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15 Feng Shui Home Office Rules For Growth

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Feng shui is a word that you might have heard, and we’re here to tell you what it means and how it manifests itself in our lives. It is an ancient art and science that was developed in China.

In Mandarin Chinese, “Feng” stands for wind, and “Shui” stands for water. Traditions in China believe this to mean good health.

A Feng shui home office can be a great way to make you feel more relaxed and at peace. Your office desk is your place of work, but it’s also where you go for solace in the day when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Feng Shui Home Office consultants will help you create an environment that is both productive and calming.

Feng shui for home office is very useful and here are some rules to keep in mind.

We’ll see 15 rules for feng shui home office, feng shui home office desk direction, feng shui home office in bedroom, and feng shui home office desk facing the wall.

Understanding Feng Shui for Your Home Office

The efficiency, inspiration, and general happiness with which you go about your workday can be greatly affected by the layout and furnishings of your home office.

Using Feng Shui concepts in the layout of your home office might help you feel more inspired, productive, and relaxed there.

Balance between Yin (passive, dark, and cold) and Yang (active, brilliant, and hot) (read yin vs yang) components are central to Feng Shui, which is concerned with the movement of energy (Chi).

Using the principles of Feng Shui, an office’s layout, furniture arrangement, color scheme, lighting, and accent pieces are all picked and organized to maximize positive energy and boost productivity.

15 Golden Rules For Better Feng Shui Home Office?

Feng Shui Home Office Golden Rules
Feng Shui Home Office Golden Rules

The rules of feng shui originate from the beliefs that the ancient Chinese had and have been passed down through posterity. 15 rules that you must keep in mind for your office room layout are:

1. Select the correct location:

Make Sure You Pick the Right Spot Your home office should be in a private, peaceful spot. If at all feasible, you should not have your office in the same space as your bedroom.

2. Position at the Desk:

The desk is the focal point of any office. Facing the door or entrance is considered the “command position” in Feng Shui.

The ability to monitor who is entering your office can help you avoid any unpleasant shocks.

3. Clear the clutter:

Getting rid of extraneous items will make it easier to concentrate. Make sure there is a place for everything in your office, and don’t let things get out of hand.

4. Select Appropriate Colours:

Colors have an impact on your disposition and vitality. Pick hues that will help bring about the mood you’re hoping to achieve at work.

While cool blues and greens can help reduce stress and encourage innovation, earth tones can make a space seem secure and rooted.

The Feng Shui color for the office is green so make sure that your office is painted green

5. Adding natural elements:

Positive energy can be attracted with the help of natural elements such as plants, water features, and other organic components.

They are also good for the environment and can help alleviate stress.

6. Lighting:

Natural light is ideal for productivity, but if that’s not an option, make sure you have enough high-quality artificial lighting.

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7. Feng shui lucky symbols:

Consider incorporating Feng Shui symbols into your workplace, such as a laughing Buddha to promote joy and happiness or a money tree to attract financial success.

8. Window arrangement

You must have solid support, i.e., no windows behind your desk.

Make sure that at the back of your office desk is a solid wall. If you keep the window behind the desk, then the energy will stab you in the back.

9. Front door rules

The door must be in the front because if the door is behind you, then you will miss out on opportunities.

You must not sit right in front of the door because the energy rushes toward you, you want it to slow down a little and then come to you.

The power position in a feng shui home office is diagonally opposite the door.

10. Watch out for directions

Southwest is called the Corner of Power. Sit in the southwest corner if not diagonally opposite the door.

The feng shui desk never faces a wall as it signifies obstacles.

Home office feng shui must not have a beam above as a beam is a symbol of oppression. It symbolizes that you are under pressure.

11. Furniture arrangement

The chairs in the feng shui home office must not face each other as it is a symbol of confrontation.

Find your lucky direction with your Kua number.

12. Plants addition

Have a green plant in your office. Green leaves are a symbol of wealth.

13. Office Layout

According to the home office feng shui layout, there must not be a pillar, L shape desk, or edge of a wall facing you but if they are facing you then put a plant near your desk.

Your home office must be far away from your bedroom, get a separate entrance for the office if possible.

According to Feng Shui office décor, there must be some inspirational pictures or memorabilia in your office.

Keep your office well-lit and make sure that air is circulated throughout the office.

Feng Shui Home Office Desk Direction

According to Feng Shui, the different rooms in the house represent different areas of life. Your workplace represents your career, so special attention is required in planning this room.

The most important aspect of planning this room is to keep the flow of energy your primary concern.

Placement of your office desk is also important and must be placed carefully.

The feng shui office desk direction must be facing the door so you do not miss out on opportunities and if you want challenges, place the desk at an angle, but this move could result in ups and downs so be ready to face them.

If you do not want to face challenges, then place the desk parallel to the wall.

Feng Shui Home Office In Bedroom Rules

Feng Shui Home Office Golden Rules In Bedrrom
Feng Shui Home Office Golden Rules In Bedroom

A bedroom home office is not a good idea as there is a lot of distraction.

A bedroom is essentially a place where you wish to relax and take a nap. Having an office in that same workspace may negatively affect your productivity and creativity, but there is a way around it by following the given steps:

  1. Make the environment of your room work by putting on bedsheets that are more work-like.
  2. When your work is done and now it’s time to relax, cover your work desk.

Follow these two tips to make your bedroom office combination fit for both work and sleep.

Feng Shui Home Office Desk Facing Wall

Feng shui wall facing a wall is not good for growth as it signifies that you are facing a lot of obstacles.

This is why in feng shui office desk facing the wall is not recommended, but in smaller apartments, there is no other option.

So, to solve this problem we offer you the following solutions:

  1. Shifting your desk to a better position in accordance with feng shui is a good idea. Shifting is the best option as it removes the problem from the root.
  2. Another thing to do is to put a feng shui picture to block the view of the wall.

You can thus ensure that you’re following proper feng shui rules even in relatively restricted spaces!

Feng Shui Home Office Desk Facing Window

If you have a feng shui home office layout with windows, implement the below things.

  • Your desk facing the window is not a good symbol. If your desk is facing the windows this means that all your energy and dedication flow out of the window.
  • If you have a desk facing a window you will find yourself looking out of the window and wishing that you were outside having fun instead of working in your home.
  • Your desk must have a wall at the back, and it must be facing the door so that you do not miss out on any opportunities coming your way.
  • But putting it right in front of the door is not good as you do not want all the energy to rush towards you to want it to slow down so that you can easily absorb it. This is how you must place your feng shui desk.

Feng Shui Home Office Bagua

Feng shui Bagua, also known as Bagua or pakua, is a tool used to measure and analyze the energy of your home, office, garden, etc. Bagua in Chinese means 8 areas. In Feng Bagua, these 8 areas correspond to different parts of our life.

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The 8 areas of life according to feng shui Bagua area:

  1. Health and family
  2. Wealth and abundance
  3. Fame and reputation
  4. Love and marriage
  5. Creativity and children
  6. Helpful people and blessing
  7. Career and path in life
  8. Spiritual growth and cultivation

All eight of these areas have specific, characteristic feng shui elements (color) and particular connotations to the vernacular people and everyone across the world who wishes to follow this path.

Feng Shui Home Office Layout Examples

  1. Green plants are a symbol of prosperity.
  2. Have some motivational quotes in the office.
  3. You must never face the wall. The wall must be behind your office desk.
  4. Put the desk in the commanding position and make sure it is diagonally opposite the door.
  5. Your desk should never face the window in your room. Having a window in your home office is a great thing.

Lucky Feng Shui Items For Office

It is important to have a feng shui office décor that keeps the energy at the desired level so that you get motivated to keep working in the office.

Feng shui items include some memorabilia, beautiful painting, or pictures of inspirational figures. These items help you keep working and make sure you do not face obstacles by following feng shui.

Some office décor items that are supported by feng shui are:

  1. Chinese Coins: Coins are put on calculators in the office. This is because calculators in the office are used to count money and the coin on the calculator signifies more money to count.
  2. Success quotes: these are quotes from successful people. It keeps you motivated.
  3. Landscape painting: it attracts luck and support. Hang a landscape behind you but if you are not able to hang one behind you then hang it on your right.
  4. Pagoda tower: it is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence.
  5. Wealth ship: it is a ship full of wealth. Businessmen must have it in their office as it is called wealth luck.
  6. Crystals: it adds earth energy to the office. It helps in making and maintaining good relationships with colleagues.

Find below my top recommendation for you on lucky feng shui items for the office.

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Feng Shui Office Colors For Financial Prosperity And Success

Feng shui home office color for success is green. Green is a very soothing color; it is believed to bring wealth if used in your office as said by feng shui masters.

You can also keep green plants in your office for financial prosperity and success, especially jade plants. Green must be the go-to color in your office and home.

Having green plants in your office is good in many ways as it detoxifies the office and provides a fresh and productive environment.

Top Plants For Home Office Desk In Feng Shui

Plants are a good sign as green is a sign of wealth and prosperity so if you have it in your office you will get good energy. Plants also keep the environment stress-free and keep the air in your office fresh. The top feng shui plants to have on your office desk are:

  1. Fitonia: it is the best indoor plant for feng shui as it needs a little natural light
  2. Aralia: it is like a small tree and is for home offices if you need some privacy
  3. Spatifillo: it is a resistant indoor plant and is known as a mosses cradle
  4. Jade plant: it brings prosperity and abundance according to feng shui.
  5. Palm tree: it is a lucky plant that resists darker places
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So, keep these plants on your home office desk to be able to enjoy all the benefits of these plants.

Dos And Don’ts For Home Office In Feng Shui

Feng Shui Home Office Golden Rules In Bedrrom
Feng Shui Home Office Golden Rules In Bedroom


  1. Sit diagonally opposite the door as it gives you a position of command.
  2. The wall must be behind you and if there is a pillar paint it.
  3. The computer system must be placed in the west or north part of the room as it boosts creativity.
  4. The aquarium must be set in the north, east, or southeast direction.
  5. Have plants in your office, they signify wealth and prosperity.


  1. Do not sit in a straight line of the door as it is the path of negative energy.
  2. Do not turn your back to the door so you do not miss out on an opportunity
  3. Make sure that your desk is not in front of a window as it distracts you.
  4. Mirrors reflect the negative energy and give you control of the energy in the room.

Feng Shui Basement Office Ideas

Feng shui basement office ideas to make your office full of positive energy and boost your growth.

  1. Declutter the basement as it usually has some of the most random things.
  2. Paint it with bright colors to uplift the mood.
  3. Hang beautiful landscape pictures as it brings good energy.
  4. Place nice lights so that it looks good.
  5. Use some wood to bring nature energy to your office.

The believers in feng shui have followed, defended, and propagated this idea since time immemorial.

As the art and study of energy flow, it offers many positive values and teaches us how to keep negative energy away from our minds, homes, and other feng shui office spaces.

These are five elements that comprise this art:

  • Wood (creativity and growth)
  • Fire (leadership and boldness)
  • Earth (strength and stability)
  • Metal (focus and order)
  • Water (emotion and inspiration)

FAQS on Feng Shui Home Office Rules

Is It Bad To Have A Desk In Your Bedroom?

Having A Desk In The Bedroom Is Bad As It Causes A Clash Of Energies.

The Desk Signifies Work Whereas The Bed Signifies Relaxation. When You Work, You Would Want To Rest And When You Rest Work Will Make You Uncomfortable.

Does A Home Office Have To Have A Window?

Yes, Having A Window In Your Home Office Brings Natural Light And Fresh Air That Refreshes Your Mind And Creates A Healthy, Happy, And Energetic Environment For You To Work In.

It Is Essential That A Home Office Have A Window.

What Should A Home Office Have?

According To Feng Shui Rules And Traditions, A Home Office Should Have The Following Features:

1. A Home Office Should Have Good Lighting.
2. Adjustable Desk So That You Can Shift It To Change The Mood.
3. Comfortable Chair To Help You Increase Your Sitting Capacity.
4. Green Plants To Bring Prosperity.

How To Make My Home Office Productive?

Here Are Some Tips By Feng Shui Masters And Motivational Speakers Alike That Would Help In Making Your Home Office More Productive:

1. Eliminate Distractions To Keep Yourself Focused On Your Target
2. Make Sure That The Lighting In Your Home Office Is Nice And Soothing.
3. Organize The Office And Designate Everything A Place
4. Hand Up Motivational Posters To Motivate You
5. Have Some Green Plants.

What direction should my desk face for feng shui?

Expect South and West directions, best feng shui desk must face East and North.

Another thing to remember is to place your office desk in front of the main door.

Feng Shui’s office desk facing the door is good or bad?

You should definitely see the front door while sitting at your desk, but not directly inline.

Arrange your office desk diagonally to the front door so that you can see the door but it should not hinder your energy.

Recommended Feng Shui home office wall art?

You can use the below things on your office wall.

1) Landscape painting
2) A painting with positive quotes
3) Modern art or an abstract painting
4) Also small mirror art is also be used
5) Inspiring personality photos and their symbols

You may also like to explore the below feng shui tips.

The bottom line

Feng shui splits the whole world into these elements that encapsulate every aspect of our lives.

It makes this pseudoscientific art form extremely comprehensive and relevant in the contemporary world. It makes us soul-search and finds peace.

The feng shui home office is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is where you spend the majority of your time, and it should be an inspiring place that makes you feel good about yourself and your work.