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How To Use Evil Eye Protection For Home: 17 Placement Tips

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Although the term feng shui “evil eye protection” sounds frightening, isn’t it? It’s not only a stunning combination of blue shades that contribute to the natural beauty of the blue and white historical structures in Greece, but it’s also a feng shui amulet for Evil Eye Protection. 

Another evil eye protection name also described as a Nazar, Dhristi is an object that is used to shield people from the evil eye. According to legend, if anyone is given an evil eye glare by an adversary or foe, it can be fatal or cause great trouble and sadness.

Also, nowadays during this deadly pandemic, it’s even more important to protect yourself and your loved ones from the negative vibes. Thus stay tuned and find everything about this miraculous, powerful feng shui amulet “Evil Eyes”.

In this article, to give you a better understanding of evil eye protection’s meaning and the beauty it holds, you will learn about the evil eye hanging benefits, as well as how you can integrate one into your life for wealth, security, and good health purposes

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Significance Of Evil Eye Charm In Feng Shui

The Feng Shui Evil Eye is a very strong, conventional Feng Shui defensive tool against negative energies. An iridescent blue glass crystal with circumferential tear-drop molded circles creating an eye-like pattern is a traditional Feng Shui Evil Eye protection

The round form and blue color signify Heaven and Faith, while the representation in the middle, whether colored or cast in bronze, indicates a sacred, vigilant eye. It can be used to suppress negative energy for personal safety, infants, plants, and animals, outside or within the home. 

Hang a horseshoe or other Evil eye protection symbol in your home or office as self-defense. Wear bracelets or pieces of jewelry containing a single eye. Having evil eye protection will bring your home good fortunes.

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Why is called blue eye protection?

The amulets or objects are usually colored or made in blue to represent the eye color it is warding off Pertaining to Greece and Aegean nations, ‘blue-eyed’ individuals are deemed to bestow the curse whether accidentally or intentionally.

So the evil eye talisman is most often made with blue materials to reflect the eye color it is fighting off. The amulets are sometimes referred to as blue eye protection

Another powerful full amulet for protection is The Sacred Protection Lamp, that ward off negativity and evil energies.

What are the earlier symptoms?

Find below all the possible symptoms that can be early signs of an evil eye of someone.

  • Frequent Headache
  • Sudden Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Depression
  • Events occurrence
  • Stomach issues
  • Anxiety

Evil Eye Protection For House

You can shield yourself and your house from evil eyes by painting the walls of your house with a vibrant tone of yellow which knocks out harmful energy.

Yellow can make a room feel welcoming, humid, and cheerful. Dark colors should be avoided. 

How To Use Evil Eye Amulet

For you to have an evil eye protection house, you must keep the interior spaces clean and clutter-free regularly. Organize as much as possible so that the rooms appear tidy and orderly and that you can locate important items quickly.

Sharp-cornered furniture or decorative pieces should also be avoided. This way, members of your family and even your pets will be healthy and not in harm’s way. 

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Top 10 Feng Shui Evil Eye hanging Benefits

The Evil Eye is a symbol of protection against evil and it is used in Feng Shui for a variety of reasons, including the following: 

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  1. Similar to the Ba Gua Mirror, the Chinese evil eye charm is used to protect against negative energy and to deflect any Sha Qi that might be present outside the home. 
  2. It is also said to ward off evil forces, for that reason, the feng shui evil eye can be placed near the primary entrance to the building. 
  3. The Evil Eye amulet is also said to shield you from hurt from hostile friends, bosses, and competitors who want to bring you down, so keep one on your office desk. 
  4. To keep you safe from those who do not have your best interests at heart. 
  5. Many people presume evil eye protection charm symbols to be good luck signs. They wear it as a jewelry accessory, such as a necklace or bracelet, or carry it in their pocket or handbag to obtain favorable fortune. 
  6. You can also use the evil eye to safeguard your personal items, such as a new car, home, mobile device, or something else, from those who are extremely jealous and wish to destroy them through their impure thoughts. 
  7. Protection of evil eyes can even be hanged in cars to shield against negative energies and improve travel luck.
  8. The main color of the evil eye is blue, and it is said to emit positive energy and true happiness. The shade of blue inside the evil eye amulet also reflects the sky which symbolizes truth, and it is thought to be a protective mechanism from the evil eye. There are different evil eye colors meanings
  9. If the real evil eye was to place unfortunate luck upon you, it is said to cause anxiety, exhaustion, depression, and diarrhea, among other ailments. It is believed that wearing an evil eye protection charm would keep you safe and happy. 
  10. It is believed that wearing the evil eye charm or tossing out an evil eye sign bestows best wishes, wellness, and joy to the wearer.

where to place Feng Shui’s evil eye in the home?

We’ll show you where to hang Evil Eye protection for a house in a few simple Feng Shui ways: 

  • The colorful decorative symbol that protects you from evil can be placed at the front door of the house, which is where all energies enter. 
  • In reality, the Evil Eye can be placed in any area of the home, including the living room, workplace, greenhouse, or terrace.
  • The charm will balance the feelings and thoughts of viewers, and also neutralize the viewer’s pessimistic glare, bringing unity and stability. 
  • Aside from necklaces, amulets, and trinkets, picture frames in the living room are a fascinating way to showcase the Evil Eye.

Feng Shui Evil Eye Hanging Directions In Home

  • Wall hangings are possible with these evil eye protection symbols. Evil eye charm is usually held or mounted in homes as a wall-hanging charm with Nazar Dosh beads.
  • Individuals and companies use blue evil eye wall-hanging products to protect themselves from economic consequences or bad business activities. 
  • You now must install an evil eye wall art Nazar charm to defend your office and home. The evil eye came to a halt with a swift diversion, seeking out the individual who was attempting to focus on you.
  • And, clearly and successfully, breaking such concentration and power. The color blue is thought to protect you from misfortune. 
  • When the silver evil eye necklaces or wall hangings get damaged. It indicates it has served its purpose and has helped you, and you really should replace it.

How To Use Evil Eye For Home Entrance

The evil eye defense remedy, which is available in all feng shui shops, is one of the most powerful evil eye protection and quick feng shui remedies, as well as one of the most fashionable.

 Evil Eye For Home Entrance
Evil Eye For Home Entrance

This feng shui cure’s representational image of the evil eye draws the attention of the viewer as soon as they reach your house and it eliminates any negative energy they may have brought with them. 

Feng Shui’s evil eye defense can be placed anywhere in your house. It will defend your home from bad energy from outside environments and bad neighbors, particularly at the doorway of your house. But the front door in feng shui is the best place to hang evil eye amulets.

It will turn negative energy into positive energy as you or anyone enters the house. All you have to do is hang an evil eye charm on your doorway.

How To protect against the evil eye?

Having faith in the strength of an amulet that you can hold tightly to you is one strategy to shield yourself from the evil eye.

The Romans wore necklaces with flying phalluses, and the Greeks hung Gorgon statues on their entryways in the past. You may wear amulets in the manner of jewelry in today’s world, but be cautious not to damage the evil eye amulets. 

Mastering with mirrors is also another means to shield yourself from the evil eye. Reflections on mirrors appear to channel negative energy back to the origin.

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As a matter of fact, you will be protected against this energy. Use reflective objects as accessories in this case. It is advisable to hold mirrors close at hand at all times. 

Ways of Checking If Evil Eye Is On You?

Find below the most recognized evil eye symptoms, if you have been affected.

  • Adding one droplet of olive oil to a cup of water, specifically holy water is the method used to verify whether the evil eye has been placed.
  • Certainly, olive oil can float in standard circumstances, but if the droplet submerges into the water, this confirms that the evil eye is already placed. 
  • The evil eye’s indications are tricky to detect but they are not impossible to spot;
  • Affected individuals may experience a loss of appetite, indigestion, excessive vomiting, or other symptoms.
  • A person placed with an evil eye can suffer mood swings for no particular reason. The person may go from feeling cheerful to sobbing in an uncontrolled way, beginning to feel depressed, feeling like his/her life has no significance, and so on.

Do evil eye bracelets work?

Well, so far we have seen all evil eye charm benefits and uses. It does really work when we wear an evil eye bracelet, you will find it to be helpful and will feel protected from bad energies.

If you wear the bracelet in the correct way it can do miracles for you. Find below a section on how to wear evil eye bracelets.

How To Wear Feng Shui Evil Eye Bracelet

Choosing to wear an anti-evil eye bracelet is an incredibly simple, fashionable, and efficient method to ward off negative energies.

Perhaps you also know, or perhaps you do not, that how you wear the bracelet makes a significant difference to the life of the wearer. 

which hand to wear an evil eye bracelet

When you desire safety regarding your feelings or private life, such as your relationships, thoughts, or other aspects of your life, you should therefore wear Feng Shui Evil Eye Bracelet on your left hand.

What is the reason for this? Since the left part of our body is the part of one’s heart, it is connected to one’s feelings. 

Whenever you seek protection for trivial things like job, profession, money, and endeavors, you must wear Feng Shui Evil Eye Bracelet on your right hand.

The right part of our body is associated with the brain, with our logical side, with success, company, jobs, and plans, among other things.

How To Wear Feng Shui Evil Eye Pendant

Feng Shui’s “turkey evil eye jewelry meaning is important in the life of the wearer as it acts as a defensive ward. It is said to represent the energy of evil glaring back at the caster.

It can also undo the curse and all the bad thoughts that have been cast against you.

There are no special ways to wear the feng shui evil eye protection pendant. However, the best placement for any feng shui evil eye remedies is around the neck.

This is because the pendant stays on you everywhere you go and also it repels evil glares faster. After all, the pendant faces other people directly. 

How to cleanse evil eye bracelet jewelry?

Why Do I need to cleanse my evil eye bracelet? In order to cleanse the evil eye bracelet for the first time when you are wearing it, use running water.

Cleansing is required to remove all the negative and bad energies attached to it. Other methods to cleanse in Feng shui are sunlight, moonlight, or using incense for overall cleaning.

Where To Hang Evil Eye amulet in Home & Room?

Since it’s an evil eye charm protection for home, place it on your main entrance if possible. However, if it’s not possible, attach it to your bedroom door so that everyone entering the room sees it first.

Another place is your living room. You must place it at a notable eye level so that guests would see it perfectly when they are in your living room. 

The sun reflects through the transparent evil eyeglass, making windows also a favorite area to display an evil eye charm or feng shui evil eye wall decoration. 

Evil eye protection for babies?

For newborn infants or babies, it’s very important to protect them from bad energies. To do so you can follow the below tips as a powerful full evil eye protection.

  • Tie an evil eye protection bracelet for babies’ hands.
  • If you don’t feel a tie bracket, then simply tie a black thread to your baby’s wrist, as babies are too soft and delicate to handle bracelets.
  • Never ever make your babies feed in public, always cover them while feeding.
  • As a popular Canadian evil eye protection, people use a black dot, also called a “kohl“, as a remedy on babies’ foreheads.

Can social media’s evil eye be cured?

Well, there are many ways you can reduce negativity on social media, that can help you save from the evil eye.

  • Avoid posting too personal information and sensitive photos.
  • Never involved in hate and evil conversations.
  • Enable all your privacy settings so that you can control your visibility towards evil people, and check who can see your posts.
  • Spread positivity and uplift others’ confidence instead of letting someone down.
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Best Location For Evil Eye Tree In A Home

When used in the house, the Evil Eye Tree acts as a defensive weapon against harmful energies. So, if anyone enters your home with a hostile or angry spirit, be cautious.

The evil eye tree bears the brunt of the damage rather than you taking the energy’s toll. The Evil Eye Tree must be noticeable rather than concealed.

The safest place to put the tree is the interior of your home facing the main door. Evil eye tree should be the first thing a guest notices as they walk in the door.

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FAQs on Evil Eye Protection Usages and Placement

Q: What Does The Evil Eye Protect From? 

Evil eye protection offers you joy and happiness and safeguards you against every evil that could harm your health or your life.

Q: Is It OK To Wear Evil Eye Jewelry? 

Yes‘. It is Ok to wear evil eye jewelry because as stated in this article, they repel bad energies.

Q: How To Protect Your Family From Evil Eye

Hold a coconut in your right hand and swirl it three times above your head, visualizing the negative energies that are influencing you.

Visualize the eyes of the coconut as evil eyes, and shatter it on the route far from your house This can be done in a temple as well.

More simply, you can be protected from the evil eye by keeping any good news concerning your family to yourself.

Q: Which evil eye is good for home?

There are many evil eye protection symbols available. But among them, the blue evil eye is the most used.

Q: Is it bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet?

It’s absolutely fine to buy Yourself An Evil Eye amulet. But it’s more effective when is given to someone as a gift, and you think the person needs to be protected.

Q: What happens if my evil eye breaks?

In case your evil eye breaks? then in many cases, it is strongly believed that the evil eye has worked for you and protected you from any unexpected incident.

Q: Can I sleep with my evil eye bracelet?

In Feng shui, it’s recommended to remove it while sleeping or in the shower. They will perfectly do their job when you have a sense of respect for the evil eye bracelet.

Q: What does the eye symbol mean on my phone?

In your text message, you might have found this emoji. It’s just an evil eye protection emoji, that represents someone’s eye on you.

Q: what does it mean when you lose your evil eye bracelet?

Losing an evil eye bracelet meaning is not a good sign. It usually happens in the case, when somebody has an eye on you. Cleanse and keep this amulet safe.

Q: Can I take off my evil eye bracelet?

Yes, you must take off the evil eye bracelet amulet, while sleeping or taking bath. Keep the bracelet in the clean box where except you nobody touches it.

Q: how to bless an evil eye bracelet?

Blessing an evil eye is a kind of feng shui ritual that is required to get off any kind of negativity attached to the evil eye.

To so clean the bracelet in running water or cleanse the amulet in sunlight, moonlight, or via burning sage.

Q: Can I wear an evil eye amulet on my ankle

Well, as per the experts, we need to treat and give proper respect in order to get fully benefited. These charms can stop working if we don’t manifest and care for them properly.

The ankle and feet are the most exposed part of our body, in absence of proper cleaning and hygiene. it might work negatively.

Q: Do the plastic evil eye works the same as the authentic one?

Well, nowadays plastic evil eyes are available online easily. They can work but are not as accurate and durable as the other material.

Q: What does it mean if you find an evil eye bracelet?

If you suddenly find an evil eye, then it might mean below things.

Good luck indication,
Bypass negativity
Prevent some unwanted event

Also, read below for feng shui tips and tricks.

The Bottom Line

The evil eye protection symbols’ cumulative advantages include the illusion that they protect the wearer from demonic eyes and misfortune.

Wearing these defensive symbols for best wishes or security against the influence of evil bad energy is a cultural common thread among feng shui practitioners.