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11 Crystals For Protection: Benefits | How To Use Guide

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Have you experienced a bad day when it seems that everything is working against you?

Then you are probably under the attack of negative energy that results in stress, apprehension, depression, frustration, and feelings of dejection.

Today, we are vulnerable to hurtful attacks from many things, such as negative energies, tough relationships, stressful work, electromagnetic pollution, and others that affect our health.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to purify and protect yourself against negative energies and others’ emotional attacks using the gift of Mother Nature known as crystals.

For many years, crystals have been respected for their ability to protect from horrific energies, and evil forces and also help to infuse hope, comfort, and inner strength.

While there are many crystals, there are specific ones that possess exceptional protection properties.

These crystals are effective for forging protective boundaries, preventing negative energy from reaching your home, and creating a space filled with lovely vibes, soothing energy, and lifting spirit.

Are you ready to know how to maximize the crystals to protect yourself against negative energies and fill yourself with peace? Then this blog is for you.

In this blog, we have listed the 11 best crystals for protection. We provided useful information on the uses of these crystals, how to use them, and their properties. 

Feng Shui Crystals For Protection Uses and Benefits

Top 11 Crystals For Protection, Functions, And Properties

CrystalsFunctionsPhysical Properties
Black TourmalineProtection from negative energy and groundingVastly endowed with manganese and iron, contributing to its charging and magnetic effectiveness.
Clear QuartzFacilitates positive energy and positivityTranslucent and whitish rock crystal containing oxygen and silicon atoms.
EmeraldPromotes love and makes relationships strongerIt has a colorful appearance with a vitreous luster that varies from translucent to transparent.
Smoky QuartzKnown for transforming negative energyIt has a dark, smoky appearance
AmethystKnown for aiding sleep and dreamsIt is a range of silicon quartz, typified by its unique purple hue. Amethyst is one of the most recognized semi-precious gemstones with huge protection properties.
Tiger’s EyeIt evokes strength and boldnessIt comes in marble form and has a cat-eye-similar appearance.
ObsidianIt defends against negative energy and negative vibesBlack in nature formed from magma and lava filling you with the energy of an erupting volcano.
CitrineIt has a healing ability and helps in manifesting wealth and abundance.It has a delightful color that brings about positivity and optimism.
Hematite  For dispelling electromagnetic pollutionAn iron oxide stone with a different luster ranges from black to silver and grey.
PyriteIt is a sure guard against electromagnetic radiationIt is an attractive stone with a gold hue.
SeleniteFor securing your homeIt contains high vibration and comes as a crystallized form of gypsum.  

1. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful protection crystals.

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It is recognized as a strong grounding stone that is mostly utilized for protection against psychic attacks.

If you are suffering from severe anxiety, depression, or frustration, using this crystal can restore you to the best position and boosts your self-confidence


  • Black Tourmaline (Or Green Tourmaline) is a protective stone against electromagnetic energy from electronic devices.
  • This crystal dispels negative energy from your life and space.
  • Black Tourmaline will help you feel more grounded, confident, and calm.

How To Use It

  • For protection from the dangerous effects of electromagnetic radiation, place a piece beside your electronic devices. It will also protect your atmosphere and change its settings.
  • For clearing and dispelling the negative energy around your home, position a piece of this crystal at your main door.
  • If you are feeling vulnerable, unsecured, or threatened by your place of work, associates, friends, or just anyone, placing a cluster of this crystal in your home will be useful. It is recommended to set your purpose for protection and security while using this crystal. Then position a piece of this crystal in every corner of your home.     

2. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is capable of enhancing the energy of other crystals. It is a protection stone recognized for its ability to absorb, balance, and regulate bad forces and energies.

Clear Quartz is a crystal to hold close to yourself when you feel you are getting out of balance and you don’t know what causes it. Simply, hold a piece of Clear Quartz and meditate for some minutes.  


  • This stone is effective when it comes to the total cleansing of your body, soul, and spirit, which then help to get over things that are not beneficial such as past pains, depression, and bad thoughts.
  • Clear Quartz is powerful to purify your soul and re-establish your bond with divinity. 
  • It is great for dispelling negative energy and attracting positive energy.
  • It purifies and cleanses the energy in your space

How To Use It

  • Clear Quartz is effective as a protection stone when you hold it close to your body.
  • Wear it as a bracelet, necklace or as a ring always.
  • It is a crystal that is sensitive and easy to influence, so always prepare your intention and let it know each time you wear it.
  • A piece of this stone can also be placed close to your bed to safeguard you while sleeping.

3. Emerald

Emerald is known as a crystal of thriving love as it demonstrates faithfulness, loyalty, and unconditional love. This stone will help protect your love and make your relationship stronger.


  • It comprises soothing and peaceful energy that facilitates love and stabilizes relationships.
  • It helps to promote the accumulation of wisdom.
  • This stone enhances stability by bringing about balance in all areas of life, particularly your emotions. Therefore, it makes you emotionally strong.
  • It helps you to build inner strength that promotes resilience and determination.
  • It stirs positivity in you and brings about optimism.

How To Use It

  • Place it in your house to enhance your relationship.
  • Position it in the left corner of your house to attract financial abundance.
  • You can wear it as a ring, but be careful because it is a delicate gemstone.

4. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz does a great job of transforming negative energies into positive energies.

It is an ideal crystal for anyone finding it hard to concentrate or experiencing a straying mind because of negative energy.

The stone promotes the root chakra and solar plexus to be well effective, bringing about calmness, serenity, grounding, and concentration.

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  • Smoky Quartz purifies negative energies by transforming them into positive energies.
  • Smoky Quartz is useful for eliminating awful habits, behaviors, or vibes as it facilitates inner strength.
  • This stone helps to empty your mind of everything that reduces your focus as well as makes you composed and calm.     

How To Use It

  • Put a piece of Smoky Quartz on your office desk which also protects you from Electromotive force (EMF).
  • Put Smoky Quartz at the main door of your space, either home or office.
  • You can wear it as a necklace always. Only make sure the jewelry point downwards to help negative energies escape.
Crystals Stones For Protection Uses and Benefits

5. Amethyst

Amethyst is a powerful stone for protection with the ability to influence spiritual energies to soothe your spirit, mind, and body.

It performs this effectively by putting these energies under control and then going ahead to safeguard you from insomnia and nightmares.

It is a stone that is the best for promoting sleep, making you refreshed and calm.


  • It is a versatile and powerful crystal with many uses. It stimulates the mind, wards off negative energy, and helps to control emotions.
  • It is a stone that provides psychic security. Using it can guard you against evil thoughts and helps you to govern your thoughts and vibes.   
  • It is a stone that boosts meditation and instinct and also establishes reticence in your dealings with people.

How To Use It

  • You can keep a piece of Amethyst stone under your pillow or close to your bed at night for protection from nightmares.
  • Wear the stone as jewelry, ring, or bracelet to guarantee your safety, purification, and insight. Wearing Amethyst as a necklace will help to block the flow of negative energy and negativity.
  • Wear the stone as a ring for protection from psychic defiance, bad habits, and negative vibes.
  • Wearing Amethyst crystal even as an anklet can promote soothing and protection.

6. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is also a protection stone that dispels negative energy from your space.

It is a stone that is great for attracting confidence, concentration, enthusiasm, and willpower. Tiger’s Eye also promotes peace, abundance, and good luck.

You can use it to eliminate ill luck because is a crystal of good luck and prosperity.


  • It helps you to exploit your self-discipline and inner strength.
  • It unleashes grace and abundance.
  • It protects you from negative energy and gets rid of self-doubt. It enhances your self-confidence and self-worth.

How To Use It

  • You can wear the stone as a bracelet to aid the renewal and enhancement of your willpower and energy to resolve.
  • Use it as a ring to ensure you are grounded when meditating.

7. Black Obsidian

This crystal is undoubtedly one of the strongest protection stones anyone can use. The effectiveness of this stone lies in its ability to transform negative energy into a positive one.

Black Obsidian stone will shield you from negativity, anxiety, evil, emotional disorder, and negative feelings.  It helps also to calm your mind and keeps at bay anything that will hurt your mind.  


  • The protective force loaded in this stone can serve you positively by warding off evil forces from your environment.
  • The stone gets rid of awful vibes that loiter around you.
  • It keeps you calm and its metaphysical properties work by protecting you from spells, bad luck, hostility, and evil association.
  • The stone is useful in neutralizing negative controls and people with hidden intentions toward you.

How To Use It

  • One of the ways to utilize Black Obsidian at home is by placing it at the front door.
  • You can put a piece of this stone in your house, bedroom, or kitchen.
  • You can use it in your office by placing a piece of it on your desk.
  • The stone can be worn as bracelets or jewelry, or even keep it in your pocket.
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8. Citrine

Citrine is one of the protective crystals with diverse healing properties. The protective nature of this stone helps to expel tension, stress, fatigue, and negativity around you.

Among other stones, citrine is compatible with the earth and fire elements, transforming it into a powerful protective and healing crystal.

If you are looking for a stone that will help enhance your energy to handle day-to-day tasks, use citrine.


  • It is a well-known crystal for attracting wealth, well-being, positivity, and calmness.
  • Citrine is a stone that creates wealth acquisition and retention, as well as promotes bounteousness and kindness. 
  • It stimulates your body to perform optimally and effectively.   
  • It opens your mind and brings about stability and balance.

How To Use It

  • This stone can be used during meditation which enhances your connectivity and calmness.
  • You can keep the stone in your home or office. It works well by creating grids on the crystal.
  • It is proven that Citrine is water safe. Therefore, you can put it in your drinking water bottle. Using this method makes you steep the blissful and wealthy energy that brings prosperity and abundance.
  • Wearing a Citrine ring is one of the ways to use it and it makes you come out successful.

9. Hematite

Hematite is one of the robust stones adequate for protecting you from electromagnetic radiation. 

This stone is effectively used where you are surrounded by electromotive force. It has a solid protection ability that delivers a defensive blockade against electromotive force (EMF).


  • Hematite has a powerful protective barrier that safeguards you while the crystal covers you from negative energy.
  • The stone possesses healing energy that promotes healthful exchange and flows in the body and immune system.
  • It is an effective stone for anyone having intense periods, high blood pressure, and others.
  • The stone can help to carry out complete detoxification of the body, soul, and spirit, thereby keeping you purified entirely.

How To Use It

  • You can put it on as a bracelet from day to day to promote peace and calmness.
  • You can keep it under your pillow to shield you from negative energy.
  • You can put a piece in your pocket.

10. Pyrite

Pyrite is one of the stones for protection, thanks to its strong detoxification ability.

It is a stone that is helpful for those that spend much time with electronic devices. Pyrite helps to protect you from exposure to electromagnetic radiation generated by technological equipment.


  • It can protect you from the hurtful effects that technology can pose on your well-being.
  • The stone helps attract financial abundance.
  • It is a crystal that should be used for those that want safety and protection from negative energy.
  • It sets you free from negative thoughts.

How to Use

  • Place this stone in every corner of your home to enjoy its value.
  • The stone is perfect for wearing as jewelry because it is not only attractive but helpful too.
  • Keep a piece of it in your pocket, bag, or pouch.

11. Selenite

Selenite is one of the best stones that can keep your home protected. This stone can establish good vibes around your home.

It is powerful for expelling stagnant or musty energy far from your space, as well as purifying and cleansing the energy to your advantage.


  • Selenite helps to fend off negativity and lifts your spirit.
  • It is also great for clearing away every negative feeling.
  • You can use this crystal to promote peace and clarity while soothing the atmosphere in your home.
  • It offers protection from psychic attacks.

How To Use It

  • Use it as a protective shield at home by placing it at the front entrance and every corner of your home.
  • Use it as a bracelet to produce a positive mindset that then helps to open up your intuition for use.
  • It is a good crystal for meditating and cleansing.    

In Conclusion

The stones mentioned above are effective enough to shield you and your home from negative energy and psychic attacks and help you achieve your goals.

By using these stones, you can change the vibes around you, which then help to create a calm and peaceful environment. You can enjoy inner strength and peace in your soul using these stones.