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21 Feng Shui For Fertility Tips: Symbols, Placements + Uses

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The issue of infertility has been in existence since the beginning of time. And there are various methods put in place to counter the effect of these predicaments, and one of them is the Feng Shui healing method.

To solve the problem of infertility, there are various Feng Shui Methods and Feng Shui For Fertility and Conceiving Tips that can be applied. Some of them are listed below in this article.

  • Feng Shui for fast conceiving.
  • Feng Shui tips for fertility.
  • Feng Shui fertility elephants.
  • Feng Shui for a healthy baby.
  • How to use uncooked rice under the bed.
  • Feng Shui for the pregnant lady.
  • Fertility buddha placement.

Role Of Feng Shui In Fertility 

  • Feng shui tips for conceiving concentrate on triggering those birth-and-abundance-related Chi energies.
  • To keep the energy more propitious for fertility, Feng shui will enhance chi circulation in your house.
  • You need to review your home until you’re sure there are no health-related conditions behind your infertility.
  • To make sure the chi energy is not diverted, or out of balance, you can make a fast checklist of the chi found in your home.

11 Feng Shui Tips To Increase Your Fertility

If you are trying to give birth, there are some feng shui fertility ideas for your home that might help you activate your Chinese lucky charm for fertility.

  1. Placing a mirror inside the bedroom can lead to infertility therefore, ensure to remove all mirrors from your bedrooms.
  2. Kids jumping on the bed or couch will improve the chi flow and attract positive energy to the home, so let your kids have all the fun they want.
  3. Dispose of any unused materials in your home to clean off any negative blockages.
  4. Keep your main entrance free of any blockage by removing any furniture found there, this will allow positive energy to enter without hindrance.
  5. To enhance your Yang energy for fertility charm, put a small dragon charm nearby your bedside.
  6. To stop Chi from leaking out, fix any plumbing issues in your house. 
  7. Do not keep unnecessary electronic pieces of equipment in your bedroom.
  8. One of the feng shui fertility charms that work and help to bring harmony to your energy is that men should sleep on the left side while women should sleep on the right side of the bed.
  9. Create space for the baby. You don’t really have to prepare your rooms too much, but de-cluttering and creating room for the baby is a sign of wanting to give birth.
  10. To encourage auspicious energy and prosperity in the home, put a fertility Buddha statue with babies all over. Place this on a table in your bedroom facing the eastern direction, do not place it on the floor.
  11. Decorating your home with artworks and pictures of animals children and babies will drive fertility chi to you.

Best Color For Fertility In Feng Shui?

Feng Shui For Fertility
Feng Shui For Fertility

The feng shui element associated with childbirth and fertility is metal, with the colors white and gray. Thus, you should use more decorations featuring these fertility colors and the metal elements in the fertility area of your home.

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What Are The Top Feng Shui Fertility Symbols? 

 To entice the chi for fertility, there are some specific symbols you can display. Some of them are:

1. Elephants: 

Artwork works of elephants having their trunks facing down are a widely used fertility charm. Using a pair of elephants is said to energize a relationship.

2. Pomegranates:

 Pomegranate fruits have plenty of seeds, signify fertility, and good luck.

3. Houseplants: 

Growing a healthy plant for fertility in your home symbolizes development and new life beginnings.

4. Bamboo:

According to feng shui, having a single piece of bamboo in your bedroom or house will improve and enhance your fertility rate.

5. Dragons and red lanterns:

Placing a small dragon statue by the men’s side of the bed or hanging a red paper lantern on both sides of the bed will bring energy to improve fertility.

Find below my best picks on Feng Shui For Fertility lucky symbols.

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How To Use Feng Shui Fertility Elephant 

  • An elephant having its trunk pointed down according to feng shui is an indicator of fertility.
  • Position your elephant in a conspicuous position either in your bedroom or in the baby feng shui area to nurture the energy of intimacy and physical attraction.
  • To allow you to scale through obstacles, the elephant’s trunk used for feng shui fertility should be facing down as it is considered to distribute good luck.
  • While the trunk facing up stores up the luck for future use.

Best Feng Shui For Having a Healthy Baby 

Feng Shui For Fertility
Feng Shui For Fertility

The application of feng shui practices, based on colors and placings that could affect health and happiness, will aid and enhance your baby’s growth.

Below are a few tips for having a healthy baby in Feng Shui.

  • A windowed space with a motivating view towards the house back is the perfect position for your baby.
  • According to feng shui practice, positioning your cradle perpendicularly to the wall will provide support to your child’s head from the wall.
  • If it is a parallel positioned crib, the head of your baby will not have adequate support, and this can cause moodiness or discomfort.
  • Avoid fluorescent bulbs because they flicker and can drain energy.
  • Ensure not to have your child’s room facing the western direction; the eastern direction is preferable, your baby will rise as the sun rises.
  • And if you have lighting lamps for fertility, make use of dimmer ones to reduce harshness.

How To Use Uncooked Rice Under Bed? For Fertility.

The legend of Feng Shui says that a container of uncooked rice should be placed under the bed.

This is to enhance the chi of fertility for those who sleep in the bed. Using a colorful bowl of fine china or just a simple marble bowl is preferable to using bowls made with plastic or paper. 

It’s okay to have long-grain or short-grain rice in the bowl, as long as it’s uncooked is a good tip for conceiving babies.

How does Feng Shui Works For Pregnant ladies?

Our environment shows the world, specifically our perspective about ourselves. if you present yourself to be alone and continually think about how lonely you feel, you will get much of what you think about being lonely.  

Feng Shui, no matter what that could be, will help you to achieve your goal, feeling the rhythms of your baby in the womb, playing with it, speaking to it even before you give birth, those periods of caring the pregnancy are important to any expectant mother.

For many women who are trying to plan for the new addition to their household, pregnancy is an amazing experience, not only in terms of living space but as well as in the bonding time to be devoted to the infant.

  • Earth components such as crystals, color, and even sound minimize the tension and inconvenience related to pregnancy and prenatal care.
  • Major feng shui decorative improvements may be made to enhance the health of both the pregnant woman and her unborn child. 
  • It will also work to improve the optimal health of pregnant women by correctly placing furniture in the home.
  • For a pregnant woman, the home should be free of unnecessary clutter and furniture that is deemed unstable, especially inside and outside the bed space. 
  • It is widely recommended that colors such as tones of pink, red, green, indigo, and light blue will encourage, promote a healthy pregnancy and enhance fertility and good luck charm.
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Correct Fertility Buddha Placement Tips

The joy of children is exemplified by a laughing Buddha statue with children crawling all over him.

This is also believed that you’d be able to add your future children’s love, joy, laughter, and satisfaction to your home!

Exhibit the statue notably in the bedroom facing the Eastern direction. (We must never place the buddha on the floor rather place it on a shelf or table.).

Feng Shui Flower For Fertility 

Many couples may have issues with fertility after the partnership is formed.

  • Flowers strengthen but, of course, do not heal fully. It is an all-around cure method used by
  • Feng shui practitioners that having orchids, a flower for fertility, on the right-hand side of the bed brings positive energies for fertility. 
  • Orchids are a long-standing sign of fertility and the color of purity is white.
  • Therefore stick to the white color of orchids and not the stunning rainbow of colors available in some orchids.

Do Crystal For Fertility Works In Feng Shui?

To keep things plain, Human beings are created out of energy, and likewise, crystals contain the energy of the Earth.

Vibrational healing happens as these two energies are combined. Healing happens in a number of ways and is unique for each person.

No two individuals are alike. It can be anything from eliminating obstructions in the body, relaxing emotions, or growing energy.

The calming power of crystals will help dissolve any energetic blockages and also help you to let go of a negative mentality when you are having trouble getting pregnant.

We have had several encounters with women who have gone through several fertility therapies, but sometimes all they need is a basic energy change.

Many of these stones, due to their energy and medicinal benefits, are being used for centuries to help with fertility problems.

Some of the crystal that can be used as fertility charm includes.

  1. Moonstone is applied for breastfeeding, childbirth, and premenstrual disorders.
  2. Thulite, this pink stone helps to cure the reproductive organs of any ailment and by so doing helps to improve fertility.
  3. Moldavite is believed to enhance fertility’s good luck charm.
  4. Zincite is believed to help strengthen the libido.
  5. Cinnabar with scarlet color helps to cure the problem of low sperm count found in males.
  6. Hessonite is used to regulate hormones and, in the process, increase the fertility rate.
  7. Jade is used to assist in childbirth and also to enhance fertility.

Feng Shui For Conceiving Twins

The northwest direction according to feng shui, is the path of heaven’s luck (or aren’t all kids sent from heaven?). To boost the heavenly energy of this baby-making area, place crystals in the northwest direction of the living room area and bedrooms.

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In feng shui, the offspring luck of the man is a major part of the luck of reproduction and feng shui for conceiving twins. Personal feng shui is a solid technique for creating the luck of a successful descendant.

Based on the feng shui belief, the personal descendant’s lucky direction of the man can be estimated using various feng shui calculating methods. The man should act, feed, and sleep facing this direction of the luck of activating the chi for twins.

In feng shui there exist two spots for gender, the sunspot is for the male gender and the moon spot is for the female gender. Therefore, feng shui for conceiving a baby boy is by activating the chi of the sunspot, and feng shui for conceiving baby girls is by activating the moon spots chi. 

Which Chakra Is Responsible For Fertility?

Inside the human psyche, chakras are spiritual sites or energy centers. In the body, there exist seven chakras, and each of them corresponds to a unique region.

The chakra that is aligned with the reproductive and fertility region is the Swadhisthana chakra, which is also referred to as the sacral chakra. It is the chakra for water situated just under your navel.

The Swadhisthana chakra is associated with orange and Carnelian colors. The power and energy of the gemstone are enhanced by these colors,  just to ensure to remember and note that the orange color is for fertility!

Also, read the following interesting articles.

Feng Shui Fertility Bracelet

Feng shui bracelets are great amulets to wear when trying for a baby. Wear it on your working hand as they don’t harm in any way but manifests great energies.

There are many different crystals that are said to be helpful for fertility, such as jade, carnelian, and rose quartz.

Carnelian stone and Jade bracelets are a popular choice for fertility meditation, as they are known for their healing properties.

It is important to choose a crystal that resonates with you and your intention. During meditation, focus on your breath and visualize your goal of becoming pregnant.

You can dispose of or still use it even after getting pregnant.

Feng Shui Plants For Fertility

In feng shui, growing fruit plants that beat a lot of fruits is the symbol of fertility. Specially growing plants from seeds has more power to make you fertile. Below are the recommended plants to grow.

  • Oranges
  • Bananas
  • Blue Berries
  • Lemons
  • Papaya
  • Apples

Feng Shui Dragon For Fertility

A dragon turtle lifting a baby turtle is a symbol of stability, focus, longevity and fertility. Place these symbols near your bed or side table.

Feng Shui Directions For Fertility

In Feng Shui Fire is the main element for all sexual desires and for sexual connections that have a southeast direction.

A fire component is also responsible for imagining and developing the child in a lady’s belly. To have a cozy relationship and a decent sex life, couples should rest in the Southwest direction.


We study the feng shui methods of curing infertility and apply the various tips provided to put yourself out of this misery. 

We hope that this article helped you with the most common issue of infertility and used all the above tips on Feng Shui for fertility to cure this.