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Burning Camphor And Clove For Wealth In Feng Shui

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Are you aware that herbs and spices can attract wealth, money, and prosperity? It is believed that attracting wealth to oneself is a function of energy in feng shui.

There are some herbs and spices that have the capacity to draw the energies of wealth, promoting the flow of money.

Since ancient times, herbs have been considered important ingredients for wealth and good luck. By using herbs, you can attract wealth and good luck.

You do not have to wait for things to be perfect before enjoying them. What you need is the correct energy, and with herbs such as camphor and clove, you can envelop yourself in the correct energy for wealth and good luck.

Many people do not understand the power of camphor and cloves to attract wealth.

That is why in this blog, we provide helpful information on Burning Camphor And Clove for wealth in feng shui. This blog is going to open your eyes to the potential that lies in using camphor and clove for wealth.  

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Feng Shui And Spices Significance For Wealth

Herbs and spices share a long history of usefulness, potency, and welcoming in more money across many traditions. Spices also have great significance for wealth attraction in feng shui.

There are many ways to use spices to attract wealth. You can hang it on a front door, place it in a purse, burn it like incense, or even use it for bathing.

Utilize spices to strengthen your wealth intentions and draw the energies of wealth. 

Spices will dispel negative energies blocking your access to earn more money.

Significance Of Cloves In Feng Shui For Attracting Wealth

Clove is undisputedly an essential and potent spice (herb) that has great significance. Some of the benefits of cloves are:

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For many years, cloves have been used to ward off poor vibes and any negative energy from your home. In addition, cloves are used to repel sickness, protect against negativity, maintain energy, and enhance positivity. 

Tips: You can do this ritual at new year eve to promote wealth and prosperity throughout the year. Check out Lucky Food For New Year, New Year Feng Shui Rituals and Chinese New Year Flowers decor ideas at new year.

  • Cloves are one of the most powerful herbs to attract wealth easily. Cloves are employed for magnetizing money and eliminating any negative energy present in your surroundings. Cloves will help to promote the positive energy necessary to attract abundance, wealth, and money.
  • Cloves are also used for cleansing and enhancing good luck. It is said that cloves consist of a mineral known as manganese, which is necessary for maintaining the functionality of the brain. Cloves are a good option for purifying your home after a disagreement or any other unpleasant situation.
  • Cloves are also used to protect the baby’s crib just like an evil eye. According by history, cloves can keep an eye on newborn babies, thereby protecting them from sickness and injury.
  • Cloves are effective in enhancing psychic capacity and spiritual alertness. It is proven that taking clove tea can calm the nerves and promote the clarity of mind required for efficient meditation. Having a stable mind will aid you in concentrating on your aims and so boost the power and proficiency of your job.
  • Cloves can also be worn as an amulet around your neck to protect you from negative energies as well as propel you to meet a new love. In addition, you can position it as a large charm around your home and office to protect it against danger and calm emotional feelings too.
  • Stock a clove in your wallet to draw the energy that brings wealth and come across helpful people.  
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Significance Of Camphor In Feng Shui For Attracting Wealth

Camphor is another herb notable in feng shui for attracting wealth. Camphor is composed of natural ingredients that are powerful and effective. The significance of camphor in attracting wealth includes:

  • Camphor is capable of removing negative energy and cleansing the space. After neutralizing negative energies in your house, it fills the space with healing energies. This helps to usher in abundance, prosperity, and tranquility at home.
  • Camphor has the effectiveness of balancing and harmonizing your surroundings.
  • Camphor established a robust correlation with the divine. The fumes from the burning or diffusing of camphor promote a connection with the spirit world. Camphor helps to create a suitable environment that strengthens man’s connection with the divine.
  • The fumes and fragrances coming from camphor can change your environment and make it auspicious. It will expel negative energy present and amplify positive energy.
  • Camphor promotes calmness and also dispels bad feelings such as fearfulness and timidity. It also boosts the circulation of peaceful energies.
  • If you are feeling stressed, anxious, and pessimistic, burn camphor and enjoy the freshness.

Significance Of Burning Camphor And Cloves Together For Wealth

Burning camphor and clove together has great significance in attracting wealth. Burning these two herbs result in an enormous flow of wealth.

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  • It is also believed that burning camphor and cloves at night will not only draw wealth and prosperity but also expel any obstruction and ease every difficult task.
  • If you are finding it difficult to make headway in your career and business, thereby hindering you from earning what is commensurate with your capacity and skill, burn camphor and cloves together.
  • The fragrance produced from burning camphor and cloves together helps to purify the air within your home and bring peace to your body system.
  • Burning camphor and cloves together can lessen tension and anxiety and increase your focus on your work.
  • Burning these two herbs can also cleanse and neutralize bad intentions in the vicinity and boost up the atmosphere.   

How To Burn Camphor For Wealth?

How To Burn Camphor For Wealth

Burning camphor can help to get rid of everything obstructing your financial abundance.

To burn camphor for wealth and also purify the ambiance of your home, you can move a small portion of camphor around your body from your head to the sole of your feet and then burn that portion.

When you burn camphor, the fumes hold the force that transforms your environment by unleashing healing energies.

Consequently, the healing energies extinguish negative energy in your surroundings and replace it with positive energy. 

How To Burn Cloves For Wealth?

How To Burn Cloves For Wealth?

Clove is another incredible herb that you can burn for wealth. Burning cloves also cater to many things apart from wealth.

For example, you can burn cloves to uproot breakdown, and failure, and restore success.

To attract wealth, burn 11 or 21 pieces of clove at night to pave way for the flow of wealth.

If any of your concluded tasks is messed up or your auspicious work is upset, take 3 or 4 pieces of cloves and burn them in an oil lamp, especially on Saturday and position them in a corner of your home with no light.

When you do this, the negative energy present in your home will be ejected, and everyone will be prosperous and stay strong.

How To Burn Cloves And Camphor?

There are different rituals to burn cloves and camphor.

  • To attract wealth, burn two cloves and one piece of camphor together at the entrance of your home. 
  • Place cloves and camphor in a silver bowl and subject them to burning before you go to bed. This will reinforce your financial life and reduce the impact of negative energy in the home.
  • To attract a new partner or love and enjoy marital success, burn six pieces of camphor and 36 pieces of cloves to fend off any difficulty constraining you from getting into a relationship and married.
  • To expel bad vibes from your home, burn cloves and camphor together every morning.
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How Many Cloves And Camphor To Burn Together

For wealth, burn 2 pieces of clove and 1 piece of camphor together.

For new relationships, burn 6 pieces of camphor and 36 pieces of cloves together.

Benefits Of Burning Cloves And Camphor At Home

Burning cloves and camphor at home have many benefits. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  • Burning cloves and camphor at home results in a smooth flow of wealth and prosperity. This is notably helpful when your money is stuck with someone or you are experiencing business loss. It is also great for a person who is finding it hard to earn up to their deserving potential.
  • Burning camphor and cloves can ease every anxiety, stress, and depression and assist you to focus on your assignment better.
  • Burning camphor and cloves at night are advantageous too. The fumes released arrest every negative energy and evil spirit and get rid of them utterly. With this practice, you can bring a positive vibe to your home.
  • Burning camphor and cloves while sleeping at night for some weeks will not only aid the attraction of prosperity and abundance but will also facilitate the completion of difficult tasks on time.
  • Burning camphor and cloves can install calmness and tranquility at home.
  • Burning camphor and cloves at home can expel bad vibes from your surrounding and sustain the love within your family.

Burning Camphor And Cloves And Bay Leaf

Bay leaf works wonderfully with camphor and cloves. For years, bay leaf has been acknowledged for its high-vibration effectiveness.  

The plant is revered and has been engaged for centuries in protective and atmosphere-purifying smudge rituals.

The distinctive feature of the bay leaf is that it has a flat and paper-thin leaf; which implies that you can pen down wishes on the leaf before it if you feel like doing so.

After writing your messages on the leaf, you can burn it with camphor and cloves together.

  • If you have been suffering from stress, worry, emotional instability, or engulfed with negativity for not long, you can perform this ritual and it may turn it well for you!
  • Just write out what you worry about in a pen on a dried bay leaf, and go ahead to burn it with camphor and cloves in an enclosed container.
  • As you burn out these herbs, visualize those things causing you stress, and depression floating away as the smokes disperse.

Camphor And Clove Burning In Kitchen

You can burn camphor and clove in the kitchen. You can do this every night after eating and the kitchen is tidied up.

  • Get a little silver bowl and place a piece of clove and camphor each and then burn them.
  • In case you don’t have access to a silver bowl, using a steel or brass bowl can serve as an alternative.
  • Doing this ritual will make wealth stay in your home and terminate any money-related issues.
  • It should be noted that if you can perform this task daily, then you can forget about any scarcity of money and your prosperity keeps increasing. And using this tip can help you to get out of debt very soon. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Burning Camphor?

Burning camphor has some side effects listed below:

  • Burning camphor can bring about irritation in the nose and throat resulting in cough and wheezing.
  • Burning of camphor can bring about headaches, mental instability, and unconsciousness especially when it is huge.
  • It can result in skin irritation, tremor, twitching, nausea, and vomiting.
  • It is advisable to keep both the camphor and burning of the substance away from children because of the dizziness and frenzy.

What Happens When You Burn Clove?

Burning cloves can chase away evil spirits. Clove is a perfect choice for purifying your home of negative energy after a confrontation and promoting clarity of mind.

Burning the cloves moderately can alleviate your worries through the scent coming out from the fumes.

When you burn clove, you get an increase in wealth. To attract wealth, good luck, and solid relationships, squash together a little number of cloves and get them burnt on charcoal disks together with rosemary.

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Perform this ritual once a week to increase wealth and a joyful home.

What Happens When We Burn Camphor?

Camphor contains the capacity to enhance the positive energies in your surroundings and burning it helps to release fumes that bring about strong connectivity with your mind.

When you burn camphor at home, it brings peace to your home and eliminates evil spirits.

What Time Should We Burn Camphor And Cloves?

The best time to burn camphor and cloves is in the night before sleeping to cleanse and energize the surroundings and remove negative energy.

Keeping Camphor Under Pillow

Keeping camphor under the pillows can enhance sleep and relieve stress. Keep a little portion of camphor under your pillow and the scent will be useful to refresh your soul.

If you discover that you are unable to sleep and toss and roll from one end of the bed to the other, place camphor under your pillow.

Camphor And Clove For Marriage

Cloves and camphor work well for marriage. They have been used for many years to enhance and strengthen love.

To encourage love in marriage, burn 6 pieces of camphor and 36 pieces of cloves to eliminate any difficulty in your marriage. 

Burning cardamom in the house for wealth?

In many spiritual and cultural customs, burning cardamom in your home is thought to bring you wealth.

Even though there is no scientific proof for this, many people think that it makes people feel good, which may indirectly help them feel financially stable.

Practices of culture and religion:

  • Cardamom burning is an old spiritual and cultural practice that has been around for a long time.
  • Most of the time, these practices are symbolic and may include routines that help people set clear goals and feel good about themselves.

What the Practice Means Symbolically:

  • Burning cardamom is only a sign; it’s not a real way to get rich.
  • People think it can clean the air and make the house feel better.

Why practical financial planning is important:

  • Symbolic acts like burning cardamom can have value, but they shouldn’t take the place of smart money management.
  • Getting rich usually involves smart money moves like making a budget, saving, spending, and making smart choices.

Putting together symbols and real-world uses:

  • Symbolic practices and real money-saving tactics can work well together.
  • Symbolic practices might help you stay upbeat and keep your eye on your financial goals.

Getting professional help with money matters:

  • If you have specific financial goals or worries, you should talk to a financial professional.
  • They can give you advice and help you learn how to manage your money well.


Is it true that in Feng Shui, burning camphor and cloves brings prosperity?

Burning camphor and clove for prosperity, on the other hand, is more of a cultural tradition than a fundamental part of Feng Shui.

The number of cloves you burn is a matter of Feng Shui and your own luck.

Intention and belief are more important in Feng Shui than any particular number, and those beliefs and numbers can vary from person to person and culture to culture.

If I want to improve the Feng Shui of my home, where should I burn camphor and cloves?

Burn them at the southeast corner of your home, which is considered the wealth area in traditional Feng Shui.

Can the traditional Feng Shui methods of drawing riches be replaced by burning camphor and cloves?

Traditional Feng Shui techniques, such as the arrangement of furniture, should not be abandoned in favour of this practise.

Burning camphor and cloves for Feng Shui purposes: any safety concerns?

Yes, always make sure you’re safe by burning in a well-ventilated place away from combustible things and utilising a fireproof container.

In Feng Shui, is there a preferred time or day to burn camphor and cloves?

Feng Shui does not define a time, however some people, based on their own religious or astrological views, may pick part

In Conclusion

Camphor and cloves have been used for centuries for many purposes. Anyone can take advantage of their abilities and use them. You can transform your home, or office by tapping into the power of cloves and camphor.