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Eagle Symbolism: 15 Eagle Statue Benefits, Placement Tips

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Eagle Symbolism– The eagle is a bird that is referred to as “the king of the air”. An eagle possesses unique attributes that make it one of its kind.

Undisputedly, eagles are created with royalty, majesty, strength, and conquest. While other birds run into hiding at the blast of a vicious wind, eagles take the advantage to display their power, and confidence in the face of a raging storm.

All through ages, and civilizations, eagles have been used by kingdoms and governments have as a symbol of

  • Authority,
  • Confidence,
  • Success,
  • Triumph,
  • Freedom,
  • Victory,

Perhaps this acceptance does not come lightly. Eagles have the following characteristics: 

  • Incisive and sharp claws
  • Sharp and strong eyesight

These characteristics make them the most suitable symbol for

  • Vision,
  • Intelligence,
  • Foresightedness, and precision,
  • Wisdom, knowledge,
  • Vigor,
  • Leadership

Besides, eagles are identified as one of the reliable Feng Shui symbols capable of helping anyone achieve and attain success in career and profession.

Eagle Symbolism Feng Shui
Eagle Symbolism Feng Shui

The Feng Shui eagle symbol will assist you to attain your peak potentially with style, respect, honor, distinction, bravery, and foresight no matter the field you find yourself. 

No wonder, the eagle statue is placed on office desks, as a symbol of victory, success, achievement, and auspicious view. They can also boost one’s passion and focus for achieving set-out plans, aspirations, and goals.

Hence, it is used in Feng Shui to represent wisdom, knowledge, freedom, and power. Having been familiar with some attributes associated with eagles, we explained eagle symbolism and placement in Feng Shui.

This blog will help you to have adequate knowledge about various auspicious tips available in eagles. We explained the following topics as related to eagle symbolism and placement in Feng Shui:

  • Is eagle good or bad sign in Feng Shui
  • Is eagle sitting on a house is good or bad
  • What are the top eagle superstitions?
  • Is it good to keep an eagle statue at home?
  • What is the eagle symbolism in Christianity?
  • What is the meaning of eagle spiritually?
  • What is the eagle symbolism in Native America?
  • What is the biblical meaning of eagle?
  • What is the meaning of three eagles?
  • What is the meaning of seeing a bald eagle?
  • What are the eagle symbol placement tips present in Feng Shui
  • What are the best benefits Of Feng Shui Golden Eagle?
  • How can I use Feng Shui eagle for career success
  • Can we gift our loved ones eagle in Feng Shui?
  • List of other Feng Shui lucky items eagle can be paired with
  • Can I get myself as an eagle?
  • What to do with a broken eagle statue?

Is Eagle Good or Bad Sign In Feng Shui

By the virtue of the qualities that an eagle carries, it is necessary to say it is a good sign in Feng Shui. The meaning of this unbeatable and gallantly winged creature is that of influence, bravery, boldness, and resoluteness.

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As early mentioned, an eagle is one of the major Feng Shui symbols that represents power, freedom, vision, triumph, bravery, success, and foresightedness.

Because of its dominating spirit, the eagle’s supremacy is unquestionable. Therefore is a good sign in Feng Shui.

Seeing one sends a signal of receiving a message from on high, and the ultimate height an eagle reaches, which no other bird is not capable of reaching, establishes our connectivity with the divine.

Is Eagle Sitting On House is Good or Bad

When you encounter an eagle, it is a signal. It is an indication that you are mapped out to be brave, resolute, and focused. It is time to come out of your hiding or comfort zone, stretch forth your wing, and overcome every limit around you.

It’s simple! An eagle sitting on your house is good. You are being inspired to aim higher and rise beyond the limit you have set for yourself or think you are capable of.

What Are The Top Eagle Superstitions?

There are diverse beliefs based on different cultures and traditions. In the same manner, there are some beliefs, called superstitions associated with eagles. Some eagle superstitions are: 

  • It is believed that if you encounter a flying eagle in a dream, it is an indication that your lot is about to take a turn for the better. You will experience a change that will attract wealth, respect, and status.
  • Eagles are seen as connectivity between man and God based on the height they can attain. They are regarded to have the capability to collect messages for a person from the divine.

Is It Good To Keep Eagle Statue At Home?

Keeping an eagle statue at home is not recommended. It is a bad omen!

Eagles are regarded as vicious animal that exhibits fierceness in their prey. They belong to the class of lion, wolf, leopard, and tiger. Due to this fact, placing an eagle statue at home is believed to cause discord, disagreement, and fight in the household.

Eagle Symbolism Feng Shui Placement
Eagle Symbolism Feng Shui Placement

Whether you are placing the eagles’ statue at home or painting that depicts their images in front of your home, keeping an eagle statue at home is not ideal.

Instead, an eagle statue can be placed in an office environment because of its significance professionally. You can also put the eagle symbol on your office desk. This is the most suitable place people put an eagle statue.

What Is Eagle Symbolism In Christianity?

The eagle symbolism appears in the Christian faith as well as in the bible. The symbolism is as follows:

  • The first symbolic meaning of eagle in Christianity is used to demonstrate a virtue of faith, courage, passion, and spiritual inspiration which was found in Christ and early Christian leaders.
  • The eagle symbolism in Christianity also is got from its vision and cut clear sight used to represent the omnipresent nature of God, knowing what was, is, and will be.
  • The eagle symbolism in Christianity is adopted as a sign to portray redemption of mankind and the spread of the Christian faith across the world.
  • The eagle is also used to represent victorious and unwearied Christians and it is a symbol of strength.

What Is The Meaning of Eagle Spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of an eagle is tied to its heroic nature and across the ages, the eagle has been adopted as an important symbol used in government, religion, and known mystical views. 

The spiritual meanings of the eagle are:

  • Eagles are seen as a spiritual agent connecting the spiritual world with the physical world delivering inspirations to bring your ambition to reality.
  • Eagles are seen as a symbol of revolution, development, strength, foresightedness, power, and burning passion.
  • Eagles are seen as the messengers from the Divine, the Heavenly God.

What Is The Eagle Symbolism In Native America?

The eagle is also adopted in Native America as a sacred symbol that stands as a link between the realm of the physical and that of the spiritual.

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The eagle is symbolic in Native America as a representation of boldness, audacity, vitality, and inspiration. An eagle is regarded as a custodian of visions and dreams. 

What Is The Biblical Meaning Of Eagle?

These are the Biblical meanings of an eagle below:

  • The eagle is used to describe the resurrection of Jesus Christ with the similarity of rising above every obstacle.
  • The eagle is also used to describe Christians who are determined, focused, hoped in the blessedness of following Christ. They will be strengthened, and triumph in spite of challenges.
  • It is also mentioned among the four animal symbols soaring with their wings stretched upward and never turned back.

What Is The Meaning Of Three Eagles?

Number three has a powerful symbolic meaning, and more often, it is connected with creativity, expression, message, optimism, and nosiness.

So, whenever you see three eagles, you should know the message that is passing across. Seeing three eagles could mean

  • Scaling new heights
  • Get higher over your present situation
  • Hope of flying to a new position in your endeavor.

What Is The Meaning Of Seeing A Bald Eagle?

When you encounter a bald eagle is not something terrifying. Rather, it is a sign you need to brace up for a leadership position.

When you come across or encounter a bald eagle, it could mean:

  • A message telling you to take the right step in life. If you know you’re heading in the wrong direction, stop, and take a turn for good.
  • It shows God remembered you, and there is a message for you. Encountering a bald eagle delivers to you the spiritual awakening and communication from God.
  • The sight of a bald eagle is telling you there is an opportunity coming your way, and you need to seize it before it flies away.
  • Coming across a bald eagle is a sign of ultimate leadership, direction, and vigor. This means you need to sharpen your leadership acumen, be courageous and overcome your personal doubt.
  • It indicates you need to broaden your reality and position your values spiritually.

What Are The Eagle Symbol Placement Tips Present In Feng Shui?

Check the following for eagle symbol placement tips in Feng Shui way.

  • In an office space, the eagle symbol can be placed in the south corner which helps to attract auspicious energies that improve professional luck which is needed to enjoy fame and recognition for your hard work.
  • You can put the eagle symbol on your office desk too.
  • Is ideal to place the eagle symbol close to the entrances of your home, as this can make the eagle symbol serve as a guard which can protect the entire surroundings against negative energies.
  • Take the eagle statue away from your bedroom, the room of your children, inside the bathroom, the kitchen, or where you worship.
  • Are you interested in hanging an eagle painting? Why not? But the ideal position is inside the living hall or in the office.
  • You must consider carefully the direction in which the eagle’s head is facing. Ensure it faces the outside of the house, rather than inside.

What Are The Best Benefits Of Feng Shui Golden Eagle?

Feng Shui golden eagle is a magic bird with great benefits. We list some of the top benefits of the Feng Shui golden eagle that can do you good.

  1. The Feng Shui golden eagle has been used as a symbol for heralding victories, success, exploits, and good news.
  2. If you want to experience success, courage, dominion, economic stability, good luck, and the self-belief needed to fly high towards achieving your goals, the Feng Shui golden eagle can attract the good energies to accomplish them.
  3. The Feng Shui golden eagle offers the benefit of protecting and watching over your home. It is a symbol of fierceness against unwanted visitors and stopping bad energies.
  4. If you want to be recognized in your place of work, place a Feng Shui golden eagle statue on your desk. It will attract fame and recognition.
  5. The Feng Shui golden eagle can improve your self-esteem and help you build an enviable and proficient partnership that can lift your profession to new heights.
  6. Placing the Feng Shui golden eagle at the entrance of your home facing outside is sure proof for opening doors to numerous opportunities. It is an auspicious element for your home. 
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How Can I Use Feng Shui Eagle For Career Success

If you want to use the Feng Shui eagle for career success, all you have to do, among others is to know the proper placement of the eagle.

As mentioned above, Feng Shui Eagle is undoubted, an outstanding representation of command, authority, supremacy, influence, triumph, and accomplishment.

In order to use Feng Shui eagle for career success, you can place: 

  • The eagle statue on your office desk to improve your self-esteem, confidence in your ability, and let your hard work be recognized.
  • The eagle statue in the south corner of your office. It helps to develop financial stability, confidence, inspiration, and growth.

List Of Other Feng Shui Lucky Items Eagle Can Be Paired With

Eagle can be paired with other Feng Shui lucky items to attract luck. Eagle is compatible with the following lucky items.

  • The Laughing Buddha: notable for bringing great joy and good luck.
  • Crystal lotus: suitable for inviting good luck and love.
  • Evil eye is fascinating in inviting good luck and security. It scares away bad energies.
  • Bamboo plant: can be paired with an eagle as a symbol of endurance and survival no matter the condition. It can bring positive energy and fortune. Position it in the east direction and see how you will draw riches.

FAQs on Eagle Symbolism in Feng Shui

Q: Can We Gift Our Loved One’s Eagle In Feng Shui?

Since An Eagle Is A Symbol Of Success, Victory, Achievement, Liberty, And Foresight, It Means Using It As A Gift To Someone Is A Kind Gesture.

The Eagle Can Be Given Out As A Gift To Those You Love, As A Blessing To See Them Scale Higher In Life, Attain Their Goals, And Succeed.

Q: What To Do With Broken Eagle Statue?

If You Notice Your Eagle Statue Is Broken, Replace It And Get A New One. No Crime When Your Eagle Statue Broke. Pack It And Dispose Of The Pieces.

Get A New Statue And Move On. The Broken Eagle Statue Does Not Have Any Negative Impact.

Q: Can I Get Myself An Eagle?

It Depends On Your Motive. If It Is An Eagle Statue, Of Course, You Can Buy One For Your Personal And Office Uses, But If You Are Looking At Buying Yourself an Alive Eagle, It Is Illegal.

Eagles Are Part Of The Wild Animals And You Cannot Them As Pets. Only Licensed Individuals Like The Wildlife Rehabilitators Can Keep Them As Permitted By The Government.

In conclusion

Eagle symbolism and placement in Feng Shui will push you to the level in which actualizing your full potential is possible.

Reach out for the star as you are energized with inner strength to go out and become what you want to be. Never look down on yourself.

Be rest assured, as you look at the benefits of the eagle and its placement, you will be graced, courageous, vigilant, bold, and confident.