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Tai Chi Meditation For Beginners Step By Step 24 Forms

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In this blog, we are going to talk about Tai Chi Meditation For Beginners.

Tai Chi is a traditional way of exercising with its emergence in ancient China.

It is an art that embraces the body, mind, and spirit. If we understand Tai Chi Definition? It is also popular as one of the most effective exercises for a healthy body and mind.

What is tai chi definition
What is tai chi definition

Tai-chi also has numerous health-related benefits. It takes time to master it. In fact, for many people, it becomes a lifelong journey.

What Is Tai Chi And Its History

Tai chi has a great history and origin. Before you decide to add this art form to your life. It’s time to understand its meaning and how it can make a difference in your life.

Tai Chi Definition

  • Tai chi definition defines it as an art that is an internal Chinese martial art. It is used for the purpose of self-defense, health-related benefits, and meditation.
  • The world Tai Chi is said to be derived from Tai ji which is the Chinese concept of balancing the yin yang and Quan. The movements incorporated in it improve flexibility and fitness. They also help to build muscular strength and keeping the mind focused.

Tai Chi Meditation

Tai chi can be an effective stress reducer as it helps to calm down the mind, body & soul.

  • There is more to Taichi than it meets the eye. It is so vast that it cannot be described in simple sentences. Tai chi meditation is an integral exercise for the mind and all the parts of the body.
  • Art has a different meaning for different peoples. For some, it is a way for meditation, some use it for the purpose of fitness, and some use it for health and wellness. While there may be others who consider it as their way of living.
  • Being an ancient Chinese martial art form, Tai chi chuan was originally developed as a fighting art. Taoist monk named as Zhang San Feng was known as the creator of this form.
  • Many people believe that these martial arts dated more than 1500 years back. Tai chi Quan is practiced by more than millions of people worldwide. Qigong in Chinese is the art of mastering breathing skills.

Gentle Tai Chi

  • Gentle tai chi is an exercise that uses visualizations and movements for the entire body. In Tai Chi, it is said that as one part of the body moves, so does the entire body moves.
  • It is said if you want to master it you must learn to control the natural movements of the body. Chi Chuan is also used for ultimate boxing as it is an art that is also referred to as the supreme ultimate exercise or skill.
  • The philosophy of Tai Chi is profound yet simple. You must harmonize the two opposing forces.

Tai chi poses and movements

  • Tai chi poses and movements require much inner and core strength. The movements incorporate the flowing of water in a river. When you keep on practicing these movements.
  • You will be able to feel your inner energy (Qi) working in rhythmic movement with the energy of the outside world.
  • This feature of Tai Chi is internal and exceedingly difficult to achieve. Therefore, it can even take years to achieve this.
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What Is Tai Chi and Tai Chi Definition Beginner’s Guide

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How To Learn Tai Chi?

Beginners should start learning Tai Chi with its basic movements and techniques. There are almost 180 movements that come under Tai Chi.

These movements are incorporated with the breathing exercise so that the entire body moves seamlessly.

What is tai chi definition
What is tai chi

The basic thing is to perform your movements in such a way that your body movements become like water flowing in a river, it becomes so seamless and flawless.

The tai chi movements are formed as a pair of sets. You are required to learn it one set at a time. Start with learning the basic and initial movements and sets.

Master the basic ones before moving to the advanced ones.

The Taichi sets will take more than gaining perfection if you are learning them by yourself. If you take and expert guidance, you will learn them fast.

Are There Any Tai Chi Benefits?

The Benefits of tai chi are endless. Here, we have enlisted some of them for you: –

  • Tai chi can be an effective stress reducer, as it helps to learn to control breathing.
  • Tai chi benefits the whole body and mind at once. Sometimes the people also do qigong exercises before and after performing the tai chi sets.
  • The terms “qigong” and “tai chi” are generally mistaken to be the same but they are different.
  • It helps you in managing stress and depression.
  • It built and improves balance, agility, and flexibility.
  • Practicing Tai Chi also helps in the enhancement of the lung’s air capacity.
  • It also strengthens body muscles through its various poses and movements.
  • Helps in improving the sleeping pattern and providing better and sound sleep.
  • Help in making the immune system better.
  • Regulation of blood pressure throughout the body and reduces high blood pressure.
  • Enhance the well-being and functioning of both mind and body.

What Are The Different Tai Chi Symbols And Meaning

The Tai chi symbol is popularly known as the yin yang symbol.

The Tai Chi symbol might look simple but it has multiple elements. They are specifically designed and all of them have a different meaning. Let us study various parts of the symbol and its meaning.

  • The Outer Circle Symbol: – The outer circle of the yin yang symbolizes and represents the universe. The outer circle also symbolizes the cycles of earth, childhood, and birth. It also represents the transition of seasons from one to another. It is also a representation of the movements of tai chi which mimics the symbol of yin and yang.
  • White And Black Fish:- The two fishes or teardrops of the opposing color represents the female (Yin) and male (Yang) properties of Tai Chi. These energies live in harmony with each other while opposing themselves. The male energy which is white in color is said to be light and active and the female energy which is black in color is said to be passive and dark.
  • Balance Of Opposites: – When you study the symbol deeply, you can find the perfect balance of all the opposites in it. Each of them starts growing from small and when the next phase begins it grows larger.
  • Eyes Of The Fish: – Inside each fish there is a dot of opposite color which is known as the eyes of the fish. It represents that there can be no yang without yin and vice versa. Also, each of them needs to be balanced by the other. It is said that tai chi requires both softness and power.

How To Do Tai Chi Exercises At Home?

  • Tai Chi exercise requires learning a specific set of movements and controlling the breathing pattern. Yes, it can be easily learned at home.
  • Also, there are various tai chi classes that provide learning through online mode. Tai Chi yoga can be learned through various YouTube channels.
  • But it is good only for beginners who are seeking to learn the initial stage and basic movements.
  • It is said that if you want to become an expert, you should learn it under the guidance of a trained professional.
What is tai chi definition
What is tai chi definition

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Tai Chi

Tai Chi has many advantages as we already stated above. Despite, many tai chi health benefits, it may not be suitable for individuals of all body types. Therefore, there can be also some disadvantages to it such as: –

  • In the initial stage of the learning, Tai Chi can cause tiredness as the movements are heavy.
  • It can cause bodily discomfort for some people. It even may cause dizziness in the beginning.
  • The movements are slow. Therefore, some people may also find it boring.
  • Tai Chi includes movements that are difficult to remember as well as follow.
  • It also requires expert guidance because you may miss something while learning it all by yourself.

What Are The Best Tai Chi Movements For Self Defense

Self-defense is one of the major purpose of tai chi learning. Also, Tai Chi movements are developed for this specific purpose. Therefore, apart from the health benefits of tai chi, it is extensively used for self-defense.

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But like the other forms of martial arts, you need to incorporate the movements and master them for using them for the purpose of self-defense.

The fitness of the body remains the major thing to focus on here. Because you can only defend yourself while you are able to face the other person.

There are many Tai Chi movements that are meant to be for the purpose of self-defense only. You can learn these movements from YouTube channels and online classes.

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Tai Chi Meditation For Beginners

Many of the people often found it challenging how to do tai chi. Here are some of the tips by which a beginner can start learning it: –

  • Relax your mind while performing Tai Chi movements.
  • Observe and allow nature to work with your movements.
  • Try to feel connected with each of your body parts.
  • Keep your base firm and feel connected to it.
  • Keep practicing it until you become perfect because consistency is the key to learn Tai Chi.
  • Wear thin shoes to feel the power of the earth beneath your feet.
  • If possible, practice it on the grass.
  • Try to balance your yin and yang.

What Are Tai Chi 24 Forms?

Below are the most powerful 24 forms of tai chi, as a beginner it’s difficult to practice all, but slowly you can cover them all. Tai chi is a verbal form of exercise that is being told by your trainer.

But as a beginner, you can learn these below forms.

1) Commencing Form
2) Left and Right Part the Wild Horse’s Mane
3) White Crane Spreads Its Wings
4) Left and Right Brush Knee and Push Forward
5) Playing Lute
6) Repulse Monkey Left and Right
7) Grasp Sparrow’s Tail Left
8) Grasp Sparrow’s Tail Right
9) Left Single Whip
10) Wave Hands Like Clouds 
11) Left Single Whip 
12) High Pat on Horse  
13) Right Heel Kick 
14) Strike to the Ears with Both Fists 
15) Left Heel Kick 
16) Left Lower Body and Stand on One Leg
17) Right Lower Body and Stand on One Leg
18) Fair Lady Works with Shuttles
19) Needle at Sea Bottom
20) Fan Through the Back
21) Turn Body, Deflect, Parry, and Punch
22) Apparent Closure
23) Cross Hands
24) Closing Form

What To Wear For Tai Chi

  • Tai chi therapy requires the person to wear noticeably light and comfortable clothes. Since ty chi movements are complex. Therefore, wearing clothes does not create any hindrance in body movements.
  • Wear a light t-shirt if you are using a warm area for practicing it. But if you are practicing in the cold area wear a light jacket. The footwear should be also exceptionally light.
  • Most importantly, it should be single-layered and made up of cloth so that you feel connected to the energy of the ground. Many people prefer practicing Tai Chi exercises barefoot.

What Are The Ways For Becoming A Tai Chi Instructor

  • Becoming a Tai Chi instructor is like a dream for many people. Tai Chi incorporates hundreds of movements and sets of movements that need to learn before you become a “Master of It”.
  • The movements and breathing patterns can differ from person to person and you need to guide them according to it.
  • After becoming an instructor, you can take a tai chi class. But before that, you’ve to gain the license of an instructor from any certified institute.
  • You can also teach people to use Taichi’s mental health-related aspects. It just needs patience and persistence to learn Tai Chi and become its instructor.

What Is The Difference Between Qigong And Tai Chi

  • Most people use Qigong and Tai Chi interchangeably. However, they are not exactly the same.
  • Qigong is defined as the movement that you do in a certain situation.
  • While Tai Chi is a series or set of movements that work when the entire body flows in a rhythmic sequence.

How Many Calories Does Tai Chi Burn

Tai chi contains slow rhythmic movements. Another form of Tai Chi is Tai yoga which also includes slow rhythmic movement. That is why they generally burn just 273 calories per hour.

What Are The Best Tai Chi YouTube Channels To Learn?

The YouTube channel named “Master Wong” on “Wing Chun Tai Chi JKD” is the one running for the longest period. The channel is running since 2006 and it has nearly 2.6 million subscribers.

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The instructor teaches all the basic aspects of Tai Chi right from the beginner’s level. It also teaches Tai Chi for the advanced level of the practitioners.

Therefore, if you are willing to start learning Tai Chi, this can be the channel for you.

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Now when you shave a clear view of what tai chi meaning is. You can include it in your lifestyle in a more integrated way. You can use tai chi for stress buster and can improve the quality of life.

Whether it is for increasing concentration, health-related benefits, exploring your inner self, or maintaining peace and harmony with nature, Tai Chi will benefit from all of them

Start by learning the basic movements and breathing techniques. Be persistent and focused. You will surely see Tai chi doing wonders in your life.