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21 Ways: How To Clean Out Closet For Good Feng Shui Vibe

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How To Clean Out Closet? Most people treat closets as a place where they don’t keep their stuff but actually stuff their stuff. However, they fail in realizing that they are covering up the positive ‘chi’ energy in the process.

How To Clean Out Closet
How To Clean Out Closet

Unfortunately, you will find messy closets in most homes. If they open their closet doors, they are opening up to that messy energy and carrying it around with them.

That’s why if you want to invite the Feng Shui energy into your home, your closets need to be as clean and organized as the rest of your home.

Let us first discuss how clutter is bad for your home (especially the Feng Shui Closets) and then we shall share some helpful tips on how to clean out closets the Feng Shui way.

How Bad Clutter Is for Home As Per Feng Shui

If you have an overstuffed and disorganized closet, it prohibits the auspicious chi energy from flowing freely through your home.

You may have spent time on the visible areas of your home and made them look beautiful as per the Feng Shui belief. But, if the closets are unclean, then you won’t reap the full benefits from your efforts.

How To Clean Out Closet
Feng Shui Organization Tips

The chi energy won’t be able to flow freely because of the mess in your storage space. The closets are an important space of your home even though they are not visible or out in the open.

But to maintain a healthy flow of energy, you must organize them well.

Impact Of Closet Clutter

It is not that hard to identify that the clutter in your closet is impacting your family life adversely. Here are some signs that you can observe in your life that maybe because of the messy closets in your home:

  • You may be falling sick more often and notice a steady decline in your health.
  • If you find yourself stuck at work without any obvious reasons, your messy closets may be the reason behind that.
  • Your wealth and property may be taking a hit slowly and gradually decreasing due to the disorganized closets.
  • You may find disharmony in the relationships at home. The unnecessary fights and arguments within the family may be a sign for you to reorganize the closets.
  • The constant unrest and discomfort within the confines of your home could be a result of the stagnant chi energy. Your home may be organized but the hidden messy closets could be the culprit.

If you observe your daily routine, you may find some problems and obstacles that occur due to some unknown reasons.

Well, it is time you do understand that chi energy does impact your home. So, gear up and learn how to clean out the closet.

Cluttered Closet Areas in Feng Shui?

There are small closets around the house that often go unnoticed during regular cleaning.

  1. The foyer closet is one such area. The chi energy enters your home through the foyer area and that is why it must be always free of clutter.
  2. The entrance is the most important area as per Feng Shui, so you must focus on decluttering this space. There are linen closets in most houses near the bathrooms that often stay disorganized.
  3. The bathrooms are already vulnerable as per Feng Shui because of the clean water going to waste in this area.
  4. So, you must keep this area clean. For the hall and bedroom closets, you must remember that any clutter will cause a restriction in the free flow of chi energy.
  5. To avoid stagnant energy, keep these storage spaces organized and neat at all times.
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How to clean out your closet and make money?

As per Feng Shui, you can also focus on the placement of the closets in your home to save money.

Feng Shui Wardrobe Placement In Bedroom

  • For instance, a disorganized closet in the southeast area will significantly harm your wealth and property.
  • Similarly, a messy closet in the north direction of your home can cause problems in your career. To secure your wealth and position, always keep these storage areas clean and organized.

Once you clean out the closet space, you will instantly feel the chi energy in the home like a breath of fresh air. The stagnant energy will release and you will find the negativity leaving your home.

The closets are an important area as per Feng Shui and they must be cleaned regularly. If you are wondering ‘how to clean out my closet’, you can start with these basic rules.

What Are The Basic Rules For Cleaning Out Closets

The clutter does disrupt the flow of positive energy that leads to stress in our lives. The first rule is basic yet the most important, ‘Uncluttered = Unstressed’.

How To Clean Out Closet
How To Clean Out Your Closet

Step 1: Removing

If you don’t know how to clean out your closet, simply remove a portion of the mess from the closet. While doing this, keep the items one by one in the boxes labeled as – keep, store, and throw/donate.

Once you do this easy step, a big bunch of clutter will already be out of your storage space.

Step 2: Organising

The next step in ‘how to clean out a closet is to organize the items in a group before you store them. You can group them based on colors, frequency of use, or season.

This will ensure that every time you open the closet, you will find a positive flow inside. This energy will boost your happiness and positivity.

Step 3: Decorating

If you wish to be a little creative, you can try some simple hacks to reorganize your closet. For instance, you can use matching closet hangers, hooks on closet doors, a closet organizer system for the wardrobe, etc.

With these inexpensive hacks, you can learn how to clean out your closet when you have a ton of unique pieces.

How To Manage and Organise Clothes In Your Closet

We know what you are thinking, how to clean out and organize your closet of clothes? Also, how to clean out your closet when you love everything? It’s not easy, but we will accept that. Closet arrangements for clothes are always essential in order to stay organized.

But, if you want a clean closet you must know how to purge your closet the right way. You can follow this simple four-step process that will guide you on how to clean out a closet of clothes:

1. Get Rid Of Clothing That Has Stains Or Is Uncomfortable

The first step is the easiest one. You may be emotionally attached to some clothes. But, if there is a stain that never gets out or there are small holes from moths, it needs to be thrown out.

You can’t keep every piece of clothing. You may be thinking, how to clean out your closet when you can’t afford new clothes?

Well, you need to realize that uncomfortable clothes are always going to sit inside the wardrobe. You are not going to wear them. This time get rid of such clothes, this is the first step for Feng Shui clothing.

2. Identify Clothes, You No Longer Love

The next step in learning how to clean out your closet and let go is, to keep only those clothes that you love. You may have bought some clothes that you loved at that time.

But, it is essential to realize that you don’t need them anymore. Therefore, if you want to dress confidently, get rid of those pieces that make you feel self-conscious.

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3. Take Out The Clothes That Don’t Fit Your Style

The next important step is to learn how to clean out your closet and find your style. While growing up, we changed our style numerous times. You evolve with the trends and gradually find your unique style.

But, if you keep old clothes in your closet, you will never buy clothes that you truly love at the moment. Create a space for the new you and let the old clothes go that don’t fit your style anymore.

4. Donate Clothes That You Haven’t Worn In Over A Year

This last step is important especially if you want to learn how to clean out your closet when you don’t know what you like to wear anymore. The solution is quite simple.

Look for clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year. If you hadn’t picked them in the last year, then you are not going to wear them again.

It is better to donate them so that someone else can use them better and these clothes will finally have a new home.

How to Organize Your Closet – 15 Golden Tips

Now let’s share some helpful tips from our closet cleanout guide that will teach you how to clean out the closet fast:

1. Plan Ahead

You cannot organize your closet overnight. You must know how to prioritize a closet cleanout and think about the time you want to spend on it as well.

We recommend you break this task into small segments and complete them in a few hours every day. Whatever you plan, make sure you are comfortable with it. Otherwise, you might get overwhelmed with the job.

2. Clean The Inside Area

When you take out the stuff from one portion of the closet, remember to clean that part of the closet properly.

Use a vacuum and/or wipes and ensure that the part is ready for a fresh start. This will help you in keeping the closet clean for future purposes as well.

3. Brighten Up The Shelves

As per Feng Shui, your closet should never be dingy and unclean. If you think it needs a makeover, then you can apply a fresh coat of paint or cover it with shelving paper. Also, you can add a small light inside the closet.

4. Pick What You Want To Keep

Do you truly think you need everything that you just pulled out from the closet? The answer would be yes for some items and no for the remaining ones. Keep them apart for donation.

Also, if they are not good enough to use again, you can throw them as well.

5. Pick What You Want To Store

Most of the time, we fill the closets with clothes that we don’t use regularly. It could be because they are seasonal clothes or only for some special occasions.

You need to keep this bunch separately. Store them either at the top of the closet shelf or under the bed. This will ensure the best possible way to organize your closet.

6. Combine Similar Items

To learn how to streamline wardrobe and clean out the closet, you can store the items in the closet by grouping similar items like your belts, pants, accessories, etc.

They must be kept together so that it is easier for you to choose when you dress up.

7. Hang Your Regular Clothes In The Front

There must be some clothes that are your favorites and you wear them regularly. They must be hung or stored in the front of the closet so that you can find them easily every other day.

Also, you won’t have to create a mess when you pull them out from the back in a hurry. Similarly, the ones that you wear on a fixed number of days can be carefully kept in the back.

8. Choose The Right Hangers

Your fine lingerie and evening dresses should be placed on satin hangers and coats on heavy wood hangers.

You can also pick slim profile hangers that can allow more space in the closet. Whatever hangers you choose, the clothes should hang on them properly. 

9. Pick What You Want To Keep In Drawers/Bins

The items that don’t need to be hung should be kept inside the drawers. You can keep your casual or random accessories inside and keep them arranged by using dividers. Your nightwear can also be rolled up and kept in these bins conveniently.

10. Store Clothes The Right Way

While organizing everything, you can try to fold some clothes such as t-shirts and sweaters on the shelves. This will give you more space inside and will also make these items visible every time you open the Chinese closet doors.

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11. Use Wall Space For Accessories

Get closet organizers such as adhesive hooks to place your accessories. You can hang your scarves, handbags, and artificial jewelry on them and keep your closet neat and clean.

12. Decide If You Need More Bins

Sometimes we think we need more space and buy more stuff than required. When you clean out your closet, decide what you want to keep in bins. Once you have an idea about the extra storage you need, only then buy the bins from the store.

13. Make The Closet Multi-purpose

If you think your closet still has sufficient space, you can increase its utility by making some additions. Try over the door shoe rack for keeping shoes and accessories.

You can even add a full-length mirror to the closet door to make the best use of the space.

14. Ensure A Cohesive Look

Once you have organized the closet, you can look for small changes that can be made. Try to use matching hangers, label the bins properly, and hang the clothes facing the same direction.

This will not only make it easier for you to locate stuff but as per Feng Shui, it will bring a harmonious flow.

15. Maintain The Closet Once You Are Done

If you have put in a good time and your closet looks like you imagined, then you must make efforts to keep it that way.

Mark your calendar or put a notification on your phone to remind you to reorganize the closet frequently. With regular cleaning, you will find that you need much less time and effort each time in the future.

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Best Feng Shui closet Placement

The best directions and placement for a closet, wardrobes, cabinets or cupboards in the house is South-west. Other than this remember not to place it near a door, window and bed. As it may block the vital energies and positivity.

If you can’t place it in the South-west, then you can try it North West, as both the directions are good in order to promote a healthy environment.


Q: What order do you color closets?

Clothes closet color order is a good way to Feng Shui your clothes. You can rainbow color order for closet clothes, like White, tan, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, purple, brown, gray, and black.

Q: Feng Shui closet doors open or closed?

Feng Shui closet doors must be closed for good vibes and to feel organized. An open door can hinder your sleep and peace.

Q: bed facing closet Feng Shui good or bad?

Bed facing closet Feng Shui can be bad if it has a mirror and is reflecting the bed. Always close the door of your wardrobe. If it has a mirror then try to cover it with some sheet or curtain to minimise the effect.

Q: closet in career area Feng Shui?

If your closet is situated at the career area, as per Feng Shui you need to make sure its clutter free. As disorganised wardrobe will block the new career opportunities and growth.


How To Clean Out Closet? When you clean out the closet clutter using the Feng Shui ways, you can unblock the chi energy flow in your home.

You can also look for more such ways online such as ‘Project 333 how to clean out your closet’, ‘how to clean out a dank basement closet’, etc.

Remember, if you maintain a clean closet, you will invite the positive energy that will ensure harmony in your life and relationships. And by these closet Feng Shui step by step tips, you can be organized and save a lot of time.