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(7 Secrets) How To Use Bay Leaf To Attract Money Superfast

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Do you know how to use bay leaf to attract money? Bay leaves in Feng Shui hold a lot of importance and have many spiritual benefits. Here’s how you can use them to attract money and luck:

Money and good luck are two things that everyone wants in their life, but not everyone can get them so easily. You indeed need to work hard consistently and be patient for good luck and money.

However, what if we told you there was an easy way to attract money and good luck in your life? We are sure anyone would be ecstatic to hear that!

Well, there is no denying that it takes hard work, dedication, and time to achieve money, but sometimes there are more factors influencing this.

Sometimes the energies surrounding you can significantly impact what you achieve in life, including money and luck; hence, one simple way to achieve these two things is by using bay leaves.

Confused? Don’t be. Let us tell you about the use of bay leaves in Feng Shui and how it can help you attract money and good luck.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an old Chinese belief that is still followed by millions.

The philosophy is based on the concept of energy and helps people lead a better life by keeping a balance of energy in their surroundings.

According to Feng Shui, all objects in our environment possess some form of energy, and it is the balance of these energies that determines the lifestyle we lead.

Feng Shui principles utilize objects from our surroundings to harmonize a flow of positive energies in our lives to ensure we lead a better life.

Along with this, Feng Shui also helps us utilize our surroundings and objects present in various ways to enhance the energies present.

This is where bay leaves come into play, as bay leaves are also one such object used to attract positive energy.

What are bay leaves, and what do they mean in Feng Shui?

Bay leaves, also known as bay laurel, are aromatic leaves that are used as an essential herb in cooking.

Their fragrance makes them perfect for slow-cooking recipes such as soups and sauces. You can use them fresh as well as dried.

How To Use Bay Leaf To Attract Money

However, apart from their use in the kitchen, the aroma of the plant and its healing properties have made it a popular plant in Feng Shui.

According to the principles of Feng Shui, bay leaves are considered auspicious plants with numerous properties and have been used for such purposes for centuries now.

In fact, not only Feng Shui but many other value systems also talk about the benefits of using bay leaves and have shared protocols for using bay leaves for various purposes.

These leaves are most famous for their ability to harbor prosperity and help people attract money and good luck. Let’s see how we can use the rules of using bay leaves in Feng Shui.

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Uses Of Bay Leaf To Attract Money (Burning Bay Leaves)

There are various ways you can use bay leaves to attract positive energy, which in turn attracts money and good luck in your house. The most popular of them all is the burning of bay leaves.

Burning bay leaves is one of the most common ways people have utilized the power of these leaves and used them to attract money.

There is a vast history in various religions and cultures of burning bay leaves, and it is still a common practice in Feng Shui as well as other schools of thought.

Burning bay leaves is very simple and takes very little time. It is usually a part of cleansing rituals performed by Feng Shui practitioners; you can do it at home as well. Let us help you with how to do it:

  1. Take a few dry bay leaves, a matchstick or a lighter, and a bowl that you’ll use for putting burning leaves; – this can be a clean ashtray as well.
  2. Use a sharpie to write what you wish for (for example, if it’s money, you can draw the currency or just write “wealth”) on the leaf. Even though some people burn the leaf just as it is, doing this extra step increases the chances of attraction.
  3. Now use a pair of scissors or tweezers to hold the leaf from one corner to burn–don’t forget, it’s not good to hold it with your hands for burning them. Now take a lighter or matchstick and light up the other end of the leaf.
  4. In seconds, the leaf will turn into ashes; keep it in the bowl to cool down and fully burn.

While burning the bay leaves appears like a simple process, there are some steps and tips that can further help you.

1. Use Cinnamon and Coffee While Burning Bay Leaves

  • Coffee and spices like cinnamon are considered good for the burning process. According to Feng Shui, coffee helps charge the bay leaves and enhances their power to attract good luck and wealth in your life.
  • This time, before burning the bay leaf, add some coffee powder or grounds and cinnamon to the bowl or ashtray that you are using.
  • Light the leaf and place it in the bowl as soon as it catches fire. Let it burn with the cinnamon and coffee in the bowl.
  • You will notice that the smoke will smell different because both coffee and cinnamon are strongly aromatic.
  • This aroma will tell you that your intention (whatever you wrote on the leaf and wished while burning it) has been charged with coffee and cinnamon, making your energy much stronger.

2. Use Money Oil While Burning Bay Leaves

  • Another way you can use bay leaves to attract money is by using money oil while burning the leaves.
  • Money oil in Feng Shui is an oil that is used for attracting money; people use a mixture of various oils and different methods, such as placing the oil out on the full moon, to charge it.
  • If you don’t have charged money oil, you can use any other oil, such as lavender oil, which is specifically considered an essential oil that helps attract money. It would be even better if you could use a bay leaf essential oil, like this one, to bring some extra cash into your life. 
  • The trick you have to do with the money oil is that before you burn the bay leaf, take some oil and drip it on top of the leaf.
  • Trust us when we say this, increasing the quantity of the oil doesn’t increase its charge; therefore, it is safer just to add one drop.
  • Once you’ve dropped the oil and spread it across the face of the leaf, just burn the leaf like you usually do and place it in the bowl to cool down.
  • The smell of the oil, along with the burning bay leaf, will be an indication of the increased charges.
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3. What to Do with the Ashes of the Bay Leaf?

Many people end up throwing the ashes of the bay leaves that they burn–while there is nothing technically wrong with it.

There are many ways you can utilize the energy stored in the ashes. Since the ashes of the burnt bay leaves are fully charged and contain a lot of energy, it’s best to respect them and not throw them in the bin. Here’s what you can do:

  • Bury it: One way is to burn it and return it to Mother Nature. This is good for plants, and the soil gives back to nature and promotes the cycle of life.
  • Blow it in the Wind: Make a wish on the leaves and let them fly away with the wind. There is a belief that the ashes will reach their destination in the wind, so take your wishes with them. Moreover, you can also send negativity out of your life using the ashes.
  • Rub them on Your Essentials: You can rub them on essential objects since the ashes are charged with energy. For example, if you burn bay leaves for wealth, you rub them on your wallet to transfer the energy to it.

4. Utilizing the Smoke of Burning Bay Leaves

Burning the bay leaves is an extremely auspicious practice, and there is no aspect of the process that must go to waste; therefore, people also inhale the smoke of the burning leaves.

Scientifically, the burning of bay leaves has a calming effect and is good for peace of mind. However, according to Feng Shui, this is a great practice that allows your body to be charged with positivity and high energy.

How To Use Bay Leaf To Attract Money [Other Methods]

5. Keeping Bay Leaves in your Wallet

It is a common Feng Shui practice to keep bay leaf in your wallet –because they are such an auspicious plant and great for attracting money.

Keeping bay leaves in your wallet will instantly make you a money magnet and aid in attracting wealth.

6. Write Affirmations for Money and Luck

According to the Feng Shui belief, affirmations play a massive role in making positive changes in your life.

If you want to attract wealth, abundance, and good luck in your life, you can use bay leaves to write your affirmations on them.

You can write down your affirmations on the leaf before burning it, or you can also write down your affirmations and hold them in your hands while making a prayer with your wish to attract wealth and luck.

Moreover, you can also write them before putting the leaf in your wallet. Below are a few examples of what to write on Bay Leaf to attract money:

  • “Abundance flows effortlessly into my life.”
  • “My wallet is a magnet for prosperity and wealth.”
  • “I am open to receiving endless financial blessings.”
  • “Every dollar I spend returns to me multiplied.”
  • “Money comes to me easily and frequently.”
  • “I attract wealth and success in all areas of my life.”
  • “My bank account overflows with abundance.”
  • “I am financially secure and prosperous.”
  • “Opportunities for wealth and prosperity are drawn to me.”
  • “I am grateful for the abundance that surrounds me.”

7. Utilize bay leaves in Feng Shui!

Bay leaves are a highly auspicious plant with several spiritual benefits–and one of them is attracting wealth and good luck.

Bay leaves in Feng Shui hold a lot of significance, and as a practicing follower of the ancient belief, it is best to incorporate the plant into your daily life.

Not only will they help you with attracting wealth and luck, but they will also keep your energies in harmony and protect you from evil.

Salt and bay leaves feng shui cures?

When it comes to Feng Shui, salt and bay leaves are sometimes used together to clean the energy in a space. In Feng Shui, here’s an easy way to use salt and bay leaves:

  • To clean with salt, put a thin layer of sea salt or Himalayan salt around the room or area you want to improve. Imagine that the salt is taking in and neutralizing the negative energy as you do this.
  • Bay Leaf Protection: To make a barrier that keeps things out, put dried bay leaves in the corners of the room or at the doors. People believe that bay leaves can keep away bad energy and bring in good ones.
  • Intentions: Set your intentions for the space while you sprinkle salt and bay leaves on top. Then picture it being full of good energy, harmony, and safety. You can also say prayers or affirmations that speak to you.
  • Maintenance: To keep the salt and bay leaves working well, you should refresh them every so often. The salt can be changed every two weeks, and the bay leaves can be changed whenever they get worn out.
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This method uses the cleansing power of salt and the protective power of bay leaves to make an environment that is harmonious and energetically balanced.

When you do Feng Shui, it’s important to listen to your gut and change the method to fit your needs and preferences.

FAQs: Bay Leaf Manifestation To Attract Money 

Q1: Is it good luck to find a bay leaf in your food?

Depending on the cultural beliefs of a person, the discovery of a bay leaf in their food is considered to be a fortunate occurrence. It is thought to offer blessings, luck, and protection, and it frequently represents a time of unexpected positive and improved spiritual energy.

Q2: Why should we use coffee before burning bay leaves?

Coffee is an additional ingredient that you can use before burning bay leaves. It is said that coffee charges your wish or intention that you write on the leaf. 

Q3: What to do with the ash of the burnt aby leaves?

The ash of the burnt bay leaves is also considered auspicious; hence, instead of throwing it away, you can either bury it, blow it in the wind, or rub it on your essentials.

Q4: Burn bay leaves in the house and see what happens.

  • Aroma: Bay leaves burn with a lovely, peaceful scent that can relax your environment.
  • Bay leaves are thought to purify negative energy in various cultures. Bay leaves repel insects like cockroaches.
  • Reduced anxiety and stress: Bay leaves contain chemicals that may relax, reducing anxiety and tension.
  • Burning bay leaves requires sufficient ventilation and supervision to avoid fire and smoke inhalation.

Q5: Will keeping the bay leaf under the bed attract money?

In certain cultures, it is a common idea that putting a bay leaf under the bed can bring about good fortune and financial success. Bay leaves are believed to represent abundance and money due to their symbolic meaning. Nevertheless, there is no scientific proof to support this claim; nonetheless, for some people, it is a sign of positivity and intention.

Q6: What should I write on the bay leaf to attract money?

Write abundance affirmations on bay leaves to attract fortune. “I attract financial abundance,” “Money comes easily and effortlessly,” and “I am a magnet for wealth” are examples. Set a prosperity and abundance intention that matches your beliefs.

Q7: How do you use bay leaf to attract customers?

Putting dried bay leaves in your cash register or near the front door of your business will help you get more customers. People believe that this will bring them plenty and bring them new customers.

Q8: How many bay leaves are in the prosperity bowl?

For a prosperity bowl, you don’t need a certain number of bay leaves; it depends on what you like and the size of the bowl. You can, however, decorate the bowl with a handful or a few bay leaves and other signs of wealth like coins, crystals, or herbs to make an arrangement that is both meaningful and beautiful to look at.