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Garlic Feng Shui For Opportunities: Meaning + Uses

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Garlic boasts potent medicinal properties that have helped humanity for ages.

This herb has been highly esteemed and used for different purposes such as healing, protection, and purification in many traditions and societies around the world.

It has been used in treating infections, digestive difficulty, colds, and coughs.

Apart from being a popular herb, garlic contains mystical properties that make it a fantastic plant. Garlic has served as an antidote for treating venomous bites from scorpions, and snakes, as well as for treating yeast infections.

Just like it is used for many purposes, garlic is highly regarded in Feng Shui practice.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that gives priority to the proper placement of objects in a space intending to maximize the positive energy present there.

Without a doubt, garlic is versatile and incredible! That is why in this blog, we provide information on the benefits of Garlic Feng Shui and how to use it in Feng Shui.   

Garlic And Feng Shui? How Does It Work

In Feng Shui, garlic is an auspicious herb and is used to symbolize new opportunities and wealth.

It is stated that the meaning of garlic is related to “counting a lot of money”. Therefore, garlic has also been accepted as a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

As a prosperity symbol in feng shui, garlic figures can be placed on office desks, dining tables, where you study, or at home to attract opportunities to your home or office

Garlic In Feng Shui For Opportunities

What Does Garlic Mean In Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui, garlic symbolizes prosperity, because one bulb of garlic contains many cloves, and this is denoted as reunion.

Garlic also means goodness as a result of the abundance coming from the earth.

Likewise, it also helps us to make rich tasty meals in the kitchen, giving excitement to people.

No wonder, it is believed that garlic can remove bitterness, and resentment generated in a house by a stranger or guest, as well as eliminates harmful feelings that might arise in each family member.

Origin Of Garlic In Chinese Medicines

Garlic is acknowledged as a major herb for healing in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The herb is said to have originated from Central Asia, with China at the forefront of producing the largest producer.

Based on its acceptability, garlic is referred to as Da Suna among traditional medicine practitioners.

They often recommend garlic to their patients as it is capable of killing parasites and easing diarrhea and coughing.

It is also engaged when it comes to preventing influenza and colds because of its warming and dispersing activities.

These activities assist in moving qi and blood, making the body warm and lessening clotting, as well as purifying the blood.         

Garlic Benefits In Feng Shui Practices

Garlic is endowed with magical properties that make it provide many benefits to humanity. Here are the benefits of garlic in feng shui practices.

  • Garlic helps to eliminate the negative energy that may be present in your space, thereby promoting tranquility and calmness. Staying in this kind of environment will help you to feel relaxed and calm.
  • Garlic safeguards you from an evil eye. It helps to block people with negative intentions from accessing you.
  • Garlic is armed with nutrients and antioxidants that enhance health in many ways.
  • The pungent and powerful smell produced by garlic can perform wonders as it helps to promote good sleep, fend off mosquitoes and insects as well as prevent insomnia.
  • According to feng shui, keeping a garlic clove under your pillow can assist in enhancing sleep and correcting every sleep disorder.
  • Garlic is also a symbol of prosperity. It is believed that keeping it in your pocket can attract money to your wallet.
  • It is also believed that garlic may assist in a growing business. Just hang reeds of garlic around your business premises.
  • According to feng shui, it is believed that wearing garlic can prevent a person from being affected by bad weather.
  • Garlic can also defend you against emotional and psychic attacks. It helps to ward off evil spirits and bad energies.
  • You can hang garlic on your lintels or the main entrance to attract good luck.
  • Do you want to improve the quality of your sleep cheaply? Try to put a clove of garlic under your pillow. However, if you detest the powerful smell and find it hard to sleep with it, you can try drinking garlic tea before going to bed to assist you correct the inconsistent sleeping pattern.
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How To Use Garlic In Feng Shui?

There are different ways to use garlic in feng shui.

  • To correct abnormal sleep patterns put a clove of garlic under your pillow and it will prevent insomnia, defend you from suffering psychic attacks, as well as ward off evil spirits and nightmares.
  • You can carry garlic around you as a talisman for protection from evil attacks and as self-defense against your foes.
  • You can hang garlic to shield your home from negative energies. Hanging garlic can help to purify your spaces of negative energy.
  • Place cloves of garlic on your dining table to cleanse your body and mind too.
  • You can consume garlic too. It is believed that consuming a garlic clove before swimming or while you’re on a voyage can prevent accidents relating to water or protect you from drowning. Due to this reason, ancient sailors usually take along garlic because they understood that it can protect them from sinking.
  • You can use garlic by burning it as incense.
  • You can use garlic to make garlic smudge and this method is mostly utilized for cleansing.  Use this method to cleanse your home and space.
  • Combine numerous dried garlic cloves, dried sage, and cinnamon and tie them together with twine. Proceed by lighting one end of the garlic smudge stick and utilizing it to purify your home or yourself. 

Using Garlic For Healing In Feng Shui

One of the needs of humanity is healing feng shui. Human beings are always subjected to sickness and diseases, but the Creator has blessed us with herbs, plants, and spices that can be used to fight off sickness. One such herb is garlic.

  • Garlic is enriched with healing properties that anyone can use to revitalize our health. It has a long history of curative usage and is often used as a natural remedy for numerous health concerns.
  • For example, garlic can be used to regain fitness and vibrancy by smelling it or placing drops of garlic liquid inside your nose and begin inhaling it.
  • It can be used to heal seizures just by placing crushed garlic on the nose which will instantly react to the seizures.
  • Garlic can be used to treat epilepsy and frequent ingestion of raw garlic cloves can regulate blood pressure and assist to enhance heart conditions.
  • You can use garlic to fight and prevent infections and reduce inflammation because of its antimicrobial and antibiotic properties.
  • If you are suffering from high cholesterol, consuming cooked or raw garlic can be helpful.

How to garlic in feng shui for healing?

  • One general way of using garlic for healing in feng shui is by crushing some cloves and mixing them with honey.
  • You can then use this combination orally or rub it on the skin as a natural cure for coughs, colds, and other respiratory illnesses.
  • You can use the garlic without crushing it. That is taking fresh, peeled garlic and applies on the body part that is in poor condition and flinging it into running water.
  • It is suggested that using this method can assist in absorbing sickness and foster healing.   

How To Use Garlic For Love And Relationships

You can use garlic for love and relationships. Garlic can prevent evil eyes, as well as any third party with evil intentions from gaining access to your relationship.

Couples can hang garlic at the entrance of their home to dispel negative energies that might cause tension and disagreement from entering.

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Use garlic to protect against any malevolent force so that your home can be spiritually secure.

Using garlic can also promote a peaceful atmosphere and help partners to feel calm and relaxed.

Most disagreements and conflicts that affect partners are caused by stress and emotional instability. By using garlic, you can purify your home, and foster harmony. 

Garlic can also be used for love and relationships by improving the sex drive of partners. You can use garlic to make you and your partner active sexually.

Research showed that garlic contains allicin, which is an ingredient that enhances the flow of blood to the sexual organs of both males and females.

But you can’t arrive at this in a day. Both partners can commit to the use of garlic (ingestion) every day for one month, and enjoy the remarkable benefits of garlic as it helps to enhance the libido.

Garlic Feng Shui For Wealth And Abundance

Garlic can be used to attract wealth and abundance. It is believed that placing a bowl of garlic bulbs on a dining table can help to invite wealth and prosperity.

You can use garlic to attract good luck into your career and business and be rewarded as you want. Hang garlic at the entrance of your home to attract good luck.

Likewise, place it on your office desk, and enjoy success, leading to higher pay.

You can also use garlic for wealth and abundance by placing a clove of garlic inside your wallet. It can help to attract money to your wallet.

Garlic Feng Shui As A Protection? How To Use

If you’re looking for a potent herb to boost your protection, garlic is the appropriate option. Garlic has powerful protective properties that can aid to fend off negative energy and evil spirits.

Garlic is usually connected with protection against negative energetic, neurotic spirits, and bad spells, in addition to being outstanding for fighting the evil eye and resentment.

It is also thought to keep away vampires and other evil beings.

To use garlic for protection, you can take it along anywhere you can go as a talisman.

You can also place it at the entrance of your home or hang it on the lintel to foster closeness and harmony in the family or energize your determination and willpower.

If you want to use garlic for protection, all you need to do is to make a garlic charm. To do a garlic charm, use the following materials.

  • Several cloves of garlic
  • A thread
  • A small piece of paper

You can put in writing your desires on paper, for instance, “shield against bad energy” or “fending off evil spirits.”

After that, take the garlic cloves and wrap with the paper completely and bind them together with the thread.

The ritual allows hanging the garlic charm in your house to make it effective or even keep it along with you anywhere as an amulet.

Garlic For Purification

One of the benefits of garlic is its ability to purify. It is mostly used to facilitate purification.

Hence, you can use it for smudging which helps to cleanse your home or put it as part of the ingredients that are meant to cleanse a person, objects, places, or animals.

There is room for you to use garlic for purification baths and in your food so that you will feel its effects from the inside out.

Garlic will not only help to purify your space, but also avert several sicknesses and negative energies from gaining entrance into your house.

How To Incorporate Garlic In Feng Shui For a Career

Do you want to incorporate garlic into your career?

Garlic can be helpful for your career and help you to attract good luck, protect you against evil spirits as well as makes you emotionally strong.

You can hang garlic at the front entrance to attract good luck. You can place a bulb of garlic on your work desk to help you get the recognition you deserve for your work.  

Hanging Garlic For Good Luck

Hanging garlic is an effective method of benefiting from the power of garlic.

According to feng shui, hanging garlic at the front door of your home, office, or business place can bring prosperity and good luck to your home, career, and business.

Hanging garlic will also help to get rid of the evil eye around you, as well as dismiss negative energy present in your home, ensuring your mind feels peaceful and free.

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Garlic For Spiritual Growth And Practices

Using garlic can help to ward off evil spirits and enhance your spiritual connectivity. Garlic can also promote effective meditation as it will help your mind to feel relaxed and calm. 

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What is golden garlic in feng shui?

The Golden Garlic is a popular Feng Shui sign for bringing financial success and happiness into one’s life.

It’s meant to look like a garlic bulb, so it’s usually constructed of porcelain or resin and coated in brilliant gold.

Because of its significance in Chinese culture and Feng Shui, garlic is often used as a protective symbol.

Garlic takes on even greater symbolic significance when painted gold, a color associated with riches and prosperity in many civilizations, including China.

What is the significance of golden garlic in feng shui?

According to Feng Shui, golden garlic can help you get rich. Reasons why

  • Wealth Attraction: Because the sound of garlic in Chinese is similar to that of “counting wealth,” the Golden Garlic is a potent emblem for attracting financial success and prosperity.
  • Protection: Garlic is a potent protective symbol, thought to ward off evil spirits, harmful energy, and poor fortune.
  • Health: Traditional medicine recognizes garlic for its beneficial effects on health. In Feng Shui, the Golden Garlic is a symbol of long life and healthy living

Where to place golden garlic as per feng shui?

Positioning the Golden Garlic strategically is essential for tapping into its beneficial qualities. The following locations have been proposed:

  • Living Room or Office: The wealth sector in Feng Shui, the southeast corner of your living room or office is where the Golden Garlic should be placed to attract wealth and prosperity.
  • Kitchen: It’s a symbol of delicious food and health when displayed in the kitchen.
  • Entrance: Front Door / Foyer: As a talisman against evil spirits, it can be placed at your home’s front door or foyer.

However, according to Feng Shui, the bathroom and bedroom are two places where the Golden Garlic should not be displayed.

Garlic Feng Shui FAQs

Q: Where to place garlic feng shui?

Garlic, and especially Golden Garlic, is thought to bring good fortune when placed at the southeast corner of a home or business.

In the kitchen, it can represent good food and health, while at the front door, it can act as a talisman to ward off evil spirits.

Q: Where should I hang my garlic?

Garlic is typically dried and stored by hanging it in the kitchen or pantry.

According to Feng Shui, Golden Garlic is most effective when displayed in the living room, office, or entryway, all of which are considered auspicious locations.

Q: Why do we hang garlic?

To keep it fresh and prevent it from growing, many people choose to hang their garlic.

Garlic, when hung, is thought to protect against ghosts, according to urban legend.

According to Feng Shui, hanging golden garlic brings good fortune and protects against evil spirits.

Q: Do you hang garlic up or down?

The standard method for storing garlic is to hang it upside down by the stalks in a dark, dry, cold place.

Because Feng Shui does not typically specify a particular direction, Golden Garlic can be placed wherever it looks best.

Q: What happens when you put garlic under a pillow?

Putting a clove of garlic under your pillow is an old wives’ tale that is said to help you nod off and ward off evil spirits.

However, these assertions lack any kind of empirical backing.

Q: What are the benefits of garlic in the bedroom?

Some say that putting garlic in a bedroom can keep evil spirits away while others claim it will help them have a better night’s sleep.

Feng shui advises against putting Golden Garlic in the bedroom since it is associated with “active energy” that can prevent one from sleeping.

Q: What happens when you sleep with garlic in your socks?

According to this folk cure, the medicinal compounds of garlic can be absorbed by the body through the meridian points in the foot, resulting in purification and enhanced health.

However, at the present time, there is no corroborating scientific evidence to back up this assertion.

In Conclusion

Garlic is magical boasting numerous benefits that are cheap to use but still very potent. Use this natural gift for your good.