipment. Due to the same reason, it is used by doctors to stop X-rays. Its high density and low cost also make it useful as ballast for warships.
  • When turned into a fine powder and mixed with water, it makes a high specific gravity liquid. These liquids are further used in the ‘float-sink’ process used to transport coal and other materials.
  • Finally, it works as a highly active compound when mixed with certain materials; those compounds are known as “jeweler’s rouge” and “red rogue“.
  • Red rogue has several uses like its powder is used to polish some soft metals such as brass. Jewelry’s rogue can be used to polish gold and silver when used as a paste.

Health Benefits Of Hematite Magnetic Jewelry And Special Qualities

As hematite meaning describes it has Magnetic properties that are to be believed to have significant health-related and spiritual benefits. Just like if the blood(hematite Meaning) in our body has a significant role.

It has healing powers that come from its protective, calming, and grounding properties. It improves our connection with mother earth, hence making us feel safe and protected.

It adds to our strength, courage, vitality, and endurance. It is also called a “hematine stone for the mind,” which enhances memory, focus, and creativity.

Hematite, if used properly, can help align the magnetic property of the earth with ours, which in turn provides a balance between the physical world and the internal nervous system.

It is said to focus on emotions to help maintain a balance between body and mind.

#1 Increased Energy Flow

  • Magnetic Hematite helps stabilize messy energy. The magnetic field helps balance the energies between the body and mind.
  • Magnetic Hematite also improves physical energy and has a calming effect on the mind. Reduces stress and anxiety and improves concentration.
  • It can help you overcome addictions and compulsions and improve self-esteem.

#2 Repel Negative Energy

  • It helps repel negative energy around a person. Hematite helps regulate blood flow throughout the body and which in turn can treat anemia.
  • The flow of blood is also helpful for the kidneys as it promotes the regeneration of tissues.
  • It helps in the absorption of iron in the blood, which treats anxiety, insomnia, and cramps.

#3 Improved Blood Circulation

  • The lateral hematite meaning is blood. Using magnetic hematite on the skin can have positive effects on the bloodstream.
  • The magnetic field applied to your body improves blood circulation by affecting the charged ions present in the blood.
  • Increased blood circulation improves oxygen supply to various parts of the body. This increases the healing rate, relieves pain, and fights anemia.
  • Furthermore, hematite stimulates the kidneys to purify the blood. It is also used to lower body temperature and remove fever from the forehead.

#4 Relief from Sickness and Pains

The distinguished iron content in hematite ornaments facilitates tissue regeneration, stimulates the immune system, and improves overall health.

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They are especially beneficial for people suffering from diabetes, asthma, acne, allergies, bursitis, bunions, frozen shoulder. Also for tendonitis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, bone spurs, rheumatoid arthritis, and other joint diseases.

Magnetic Hematite has been shown to be effective in reducing aches and pains in various parts of the body. The natural load on nerve cells, reducing pain. Also, various holistic healers use it to treat things.

Apart from the above hematite jewelry benefits, find below a few more.

  1. high blood pressure,
  2. leg cramps,
  3. nervous disorders,
  4. sleep disorders,
  5. ligament tears,
  6. and other sports injuries.
  7. migraines,
  8. tension headaches,
  9. back pain,
  10. spinal ailments,
  11. sprains,
  12. fractures,

How To Cleanse Hematite Jewelry?

There are multiple ways you can cleanse your crystal to activate and restore its powers.

  • Knowing how to clean hematite is very important. Hematite is highly prone to rust, so you should never use water to clean it.
  • It is easily scratchable, so it must be handled with care and, if possible, put it in a bag while not using it.
  • The best way to clean a hematite ornament is with the help of a soft-bristled brush. Clean it using a soft-bristled brush once a week.
  • To clean it spirituality or to clean off the bad mojo around it, circle over it a clear quartz or selenite wand a few times. It must be done before using/ wearing jewelry.

How Can You Tell If A Stone Is A Hematite?

  • Hematite can be found in various sizes and colors, but it always produces a visible reddish streak when processed.
  • Researchers are often surprised to see their different colors. But they use the streak test to determine whether they are hematite.
  • It is the easiest and fastest test to perform to determine genuine hematite jewelry.

How Do You Know If Hematite Is Real And Genuine?

  • Always keep in mind that real gemstones are not strong magnets hematite. If they show strong attractive or repulsive properties, then it is possible that it is not pure.
  • Another way to test it is by rubbing it with sandpaper. Upon rubbing, it must appear red or reddish in case it is a pure gemstone.
  • Another idea that uses color as an indicator is a streak test. In the streak test, hematite is scraped with black sandpaper.
  • The appearance of a red or brown streak on sandpaper indicates its authenticity. Another way is to smash your hematite stone with a hammer or grinding it into small pieces.
  • But of course, it is not advised at all because you know it won’t be of any use. Due to the high demand for hematite jewelry, people sell various similar-looking materials with slightly different names.

Their names appear similar to hematite, such as hemalyke or hematine, but they are not real Hematite gemstones.

The best way to ensure you buy a real Hematite is to buy it from a real certified distributor.

Though There wholesale magnetic hematite jewelry sellers are easy to find. But you should keep your distance from them as they usually sell fake products.

Hematite Characteristics And Uses In Feng Shui

Hematite jewelry’s benefit is widely used in Feng Shui for various purposes, such as calming, grounding, and protection.

This jewelry can also be energized to gain certain benefits. The form of Hematite to be used is essential, which depends on the benefits intended to gain from it.

It is vital to use natural hematite for various Feng Shui purposes. Its stones and crystals are affordable; therefore, it is always advised to own several hematite rocks.

And carry them with you wherever you go. From your office to your car, you can take it anywhere as it provides calmness and protection.

While choosing the jewelry, make sure to select the suitable one from natural hematite and magnetic hematite.

Human-made magnetic hematite contains a little bit of impurity and may have some new properties. But it is always advised to choose the natural one. Mostly they are used to make rings and Hematite bracelets.

Hematite Jewellery Usage and Placement In Feng Shui

  • The importance of directions is dominant in Feng Shui, so it is natural to assume the placement of hematite stone would be very important.
  • Place the hematite stone in the North direction in your house, which is the career direction. In the case of children, place it in the creative direction that is west.
  • Hematite is also very widely used for one’s study or office purposes. If you place it by the front door, it can work wonders.
  • If you wish to keep animal carvings in your house, you can easily purchase one of them from any gift store.
  • For best effect use the carving of an animal, which is your spirit animal.

How Does Hematite Become Magnetic?

In scientific terms, every material that has any kind of magnetic property is said to be magnetic no matter how weak.

Commonly some people only consider those materials magnetic that have robust attraction and repulsion properties. It is a cause of confusion.

Hematite doesn’t show such robust attractive or repulsive features, but it is considered magnetic by scientists due to its various other natures.

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They are naturally magnetic (weak, however), there is no trick involved in making them magnetic. Its domain doesn’t remain lined up when it is removed from the presence of a strong magnetic, which further suggests it is a weak magnet.

However, we can increase its magnetic properties by introducing some impurities in it. With the introduction of impurities, its domain tends to stay in line even after removing a magnet.

Therefore, if your hematite shows strong magnetic properties, there is a good chance that it might not be pure.

There is no possible way to magnetize pure hematite. But you can try heating it and then letting it cool in contact with a strong magnet. Maybe you can get lucky, and its domain would remain in line.

How To Use Hematite Jewellery For Arthritis?

In ancient times Chinese people believed that magnetic items could be used to treat various pain-related problems.

But according to major research conducted by various scientists worldwide, this theory is mostly disapproved.

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And no such evidence exists that Hematite can be used to treat Arthritis or any other kind of pain.

In addition to this, scientists requested that people do not believe in such claims and asked them to educate people about them. Many people don’t seek much-needed medical advice by believing in this false rumor.

Are there any hematite side effects?

So far we have talked about Hematite jewelry benefits. But for many people’s groups wearing Hematite has few side effects, feeling a tingling sensation, dizziness, or nausea. These do not impact majorly but may be a little uncomfortable.

Let us find a few more Hematite jewelry Side Effects.

  • Diarrhea or Trouble in the digestive system.
  • Headaches, Emotional swings, Dizziness, insecurity, detachment feeling, etc.

FAQs- What are Hematite Jewelry Benefits & uses

Q: Can you wear hematite to bed?

Hematite promotes a good night’s sleep. Tip for Using Hematite: Just before you go to bed, grasp Hematite, close your eyes, and envision having a decent night’s rest. After that, you can keep it under your pillow or side to the table.

Q: Can you wear too much hematite?

Hematite jewelry has a very good detoxifier for our bodies. It releases bad energies from the bodies. You can wear multiple Hematites, but for many people, it would be uncomfortable.

Q: What Stone goes well with hematite?

It is useful to utilize other solid otherworldly establishing stones with Hematite gems. Stones that consolidate well with it incorporates terminated Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, or Smokey Quartz.

Q: What does hematite do spiritually?

Hematite assists with engrossing negative energy and quiets in the midst of stress or stress. Hematite is a defensive stone and is extraordinary to convey to help you stay grounded much of the time.

Q: what color is raw hematite available?

Hematite is a mineral that naturally available in different colors. Raw Hematite can have a red or earthy colored tone with a hearty shine; a dark tone with a submetallic brilliance; or a silver-tone with a metallic gloss.

Q: what is hematite chakra

Like in our human body there are 7 chakras, hematite directly works on teh root chakras and heals the real problem.

Q: Does hematite makes you more sensitive and emotional?

Yes, for few people I can be a side effect , if after wearing a hematite jewelry your mood starts to swing or you feel sensitive for small things then remove it.


AS we discussed in this article hematite stone usages. Hematite is an abundant mineral that is used for various reasons. Using it for making jewelry is the most important one.

It is used for various items such as Hematite engagement rings and Hematite necklaces. This precious stone is available in many different metals and colors as silver hematite, titanium hematite, black, blue, golden.

Due to its high density and its use for various medical purposes and being magnetic, it is widely used in Feng Shui as well.

So whether you wear it as jewelry to flaunt it in front of your peer group or whether you believe in its curing properties, Hematite can be the hematite stone you need.

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