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How To Use Good Luck Restaurant Charms For Prosperity (#27) Feng Shui Charms

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Do you have a restaurant and you feel you can do better in business?

If this is what you feel, you are in the right place. Try these Feng Shui good luck restaurant charms to get more out of your investment. Also, they will help you attract good fortune and increase more business.

Once you learn the placement techniques of feng shui good luck charms, you can begin to see drastic improvements.

Good Luck Restaurant Charms
Good Luck Restaurant Charms

Feng Shui practice has been followed by the Chinese for years to attract good luck. As a result of its impact, many across the world have embraced this practice.

As an ancient practice, Feng Shui is so powerful that it can bring dramatic change to your business too. Its principles can be engaged to change the fortune of a business, home, and career.

Likewise, Feng shui can be applied to a restaurant business. The feng shui good luck charms can be used to bring good sales, attract prosperity and increase business.

The important thing is to understand the concept of this feng shui good luck charms and start gaining from the benefits of these symbols.

In this blog, we provided a complete explanation of how to use good luck restaurant charms for prosperity. As a restaurant owner, you can start using these good luck charms to get a great return on your investment as a result of increased sales, and the good fortune these charms can bring.

We covered various topics that equip you to know the concept, placement, and positioning of these charms to get the best out of them. These topics are:

How Does Feng Shui Lucky Charms Work?

Feng Shui lucky charms can restore the fortune of your restaurant business once you know how to apply them. So how do Feng Shui lucky charms work?

Feng Shui luck charms work by creating harmony and balanced energy needed to bring about good luck. When your business enjoys a flow of positive energy, the energy paves the way for the entrance of good luck.

When you applied Feng Shui principles, the good luck charms can be utilized to improve the channel for good luck. More also, you can combine these charms with Feng Shui’s five elements which are earth, water, fire, metal, and wood.

These good luck charms can be displayed, placed on desks, or even worn.

Top 15 Good Luck Restaurant Charms In Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, there are many charms and elements considered being good luck charms for any type of business, including the restaurant.

These good luck restaurant charms are like a magnet that attracts good luck, fortune, good sales, and prosperity to the restaurant.

In this section, we provided #15 Good Luck Restaurant Charms in Feng Shui that can be used, placed, or positioned in your restaurant to bring good luck and avert misfortune.

#1. Figurines

Feng Shui Figurines are one of the good luck restaurant charms, capable of bringing prosperity to your restaurant business.

Figurines have the power to channel positive Feng Shui energy (chi) which can bring good luck.

Placing figurines that are related to prosperity on your shelves, desks, or even hanging at the main door can bring good sales and increase your business.

#2. Money Tree

A money tree is one of the good luck restaurant charms that can attract prosperity to your business.

A restaurant owner can get a money tree and place it on the shelves to attract more sales, and bring good luck.

In Feng Shui, the money tree is one of the money symbols. Apart from being a money symbol, and a good luck charm, it can be a beautiful ornament for decoration.

When positioned rightly, it can turn your finances around. To do that, place it near the cash register, and the right direction to place the money tree is the southeast corner of your restaurant.

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#3. The Laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha is one of the popular good luck restaurant charms for attracting good sales and bringing good luck. 

In Feng Shui, the laughing Buddha is one of the symbols for attracting wealth and prosperity; hence it is called a Buddha of Wealth.

Placing it inside the restaurant can bring prosperity, abundance, and happiness.

Because you’re using it to attract prosperity and sales for your business, go for a big laughing Buddha statue. Then, position it on your desk, or shelf. Also, place it at the southeast corner of your restaurant to attract wealth.

#4. Golden Bat

The golden bat is one of the good luck restaurant charms because the golden bat is good at inviting prosperity, abundance, and happiness.

When you place a statue or figurine of a golden bat inside your restaurant, you will benefit from the flying nature of the bat.

The meaning is that prosperity, sales, and good luck will be flying in your restaurant.

#5. Lucky Pig

Lucky pig is a good luck restaurant charm that attracts luck, abundance, and prosperity.

If you want to turn the fortune of your business, place the figurine within your restaurant, especially at the wealth corner.

Also, to make the sign more impacting, perched on shelves and cupboards, and anywhere near the center of your store.

#6. Mоnеу Frog

The money frog is one of the most powerful symbols of money in Feng Shui. And that is why it is listed among the good luck restaurant charms.

If it is your wish to attract prosperity, and luck to your restaurant business, get money frog, whether the gold or porcelain type.

In Feng Shui, the money frog is one of the powers similar to the charms listed here, the money frog can also attract wealth and is considered a good luck restaurant charm.

As a strong prosperity symbol, the money frog statue can come either as a frog sitting on coins or a frog having a coin in its mouth.

To make the most of this powerful symbol, position it near the entrance facing inward, and not outward.

#7. Bаguа

Bagua is seen as a good luck restaurant charm because of its effect in identifying the energy that flows inside the home, office, and business centers.

There is a Bagua area inside your store, and this consists of the wealth corner or area.

According to Feng Shui, we have nine Bagua areas that are made up of homes, stores, or offices. These areas are family, abundance, fame, relationships, health, children, benefactor, knowledge, and career.

The abundance of wealth corner is related to a restaurant or the subject line in this blog. The wealth corner favors the attraction of wealth when you place money symbols there.

#8. Coin Operated Feng Shuі Swоrd

Coin Operated Feng Shui Sword is one of the good luck restaurant charms because of its ability to fend off bad energy, and misfortune.

It is a lucky charm that can be employed for bringing prosperity, security, and fortune to your business.

The Coin-Operated Feng Shui Sword can also be placed on the main door to repel invasion or entrance by unwanted visitors like hateful friends and resentful neighbors.

#9. Luсkу Gоld Cat

Lucky Gold Cat is a widely used statue seen across restaurants, stores, and businesses to welcome customers to attract luck, sales, and fortune.

As a good luck restaurant charm, the Lucky Gold Cat can be placed on the main entrance to keep smiling and welcoming customers, thereby bringing prosperity and abundance.

Place the Lucky Gold Cat in any area, or at the main entrance or exit door if you want to enjoy good luck.

#10. Inсеnѕе Stісkѕ

Incense sticks are used as good luck restaurant charm because of their significance. They are useful in driving away negative energy, loss, and bad spirits, making them a great Chinese lucky charm.

The Incense Sticks come in different types depending on your choice, but the most suitable type mostly utilized by businesses is the red type.

Incense Sticks allow free flow of positive energy. If you desire to enjoy increased sales, and business success, get the red Incense Stick and use it.  

#11. Kоі оr Cаrр

Koi or Carp is one of the good luck restaurant charms that can bring wealth and prosperity. Koi or Carp is a type of fish, and symbolic since fishes enjoy longevity, it is a lucky charm.

Since fishes swim in pairs, Koi or Carp indicates harmony and trustworthiness.

Koi or Carp is a perfect representation of abundance, prosperity, and wealth because it breeds quickly and in large volumes. Therefore, it is a fertility symbolic charm for bringing abundance.

The right usage is to put three koi in a bowl and place them in your restaurant, and it will bring good luck for energy and wealth.

#12. Bamboo

The bamboo plant is so much admired by the Chinese that it is part of their belief. It is symbolic in terms of strength.

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As one of the good luck restaurant charms, Bamboo possesses great qualities that are associated with rapid growth, and resolution.

Placing it inside your restaurant brings luck that makes you resilient despite the difficult situation. It instills belief, courage, and determination inside you.

#13. Chіnеѕе Knоt

Chinese Knot is a proven charm for good luck and is made from the combination of a cord, a knot, and a tassel.

As a restaurant owner, go for the red Chinese Knot, because it is found to attract good luck and prosperity, and also dispel negative energy and evil spirits.

Apart from being useful for business, it can be used in a relationship to attract happiness, and fortune to the marriage.

Place a Chinese knot at the southwest corner of your restaurant to improve good luck, prosperity, and wealth. It is a popular good charm.

#14. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are capable of allowing positive energy into your restaurant. They are powerful lucky charms for attracting good luck and fortune into the restaurant.

Chrysanthemums can purify the air flowing into your space, thereby bringing positive energy to the restaurant. Flowers are energy carriers, so you will enjoy the flow within the restaurant.

#15. Whіtе Cаndlе

White candle is one of the Feng Shui good luck charms for restaurants. White is symbolic and usually, it is a color representing a metal element.

White Candle symbolizes openness, innocence, effectiveness, and precision.

Enjoy positive energy and prosperity by using white candles inside the restaurant for lightning and warmness.

#16. Three Chinese Coins

Three Chinese coins are powerful money symbols and good luck charm for the restaurant.

In Feng Shui, Chinese coins are significant and are seen to attract money, and prosperity.

Placing this charm inside your restaurant can change your business, and bring increased sales. 

They are an auspicious symbol.

#17. Wind Chimes

Installing wind chimes inside your restaurant can bring luck and prosperity.

Wind Chime is a facilitator of positive energy and creates a refreshing sound that changes the vibes of your space.

Its sound can soothe your environment making it pleasant and attracting customers.

#18 Feng Shui Ru Yi Symbol

Ru Yi Symbol is part of the good luck restaurant charm which can be used by restaurant owners to bring about the changes they desired.

In Feng shui, it is a belief that this symbol can facilitate the flow of positive energy needed to accomplish your dream and bring your wish to pass.

So, whatever it is your wish relating to your business, you can see it fulfilled.

#19 Fish Aquarium

In Feng Shui, placing a fish aquarium in your restaurant can be a symbol of good luck.

It creates a pleasing and calming sight that increases happiness.

It can also bring prosperity and fortune, especially when you place an aquarium on your restaurant counter.

#20 Wealthy Ship

Wealthy Ships can attract advancement, progress, prosperity, and success.

It is symbolic and can make business owners productive, and increase their business.

#21 Elephant

The elephant is a huge animal and is seen as a robust picture of karma.

When you place a statue of a strong elephant at the main entrance of your restaurant, it serves as a charm that dispels evil events, protects your business from misfortune, and robs you with luck.

#22 Feng Shui Ox Symbol

Feng Shui Ox charm is also vastly used at restaurants as a symbol of prosperity.

Ox indicates strength, fortune, and power.

What Are The Lucky Things To Wear?

Wearing lucky charms can bring fortune, wealth, and the change you wish.

The mystery behind wearing a thing is that it makes the thing closer to you, and even shows your level of care for the thing. Likewise, wearing lucky charms is auspicious and changes your fortune. 

Therefore, you might have been searching for the lucky things to wear to attract good luck. We mentioned some of the lucky things to wear below.

Some of them are popular and they can be a source of inspiration.

#1- Lucky Hоrѕеѕhоеѕ

The horseshoe is categorized as a powerful lucky object to wear. In ancient times, warriors were used to putting at the entrance of their homes to serve as a good omen for victory.

Horseshoes can bring luck to anyone connected to it. Therefore, you can hang it at the entrance or wear it to attract luck.

#2- Dice Lucky Charms

Dice is a popular game many enjoyed playing it. It has a strong connection with luck because of the chances it created.

Keep the dice lucky charm to yourself, by getting a cluster of dice that is bright in color and perfectly glue to each other. Place die lucky charm on your desk, preferably at the edge. 

#3- Number Seven Lucky Charms

Number Seven is a lucky charm and the most profound number out of the list of numbers.

It has strong significance and in Christianity, it is several perfections.

Using Number Seven lucky charm can bring perfection, good luck, and goodness.

Think of it, 7 is profound because it is the

  • Number of days in a week
  • Number of colors in a rainbow
  • Number of planets in which the earth is one
  • Seven is a lucky number in winning games.
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#4- Lucky Numbеr Eіght Chаrmѕ

The lucky number eight is a popular number among the Chinese, and it symbolizes luck too. It brings much-anticipated prosperity and fortune.

Using it as a charm can bring good luck. The number has two curves that are charming and auspicious, which are symbols of balance, stability, unity, and cooperation. 

And one of the vital factors for bringing good luck is harmony.

#5- Fоur Lеаf Clоvеr Chаrmѕ

Fоur lеаf сlоvеrѕ are also perfect for changing relationships as they make love stronger. Hence, they can be used as a charm for good luck in love. 

Charms That Bring Good Luck In The House

If you are looking for good luck charms that can be used in the house, check the following:

#1. A Red Door:

The red color is a color associated with passion, heat, energy, vibrancy, activeness, and courage. In Feng Shui, one of the colors to paint a door is red color. And when the door faces south or north, it ushers in good luck.

#2. Sоft Lіnеnѕ

Soft lines are powerful charms that can bring good luck because they encourage serenity, comfort, peace, and enhance relaxation.  

#3. Elерhаntѕ

Elephants are animals with amazing attributes such as largeness, gentleness, and calmness and they are associated with wisdom, loyalty, and steadfastness.

These qualities make them a symbol of good luck.

Elephants are also symbolic of protecting homes. Get their figurine and put it inside your home to promote security.

#4. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are charms for changing the vibes in your home.

They are capable of purifying the air that enters your house making it fresh and healthy.

Place fresh flowers inside your home and enjoy good luck. Go for soft flowers as they are harmless.

#5. Incense

Incenses are a powerful agent that can bring fragrance and sweetness to your home.

Ensure to use incense inside your hose to promote harmony, tranquillity, freshness, and happiness.

Use them to attract good luck into your life and home.

Good Luck Charms For Selling A House

Are you a real estate agent or a businessman wishing to sell houses and you’re looking for good luck charms that can bring you good sales on time? Use these good luck charms for selling a house:

  • Place a big red vase containing natural plants close to the front door or main entrance.
  • Make your front door inviting by placing a beautiful black doormat there.
  • Place inside your home blossoming natural green plants and care for them regularly. Books represent education and should be displayed.
  • Get builders or architects to construct a water fountain or place an aquarium inside the house.
  • Place good luck charms mentioned above inside the house to attract sales luck.
  • Allow the free flow of natural sunlight inside the house.
  • De-clutter your home of debris and garbage.
  • Regularly clean your window to remove stagnant energy.

Pricing Your Home the “Feng Shui Way”!

Follow these steps in pricing your home in Feng Shui way:

  • Pricing your home should follow the use of lucky numbers such as seven and eight.
  • Stay clear of properties whose house numbers are among the unlucky number.
  • Engage in detailed pricing too, possibly by keeping yourself acquainted with what is happening in the market.


There is no limit to the level of progress you can experience. Using the good luck charms for a restaurant with great attention can change the face of your business, and make you successful.

Keep using them from time to time without wavering attracts good lick and prosperity, that you will be amazed.

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FAQs on Good Luck Restaurant Charms

What are the good luck charms for buying a house?

In Feng Shui, there are many Good Luck Charms For Buying A House like Three Legged Frog Toad for Good Luck, Money bowl, Lucky bamboo plant, etc. for success, wealth, and prosperity.

What is the lucky charm for a love life?

To improve your love life and attract your lover, you can use mandarin ducks symbolize, double happiness symbols, add baby buddha, etc,.

List of lucky charms for a new house?

For a new house, you need some good vibes to enter with you. You can use candles, Feng shui plants, lucky elephants, horses, wind chimes, etc.

What is a good luck logo for a restaurant?

For the entrance of any Restaurant hang the good luck feng shui logo, to invite prosperity. You can find many options online, find your preferable logo and hand.