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15 New Year Feng Shui Rituals For 2024 Eve (Dos + Don’ts)

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New Year Feng Shui Rituals: The kind of excitement that surrounds the New Year 2024 is spectacular, and everyone looks forward to this time of the year.

According to the Chinese calendar, the lunar Year begins on the 22nd of January, 2024, and this calls for adequate preparation and doing everything needed to welcome the New Year with warmness to enjoy the prosperity and other benefits it carries in our lives.

The truth is that the New Year is symbolic of a new beginning, and a fresh start, and is filled with great expectation of experiencing a year filled with happiness, prosperity, longevity, and sound health

Since it is so special to every human and we are looking forward to feng shui for the new year 2024, we shared some useful feng shui rituals for the New Year 2024 in this blog.

These feng shui 2024 ritual tips can bring good luck and happiness to your life and work

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New Year Feng Shui Rituals To Follow On New Year’s Day

Feng shui outlined some useful tips for the New Year 2024. These Feng Shui New Year tips can be followed to bring much-anticipated good luck and happiness.

So, what are the tips that can help you attract luck, prosperity, happiness, and good health for New Year Feng Shui?

1. Cleanse Your Home Or Office For The New Year

According to Feng Shui, one of the important steps to take to prepare for the New Year is to (decluttering) declutter your home or office many days before the New Year comes.

The essence of this is to ensure your space is cleansed of all ill luck and negative energy that gathered during the past year.

2. Avoid Cleaning on the First Day Of The New Year

This is quite important. According to Feng Shui, cleaning your home or office on the first day of the New Year can lead to the sweeping away of the good luck that came with the New Year.

Hence, avoid cleaning your home on the first day of the New Year to prevent sweeping away the good luck and fortune you are supposed to enjoy in the New Year.

3. Carry Out The Qi Purification Ceremony

One of the Feng Shui tips for preparing for the New Year is to carry out the Qi purification ceremony.

The purpose of this purification is to remove Qi energy, otherwise known as negative, stagnant, and musty energy, from your home or office and replace it with positive energy.

The New Year comes with its auspicious energy that you can allow to occupy your space, thereby bringing about great things and offering a new beginning accompanied by good luck and wealth.

To carry out the Qi purification ritual:

  • Locate the center of your space—home or office—and stand there.
  • Empty your mind of every engaging thought.
  • Then start ringing a seven-metal bell to ensure your entire home or office is saturated with the sound of the bells. Alternatively, you can use a singing bowl.
  • Bring the ceremony to a conclusion by ensuring you light the sandalwood incense in your home or office. 
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4. Sharing Of Mandarin Oranges Attract Good Luck

Mandarin oranges symbolize wealth, good luck, long life, and prosperity.

Therefore, keeping a bowl full of mandarin oranges on your table and presenting them to everyone who comes to celebrate with you during the New Year’s celebration can go a long way in changing your fortune for good in the New Year.

5. Greet Everyone With The New Year’s Greeting

Greeting every member of your family, relatives, neighbors, visitors, and friends in the affirmative “Have a happy and prosperous new year!” helps to prepare for the New Year and bring goodness.

6. Carry A Positive Mindset And Affection Toward Your Family

New Year’s Day is symbolic and has a way of affecting the remaining days of the year.

Therefore, carry a good mindset and stay away from reprimanding your children. Rather, let them see that love because it is a day meant to be celebrated auspiciously.

7. Offer Auspicious Gifts

You can feng shui the New Year for your family by offering people a present made up of Chinese coins knotted together with red ribbon or thread. This kind of gift in New Year is favorable.

8. Wear Red Color To Celebrate The New Year

The red color is an auspicious color for the New Year and weddings. The New Year can be celebrated and welcomed by wearing red.

If wearing a red outfit looks odd to you, utilize accessories with red color. The red color is a color of happiness and can bring an impressive future to anyone wearing it.

How To Use The Color Red?

The color red is a symbol of vibrancy, power, energy, recognition, distinction, and passion. Because of its symbolism, people embrace the color red to welcome the New Year.

It is a fire element color that can energize you as well as attract joy, happiness, and a good future. How can you use the color red?

  • You can paint your space moderately red to welcome the New Year. Don’t use it excessively.
  • You can design and decorate your home with red furniture and red paint tones.
  • You can wear the color red on New Year’s Day or New Year’s Eve to bring the good luck, wealth, and prosperity you want in the year. You can also wear any fashion accessory made of red, like a scarf, earrings, underwear, and necklaces. Also, you can put on red shoes.
  • You can use the color red by getting a new red wallet. A new red wallet can bring wealth and prosperity to you in the New Year.

Lucky Charms You Can Use On New Year’s Eve for Good Luck

There are lucky charms you can wear on New Year’s Eve and you will attract good fortune.

1. Lucky pig:

A lucky pig is a symbolic animal that can be worn as a lucky charm for the New Year. A lucky pig symbolizes increase and fruitfulness.

Feng Shui Chinese Zodiac Pig Figurine Golden Brass Lucky Pig Statue Wealth Desktop Collectible Home Office Table Decor Gifts (Pig)

2. Four-leaf clover:

A four-leaf clover is a lucky charm that can fend off bad occurrences and negative energy. This lucky charm can shield you from bad luck and misfortune.

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3. Laughing Buddha:

Laughing Buddha is a lucky charm anyone can wear on New Year’s Eve to invite good fortune. The Laughing Buddha is a popular lucky charm that can be used for alluring wealth and prosperity. It is called A Wealthy Buddha.

BRASSTAR 4.5”(H) Ruyi Laughing Buddha and Turtle-Wealth, Good Fortune, Health Buddha Statue for Home Office Decor PTZY062

4. Golden Bat:

The golden bat is another lucky charm that can be worn on New Year’s Eve. It is a good luck charm that is symbolic of wealth, happiness, and abundance.  

5. Money Frog:

The money frog is one of the lucky charms that you can wear on New Year’s Eve to attract financial luck and prosperity.

Feng Shui Fortune Coin Natural Jade Money Toad/ Frog /Chan Chu Sculpture Charm of Prosperity Decoration for Rich Wealth

6. Feng Shui Bamboo:

The lucky bamboo is appropriate to perform good luck rituals because it is symbolic of good fortune. Lucky bamboo can induce positive energy in your house. Just a place where you have adequate light.

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7. The Evil Eye:

According to Feng Shui, evil eye charms can be used for good luck rituals. Place these charms at the main door of your home, and see them attracting peace and prosperity.

8. Feng Shui Tortoise:

Feng Shui Tortoise can be used for good luck rituals as it represents longevity.

Feng Shui Three Tier Tortoise ( Three Generation Turtle) Statue Home Decor for Healthy andLongevity

Chinese New Year Do’s And Don’t

The Chinese New Year is on 22nd January 2024 and listed below are some of the things to do and the ones to avoid. With these things, you can fill your year with prosperity, and happiness.


  1. Do dress in red to bring joy and prosperity. In Feng Shui, red is a lucky color that represents good luck and accomplishment. Wearing red during the Chinese New Year opens you up to receiving fortune during the year. Avoid any other color during this time.
  2. Do offer lots of mandarin oranges as a gift. As a mark of welcoming the Chinese New Year, one of the auspicious things to do is to offer lots of mandarin oranges to people as a gift. This fruit is symbolic of good fortune.
  3. Do offer a pair of red packets for those who are married. Doing this during the Chinese New Year helps you to be blessed in return for your generosity. 
  4. Do settle your debt and forget about your financial and relationship difficulties.
  5. Do offer greetings to everyone who comes across your way. Greet everyone with pleasant words like “I wish you health”, “I wish you wealth”, and “I wish you happiness” to those that come across you. Greetings like this make you receive such wonderful words in return.
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  1. Don’t purchase, offer, or perform anything following the multiples of four. The number “Four” in Chinese interpretation connotes death.
  2. Don’t discuss death, ghosts, and the misfortune or hardship experienced in the previous year. Doing this during the Chinese New Year can attract bad luck.
  3. Don’t say any negative words. It is time to stay positive, focus, and prepare for a new beginning.
  4. Don’t go for a haircut or do laundry during the Chinese New Year. Stay away from washing your clothes during the first and second days of the New Year. Also, avoid washing your hair so as not to wash away your prosperity.
  5. Don’t purchase any sharp objects and bring them home when the Chinese New Year is approaching.
  6. Don’t put on apparel that has white and black colors. These colors are connected with death and mourning. Instead, wear red apparel both inside and outside.

What Do You Put On A Feng Shui Table For New Year?

What you put on your table for the New Year can also determine if you will attract good luck or not.

According to Feng Shui, these are lucky foods and fruits that you must put on the table for the New Year, and they are listed below.


  • Round fruits for unending prosperity
  • Pineapples
  • Oranges
  • Grapes
  • Mango strengthens family ties
  • Lemon helps remove negative feelings.
  • Tangerines and oranges are fruits that indicate wealth and good fortune.


  • Fish helps increase wealth.
  • Chinese dumplings are ideal for attracting prosperity.
  • Spring rolls
  • Sweet rice balls help to increase family ties.
  • Glutinous rice cake is symbolic of a desire to experience success or promotion.

What Are You Supposed To Eat On New Year’s Eve?

On New Year’s Eve, you can eat the following:

  • Grapes: Grapes promote harmony and peace.
  • Glutinous rice cake: It is a lucky food you can eat on New Year’s Eve because of its significance in attaining a higher position, changing the level for the better, and experiencing advancement. 
  • Long-life noodles: This type of noodles can be eaten on New Year’s Eve and will help you to enjoy a long life. The noodles are symbolic of longevity.
  • Fish: Fish is an auspicious New Year’s Eve food that can be served and bring prosperity, and abundance.

Top Five Luckiest Foods Be Eaten On New Year Celebration?

1. Fish

Fish is the luckiest food to serve during the New Year celebration. Fish is a symbolic food that comprises good luck and ensures you experience a boost in prosperity.

  • Based on Chinese tradition, the fish dish should be served last, and it should be prepared surplus so that it can have some leftovers.
  • The surplus and the few leftovers are auspicious and mean that there will be a surplus of luck in the New Year.
  • However, to get the luck you desire for celebrating with this dish, ensure to position the fish correctly.
  • The fish’s head should be positioned facing the guests or the elders, signifying high esteem.
  • Everyone seated for the dinner will eat after the person whom the fish head faces has eaten. Ensure the fish is static and not moved.

2. Chinese Dumplings

Chinese dumplings are known as an auspicious food that can help you attract wealth when eaten during the New Year celebration.

Chinese Dumplings are prepared surplus based on the belief that the higher the number of dumplings you eat during the New Year celebration, the higher the amount of money you can earn in the New Year.

Chinese Dumplings commonly contain chopped meat and thinly diced vegetables enfolded in a slim and elastic dough film.

3. Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are one of the luckiest foods that symbolize wealth and prosperity.

Eating this recipe during the Chinese New Year can sweeten your celebration, and deliver good luck and fortune.

Preparing spring rolls required wrapping the fillings in thin dough wrappers, proceeding with frying, and serving when you get a golden-yellow color.

4. Glutinous Rice Cake

  • Glutinous rice cake is the luckiest food that you can serve for the Chinese New Year celebration. Glutinous rice cake is symbolic and important.
  • Because of its unique pronunciation which is related to “going higher every year”, it is popular.
  • It signifies eating glutinous rice cake will make you attain a higher position, or earn a higher income in the New Year.
  • You can stick with this dish to celebrate your New Year. It is a major food eaten to enjoy complete advancement in life.
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5. Sweet Rice Balls

Sweet rice balls are regarded as one of the luckiest foods commonly used to celebrate Chinese New Year.

  • They are auspicious and their symbolism lies in relationships and family reunions.
  • Sweet rice balls strengthen family intimacy, closeness, and affection.
  • If you want to enhance your family ties and make them come together as one, try serving sweet rice balls during the New Year celebration.

What Are You Supposed To Eat On New Year’s Day?

You can eat the following lucky foods on New Year’s Day.

  • Longevity Noodles
  • Grapes
  • Fish
  • Dumplings
  • Black-eyed peas
  • Spring Rolls
  • Pomegranates
  • Pork

What Is The First Thing To Do On New Year’s Morning?

The New Year’s morning is a prime time to set things for the New Year. Hence, it is important to know the first thing you need to do on New Year’s morning. 

  • Offer greetings to your relatives, neighbors, and friends, and bless them with positive words.
  • Offer red envelopes containing lucky coin money as a gift to your children.
  • Make a proclamation and talk about positive things you want to see in the New Year. Those words are powerful to bring good luck and prosperity.
  • Offer gratitude for witnessing a New Year.

What Should You Avoid Doing At New Year?

The New Year is a period when you take advantage of the new beginning and fresh start. The things you do and others you should avoid, according to Feng Shui, can make the year an exciting one.

These are what you should avoid doing in New Year.   

  • Avoid sweeping on the New Year’s days, first and second days. In feng shui, it is believed sweeping on New Year’s Day can make you sweep away good luck brought by the New Year.  
  • Avoid using negative, bad, or misfortune words. Instead, speak positively.
  • Avoid talking about death, ghosts, illness, and poverty. You can replace the words with proper words that will convey the meaning of the message you are passing across.
  • Avoid talking about the number four, because it has a sound similar to death in Chinese interpretation.
  • Avoid using knives, scissors, or any sharp objects. It is symbolic of cutting off your good luck, prosperity, and fortune.
  • Avoid wearing white or black because these colors are worn when mourning.

How To Use New Red Wallet?

To prepare for the New Year, you can buy a new red wallet. In Feng Shui, red is an auspicious color representing the fire element.

Using a red wallet can be a good omen for attracting prosperity, and wealth. These are the ways to use the new red wallet:

  • Arrange a $50 or $100 bill and let it be folded neatly and hidden in your red wallet to attract more wealth. To ensure good organization of your money, group the denominations together and not be disorganized.
  • Split your coin currency from the paper money. Don’t combine them.
  • Give attention to your new red wallet by cleaning it from time to time. Make sure you remove everything that will take up the space in your new red wallet. These things can block your financial flow.
  • Get rid of old receipts that will fill up your new red wallet.

What Are The Superstitions For New Year In Feng Shui?

These are some superstitions for the New Year in Feng Shui.

  • Avoid washing clothes or dishes on New Year’s Day because engaging in these activities this time of the year is inauspicious.
  • Avoid taking anything out of your home on New Year’s Day.
  • Avoid sweeping your home, so as not to sweep away your luck.
  • Don’t say anything relating to death, ghosts, spells, failure, misfortune, and bad luck.
  • You are expected to settle your debts before entering the New Year.
  • Don’t use any sharp objects like knives, or scissors.

New Year Feng Shui Rituals FAQs

Q: Is It Bad Luck To Clean the House On New Year’s Day?

According to feng shui, cleaning a house on New Year’s Day can result in bad luck. Sweeping on New Year’s Day is synonymous with removing, or clearing away good luck and wealth. Therefore, avoid it.

Q: Can I Wash Dishes On New Year’s Day?

Washing clothes or dishes on New Year’s Day will simply wash away good luck.

Q: How to Decorate Your Home For Chinese New Year 2024

To attract good luck and prosperity, decorate your home by hanging a red lantern, and couplets made out of red paper. Also, decorate your house with oranges and tangerines.