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How To Use a Pendulum For The First Time: Ask Pendulum Y/N

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The pendulum is used for various healing techniques, dowsing techniques, especially in Feng Shui. The use of drowsing techniques in your room or at home will harness the good energy and positive vibes in your home.

How To Use Pendulum
How Do Pendulum Work

What Is Pendulum And Its Usages In Feng Shui

The pendulum word came from the Latin word pendulous (“hanging down” ) in English. Pendulum Therapy has been used for ages to make our minds relaxed and calm. During the Pendulum Therapy session, you can feel very sleepy.

Using a pendulum according to Feng Shui is done extensively by Feng Shui practitioners. It is used in the stand as well for dowsing and healing techniques.

It is believed from historical times that certain gemstones and crystals contain various kinds of energy. It is also a matter of cultural and spiritual belief for certain peoples.

It also eliminates the negative energy and bad vibes present in the room or home. Now the question is How To Use a Pendulum?

Wondering what are pendulums used for? Well, in many cultures’ gemstones are even believed to be used for communicating with the spirit and to absorb certain energies in them.

In Feng Shui gemstones such as pendulum is used to activate chi energies and absorb negative energies. You can use a gemstone pendulum to enhance the “chi” in certain areas of your home that would maintain the balance of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ energies.

How Do Pendulum Work

By looking at the Pendulum definition closely it is a free-hanging and swinging thing from a fixed point. Which is a great tool for healing and making our minds free from toxicity? There are various ways a pendulum can be used.

Pendulum swing and the Pendulum board are the ways one can heal and ask questions. Find below detailed explanations and ways to use both techniques.

How To Use a Pendulum For Healing

Pendulums are related to divinity also. They can detect the energy blockage in the human body. They also help in cleansing the home and the surrounding.

The pendulum also proves effective in healing physical and spiritual ailments as it removes the blockage in personal chi. Mentioned below are some of the popular pendulum healing treatments used by pendulum: –

  • Chakra Balancing of the Chakras
  • Grounding
  • Cleansing of the Aura
  • Removing the blockage in energies

For using the pendulum for healing purposes, you need to find the pendulum which chooses you. In the majority of the pendulums, you’ll feel that this one is right for you as soon as you hold the pendulum.

If you feel subtle vibrations while you hold the pendulum on your hand, then you can know this one is right for you.

Connecting with Pendulums

Most people think they know how do pendulums work. But for this, the basic thing you need is to feel a connection with your pendulum.

You can use the pendulum to find out the solution to your every question, but only if you feel a connection with it.

It is said you don’t choose a pendulum for yourself, but the pendulum chooses you. From the time you take the pendulum in your hand, you’ll feel a connection to it as soon as you find the right one for you.

The basic need to connect with your pendulum is to develop a feeling of trust with your pendulum. You must take care of it like your child respect it and connect with it from your heart.

how to use a pendulum stand?

Programming a pendulum properly is essential to gain benefits from it. For this purpose, use a chain or cord to suspend the pendulum by holding it between your forefinger and thumb (4 to 6 inches away from the pendulum).

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This is the right way how to hold a pendulum. But in this way, the pendulum gets easily manipulated. Therefore, to get better results use a pendulum stand.

Using a pendulum stand can help to move it rhythmically for better movement. Here are some steps you should follow when using a pendulum on a stand:

  • Keep the pendulum on a flat and clean surface and hang it feely from the stand.
  • Use the pendulum chart to center it correctly.
  • After you finish meditation and prayers you can start asking questions to your pendulum.
  • When you finish asking questions clean the pendulum and store it again for further use.

Following these simple steps, you can properly use a pendulum on the stand. Most people find it difficult how to use a pendulum safely. Here are the steps by which you use your pendulum:-

  1. The first step to use a pendulum is cleansing. The pendulum must be cleaned before and after its use every time. For cleaning it, you can use sea salt and wash it with it under full moonlight.
  2. Prepare your mind and energy to “ask questions get answers” from the pendulum. The energy inside you must be pure and self-centered and focused. Your mind, spirit, and body must be open and clear before you use it.
  3. Start with easy questions or basic questions like my name is this, I live here.
  4. Once the pendulum starts answering them to ask more specific questions. Also, the questions must be prepared well. They need to be up to the point and specific that what you’re asking.
  5. Remain open to your pendulum. Don’t hide anything from it and ask whatever you want.

How To Use a Pendulum for Love

Using a pendulum for love, the best is to use the amethyst crystal pendulum is the right one for you.

Pendulum uses are very vast and some of people even believe that amethyst is used to find self-love. It is also used to flourish and nourish the love with the person you are living with or you want to live with.

Amethyst pendulum helps the person to explore deep within them. It also helps to remove the feeling of negative thoughts, self-judgment, and anxiety in your love life. It helps the person to stay calm and composed that benefits his/ her love life.

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The pendulum also helps in creating a perfect environment for love. It is also necessary to cleanse the crystal from time to time to keep it perfectly balanced. This is the way by which you can use a pendulum to create an environment for love.

List of Questions to Ask Your Pendulum

Among the many ways a pendulum is used, one of the most common uses is asking the pendulum questions. A lot of people ask questions from the pendulum and seek pendulum answers. Questions to ask your pendulum are:-

#1. Diet-related questions

This is the most common pendulum test question. When it comes to diet a lot of people use the pendulum to answer questions. Here is the list of what to ask the pendulum:-

  • Is this meal good for me or not?
  • Is the food I’m eating healthy or not?
  • When should I stop eating?
  • Which supplement is better for my diet?
  • Should I do intermittent fasting or not?

#2. Career-related questions

People also seek pendulum advice for career-related questions. Pyrite and Quartz pendulums are majorly used to seek the pendulum reading for career-related questions. Some of the commonly asked questions are:-

  • Is my career path right or wrong?
  • Should I change my career?
  • Is it the right time to finally change my career?
  • When I will be getting my promotion in my job?

How To Use a Pendulum For Divination

A pendulum is extensively used for divination and drowsing. The pendulum acts as a tool for receiving and transiting information.

They let the user use their power to answer the questions or purify the aura. The pendulum also works as an object for divination. Its main purpose can be used as:-

  • To cleanse and remove the negative energy in the room.
  • To heal the chi inside you and harness positive chi.
  • Receiving negative energy and transmitting positive energy.
  • Cleansing the aura of the areas where it is placed.

 How To Use a Pendulum Chart

The Pendulum chart is used to answer the questions for the development of basic divination. The pendulum answer chart is calibrated with a pendulum which helps the person to seek answers. Following are the steps to how to program a pendulum and how to use a pendulum chart:-

  • Hold the pendulum in between the center circle of the chart.
  • Calibrate the pendulum using the steps mentioned on the chart.
  • Ask questions to the pendulum and the pendulum swing yes or no.
  • If the answer isn’t clear, hold the pendulum over each section at a given time.
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This is one of the easiest ways to use a pendulum chart.

How To Use a Pendulum Board

A pendulum board can be used to understand how to read a pendulum. The pendulum board is used to calibrate the pendulum and answer the questions more specifically.

How To Use Pendulum
How Do Pendulum Work On Board

In the pendulum board, the answers are easily delivered. You need to hold the pendulum over the board and let the pendulum swing for getting the answers of yes no pendulum through the board.

If you have this question “where to buy a pendulum“. Find below my top picks on Feng Shui Pendulums for meditation, reiki, pendulum necklace, and healing.

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What Does Pendulum Swing Meaning

If you’re using a pendulum for the first time, you can get confused with the swing of the pendulum. Most of the time people get confused about what sort of questions they need to ask the pendulum.

It also incorporates some strange movement sometimes when two or more people ask the questions at the same time to the pendulum.

Pendulum instructions for the proper usage of the pendulum and pendulum meaning of its swing are:-

  • The questions that were answered in yes before now showing no. This can happen sometimes because you must have framed the question differently.
  • The question must be briefly asked i.e. it shouldn’t be poorly structured or impossible to answer.
  • Don’t ask pointless questions to the pendulum. If you do so, it will swing improperly.
  • If you think you are not prepared to know the answer, then don’t ask that question to the pendulum.
  • If the pendulum swing becomes very fast and uncontrolled that means someone is trying to make contact with you.

How To Hold a Pendulum

Holding a pendulum correctly is one of the major things that need to be focused on while using it. Following are the instructions on how to use a pendulum correctly and how to hold it:-

  • First of all, you need to center yourself. For this, you can use deep breathing and stress out all the negative thoughts or bad intentions present in you. You can also use light candles, zen music, or diffusing oils to create a more pleasant environment.
  • After this, you will have to connect yourself with the pendulum. Sit comfortably and relax while holding the pendulum in your hand. Look at the pendulum, respect it from your heart, and then try to connect to it.
  • Ideally, the pendulum should be kept 6-8 inches above the palm. Then, if you feel connected, go ahead and start asking simple yes or no accurate questions to the pendulum.
  • After that ask more specific questions about which you want more clear answers.
  • Once you get all the answers cleanse your pendulum and store it again till further use.

How To Use a Pendulum In Reiki

Using the pendulum in Reiki is one of the most historical uses of the pendulum.

  • In reiki, different types of the pendulum are used for natural healing and cleansing the human bodies.
  • It is also used to connect ourselves with our higher self. Pendulums are made from a wide variety of gemstones and natural stones.
  • They help us to identify what is from inside and helps us to find the answers to the questions that lie deep within us.
  • It also helps to remove the blockage of energy in the body and removing the negative energy in the body.

How To Use a Dowsing Pendulum

The Dowsing pendulum is a more specific pendulum that is used for gaining spiritual and material insight. The pendulum meaning of dowsing suggests that it works through connecting with our subconscious mind.

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When you ask a question to the dowsing pendulum, it is your unconscious mind that will come up with an answer. The unconscious mind makes the pendulum swing in response and gives you a sign.

For this, we need to develop a feeling of connection and trust with our pendulum. In other words, the pendulum helps us to explore our inner selves.

How To Cleanse a Pendulum

Cleansing a pendulum is a very important part of using the pendulum. Since it can catch various forms of energy and some of them can be negative.

It is a major procedure that gives the answer to the question of how to activate a pendulum. Here are some of the cleansing techniques for the pendulum: –

  • Smudging is one method that is usually suggested for cleaning the pendulum. In this method, you need to light a smudge stick and blow the flame. Then, pass the pendulum through smoke slowly to clean the pendulum.
  • There are also some of the cleaning crystals which can be used such as the citrine. You can put your pendulum in a zip-locked pouch and place citrine crystal with it that will help in cleaning it.
  • Moonlight acts as a natural purifier for all the crystals. Place the pendulum in full moonlight and it will naturally clean the crystal.

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FAQS on How To Use a Pendulum.

Q: What do the pendulum swings mean?

More often than not, if the solution to your inquiry is “NO,” the pendulum will swing from side to side.
If a pendulum swings back and forth then you can consider the answer YES.

If your pendulum swings a clockwise way signifies “yes”, a counterclockwise bearing signifies “no”. So like this pendulum shows yes or no reading, these are basically yes no predictions.

Q: how to use a pendulum to find something?

If you ask your pendulum where are my house keys“. A straight-line swing is a thing that you’re searching for and it will point the way.

Go into the room and go most of the way across the room, toward the path your pendulum appeared. You would get your keys for sure.

Q: How are pendulums used in everyday life?

Pendulums are utilized in many designed items, for example, clocks, carnival rides, and earthquake seismometers.

Moreover, engineers realize that understanding the material science of how pendulums carry on is a significant advance towards getting movement, gravity, dormancy, and centripetal power.

Q: Do pendulums tell the truth?

Like muscle testing, your body itself is its own pendulum and will react actually to truth or untruths.

A few people accept that the swinging of the pendulum comes from our body being its own fact teller and making the pendulum swing a specific path with little muscle development.

Q: How long will a pendulum swing?

Here is an additional great truth. A pendulum with a length of 1 meter has a time of around 2 seconds. So it requires around 1 second to swing across a circular segment.

how to make a pendulum

If you want to make your own pendulum at home Then you would need basic things. A crystal or other stone. Jeweler’s wire. A lightweight chain. That’s it.


Pendulums are used for answering all the questions that lie deep within you. In this article, we’ve given you instructions on how to activate a pendulum and what is a pendulum used for.

You can try these instructions and see the difference it is going to make in your life.