What Is Dreamcatcher Meaning + Purpose And Usages

The dream catchers are Native American talismans that have gained enormous popularity in modern times. They were traditionally made from only natural materials such as wooden hoops with handmade beads, leather, feathers, and webs of thread.

What Is Dreamcatcher Meaning
What Is Dreamcatcher Meaning

The contemporary plastic dream catchers available in the market are commercialised versions of the originals. There are different theories about how a dreamcatcher works but they project a similar meaning.


What Is Dream Catcher Meaning | Types | Benefits | Placements Tips 2021 | How To Use Dream Catcher

The dream catchers are used to bypass harmful thoughts or bad dreams and give one safety and security feeling . It also encourages good night sleep well.

Lets find out Dreamcatcher Meaning, Dream Catcher Purpose and Usages

What Is Dream Catcher Meaning + Symbolism?

To understand what is a dream catcher and what does it do, you have to first learn about their origin. The dream catchers were an important part of the indigenous American cultures.

Though there are several theories about their origin, the most accepted one is of the Ojibwe culture (indigenous people of the northern mid-western USA and Canada).

The legend is based on the spider woman ‘Asibikaashi’, who was regarded as the spiritual protector of the Ojibwe people. She kept their children and family protected from harm.

With Ojibwe people traveling further across the land, it was hard for her to protect every child. So, she created the dream catcher that would trap any bad thoughts or spirits meaning harm to the children.

The intricate web inside the willow hoop is believed to be woven for the same purpose. It is from this legend that there were several other meanings and stories developed around the world.

What Does A Dream Catcher Do?


The dream catchers were originally created to protect the small children and babies by keeping away bad thoughts and spirits. They were usually hung above the cribs of the infants and attracted the good dreams to pass through the web.

The bad dreams and thoughts, on the other hand, got trapped in the web at night. It was believed that the morning rays of the Sun would make these bad dreams disappear. Hence, every child sleeping under a dreamcatcher was safeguarded from nightmares.

What Is Dreamcatcher Meaning
What Is Dreamcatcher Meaning

However, some people interpret the webs differently. They believe that the bad thoughts and dreams would pass through the holes in the web and move out of the house from the nearest window.

However, the web is supposed to catch the good dreams, which then slide through beads and feathers upon the child sleeping in the crib.

Though there are different interpretations of how a dreamcatcher works, the underlying meaning and symbolism stay the same. The dream catchers filter the dreams and protect those who believe in them.

What Is Triangle Dream Catcher Meaning?

Usually a dreamcatcher comes in a circular shape. However, you may find them in triangular shape as well. This shape is mostly used due to the significance attached to it in different cultures.

In Western society, the people associate this shape with the holy trinity of the Christian God – Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. They believe that the holy trinity blesses them and it enhances the powers of the dream catchers.

Sometimes, people also define the triangle-shaped dream catchers based on their orientation. The point-up triangle is symbolic of the masculine energy and associated with the elements of fire and air.

The point-down triangle, on the other hand, is symbolic of the feminine energy and associated with the elements of water and earth.

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What Are The Dream Catcher Patterns Meanings?

Every part of the dream catcher carries a specific meaning.

The circular frame represents Mother Earth and encompasses every element that sustains life.

This circular shape also symbolizes the continuous flow of life with no defined beginnings or ends.

Some people believe that the circular shape also depicts a continuous natural movement of the sun and moon that they follow in the sky.

The intricately woven net within the frame of the dream catcher looks exactly like a spider’s web. The middle circle of the web is called its heart.

It is through this web that the good dreams and thoughts pass through while the bad dreams get stuck.

What Is Dreamcatcher Meaning
What Is Dreamcatcher Meaning

The dream catcher significance behind the number of points on its woven web can be understood with the help of the below-mentioned information:

  • 5 Points: Indication of a star
  • 6 Points: Representation of an eagle
  • 7 Points: They indicate the seven prophecies
  • 8 Points: They represent the spider woman in the Ojibwe legend famous as Asibikaashi.
  • 13 Points: They indicate the 13 phases of the moon in its natural cycle

There are different meanings regarding the beads on dream catchers. Some people believe that they represent a spider. While for others consider them symbolism of good dreams that are not able to pass through the web. Therefore, they got turned into sacred charms.

You may also find an authentic and traditional medicine wheel dreamcatcher with a cross in the middle of the web. This cross represents the Four Sacred Directions.

These dream catchers are believed to protect the people from misfortunes. They invite good energy and medicine into their lives from across the universe.

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Where To Put Dream Catcher?

The dream catchers are auspicious talismans that are kept to get rid of the bad thoughts and dreams. They are made from different materials nowadays.

However, if you believe in Feng Shui, then you should get dream catchers that have wooden hoops. Feng shui relies heavily on the inclusion of all the five essential elements of nature – metal, earth, wood, water, and fire.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a dreamcatcher made using natural elements over the one made from artificial products.

  • For placing the dream catchers inside the home, the bedrooms are ideally the perfect place.
  • They were originally created to shield the sleeping babies and children from bad dreams and spirits. So, the area above kid’s crib in their room is considered best for hanging a dreamcatcher.
  • Another place to hang the dream catchers is above the entry points of the homes. You can hang one on the front door or windows to allow only positive energies to enter your space.
  • Some people also prefer to hang them on the porch, balconies, and inside the cars for the same reason.

It is important to note here that as per Feng Shui, the dream catchers should be gifted and not bought on purpose.

Different Types Of dream catchers And Their Meanings

The dream catchers are available in various patterns and designs and each one of them has a different meaning. However, the three most popular types of designs are:

#1 Native American Traditional Dream Catcher

The traditional ones were made from natural elements like wood and had eight points where the web was attached to the hoop. These points symbolize the legs of a spider, which are 8 in number.

The spider represents the virtues of learning, wisdom, and energy associated with the dreamcatcher. The web traps the good dreams for the sleeping person while the bad dreams are pushed away.

#2 The Dream Catchers Of Siberian Shamans

These dream catchers attract all types of energy and visions, including both pleasant dreams and nightmares. A shaman uses these visions and dreams to see the images of trapped spirits.

The shaman then confronts the negative forces and delves deeper into his own consciousness. These kind of dream catchers are not appropriate for homes.

#3 The Asian Versions

These dream catchers usually have animal figures or zodiac constellations symbols. These inclusions enhance the strength of the dream catchers with their own associated meanings and purposes.

The different colors of dream catchers signify different meanings as well and serve a specific purpose. To learn more about the dream catcher uses, have a look at the table below:

WhitePurity and HealingTo welcome positive energy and getting relieved of ailments
BlackInfinity and Feminine Energy of LifeTo enhance stamina and strength
RedWill PowerTo stimulate creativity
PinkLoveTo provide vitality and relieve stress
OrangeHarmonyTo gain strength and remove negativity
YellowSpiritual beginningTo increase spiritual strength
GreenEndless LifeTo execute dreams and plans
Sky BlueTruthTo get a positive perception of reality
VioletSoulTo obtain inspiration and humility
Dreamcatcher Meaning and Dream Catcher Purpose

Where To Put Dreamcatchers?

The Dreamcatcher is to be situated with the end goal that nobody sits under it nor does anybody pass beneath it. On the off chance that it is hung in such a spot, financial advancement stops.

As per old convictions, Dreamcatchers were utilized to defeat bad dreams. Dreamcatcher ought to consistently be put the southwest way. This not just carries positive energy to the house and it likewise eliminates bad dreams. It likewise improves the Vastu of our home.

1. Children And Kids Room:

Kids have extremely profound unions with the Dream Catcher, tones, and craftsmanship. What’s more, on the off chance that we clarify that the dreamcatcher will assist them with better sleep and stay away from bad dreams, they will feel more secure and more ensured.

For this reason, many places it in the window, as youngsters will in general believe that negative things can enter around evening time.

2. Personal Room:

If you like working with the dream world, the translation of dreams, and the astral world, the best spot will be where you rest.

And it is fitting to likewise have a paper on the light table where you can record your imaginations. The more thinking you pay to this point, the more continuous your imaginations will become and their significance will be more profound.

3. Your Office Or Work Area:

Nonetheless of whether it’s your shop or your office inside or outside your home, a dreamcatcher in your workspace will make you full of energy,  get motivated, and unwind.

The most significant thing in your work time is that you figure out how to keep up the association with your Higher Self and an all-around planned dreamcatcher with extremely profound tones and stones.

It could be a little moving raised area that reminds you at each second your genuine and genuine self, that will make you work with more joy, quicker and in a propelled and positive way.

4. Meditation Area:

The meditation area should not to be absent in your home and like a religious picture, a flame, incense, and energy stones, a dreamcatcher would be an excellent connector with your getting radio wire, utilize the intensity of the feathers to interface with the energies and your Superior Self.

How To Properly Hang A Dream Catcher?

The moment you hang a dreamcatcher in your home, you would find a fresh breeze of positive energy flowing in. This positivity impacts the thinking of the entire family.

To ensure the maximum benefit from the dreamcatcher, you must place it in the right area of your home.

How To Use A Dreamcatcher?

The ideal location for hanging a dream catcher is on the balcony, verandah, or a window. As per Feng Shui, you should hang a dream catcher in an area which is not used for sitting purposes.

Also, make sure that no one passes under it. This ensures that wealth and prosperity are invited to the house.

The ideal Feng Shui dream catcher placement is in the southwest direction. As we have mentioned earlier, the dream catcher was created to get rid of the nightmares.

To improve the Vastu of your house and to attract the positive energy inside, the right placement of a dream catcher is important.

How To Activate A Dream Catcher?

Once you find the perfect location, it is time to activate the power of dream catcher so that it can work properly in your home or living space.

What Is Dreamcatcher Meaning
What Is Dreamcatcher Meaning

You should know that this is important information about dream catchers. First, you should light up a sage and use its smoke to cleanse the house.

As the sage lets out the smoke, you should pray to the dream catcher and ask for its blessings on the home. Visualize yourself becoming one with the dream catcher.

And believe that the dream catcher will protect you and your family members. This ‘ceremony’ should end with your gratitude towards the dream catcher and a firm belief in its miraculous power.

#1 Do Dream Catchers Get Full?

Some people believe that the morning rays of the sun get rid of the bad dreams and thoughts. However, some believe that it is essential to ‘empty’ or ‘shake out’ the dream catcher to remove the trapped negative energy or negative dreams.

According to their belief, a clogged dream catcher can’t continue to protect the home and the family. So, you must cleanse it properly.

#2 How To Cleanse Your Dream Catcher?

For cleansing, fill up a container with water and add blessed salt into it. Next, place the dream catcher inside the container and shake it vigorously.

Also, take proper care to ensure damage or break free cleansing. This dip and cleaning process should be repeated three to nine times.

#3 How To Empty A Dream Catcher?

As you are cleaning it, imagine the water purifying the dream catcher while the bad thoughts and dreams are getting washed off it. Once you complete this process, put the dreamcatcher back to its original place inside home.

How Do Dream Catchers Work?

The Ojibwa people believe dreamcatchers act as an intermediary between their waking world.

And dream world. If you understand how these people viewed the world around them, you would understand how they felt about the spiritual dimensions and their influence in our lives.

#1 Theory Behind Dream Catcher ?

The dream catcher was created in their culture as a means of filtering the dreams for the person or the child who slept underneath them.

The bad dreams and vibes get trapped in the webs of dream catchers and the good dreams are allowed to pass through.

#2 Do Dream Catchers Work?

If you think of these dream catchers and the dreams as messages from the spiritual world, you will start appreciating their role in your home.

These dream catchers are not only beautiful as decorative items but they also invite the good omens to bless your future.

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There are several theories about the dream catchers and Dreamcatcher Meaning. They have associated different meanings with them. However, none of them mean any harm to us.

They are magical and beautiful and that is why they have gained immense popularity in every culture.

You can learn more about the meaning attached to their designs and colors and get the right dream catcher for your home.