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Exclusive 22 Feng Shui Rules For Wealth + Abundance In Life

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Feng Shui Rules For Wealth And Abundance In Life- A home is a center of relief and mental peace. There are various home decoration designs are available nowadays. Feng Shui is a unique and amazing home decoration design philosophy. 

Feng Shui Rules For Wealth
Feng Shui Interior Design

Feng Shui interior design aims to make harmony between place and mind. But at first, we have to know –

  • what is Feng Shui?
  • What are the Feng Shui interior design rules?
  • What are the basic principles of Feng Shui home design?
  • What are the elements of Feng Shui?
  • How to Feng Shui a house?

Here come the answers. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy. Feng means wind and Shui means waterFeng Shui design aims to maintain a balance between mind and place.

There are many rules and principles to make a perfect Feng Shui house. This article will give you a proper guideline and a brief description of How Feng Shui Rules and home design can attract wealth luck in someone’s life. So that you can choose the right Feng Shui for your home.

Link Between Feng Shui Interior Design and Money Flow: 

To get a healthy and prosperous life, ancient Chinese people used several methods for obtaining an organized, peaceful, and wealthy life.

To obtain a good Feng Shui that attracts wealth and abundance in the home few specific rules and regulations should be followed. Chinese Feng Shui rules have years of experiments so these rules should never be broken. These rules include-

Feng Shui Rules For Wealth and Plenty
Feng Shui Rules For Wealth

1 Separation of work and rest area

Separating work from the place you take rest possesses positive energy and attracts a strong positive chi. It means you must not set a desk or keep a laptop of work beside your bed.

A desk in the bedroom creates a significant imbalance because It’s tempting to have a work-related thing in the bedroom. It can hamper tranquility and mental peace. 

2 Keeping bed away from window or door– 

Feng Shui furniture placement is extremely strict. A bedroom is the most important part that keeps our body and minds fresh and recharges our body and mind.

It is the best position to commence with Feng Shui your home. It is prohibited to place the bed under the window or a door as the body and mind need support and the energy in this place needs to be serene. 

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3 Choosing appropriate colors

It is one of the most important factors that must be chosen wisely. Color boosts energy, diminishes stress, increases confidence. The use of Feng Shui color helps to create a happy and healthy home.

4 Being tidy and organized

This is another important factor to be considered during Feng Shui in the home. An unorganized, dirty place creates stress, unhappiness, and possesses negative 

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Feng chi. So, it is a must to clear away dust, dirt, and chaos that comes in the way of positive chi. 

5 Using the Bagua map appropriately

The Feng Shui Bagua map utilizes the space to portray your life and addresses the areas where you should keep an eye to make major changes. It is an eight-sized energy map.

It’s an ancient and profound instrument with limitless implications. It has an impactful effect on life so it should be used cautiously and efficiently. 

22 Feng Shui Rules For Wealth And Abundance In Life

Although Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy, it has become a worldwide method.

Many countries of Asia, America, and Europe follow Feng Shui architecture to build their house, buildings, schools in a way that attracts plenty, wealth, and abundance to their life, home and businesses.

22 crucial Feng Shui tips for a home that will help you to understand the Feng Shui decoration and tell you how to Feng Shui your house that invites good vibes.

#1. Never Block The Front Door:

The front gateway is the major portal for strength to enter the home. Do not block that energy by putting any furniture, plant, mirror, or staircase in the entryway.

So that the Feng Shui energy can pass through the door and reach up to your bedroom.

#2. Use Plants:

Plants enhance the healing energy of the body and mind. Putting the plants in the south corner of the house enhances positive health benefits.

#3. Use Appropriate Light:

Feng Shui lighting strategy has a profound effect on the occupants of a home or an office. According to Feng Shui lighting rules, red lamp shades should be used in the living room for bringing fame.

Pink shade should be used in the bedroom for romance, purple in the office for bringing wealth.

#4. Ban Electronics From The Bedroom:

According to Feng Shui decor, no electronics or desks should be in the bedroom. It hampers mental peace. Feng Shui home design strictly prohibits desks in the bedroom.

#5. Place A Laughing Buddha:

Placing a laughing buddha or a golden turtle in the north corner of the house is meant to be highly auspicious in Feng Shui homes. These things will boost your status, productivity, and financial gains.  

#6. Put A Quartz Crystal

Quartz Crystal will absorb any type of negative energy that arrives at your home immediately.

#7. Do Not Align Bed With Doors

Doors should not align with beds especially in the east part of the home. The misfortune star passes from the east. Having a bed against the door or beside a window can attract misfortune to your home.

#8. Play Calming Music:

Music keeps you focused especially if you have a study or home office in the southeast part of your home. Avoid loud music or sounds in this part.

Try soft, calming music. You can also use wind chimes to activate this area and to get a better mood.

#9. Avoid Sharp Objects In The Center Of Your Home:

It is best to keep the central part of the home clean. Try to avoid any type of dangerous object (also called poison arrows) in the central part. You can put a water element in this area which will help to give a calm feeling.

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#10. Get Rid Of Unwanted Things:

Clutters make negative chi (negative vibe) in your life. Removal of unwanted things refreshes living space instantly thus providing positive energy to your life.

#11. Put A Water Fountain:

Water is associated with wealth. Fountains diffuse negative vibes in the air. Thus, the floating water fountain helps with the cash flow.

#12. Choose Colors Wisely:

Color is a very important factor that affects our body and mind. Thus, the color should be chosen cautiously. No bright color for the children’s room. Bright colors are too energetic for them.

#13. Fix Any Broken Furniture:

broken furniture symbolizes suffering. So, broken things must be repaired as early as possible.

#14. Increase Energy Level:

If you want to increase your energy level with Feng Shui, you should follow the Feng Shui style. Implement Feng Shui in your home, then your office.

#15. Remove Negativity:

For any challenges you are facing in life, try to identify the reason why are they showing up in your space. Replace them with something positive.

#16. Balance The Elements Of Feng Shui:

The imbalance of water, earth, wood, metal, and fire can cause emotional imbalance. You must learn to balance them.

#17. Solve Any Family Issue Quickly:

Resolve your family issues as soon as possible if your home is facing north. The quarrelsome star present in the north resists harmony and peace.

#18. Start A Day With A Feeling Of Gratitude:

Adopting a positive mindset and being thankful helps to attract positive energy to our life.

#19. Make Your Feng Shui Entryway:

As the positive chi enters through the front door, it should be in perfect condition. Make sure that there is no squeaking sound or other issues.

#20. Use The Bagua Map:

The Bagua map is being used from ancient times to make a positive change and get inner peace. Use it correctly.

#21. Feng Shui Design Principles:

Many modern building designs are influenced by Feng Shui design. Feng Shui architecture has basic principles. Town planners and Feng Shui designers have followed these principles for over 6000 years.

Modern Feng Shui practitioners have combined ancient thoughts and concepts and took three core principles of Feng Shui into account.

The Core Feng Shui Interior Design Principles For Wealth Are-

  • Qi Energy: This is the type of energy that flows all over the house. This energy should not be blocked by any obstruction while flowing. If this happens, the Qi can possess a substantial impact on the neighboring. So, this is mandatory that the Qi always flows without any obstruction.
  • The Bagua: As said earlier, Bagua has a substantial influence on your physical and mental state. It helps to bring all the positive energy to all of the important parts of your life like power, fame, family, and many other aspects. So, it must be used cautiously. If you use Bagua carefully, it will balance all the elements around you thus lead to a happy life.
  • Natural Elements: The five fundamental ingredients of Feng Shui are earth, fire, water, wood, and metal. It is really important to make a balance in these elements because their positioning makes a huge difference. They can either be constructive or destructive. It depends on the choice of the Feng Shui designer. Feng Shui architecture design suggests creating a constructive cycle which provides a harmonious environment.

Therefore, a place cannot be 100% perfect but it is possible to maintain a balance between objects so that happiness and good fortune come through it. To maintain balance, these key steps need to be kept in mind.

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#22. Integrate Five Feng Shui elements in life

Before manifesting Feng Shui For Wealth, you must know about the basic elements of Feng Shui. There are five basic elements and they are the basic principles of this ancient Chinese philosophy.

Each element provides a different mood. These elements must be balanced to get a healthy and cheerful environment that certainly invites luck, and abundance in life.

The Basic Elements Are-

These elements have their individual properties which are to be balanced to maintain the balance of harmony. A brief description of these five elements are given below-

Fire Element:

The color of the fire element is red, orange, and yellow.

  • The fire element is the most powerful among all and represents energy, transformation, passion, etc. it increases enthusiasm and leadership.
  • Excessive use of fire elements can show anger, aggression, and impulsive behavior whereas little use shows a lack of vision, lack of self-esteem, coldness.
  • Candles, light, lampshade, sunlight can be used to expand fire elements.

Water Element:

  • The color of this element is blue. Water element helps to release things that are no longer needed in life. This element is related directly to money and career.
  • Water elements can be represented by an aquarium, crystals, ponds, water painting, etc. But, the major matter is to balance them.
  • Too many water elements can cause the feeling of unbalanced transition and too little water can cause the feeling of loneliness, stress, lack of sympathy, and isolation.

Wood Element:

  • Wood represents the traits of growth, birth, intuition, and strength. The color of this element is green.
  • This element can be represented by plants, trees, wood furniture, fresh and silk flowers, green objects such as a green pillow, etc.
  • They help to create motivation, inspiration, passion.

Metal Element:

  • Colors of the metal element are white, silver black, gray. Metal elements directly affect mental health.
  • The presence of metal elements enhances intellectual, organizational, and analytical abilities but overwhelming of this element can make anyone chatty and critical.
  • Anything made of metal, gold or silver, round and oval shapes, rocks and, stones represent metal elements.

Earth Element:

  • The colors of the earth element are brown, beige, or sand. This element impacts physical power while creating an overall feeling.
  • Rock features, antique pottery, thick carpet, square or rectangular shapes, images of landscapes represent the earth element.
  • An overabundance of earth element can create a heavy sensation and boredom. On the other hand, people feel confused, disorganized, and chaotic when there is too little earth. 

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This venerable philosophy is being used to gain the maximum positive or good chi in life. It can bring happiness in your personal life as well as increase your health, wealth, and wisdom.

If you want to lead your life according to Feng Shui, you must know and obey these rules. We hope you find this article on Feng Shui Rules For Wealth And Abundance In Life to be useful.