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Feng Shui East Facing House: 15 Rules for Luck + Wealth

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Are you willing to Feng Shui east facing house for yourself? We have compiled the most useful rules for you to explore and get started on getting your Feng Shui?

How you connect with the outside world is reflected in how you create harmony and positive energy in your home.

And, because many of us have spent so much time at home during the last eighteen months, it is vital that our space has a good flow and a positive mood. Feng Shui can help with this.

The essential principles of Feng Shui encompass everything you will need to create a good flow in your home.

We have provided here all the guidelines from the color scheme and Kua Number to the necessary element combinations, direction, and other items you can get to feng shui your east-facing house.

So, let’s have a look at what Feng Shui is and how it may help you turn your east-facing home into a relaxing yet active environment.

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What Are the Rules to Feng Shui East Facing House?

In Feng Shui, a house facing east sun is like a wide-open ground for healthy chi to enter within.

In traditional Feng Shui, the east sector is responsible for your health. So, an east-facing home can generate beneficial energy for both health and wealth luck. Here are a few rules that we have picked out for you to Feng Shui house east facing:

1. Focus on the Yang Energy of Your House

Feng Shui principle suggests that a great percentage of the overall yang energy in your house comes from the facing orientation of the house.

Even though the facing side of your property is not the front, you can utilize Feng Shui principles to treat it as if it were the front entrance.

2. Carefully Pick Out the Colors to Use

You can use one of the Feng Shui colors to paint the entrance door, as the front door is considered as a mouth of the home, so door colors play a very important role in inviting luck and prosperity.

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Different shades of green such as emerald, fern, moss, shamrock, olive, or macaroon are some of the color options you can choose from to Feng Shui east facing house.

Moreover, according to Feng-Shui, not all the colors go with your house, and you have to be picky and careful about what colors you are going to choose for your house.

For an east-facing house, it is recommended by Feng-Shui that colors that look either destructive or weakening should not be used.

These include colors that are associated with fire or metal. Such colors include shades like crimson, silver, gold, orange, etc.

3. Consider Your Sheng Qi Wealth Direction

The Sheng Qi, or wealth, is usually lying at the main point or in the front of a house, facing east. If the location of your front door is on the front side of your house, then you can assume the wealth sector to be there as well.

In other Kua numbers, this direction is also a good luck direction.

4. Figure Out Which of Your Rooms Are In Good Direction

As you lay over the grid of your house on a map, you will be able to place the east direction of Sheng Qi over the side of your house.

In most cases, when you Feng Shui east facing house, this is the front side. You can now figure out which rooms in your home correspond to your positive and negative energy.

Based on the Eight Aspirations Theory, these are known as the Eight Mansions.

4. Use Water and Wood Elements in Proper Combinations

Feng-Shui knows all the best techniques for your house. Feng shui five elements (Wood, Water, Fire, Metal, Earth).

One of the most vital things that you can include in your houses for health and luck charm is the wood and water element.

It is believed that wood is the element of the east sector, and water is the one thing that feeds wood. So both are equally beneficial and equally important for your home.

Are you confused about where to start including these elements? Here is an idea: start with the first area that you see when you come home, which is the front of the house. It could be your front door or the walls of the front of the house.

According to Feng Shui, if you use wood in the very front part of your house, it will activate and generate health, wealth, prosperity, and luck.

For example, why not install a wooden door? It will bring a positive impact and will look stunning as well. 

  • Now, you can move on to adding the second element – the water element. Here you can paint your front house walls with beautiful shades of blues which will feed our wood element.
  • There are also other ways through which you can introduce the water element. Have you ever heard of water fountains? They will go perfectly with your space and will look gorgeous but at the same time will bring you lots of good luck.
  • That said, make sure that the placement of your fountain is correct. For instance, you can place it on the left of your door, which will be perfect.
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What Items to Get to Feng Shui East Facing House?

Feng Shui is a potent technique for bringing good fortune and money into a person’s life.

Various Feng Shui goods are supposed to bring good fortune. These are not just for decoration.

In addition to this, they also leave an impact on one’s life, considering that they are used and positioned correctly. Here are the most popular Feng Shui good luck items to consider:

1. A Tortoise for Feng Shui

The Feng Shui Tortoise, which denotes longevity, is another fantastic choice for Feng Shui east facing house. These tortoises are made with resin, metals, wood, or even glass at times as the primary material.

Feng Shui tortoises have to go in the designated places within strategic positions all across the homes that face east. Following the placement rules will bring you luck and riches.

2. Statue of a Laughing Buddha

The statute of a laughing Buddha symbolizes hope and can bring positive energy to any location while also helping to create good Feng Shui energy.

A Laughing Buddha is also a beautiful decorative piece for homes and is one of the more impactful and prominent Feng Shui objects out there.

3. Shiny Crystal Lotuses

Among the most popular and significant items to Feng Shui’s east-facing house for luck, the Crystal Lotus has a unique and effective potential for romance.

This item is thought to provide good luck to anyone hoping for a one-of-a-kind love experience. You can also utilize it to improve your chances of getting good luck in terms of money in your home.

Not just this, these beautiful and shiny-looking crystal lotuses also help the residents of the house build stronger and better relationships.

4. Mandarin or Chinese Ducks

A Chinese or Mandarin Duck is considered to be the best and most well-known love symbol in Feng Shui.

You can use them to Feng Shui east-facing house. They are considered to represent strong love and good marriage. They must always be placed in pairs and be delivered in pairs as well.

5. Evil Eye to Protect Prosperity

The Evil Eye is a popular item to Feng Shui east-facing house that symbolizes good luck and is a part of households all around the world.

It can also protect you from undesirable repercussions by counteracting negative or demonic energy.

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Giving your loved ones an Evil Eye wall decor as a gift might also offer them happiness.

Feng Shui East Facing Home | Numbers & Directions

How to Feng Shui East Facing House?
How to Feng Shui East Facing House?

Traditional Feng-Shui can reveal a lot about your home’s east-facing location.

You need the Kua number for this. This number relates to exactly 8 aspirations of a house facing east. Here are some steps that can help you locate the best sector to Feng Shui east facing house:

  • Calculate your Kua number.
  • Check directions with the Kua number you calculated before.
  • Identify all the auspicious and inauspicious directions of your east-facing house.
  • Determine the nature of all your rooms, like which room falls in the good luck charm category and which falls in the bad luck charm category.


Do you know that a house facing east is believed to be very welcoming to a healthy and positive vibe? It is probably because the owner has taken to properly Feng Shui east facing house.

Feng Shui suggests that the east sector of a house is the area that is responsible for your health, and if you own an east-facing house, then it is known to generate a beneficial amount of energy that can be good for both your health and your wealth.

We hope the tips and methods shared above can help you change your east-facing house into a Feng Shui house to gain good luck.


Q: Is An East Facing House a Good Feng Shui?

Yes. As per Feng Shui, the direction in which the sun rises signals a bright future for the resident family.

Sitting with your back to the sun is considered optimal in Feng Shui because it is the easiest way to catch the essence of nature.

Q: What Direction Do Chinese Want Their House to Face?

Chinese people that believe in Feng Shui want a house that is facing south. Such homes are thought to be the most beneficial for the residents.

This also benefits light and its positive energy, the direction of Sheng Qi, and the peace of the family within.

If you are given a choice, you should live in a south-facing house with a front door and a pleasant view for good Feng Shui.

Q: What Does It Mean If Your Front Door Faces East?

A front door that faces the east is considered as a sign of good fortune, as per Feng Shui.

To top all of this good energy, you can paint your front door with colors of wood elements, for instance, green and tones of brown.