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Explore Chinese Symbol For Love In Feng Shui (How To Use)

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The Chinese characters or Hanzi are logograms denoted as 汉字 in simplified Chinese and 漢字 in traditional Chinese. They were developed for the expressions in Chinese writings. Chinese Symbol For Love (愛), Peace, and Happiness are used to express feelings.

Chinese Symbol For Love
Chinese Symbol For Love, Peace

These characters or symbols were later adapted to write several other Asian languages. Specifically, they are used in the Japanese writing system, where they are often referred to as ‘Kanji’.

The Chinese characters are among one of the oldest continuously used writing systems around the world. You will find that these characters or symbols have sometimes one or more meanings.

Some of them are deeply loved and appreciated by the Chinese people. In the followers of Feng Shui, these symbols have even deeper meanings and impacts.

Also, they are being increasingly used to bring peacefulness and love into the homes of people around the world. You might learn more about their significance as per the Bagua map and ensure that you place these Feng Shui symbols in the right areas in your home.

We will discuss the meaning and importance of some popular Chinese symbols here, especially the ones that signify – ‘Chinese peace symbol meaning happiness faith hopes love in Chinese’.

History and Importance of Chinese symbol for love

If you learn more about the origin of this character, you will come to know that the Chinese symbols do have complexity and longevity due to their unique culture.

This character also represents the God of Fortune (Fu) which is known to be one of the good luck trinity – Fu, Lu, and Shou that stand for luck, prosperity, and long life respectively.

This character has historical significance as well. It has been used as a talisman since ancient times. That is why it is still commonly used as an amulet.

If you look at the ideogram of this character, you will see that it displays the blessing of the farmland. Since the ‘farm’ has four parts that signify the four directions and four elements, you will be blessed if you have this character in your life.

What Is The Chinese Symbol For Peace

安 or ān is the Chinese character for peace. In this symbol, you will find that there is a roof (宀) along with the character of a woman (女 or nǚ) underneath it.

Chinese symbol for peace
Chinese Peace Symbol

This symbol associates peace with femininity and might represent the thought that an ideal home is being managed by an assiduous woman.

Chinese Symbol For Love
Japanese Symbol For Peace

Some people find this symbol objectionable because of the sexist notion and representation of women, as it suggests that they belong at home.

What Is The Chinese Symbol for Love You

“爱” or “愛” is the most seen love symbol in Chinese. It suggests you love someone through your actions and with your heart.

As far as the phrase ‘I love you’ is concerned, the most common way of saying it out loud in standard Chinese or Mandarin is ‘wǒ ài nǐ’.

Chinese Symbol For Love
Love Chinese Symbol and Chinese Character For Love

Though there are several dialects in China, the Mandarin language is still considered to be closest to standard Chinese. Since the Mandarin language has more native speakers than any other language in the country.

There is a slight difference between the simplified Chinese characters and the traditional Chinese characters. In modern times, you will find that the simplified characters are comparatively fewer in number with fewer strokes to make it easier for people to learn.

These simplified characters are most used officially in China and Singapore. However, you can still find people using the traditional characters in parts of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and several Chinese communities in North America.

To see how close these two are, you can observe that the characters are written in traditional Chinese as 我愛你。and are written as 我爱你。in simplified Chinese.

Below are some of the common English phrases and their depiction in the Chinese calligraphy for love and the respective pronunciations:

English PhrasesLove in Chinese Letters (Symbols)Pronunciation in Chinese
I love you我爱你wǒ ài nǐ 
Fall in love恋爱liàn ài 
Paternal love父爱fù ài
Be fond of喜爱xǐ ài 
I care关爱guān ài 
Chinese Symbol For Love

What Is The Chinese Symbol For Love Tattoo and Meaning

Since the Chinese writings and the characters are the masterpieces of oriental writing. They play an instrumental role in the design of Chinese tattoos.

The Chinese symbols in tattoos have a sense of mystery, mysticism, and power. Therefore, they are only understood by the ones who have got these tattoos.

The tattoos are unique not only because of their individual deeper meanings but also due to their unusual beauty when presented creatively.

As mentioned above, the Chinese love symbol “爱” or “愛” are extensively used by people either as single letters with simple meanings or sometimes in combination with other characters and variations to denote a deeper meaning.

Every stroke in these characters can significantly change the meaning of the tattoos. That is why it is advised to find out the exact meanings of love in Chinese writing tattoos and avoid an embarrassing position in the future.

What Is The Chinese Symbol For Happiness

As mentioned earlier, Chinese characters usually have two or more meanings similar to some other languages that also have words with double meanings.

Chinese symbol for happiness
Chinese symbol for happiness

The Chinese character most associated with happiness is ‘xi’. But this same character is also used as a symbol of fertility as well as good luck.

You might have seen people decorating their houses with a wood cutout with the word ‘happiness’ on it. Similarly, in China, there are variations of the character ‘xi’ that is used to represent happiness.

You need to understand that Chinese characters are used to represent variations of words and phrases by using combinations of several strokes to create the written language.

For instance, to represent extremely auspicious occasions related to love and relationships the symbol of happiness 喜喜 or ‘shuāngxǐ’ is usually used twice.

Modern uses of Chinese Symbol For Happiness

You will often find this character being used at weddings. This character is added to various items that make them ideal wedding gifts. It is considered the luckiest symbol of happiness in the lives of newlyweds.

Besides the wedding, this variation of the Chinese character which means double happiness is also engraved on jewelry to enhance perfect love life. Lovers keep this sign in the bedroom for this purpose as well.

In fact, single people who are in search of love often surround themselves with this sign.

Another Chinese character ‘Fu” is strongly associated with happiness and good luck. It is usually stitched on fabric and hung on the walls of Chinese homes throughout the world during Chinese New Year celebrations.

What Is The Japanese Symbol For Love

Love is one language that is universal, and you must be familiar with it. The Asian symbols for love or the Chinese sign for love are beautiful and remind us that love is invaluable.

Chinese Symbol For love
Japanese Symbol For Love

Also, it must be brought into the world all around us. In Chinese culture, gift-giving is a love symbol and is widely regarded as a warm gesture.

The Japanese language has also drawn inspiration from the Chinese character. It is represented in their writing (Kanji) by the symbol 愛 which stands for love and loyalty affection.

Its on-reading is ‘ài’ similar to the Chinese language, as it was brought from China. In Kun-reading, it is pronounced as its (shii). The Japanese have used 13 strokes to create their character in writing love.

Though the English phrase ‘I love you in Chinese letters’ is frequently used in conversation. But in Japan, people prefer to use 好きです (pronounced as suki desu) which stands for ‘to like’ something or someone.

Therefore, they avoid speaking openly about love. The Japanese are often seen getting a tattoo of this Kanji symbol. With some variations and combinations with this character, they create attractive designs and select the tattoo that they prefer to express love.

What Is The Chinese Symbol For Hope

The hope symbol in Chinese is often represented by the character 希望 which is pronounced as Xī wàng. Though Chinese characters were created a long time ago, they have not been modified much or interfered with over time.

Chinese Symbol For Hope
Chinese Symbol For Hope

This Chinese character for hope appears to be mysterious and is usually painted with the help of a brush. It is said that traditionally, this particular symbol was drawn on white rice paper.

The Chinese used to decorate the blue paper with a floral silk pattern and their art of writing these symbols was referred to as calligraphy. Besides paper, they have also used bamboo on several occasions to draw hope in Chinese letters.

Finding the Chinese hope symbol on a wall hanging artwork is quite common in Chinese homes over the world.

Fear and hope are often represented by the single symbol “恐惧和希望” in the Chinese language. This symbol is pronounced as “kǒnɡjù hé xī wànɡ”.

The Chinese have associated the feeling of fear with ghosts, diseases, death, and so on. These things make people feel hopeless and scared in life and so they are always avoided.

On the other hand, they have associated spring, the color green, the rising sun, and sunflowers with hope in Chinese symbols as they suggest a vigorous life. The rising sun and sunflowers in particular signify that ‘life is coming again’.

Modern uses of Chinese Symbol For Hope

The Chinese symbol of hope is widely used during Chinese celebrations and festivals. It also indicates that this symbol is a strong and important part of their culture.

One of the biggest Chinese festivals is their celebration of the New Year, which lasts for fifteen days in January and February. Besides this, they also hold the Moon Festival in mid-autumn to celebrate their harvest each year.

The Chinese symbol of hope dominates these two festivals all around the world. They are also often associated with the national symbol of China, the dragon, and the gift red envelopes that are given to the children on all special occasions.

What Is The Chinese Symbol For Faith

The Chinese symbol for faith hope and love are usually used together by the combination of characters as 信仰希望与爱 (pronounced as Xìnyǎng xīwàng yǔ ài).

Chinese Symbol For Faith
Chinese Symbol For Faith

The Chinese character for faith is 信仰 which stands for several associated meanings as well such as firm belief, persuasion, conviction, and sometimes religion in Chinese and Japanese language.

The Chinese character for faith is also used in different combinations with some variations in strokes to represent the English word devotion as 信仰. This symbol is also used to represent the person of faith in Chinese letters.

This Chinese faith symbol is usually found with other characters in writing especially with the hope symbol in Chinese. This symbol of love, and faith in Chinese tattoo designs is quite popular among people.

So, they do get themselves inked in several attractive styles.

What Is The Chinese Symbol For Friendship

The Chinese character for friendship 友谊 (pronounced as Yŏuyí) is unique. As it has two separate characters unlike most of the other symbols in this language.

This Chinese character and its Japanese variant called Yūjō are widely popular as tattoos, or in written communication like cards or artworks.

Chinese Symbol For Friendship
Chinese Symbol For Friendship

These attractive symbols do look fascinating and the Chinese often decorate the artifacts in their homes with them. The Chinese symbol is in the simplified script and appears as two friends that are together.

That is why you will often find two friends getting matching tattoos using this symbol creatively.

Other Chinese Symbols For Luck and Wealth

The most common Chinese symbol associated with luck and wealth for people in homes and businesses is the character 福 (pronounced as fú).

This character stands for good fortune, and you will find it painted on almost everything in the Chinese culture – wind chimes, paintings, lanterns, pots, and posters.

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Additionally, this symbol also resembles the Chinese word for bat. Since bats are regarded as auspicious in China, the significance of this character increases even more.

Modern uses of a Chinese symbol for love

If you observe the use of this character in Chinese festivals, especially the New Year celebrations, you will find it hanging upside down on the entrance of a home or business.

It is done because the Chinese believe that the meaning of this character suggests ‘Good fortune is arriving’ when it is hung upside down.

Besides this character, the Chinese also consider numbers as symbols of wealth, prosperity, success, and longevity.

People in China are obsessed with using certain numbers in their phone numbers, license plates, or any other way possible because of this reason.

The number language in Chinese writings has originated from other words in the Chinese language with the same or similar pronunciation but giving out a different meaning.

The luckiest numbers according to the Chinese culture are six (especially good for business), eight (represents wealth and prosperity), and nine (signifies long-lasting).

However, the number four is considered extremely unlucky and is associated with the meaning of death. Another form of symbol that people use for luck and wealth is their respective zodiac signs and characters.

Nonetheless, they look fascinating and beautiful. These characters have deep meanings and stand for peace in Chinese, love, hope, luck, happiness, and eternity and are used widely by the Chinese to enhance the beauty of their homes and businesses.

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FAQs on Chinese symbols for love

Q: What is the Chinese symbol for beauty?

In China when people have to express the beauty of women, they use 靓女 symbols which means “pretty girl“.

Q: How do Chinese guys flirt?

At the point when a Chinese person plays with you, they normally continue to converse with you on WeChat, get some information about the thing you are doing, what you eat, and what are you going to do at end of the week.

Q: What are the Chinese symbols of animals?

There are 12 different zodiac Chinese Symbols of Animals like monkeys, roosters, dogs, pigs, and snakes. They play an important role in Chinese astrology.

Q: What is the Chinese symbol for love and strength?

The symbols strength is written in the Chinese language like this 力量. There is the most auspicious and powerful symbols to keep at your home and office.


We have discussed different Chinese symbols with the meaning of love, peace and happiness in Chinese. The Chinese who believe in astrology often wear their zodiac symbols to enhance their luck and reinforce the positive traits of these signs in their lives.

The ancient Chinese characters have been held in high regard over the years and have evolved as well. YOu can find online Chinese love symbol copy and paste directly.

You will find that, in comparison to the complex symbols of traditional writing, modern-day symbols are made with usually eight basic strokes.