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11 Feng Shui Cure House Facing Electric Pole For Positivity

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Feng Shui Cure House Facing Electric Pole to get rid of negative energy. If your home has an electric pole right in front of it, it can be inauspicious for you and your family.

When we buy a new house, we make sure it is the perfect property for us. In the process of buying a new place and shifting there, we ensure everything inside and outside the house is as per our liking.

For example, most people actively search for homes with big windows to get maximum sunlight and wind.

Moreover, when shifting to a new place, we make sure everything inside the house is arranged as we like it and whatever is most suitable for us.

However, during all this rush, we tend to neglect one of the most important things–and that is everything that surrounds our property.

While we give full attention to the details, the neighborhood, and the overall structure, most people forget to pay attention to what’s right in front of their home.

Feng Shui Cure House Facing Electric Pole
Feng Shui Cure House Facing Electric Pole

And while sometimes it isn’t a big issue, other times it can have a huge negative impact on you, your house, your family, and your overall Feng Shui.

One such issue is an electric pole in front of your house–it is quite common, and at least one house in a neighborhood is situated in such a place. However, it is not something you just ignore.

Most people don’t realize this, but it causes bad Feng Shui, and as per the old philosophy, you must cure this issue asap!

Not sure how you can do that? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Today, let’s talk about what happens when you have a house facing an electric pole and how you can protect yourself!

Meaning of Having a House Facing Electric Pole in Feng Shui

As we know, Feng Shui is the study of the environment, meaning every object present in our surroundings impacts our lives.

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As per Feng Shui, all things resonate with some energy, and this energy determines the positivity or negativity present in the various aspects of our life.

Keeping this concept in mind, we can all agree that an electric pole is also an object that possesses some kind of energy, and when it is in close proximity to a person, it resonates with it.

But how can we tell whether the energy it is radiating is positive or negative for us?

Well, for that, we have Feng Shui principles that tell us that the presence of an electric pole right in front of the house can be inauspicious. Electromagnetic rays and energy they give off have a lot to do with this. Let’s learn more about it.

Why is a House Facing Electric Pole Inauspicious?

Feng Shui Cure House Facing Electric Pole
Feng Shui Cure House Facing Electric Pole

Electromagnetic Rays

Electric poles resonate with electromagnetic rays, and having these rays surrounding your house is unsafe.

These electromagnetic rays act as negative energy when they enter your house and can have an adverse impact on your home life and health.

It has been determined by Feng Shui practitioners and certified researchers that these rays form an electromagnetic field (EMF) which leads to numerous health issues.

These rays and EMF is linked to cancers such as leukemia and heart diseases. However, with overlong exposure, they can cause skin issues and skin cancers as well.

It is little wonder why Feng Shui considers these rays as negative energy that are harmful to human beings.

Apart from this, these electromagnetic rays also disrupt the positive energy entering your house and turn it negative, thus endangering r you and your family members.

Voltage and Distance

The impact of electromagnetic rays intensifies when the distance is shorter and the voltage is higher–that’s when the rays can affect you the most.

You are exposed to higher levels of negative energy with an electric pole so near your house. It actually increases the intensity of those negative rays.

Constant Noise

Sometimes we get so used to small sounds that we don’t notice them–but even then, they can impact our brain.

The electric, magnetic field that the electric pole and the rays create around it causes a constant buzzing and humming sound, which usually comes from the power lines.

According to Feng Shui, this noise harms you and your health.

Feng Shui is strictly against noise pollution; being surrounded by noise is detrimental to our health.  . According to Feng Shui, this constant humming noise is linked to various problems such a it can:

  • cause health issues
  • disrupt electronic implants in the body
  • distort wireless connections and other electronic appliances in your home
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Feng Shui Cure House Facing Electric Pole

Now that we have understood how and why, the presence of an electric pole right in front of the house is considered inauspicious in Feng Shui.

Let’s see how we can solve this problem if you have unfortunately bought a house with this problem. Here are a few Feng Shui cures to make it better for you:

1. Radiation Proof your House

One great way to save yourself and your house from the radiation of the electromagnetic field and the electric pole is to install radiation-proof doors and windows in your house.

These doors and windows repel electromagnetic rays which protect your house from negativity and only lets positive “Qi” enter.

2. Hang Hulu (Chinese Gourd)

The Hulu, also known as the Chinese gourd, is a popular Chinese symbol that holds a lot of significance in Feng Shui.

To protect your house from the negativity of the electromagnetic field, hang multiple Hulu (gourds) on a string and around the house.

This is a trusted symbol of good health and longevity and will protect your house and especially your health from the impact of the electric pole’s negative energy.

3. Place a Rooster Statue or Picture

The rooster statue represents protection and good luck in Feng Shui. Placing a rooster statue or picture of the rooster on your front door or window will protect your house from negative energy.

If you have a window that opens onto the electric pole, paste a picture of the rooster on the window and repeat the same on the front door.

The rooster will absorb all the negative energy and provide you with protection against it  keeping your health maintained as well.

4. Use a Dragon Turtle

The dragon turtle is a legendary and extremely significant symbol in Feng Shui. It has held a lot of importance for Feng Shui practitioners and has been renowned for its numerous benefits since ancient times.

The dragon turtle symbolizes all things great–it helps with power, fertility, courage, success, longevity, and support.

If you have any problems in your life, you can use the dragon turtle. Having a small dragon turtle statue in your house is considered extremely auspicious and recommended by Feng Shui practitioners.

Place a big statue of the dragon turtle at the front door to repel negative energy and bring only positivity inside.

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However, you can keep a small sculpture near the front door and windows if you don’t have enough space. The small pieces look decorative and resonate with positivity simultaneously, so they can be very helpful.

5. Place a Water Fountain

The water element can be very helpful for you in this situation–since water and electricity don’t mix, enhancing the water element near the electric pole will reduce its impact.

According to Feng Shui practices, place a water fountain at your entrance, lawn, or near the front door. The closer it is to the pole, the better because then it will easily keep negative energy at bay.

It will be a great barricade for negative energy and allow positive energy for the water element to enter the house.

6. Hang a Convex Bagua Mirror

The Bagua mirror is an auspicious Feng Shui tool that has great benefits for a house. When it comes to protecting a house from negative energy, they can be of a lot of help because they are convex mirrors.

Their shape plays a huge role in absorbing negative energy and giving off positive energy. They take the harm on themselves before it reaches you, thus effectively shielding you from its bad effects.

House Facing an Electric Pole – Feng Shui Cures Conclusion

Some things are just out of our control, such as the presence of an electric pole right in front of the house. Now that you know it can be inauspicious, try to avoid buying a house with such an issue.

However, if you have already purchased a house like this, use the Feng Shui cures mentioned above to get rid of the negativity this electric pole is bringing to your house.

Feng Shui Cure House Facing Electric Pole FAQs

Q: Why is a housing facing an electric pole inauspicious?

It is considered inauspicious because the electric pole resonates with electromagnetic rays that can negatively affect your health and house affairs.

Moreover, they give off constant noise, which can negatively impact you.

Q: How to cure a house-facing electric pole?

You can use many tips, such as placing a convex Bagua mirror, rooster statue, and dragon turtle statue at your front door and windows.