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Best 15 Feng Shui Protection Symbols For Luck and Power

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It’s always a saying that the best protection starts with prevention. In this blog, we are going to talk about every aspect, use, and placement of Feng Shui Protection Symbols. These symbols are Chinese powerful symbols but it is important to use and wear them in a correct way.

They are like a strong, solid, and balanced front door in a home which is essential. Just like door guardians gives us a great sense of security as well by Keeping your front door unobstructed, and strong.

So we are going to discuss in detail Feng Shui Protection Symbols and Amulets. If you are thinking what is an amulet? Then we are going to tell you first about it. This is also known as a good luck charm in Chinese culture.

How Feng Shui protection protects from enemies

If you are wondering how Feng Shui protection works? Feng Shui is not a myth or superstition but a well-researched science based on neuroscience principles. Feng Shui really helps to eliminate negativity and creates a real barrier against evil spirits energies for you and your family.

Nowadays it’s very difficult to survive and get success with making enemies. You can find jealous people name any field or sector.

Even your best friend can find you envious. You hardly know what is going on in people’s minds until something bad happens to you.

There are many protection symbols and items that make it possible like the evil eye protection, Dream catcher, bracelets, and many other different symbols.

We will explore more on the symbols and items, so stay tuned and read.

Feng Shui Protection Symbols and meanings

1. Buddha

  • Laughing Buddha is a symbol of protection, peace, good luck, in Feng Shui.
  • When you have a busy, hectic lifestyle-this is the expression of the Yangfeng energy-it is important to focus on creating a peaceful and protected energy for your family.
  • What could create more peaceful, calm and contemplative energy, the presence of the Buddha!

2. Horse

The image of a horse or 7 running horses is one of the Feng Shui Symbols for Protection, whether it is artistic or photographs or sculptures often used in commercial, homes, and office Feng Shui applications.

In classic Feng Shui applications, horses bring energy to protection, success, fame, freedom, and speed. Therefore, the horse Feng Shui mark is often used in the area of protection, fame, and occupation.

3. Turtles

Turtles are a powerful Feng Shui protection symbol. It is one of four celestial animals in Feng Shui, namely a green dragon, red phoenix, white tiger, and black turtle.

These celestial animals are considered to be the guardians of good Feng Shui energy, and their signs and roots of Feng Shui have been deeply applied to the beginning of Feng Shui school.

The first Feng Shui symbolically used sea turtles or turtles as protection symbols.

Feng Shui Amulet And Protection

There are quite a few types of Feng Shui amulets, and each Feng Shui amulet is different. The amulets we usually see are paper amulets. These are also very powerful Feng Shui protection symbols.

The types of amulets are divided into a series of jade pendants, paper amulets, small gossips, gourds, etc.

Not only can you avoid bad luck, protect the wearer from being safe and auspicious, but you can also promote wealth, promote good marriages, and help others flourish.

The common feature of all amulets is that they can protect and protect the amulet if the amulet has been opened.

The amulet of opening light has super strong spiritual power, which can protect the wearer’s safety and auspiciousness, keep away from the disaster, and bring good luck to the lucky person.

Amulets, as the name suggests, means that they can be worn on the body and carried with them to bless themselves with peace. Amulets are the most popular symbol type of Feng Shui amulet.

According to legend, the amulet only needs to be embroidered on the inside of the clothes, or hidden in the arms in a small metal box. When faced with a beast attack or other danger, the amulet can help to reduce danger and make it safe.

Feng Shui Amulets Uses tips

  • In addition to carrying the amulet, it can also be burned and devoured.
  • Feng Shui light amulets we can hang, hidden, put, etc.
  • Such as hanging on the door of a house, company or shop, keychain, hiding in handbags, clothes! Flat (straight) on the bedside or desk.
  • It can be placed in a desk drawer or affixed to the study lintel.
  • We can place it in the car.
  • Placed on the financial position or cash register.
  • Don’t touch the amulets with your hands. Feng Shui values ​​the amulets. The time is tedious, the same view of the door, different spells, opening ceremony, etc.
  • Which are different, including the magic instrument uses when opening the light is also different.
  • When opening the light, you need to ask God, chant a spell, and cooperate with the instrument to open the blessing, so the opening is not so simple. I hope everyone takes their beloved amulet seriously.
  • Before using Feng Shui to open the light amulet, sincerely pray for your wishes to the spirit. The so-called sincerity is the spirit. Don’t think that the Feng Shui amulet is just a piece of paper. What will it do?

How to wear Feng Shui amulets?

The magical effects of Feng Shui amulets can only be truly appreciated by those who have used the magical effects. The Feng Shui magic charm has many effects, without any jealousy and conflict. It is important for fortune and safety, and transfer to prevent villains!

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Note the following points about wearing Feng Shui amulets:

  • First: The amulet bag and the magic amulet cannot be opened.An outsider can’t touch water and blood cannot be seen. And they must be placed in a clean place. Otherwise, they will lose their spirituality.
  • Second: Generally worn on the body, such as in a wallet or handbag. When it is not convenient to wear it, you can put it on your desk, wardrobe, drawer, or under the pillow.
  • Third: If you have received the physiological period, you need to wait for the physiological period to elapse before you open the envelope. (If you are a man, you don’t need to pay attention to this).
  • Fourth: Before removing the envelope (that is, before the sign), it is best to wash your hands or wash your body.
  • Fifth: Please do not have outsiders and livestock around when you sign out, it is best to sign out in secret places!
  • Sixth: If you are wearing amulets, you must pay attention not to wear them when you have sex with husbands and wives. When you go to the bathroom without washing your hands, don’t wash your hands.

Types of Feng Shui amulets and usages For Home Protection

1. Chinese Amulet

Amulet– It is one of the biggest Feng Shui Symbols for Protection that can drive away evil and avoid disaster. There are various ways to construct it.

Three-dimensional phenomena are made of various materials, such as clay sculptures, wood-carved Buddha, and deities, as well as various symbols, characters, etc. drawn on paper. Plants, trees, flowers, animals, etc. that are customary.

Feng shui protection symbols Amutel
Feng Shui Protection Symbols- Evil Eye

When people use it like a magical spell to ward off evil and avoid disaster, it becomes an amulet. This site makes a systematic historical trace of Chinese folk amulets.

It is a saying that people will associate the ancient amulets from the contemporary amulets with the ancient amulets and trace the ancient cultural roots from the modern cultural elements.

From another perspective, amulets are closely related to folk customs and taboos. You can learn about folk customs and taboos through amulets, and you can understand the amulets more clearly if you are familiar with folk customs and taboos.

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2. Amulet of love

Eight characters and marriage: Eight characters are the birth year, month, day, and hour of the person with Tiangan and Earthly Branches. Every two characters will still be arranged into eight characters, such as Jiazi, Yiugu, Bingyin, Ding Yi, etc.

It has another name Ba Zi. Find the five elements that belong to the eight characters. And then infer the sorrow and fate of life with each other, the result is called “eight character life“.

The public believes that a good life is good, and a good life can make you rich and rich, and live a long life. Therefore, in the past when deciding on a major marriage event.

In the old days, if the characters of the man and the woman were different, they could not be married. The two characters of the two parties are incompatible if they collide with each other, and they are incompatible if they are in conflict.

If a woman’s horoscope is inevitable, her husband will inevitably die after marriage; a man’s horoscope will inevitably die early, and a woman’s horoscope will make the husband’s family restless.

If the couple’s ancestry does not match, there will be no harmony after marriage, and it will be more difficult. There are white horses in the folk who are afraid of green cattle.

Shepherds and squirrels intersect for a break. The snakes and tigers get married with one cut. So that they don’t see dragons and tears. The golden chicken and jade dogs are difficult to take refuge. Tan, Yang Luohukou is inevitable and so on.

Folk marriage has a long tradition of combining the eight characters. According to legend, the Najib ceremony of the Zhou Dynasty was to give the birth date of the man and the woman to the wizard, and the wizard used tortoise shells and sedges to make trigrams and break the good and bad.

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3. Silver tincture

The silver tincture is generally available in silver. About ten centimeters long, narrow in the middle, slightly larger at both ends, sharp at the ends, carved with patterns, and exquisite.

In ancient times, in order to defend themselves, in order to give a fatal blow to the opponent in the event of a sudden attack.

Benefits Of Silver tincture

  • Some women have improved this small iron for the convenience of carrying it and inserted it into the hairpin on the back of the head.
  • It looks like a hairpin on the surface, but it is actually a weapon for self-defence. It is not only effective for self-defence but also for making diseases.
  • If you have headaches, brain fever, or other diseases, wrap them with cooked egg white and silver tincture, and rub them back and forth on the patient while the heat is on.
  • It can be seen that the silver magpie originated from self-defence.
  • Which we use as a cure for diseases.
  • It is also a decorative ornament for women and has high practical value and is a veritable amulet.

4. Bride’s wedding gown

In Chinese marriage, there are many items used as amulets, among which the wedding gown is the bride’s amulet.

Chinese Wedding Gown
  • On the day of their marriage, the bride wore a white cloth skirt. A white cloth skirt, a belly skirt, and a skirt with red threads, grains, silver needles and more.
  • Belly skirt fabric will be used to cut children’s clothes in the future. The bride’s coat is usually a pan-head skirt sent by the man’s house.
  • All of these bride’s supplies are generally stored for life. Especially the white cloth short shirt. And the white cloth skirt was worn by the bride.
  • Which must be kept for a lifetime. Until they are “stretched” after death.

5. Taiji Gossip Picture

People believe that Taiji Gossip Picture has the ability to drive away evil spirits and take refuge. It’s one of the biggest evil spirit protection symbols. Therefore, in the old days, gossip pictures were drawn at the door of the household. The door of the store, or the beam of the house.

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I believe that such demons and evil spirits would not dare to bother. Carpenters believe this statement most. It is said that Luban believed that no matter how fierce the devil was. He would not dare to invade Taiji gossip.

In Taiwan, in order to avoid evil and blessings, when marrying. A new rice sieve with a feng shui figurines of Taiji gossip was hung on the back of the flower sedan.

6. Gym ball

Exercise ball– Now, with the improvement of people’s living standards. The health care of the elderly has become a kind of routine, and an exercise ball is one of them. In fact, fitness balls first appeared as amulets.

According to historical records, as early as the Yuan Dynasty. There was a solid iron ball. Which was only used as a bodyguard for officials and officials, and it was a veritable amulet.

In the Ming Dynasty, this solid ball was changed to a hollow ball, and a soundboard was installed in the ball. The bell rang and rang, as well as treble and music. Since then, this self-defense iron ball has become a recreational device for people.

7. Cross

The cross is a symbol of Jesus’ crucifixion and a Chinese symbol for the kindness of his dedication to the rescue of humanity.

Feng shui protection symbols cross

This is a Christian relic. However, since the reform and opening up, this western thing has gradually been accepted by some young people in contemporary China, giving it the meaning of amulets.

Many people make crosses into necklaces, and they may be gold, silver, or bone. In addition to begging young people to wear it, they also have a decorative meaning. For example, the glittering gold necklace around a girl’s neck will always be the focus of other girls.

8. Leopard Rune

Leopard amulet- One of the biggest Feng Shui Symbols for Protection. It is also a kind of amulet in folk. Because the leopard is a mighty animal, the leopard pattern is also colourful, so the pattern of embroidered leopard pattern is the symbol of Jue Lu, honour.

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The folk painting “Leopard Footprints” is to dispel evil spirits. There is a kind of “Leopard Headrest” in ancient porcelain. The pattern of the leopard head is painted on the porcelain pillow. The pillow user will never have nightmares and any demons dare to approach.

9. Ruyi

Ruyi is a well-known auspicious sign. It has several different meanings. First of all, Ruyi is an instrument for courtiers or military units. Secondly, Ruyi is one of the Buddhist instruments introduced from Buddhism.

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Again, Ruyi refers to the “itching” commonly used by people, which is the ancient claw stick. Because Ruyi’s name is auspicious, it is popular in the world. Especially in the Qing Dynasty, Ruyi became a treasure near ladies and ladies of noble gentlemen.

Although Ruyi’s function is not as effective as other amulets, it is widely used in all aspects of social life in its auspicious meaning. Ruyi is also a kind of amulet.

10. Seal

The seal is unique to our country and is used to identify authenticity and to show the credit. Almost everyone in modern adults has a seal, and it is used in all areas of social life.

However, the original seal was used as a seal to carry evil spirits and served as an amulet. The seal was called “Xi” at the earliest time.

 Feng shui protection symbols SEAL

As a kind of token, it is universal and universal. After Qin Shihuang unified China. He stipulated that the seal of the emperor was called “Xi”, and the ministers referred to as “Yin”, and stipulated many grades of seals. Since then, “Xi” has become the exclusive seal of the emperor.

After the Han Dynasty, the seal was renamed “chapter” or “seal”.

And the word “Zhi” was often added to the seal.

This is because the Han Dynasty believed in the “Yin-Yang Five Elements Theory”. And people believe that “Han according to native morals, the native number is five.” Using five numbers is a symbol of good luck, and five characters are used on the seal.

Because the seal has the function of collecting books. It was mistakenly called “book”.

But it is not used until now. From the development and evolution of the seal, we can see that the seal originated from the actual needs of life.

There is no difference between expensive and cheap. It has not only practical value, but also the role of avoiding evil and protecting the body. Hades must also take it as a sign of their identity and protect themselves. In this sense, the seal does have the function of an amulet.

11. Door god

Door God– The door god is an idol affixed to the door. It is a deity generally believed in Chinese folk.

Every family affixes the door god portrait to the door in order to remove evil and ensure family safety.

It is also an amulet with a wide impact. The word “gate god” was first seen in “Book of Rites. Mourning Service” as “Kunshi Lai, Menshen“. Zheng Xuan made a note: “Shi Lai, Limen God also”.But here is only an abstract concept, there is no specific name.

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In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the custom of the God of the Door was popular, and the gods of the door were the brothers of God and Yu Lei. In the Tang Dynasty, the door god statue changed from a mythical character to a real character image.

According to legend, Tang Taizong Li Shimin was sick once. And always heard the sound of dragging bricks and shivering outside the bedroom, and ghostly calling, very scared.

So he told the ministers that General Qin Qiong requested that he & Yu Chijing De Rong pretend to stand outside. The gates to ward off evil spirits.

Later, in order to avoid the pain of the two of them staying vigil every night and not sleeping. They ordered the painter to paint the full-length portraits of the two people. And paste them on the left and right sides of the doors of the palace.

The story of the Second General’s ghost town spread to the people. And was painted on the door by people as gods. Which became the most common door god spread in later generations.

Feng Shui symbols for wealth and prosperity?

Below are the best and most used Feng Shui symbols for wealth.

  1. Use a Money bowl.
  2. Place a fish aquarium.
  3. Check your home for broken things.
  4. Remove the clutter from home.
  5. Invest in Chinese coins.
  6. Create a good home office working space.
  7. Use citrine crystals.
  8. Decorate your home with plants.
  9. Create a presentable front door.
  10. Choose good color for front door.

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In short, there are many types and forms of amulets, but they have one thing in common, as a sign of information, to warn evil spirits not to hurt the wearer of the amulet.

Therefore, everything that has this function has the nature of an amulet. Try above Feng Shui Protection Symbols and Amulets and let us know how do you feel?