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[Feng Shui Numbers]: Exclusive Guide On Lucky and Unlucky House Numbers

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Feng Shui is an ancient practice in Asia so that the strategic placement of certain objects can release positive energy, also known as “chi“.

Here today, we will learn how we can make our house lucky with Feng Shui Numbers. Also, we will discover a few interesting house numbers and combinations that are unlucky for the house this year.

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What is the significance of lucky/unlucky numbers in feng shui?

Feng Shui numerology is the interpretation of the deep energy of a number and its use, for optimal alignment.

The feng shui numerology of the houses tells us about their vibration and their energy load, which is not always as good as we would like.

However, feng shui allows us to harmonize this energy using decorative elements, but above all, significant colors on walls and different elements.

By combining household energy with Feng Shui, the flow of beneficial energy can be stimulated. So let’s start. For a quick understanding, please follow the below video.

Feng Shui Numbers: Lucky and Unlucky Numbers For Houses

How do I get the numerology of your house? First of all, we will have to determine the Feng Shui numbers of your house or home. We do it through a reduction process.

Feng Shui Numbers
Feng Shui Lucky House Numbers

What Is The Theory Behind Lucky House Numbers – Feng Shui

For example, if you live in 2542, add them like this: 2 + 5 + 4 + 2 = Number 13.

If the result is a two-digit number, as in this example, add them again, like this: 1 + 3 = 4.

In this case, the prime Feng Shui number is four, it will be the one we use for the feng shui numerology of your home.

Now that you have your address numbers, it is time to open your house to luck, love, and good vibes, using Housing Numerology, which you can harmonize with Feng Shui. Consider hanging these items (in pairs) in the south of your home.

Let’s see which ones would be appropriate for your particular house.

Numerology House Number 1

Decorate with earth colors and include red details and all their variants. These colors are fire, passion, and beginnings and must be mixed in order to balance the energy of Feng Shui number one, which can have selfishness, loneliness, and a certain isolation from the people who inhabit this house.

Numbers 1
Feng Shui Lucky Number 1

Feng Shui House Number 2

Make use of the decoration of the orange color and its variants (lighter, darker). Orange is a color that will allow the inhabitants of house number 2 to relax more and have very good experiences every day. The use of exposed brick walls will add even more life.

Numbers 2
Feng Shui Lucky Number 2

Feng Shui House Number 3

House 3 is a house that demands a lot of energy which usually escapes in the form of money. Use light beige, ocher and gold colors, which when combined help them achieve greater economic stability, as well as more prosperity and balance.

Numbers 3
Feng Shui Lucky Number 3

Feng Shui House Number 4

It is said that house number 4 contains the four cardinal points inside it, which is why the suggestion of feng shui is to include the four elements: we can use red (fire), plants (wood), metallic colors (metal) and A small fountain (water).

Lucky House Numbers 4
Feng Shui Lucky Number 4

Feng Shui House Number 5

This is one of the Feng Shui Lucky House Numbers. You need to add to the decoration elements and colors that represent the earth element, this will allow you to activate the power of the number 5 and give greater impetus and reaction to its inhabitants.

Lucky House Numbers 5
Feng Shui Lucky Number 5

6 House Number

Although it is one of the best numerologies of houses, house 6 can also bring some nostalgia and according to the predisposition of its inhabitants, depression. That is why the use of fresh and warm colors, as well as the color blue, will balance the energies, avoiding these feelings.

Lucky House Numbers 6
Feng Shui Lucky Number 6

7 House Numbers

Here more than anything we should be careful with what colors we should moderate and mix wisely since, in itself, the energy of this Feng Shui Number 7 is highly spiritual and strong. Moderate the use of lilac, indigo, purple, and purple colors, use them, but in a small amount.

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Lucky House Numbers 7
Feng Shui Lucky Number 7

Feng Shui House Number 8

All those colors that complement the purple color will balance the balance between the material and the spiritual, In this way, we will enjoy the money provided by House 8, but without forgetting our soul and goodness.

Lucky House Numbers 8
Feng Shui Lucky Number

Numerology House Number 9

Use light colors like white, sand, and beige. They are tones that provide energy and vitality and that will help compensate for the altruism that this house transmits. They will also help you keep your feet on the ground so as not to waste your money.

Lucky House Numbers 9
Feng Shui Lucky Number 9
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Main Role Of Numbers In Feng Shui

The Chinese have this belief that certain numbers can aid you in life by attracting specific energies into your life. Some numbers can bring good fortune to you and Other numbers can bring the opposite result.

Feng shui is all about balancing the negative and positive.

How Do I Find Out My Lucky Feng Shui House Numbers

Feng Shui House Number Calculation is not rocket science. All you need to do is add up the Feng Shui good House Numbers until you get a single digit(0-9).

For example, you can add 5+5+1 = 11. Then you add the remaining digits like 1+1 = 2. So, the final Lucky Number for your house would be 2.

Now to find a lucky number for the house. To calculate this add the last two digits of your birthday year: 8 + 6 = Number 14.

Bring it to a single-digit number: 1 + 4 = 5. Now add the future number 5 to the single-digit number: 5 + 5 = 10. Bring it to a single digit: 1 + 0 = 1. So 1 is the lucky house number for you.

You can cross-check the Lucky Chinese Numbers, above in detail.

Which Direction Should a House Face For Good Feng Shui?

The front door or the gate should be facing the east or south. As you know, East is the direction where the sun rises, which represents a bright future. Find more on the Feng Shui Front Door Colors Guide.

What Is The Cure For Inauspicious (Unlucky Numbers)

Many times, when you have gone house hunting, you seem to found your dream house. With all the requirements except the house number, which is 444. The other unluckiest house number is 243.

House Number 14 in feng shui

You will rarely find House Number 14. This belongs to curses and struggles. It is better to avoid this number as much as possible.

What would you like to do next ?? Leave that house ..huh, nopes.

In Feng shui, we have cures for all the problems. To know more you can check Top Feng Shui Lucky Charms Uses For Career, How To Get Lucky By Feng Shui Bamboo and Feng Shui For Money and Wealth.

The best cure is to do change out your house number sign. It looks like too simple a solution, but it should be with all things feng shui. By doing this it will neutralize the negative effects of the dreaded number four is to encircle the number.

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Choosing Your New Lucky House Numbers for Auspicious Feng Shui

Now that you know what to look for in feng shui house numbers whenever you go for new house hunting without fear. You only need to remember this golden rule that, if you find the ideal house the Feng Shui numbers aren’t auspicious.

You can apply this circle remedy and still have your dream house.

What Are The Feng Shui Numbers For Business?

Just like lucky feng shui business names, it is believed that the best numbers that can bring success and luck to business are 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 9. As per Feng Shui experts, the number 1 signifies a new beginning, freshness.

How To Cure Unlucky Business Numbers In Feng Shui

You don’t need to stress over if your business is associated with unlucky numbers, as it can be cured in Feng Shui. The facts demonstrate that you can’t simply change the quantities of your work.

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However, there are two things you can do to minimize the intensity of Unlucky numbers.

  • Don’t show the business numbers publicly(unlucky numbers associated with your business) in the city.
  • Revamp the quantities of your location corner to corner. This will minimize the negative effect and won’t influence the energy of different numbers.

You can make round circle also around your business number (even if it has to be displayed) with the help of chalk. It will obstruct altogether the progression of negative chi into your business.

Feng Shui Numbers For Selling A House?

The feng shui number for selling a house is considered Lucky for the house to sell at the best price that can speed up your home’s value is “8”. Any combination of $888,888 or $8,888,888 can work best.

Try avoiding the number 4 or any combination with this digit.

The Significance Of Feng Shui In Numerology

Chinese culture numerologists believe that numbers contain and attract certain vibes and energies.

While in the ancient feng shui practice house number theory may not be part of the. But numerology always has been, especially when it comes to the homeowner and other resident’s birth dates.

The house also has a birth date which is a date of completion that is important to feng shui mapping such as flying star reports.

So when it comes to your house number you must consider the numerological aspects of your home.

Chinese Lucky Numbers Combinations And House Numbers Meaning

Lucky House Numbers- 1 And 2

The unit enjoyed a special honor in ancient Chinese culture. They associated it with the starry sky, which was considered the birthplace of everything on Earth.

Feng Shui Lucky Numbers Combinations
Feng Shui Lucky Number 12

In addition, the feng shui numbers were compared with an outbreak, which develops slowly and gradually and becomes tall and beautiful.

The unit for feng shui is considered a good sign and the original source of everything that exists.

In itself, it carries a positive charge and reinforces the positive influence of other numbers. Here is how to characterize it:

  • Honest name and faultless reputation.
  • Unity and harmony with the outside world.
  • Authority in the eyes of others.
  • Success in all companies.
  • Increase luck and luck.

The feng shui number two is called harmonization, which provides a balance between yin and yang energies. If in the combination of several numbers, it appears before any lucky number, its positive effect on the person increases.

And if it is adjacent to the unsuccessful number, then the negative impact increases. This even figure has the following meaning:

  • Ease, laziness, and tranquility.
  • Life satisfaction.
  • The possibility of enjoying the little things.
  • Ability to withstand challenges and challenges.
  • Achieving results effortlessly.

Interestingly, a combination consisting only of two carries no charge at all. This is an empty number that has absolutely no effect on a person.

numerology House Number 11

The feng shui house number 11 is the most used and is considered to be a magical number with a special ora. It has the energy of another number which is 2. That makes it the perfect lucky number for real estate and other business-related activities.

Lucky House Numbers 3

According to ancient Chinese teachings, the troika is the cause of the appearance of all things in the world, the symbol of three beginnings (man, earth, and sky).

Feng Shui Lucky Numbers Combinations
Feng Shui Lucky Number 3

The symbol of the triple family structure (mother, father, son ), is the symbol of three elevated spaces (sacred, real, and immortal land). It has always been sacred, it is considered to carry the light.

The value of the feng shui numbers – growth. The troika is responsible for the rapid development of life. It affects the person more favorably in combination with other numbers, improving their action. Here is how to characterize this figure.

  • The movement towards new opportunities.
  • Push to overcome the period of stagnation.
  • Rapid professional growth.
  • Self-improvement and self-development.

Lucky House Numbers- Four(4) and Five(5)

The value of the feng shui numbers is extremely negative and is associated with death. And the Chinese themselves try to avoid any number, or any combination with it (except 44). Here is how to interpret the meaning of this number.

Feng Shui Lucky Numbers Combinations
Feng Shui House Numbers & Combinations
  • The end of the favorable period.
  • Failure in all the forces of life.
  • Emotional depression
  • Unceasing problems.
  • Unsurpassed barriers to getting what you want.
  • Painful lesions.

The Five has several important associations. These are the five elements: metal, fire, air, earth, and water. In addition, these are the five main planets: Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.

Five is an odd number, which, according to Feng Shui, means “nothing.” Being part of a combination eliminates the positive value of the remaining numbers. However, you cannot restore the effect of negatively charged numbers.

Lucky House Numbers- Six (6) and Seven (7)

Among the numbers, six is ​​one of the most favorable. This is a feng shui money number. What does this figure mean? The main features will be:

  • Material well-being.
  • Business success.
  • Rapid professional growth.
  • Profitable investments.
  • Great benefit.
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The number seven has a powerful meaning and energy load. It symbolizes the union of the five main planets and the two celestial bodies. It also means the number of days of the week and the number of planetary cycles.

The odd number 7 according to Feng Shui means a guarantee or trust. Together with other lucky numbers, the seven guarantee their positive impact on the person. By itself, it has the following meaning:

  • Self-confidence
  • Creative talent
  • Achieve goals and valuable opportunities;
  • Realization of potential;
  • Good luck with Lucky Number
  • Wisdom, knowledge, and learning;
  • Help in finding your vocation;

Lucky House Numbers Combined Combinations

Combining in combination, the Chinese Lucky Numbers complement and correct each other. The most successful combinations are as follows:

  • 1 and 1 – a symbol of success;
  • 2 and 1 – the favor of the universe;
  • 3 and 3 – quickly obtain what is desired;
  • 2 and 3 – improves performance and attracts professional success;
  • 3 and 9 – unheard of spiritual heights;
  • 2 and 8 – easy money;
  • 2 and 9 – gives vitality and helps maintain a good state of health;
  • 6 and 7 – feng shui numbers mean guaranteed wealth;
  • 6 and 8 – wealth in continuous growth;
  • 7 and 8 – fulfillment of a precious desire.
  • 1,6 and 8 – good luck and success in all spheres of life, a feeling of harmony and well-being;
  • 6,3 and 9 – incredible financial success;
  • 7,8 and 9 – a positive sign without a certain semantic load, internal energy balance.

Lucky House Numbers- Failed Combinations

Some combinations of numbers have a negative meaning and an energy charge, so it is recommended to avoid them. They will do the opposite of what Lucky Number has to do. Here are some of them:

  • 1 and 5 – stagnation in business and a series of failures;
  • 2 and 4 – easy death or rapid loss;
  • 5 and 6 – unjustified expectations regarding income;
  • 5 and 9 – the threat of losing the available benefits;
  • 6 and 4 – financial collapse.

Bottom line

The Feng Shui Numbers & Lucky House Numbers combinations of numbers in human life are found everywhere. In this sense, people try to surround themselves with positively charged combinations to the fullest.

Quick FAQs On Feng Shui Number?

Q: How do you know which number is lucky for you?

To Know Your Lucky Number, You Need To Calculate Your Kua Number As Below. You Need To Have Your Birth Element And Number.

Sum The Last Two Numbers Of Your DOB And Bring It To A Single Digit. Like 24 Is My Birth Date And Its Sum Is 2+4=6.

Now Add Your Single-Digit To Number (6) To 5. Once This Number is a Single Digit, It Will Be 5+6 =11, So My Kua Number Is 11.

Q: What are the lucky numbers for this year?

As We Discover That Your Lucky Numbers Was Based On Your Planetary Sitting Positions Are 5, 8, 16, 24, 37, 43, And 51.

The Number Which Is Lucky In The Year Are 5, 8, 10, 11, 23, 34, And 45.
Now Let’s Talk About the Lucky Numbers Of The Year, Which Are Again Based On Your Planetary Sitting Positions 6, 9, And 22.

Q: 3. What is the lucky number for 2?

Lucky NumbersLucky Days, Lucky Colors For Number 2 People Are
Any Number Which Has A Sum Of Single Digit 2 Is Considered As A Lucky Number.

For example, 2468 = 2+4+6+8 = 20 = 2+0 = 2, So 2468 Is A Lucky Number For Number 2 People. Other Lucky Dates For Number 2 Are 2, 11, 20, and 29 Of Any Month.

4. Is No 3 lucky or unlucky?

In Chinese Tradition The Number Three (3) Is considered As One Of The Auspicious Numbers.

In Many Other Countries, It Might Be Unlucky. Any Combination Which Has a Sum Of 3 Is Known As Lucky.

Q: List of unlucky property numbers as per feng shui?

Below are a few numbers that are considered inauspicious when it comes to house numbers.

  • The number 4: Since the number 4 is connected to tragedy and bad luck in many East Asian cultures, it is typically avoided. This is because it sounds like the word for “death.”
  • Number 13: The number 13 is frequently associated with superstitions and unfavorable beliefs in Western cultures, such as a belief that Friday the 13th is an unfortunate day.
  • Its 666: Known as the “number of the beast” in Christianity, this number is extremely unfortunate and has negative or demonic connotations in many cultures.
  • 9 Number: In Feng Shui, the number 9 is usually good. However, when it appears in multiples, like 99 or 999, it can be connected to excess and overabundance, which can cause imbalance and possibly bad things to happen.
  • Number 7: Because the number 7 is linked to death or bad things happening to people, it is unlucky in various cultures.
  • And number 0: Although not intrinsically unlucky, the number 0 might be viewed as unfortunate in some situations since it stands for nothingness or emptiness.