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How To Build A Money Bowl For Prosperity [15+ DIY Tips]

In Feng Shui, you can attract wealth and prosperity through abundance and money. Create your own Feng Shui money bowl for stimulating your prosperity energy like 9 lemons in a bowl.

It’s a kind of money ritual, which people follow. It is a delightful way of Feng Shui to boost up your opportunities, income, and cumulate wealth.

The money bowl is created with a specific set of properties and elements- a call-in abundance for opening opportunities that will flow in your direction.

Let’s now talk about How To Make Your Own Money Bowl, Chinese Wealth bowl placements, ingredients.

What Is Money Bowl And Its Usages In Feng Shui?

Money bowl or Prosperity bowl is used to bring wealth or abundance to your business or home. It is the oldest abundance and money cure in Feng Shui.

It is said to be an ancient curse, that was brought from the USA to China centuries ago. It is still a sacred offering in various Tibetan Buddhist Temples.

You can create your own Feng Shui bowl by adding some elements like crystals, coins, gem trees, etc. It is used for a constant financial flow. Keep your intention and wealth goal in your mind while creating your bowl.

The more meaningful elements you add to your bowl, the more powerful energy will be created.

how to make a wealth bowl: [Ingredients For Making Wealth Bowl]

In Feng Shui wealth or a prosperity bowl, is a popular tool for attracting money. It is a set of elements placed together in a bowl. The purpose of displaying a wealth bowl is to remind you that you desire to bring wealth to your home.

Feng Shui Money Bowl Ingredients
Feng Shui Money Bowl Ingredients

While creating your wealth bowl, keep it in your mind that it signifies for displaying that you would like to view and want it for your home.

Besides, think of the intention of bringing wealth while you create your own prosperity bowl. The traditional elements to add to a money bowl are Chinese coins, crystals, a gem tree, or a laughing Buddha.

You can add a collection of as many elements as you want to your bowl. The ingredients of Feng Shui for wealth Bowl for Prosperity which you can add to it, include the following:

#1 Feng Shui Ingredients For Money Bowl.

You can incorporate multiple ingredients to make a wealth bowl. However, you should add those elements that solve your purpose, instead of filling more objects in the bowl.

Find below good luck items for money, they are also the primary ingredients are required to make your own wealth bowl include the following:

Your wealth bowl symbolizes growing wealth, and the ingredients in the bowl are placed together like layers. Choose the elements that add meaning to your purpose and accumulate wealth.

Feng Shui Coins
Feng Shui Coins

For instance, if you are placing your wealth bowl in the bedroom, you can add jewelery or gems.   

#2 Choosing Your Wealth Bowl:

The best abundance bowl Feng Shui for attracting wealth can be crystal, metal, or a wooden bowl for crystals and other objects. In fact, you can also use a glass bowl as well instead.

While selecting your bowl, you need to make sure that all the ingredients placed, can be viewed through your bowl. The best choice would be of choosing the one which is not completely clear to represent that the wealth is flowing out.

Avoid picking up shallow or flat ones. The size of the bowl should be normal, and round, or square in shape. Choose a bowl that you adore.

#3 Incense Or Sage:

Incense or Sage is used to cleanse your wealth bowl for prosperity before using it. Keep your intention of prosperity in mind while creating a bowl. You can burn an incense stick, which will help to bring prosperity to your home.

Fillers For Bottom Of Your Money Bowl.

#1 Crystals As Fillers:

The foundation of your prosperity bowl can be laid on by filling the bottom with crystals, rocks, glass beads, or any other objects that are attractive and shining.

  • Colorful rocks of fish tanks can also be utilized as fillers. Rocks symbolize the earth, or stabilizing ingredient in Feng Shui. You can also use wooden bowl for crystals.
  • After a layer of shining objects, you can add crystals, coins, jewelery, gold-painted rocks, or currency denomination to symbolize the wealth you want to attract for your family and home.

You can also add Chinese Feng Shui coins if you don’t want to add real money to your wealth bowl. Crystals that you can place in your wealth bowl are the following:

#1 Green Aventurine: It is believed to be one of the luckiest crystals for attracting monetary prosperity and opportunities.

#2 Citrine: It helps in creating a positive mindset for wealth and speeding up the process of attracting wealth into your life. Besides, it helps to transform bad energy into good energy.

#3 Chrysoprase: It is also referred to as Green Chalcedony, and is like a green apple in color, combining the properties of yellow and green crystals to attract money while uplifting, positive attitude simultaneously.

Chrysoprase is associated with the planet Venus and was well-known during ancient times in Greek to attract love, health, and prosperity.

#4 Cinnabar: It is also known as the Merchant’s Stone to increase wealth, manifest your career, build confidence, and creative thinking.

#5 Epidote: It can be found inside Calcite, Garnet, Prehnite, and Quartz. A unique stone to add to your wealth bowl to bring you more wealth.

#6 Jade: It is a good fortune stone, and was precious and widespread in ancient China. They used a proverb during those times which meant, “God has a value: Jade is invaluable.” It is believed that Jade can attract success and prosperity.

#7 Pyrite: It helps to hone willpower and perseverance. The mirrored surface of Pyrite crystal will let you see yourself and encourage you to reach your wealth goals.

#8 Tiger’s eye: It is the lucky stone to add to your wealth bowl, amplifying the energy of other crystals. It helps to increase your wealth flow, reach your goals, and make way for opportunities.

#2 Herbs as Fillers:

Herbs can be added to your Feng Shui bowl to attract money, some of them are the following:

  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Allspice
  • Comfrey
  • Calendula
  • Cinnamon
  • Patchouli
  • Star Anise
  • Chamomile

Ingredients For Top Of Your Money Bowl

#1 Candles:

Green, silver, or gold candles can be lighted in the abundance bowl Feng Shui to bring prosperity. The color of the candles symbolizes the financial abundance associated with the magic of color. You can also use a white-colored candle to bring financial abundance.

#2 A pen and A Bay Leaf:

You can write as many wealth goals as you desire on bay leaves. Add these bay leaves to your wealth bowl to achieve your goals.

#3 Buddha Statue Or Gem Tree: 

A Laughing Buddha statue or a gem tree can be placed over the fillers. It symbolizes the prosperity and joy to grow your wealth.

  • The laughing Buddha statue represents happiness, and joy that appears from your prospering life.
  • A gem or a money tree symbolizes the growth and roots of your cumulative money or wealth. It is also known as the Buddha tree, a traditional symbol of abundance in Feng Shui.
  • It is not important to place a gem tree. However, placing them would be amiable and attractive.

Your wealth bowl is ready to attract wealth to your home. Your bowl should be such that you adore it. You can keep adding or removing elements until it looks delighted to you.

#4 Adding Your Zodiac Sign.

For infusing your wealth bowl with prosperity, place a figure of your Chinese zodiac sign to attract financial luck. 

#5 Specifying The Wealth You Desire.

You can also write a specific amount on a piece of paper that you would like to manifest. Place this paper under your wealth bowl. Change it once you have manifested, and write the next target amount.

Where To Place Feng Shui Wealth Bowl?

There are many wealth areas of Bagua (Feng Shui map of home) in your home corresponding to wealth and prosperity.

Feng shui money coins
Feng Shui wealth bowl placement


Your primary wealth corner is the last back left corner of your home while you stand in the entrance door facing inside your home. It is the best area to place your wealth bowl for growing abundance and accumulating wealth.

Rooms at home:

Each room in your house has a wealth corner. It is also the far left corner in each room while you stand in the doorway looking inside that room. 

Living room:

In Feng Shui, the living room at your home is auspicious to attract wealth. This area is full of activities for a family for creating yang energy.

You can benefit from yang energy by placing a money bowl for prosperity in your living area in your home.

The entrance of home:

A money bowl can also be placed at the entryway for stimulating energy of prosperity to attract at your home as Chi (Life force energy in Feng Shui).

To bring new opportunities for your wealth and finances, this is the luckiest area for placing a wealth bowl. It will attract good luck in your life.


  • For the best results, you can place your money bowl coffee table in your home and office as per Feng Shui. Other places can be a bookcase shelf, or on a console table.
  • Many people place this bowl next to their cash registers to boost up their business and sales. You can place it on the back left corner of your office desk to attract wealth.
  • Select a place of wealth bowl where you can see it often to bring energy for building wealth as it will remind you of your wealth goals.

Hence, you can place your wealth bowl in any room that you feel is the best for you. Make sure to place it as back left as possible.

It is a signal to the universe that you would like to bring more wealth and prosperity to your home and the whole family.

Note- Avoid placing your money bowl in the bathroom, or near sinks, as it represents the leakage of energy. 

How To Clean Money + Wealth Bowl?

Your money bowl helps to keep your vibrations and wealth goals high for manifesting increased wealth in your home and life.

Clean your wealth bowl every few weeks by wiping everything in the bowl to prevent dust and dirt. You can add or remove things every time you clean them. It helps stir up Chi and move everything.

Besides, it reminds you of the goals and intentions while cleaning the wealth area. This way, you are sending signals of your wealth intentions to the universe.

Keep thanking the universe for the wealth you already achieved, and also for the wealth that is going to come soon to your life.

Always keep your money bowl clean and fresh, and your intentions higher to reach your wealth goals.

Feng Shui Money Bowl Salt Water

Wealth bowl saltwater cure in Feng Shui helps in removing negative energy from your office or home. Fill up your bowl with salt in ¾ capacity, and place the six Chinese coins with the Yang side (Four Chinese characters) facing upwards. You can add water to fill the container to the top.

Place the container in the safest area. It should not move and be placed where it is not visible to anyone. The bowl can be replaced monthly, bi-yearly, or as per your needs.

Keep checking the Feng Shui bowl of water and replace it if it looks like it has done its job. The saltwater will absorb all the negative energy. Avoid cleaning the coins or bowl. This bowl has to be discarded completely.

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FAQS on Feng Shui crystal bowl

Q: How to make a rice wealth bowl?

Just like the Feng Shui prosperity bowl brings wealth, luck, and plenty in life, there is another ritual that also invites the good in life.

In order to make a rice wealth bowl, fill your bowl or jar with rice half the way and then add lucky Chinese coins. Pour rice in the remaining jar and tie a red ribbon.

Place this jar to your wealth corner, and manifest for the good, you will start to see results in some time.

Q: when to remove Prosperity Bowl?

You can easily remove your money bowl and its ingredients. As there is no rule once you set up your wealth bowl you can’t remove it.

Sometimes you need to cleanse your bowl as well in order to make it clean, so you can discard old items and use fresh ingredients.

So what you will do to your items? Of course, you can use it for other things like can keep lucky coins in your wallet or gift these items to others.

Money bowl will only work when you have serious manifestation towards abundance and money. If you don’t desire more money, then you can remove it without any fear.


The idea of making Feng Shui money bowl is to display a wealth bowl to remind you of your wealth goals and send signals to the universe to attract wealth in your life. It really acts like a Feng Shui money magnet, as it attracts plenty in life.

However, adding the elements with an intention in your mind will attract wealth and prosperity to your home and life, as they are the money manifestation symbol. Create your own money bowl yourself, cleanse it when required.

And keep adding or removing elements for a constant flow of wealth. These tips on how to make a coin bowl will help bring prosperity for you and your loved ones!