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Feng Shui Crystal Ball Meaning, Benefits + Uses For Healing

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Do you want to place a crystal ball in your home following the Feng Shui principles? Read here to know the Feng Shui crystal ball’s meaning, use, and placement.

Have you ever noticed that some people hang different colored crystal balls on the ceiling of their homes? Well, they usually aren’t decorative pieces. Rather, this person probably practices Feng Shui.

You see, the concept of Feng Shui is based on symbolism, and every symbol used around the house either enhances the positive flow of energy or restricts negative energy from entering the home.

Feng Shui crystal balls attract luck, harmony, and prosperity. They’re also used for clarity in the workplace. In addition to this, you can hang a multi-faceted Feng Shui crystal ball in your home to eliminate the negative energy of point arrows in your home.

However, you must refer to the Bagua map before placing them in your home to see which aspect you want to focus on and which color you need to use to activate that particular region on the Bagua map. 

Crystal balls have been important since ancient times and are linked to being far-sighted. Let’s look at the Feng Shui crystal ball meaning, use, and placement in detail.

Feng Shui Crystal Ball Meaning

Feng Shui has certain objects and symbols that ward off negative energy. Similarly, Feng Shui crystal balls are “healers.” They heal the destructive power in your house and protect you from the oncoming negative energy.  

Feng Shui practitioners typically use two kinds of crystal balls in Feng Shui healing:

  • A smooth sphere
  • A multi-faceted orb

They both have different uses, so keep reading to understand each type’s uses and placement.

How Feng Shui Crystal Ball Can Be Used For Healing and Good Vibes

First, let’s look at the uses of the smooth sphere Feng Shui crystal ball:

Feng Shui Crystal Ball Meaning
Feng Shui Crystal Ball Meaning

1. Smooth Sphere Feng Shui Crystal Ball

Smooth sphere Feng Shui Crystal Balls are used to attract luck and prosperity in your life. Depending on which area you want to activate on the Bagua map, you can either use colored Feng Shui crystal balls or clear ones.

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Also, depending on that, you can select the color representing the five elements of Feng Shui in that specific area of the map.

  • Quantity does not matter. You can keep a bowl of tiny crystal balls of the same color or a large one as you like.
  • Clear crystal balls help transform negative chi into positive.
  • White crystal balls are used for calming nerves.
  •  You can use a pink crystal ball to enhance your relationship and boost your love.
  • Blue crystal balls carry healing energies.
  • A yellow crystal ball can help in healing your mental and emotional well-being.

2. 6 Crystal Ball Feng Shui Healing

The 6th star among the seven flying stars on a Lo Shu chart is the Mountain star.

  • The star brings happiness, harmony, and calmness to your life.
  • The star changes position every year, and you can use it to enhance positive chi and prosperity in your life.
  • It emphasizes bringing harmony among family members.
  • Moreover, people use this cure as a Feng Shui healing way
  • To try this cure, you can use five-colored Feng Shui crystal balls representing the five elements and add an extra ball for flying star six.

3. Multi-Faceted Feng Shui Crystal Ball 

Multi-faceted Feng Shui crystal balls are used to fight off bad chi. You can use it for healing the area and turning the negative energy of poison arrows into positive ones. There are many uses for a multi-faceted crystal ball s under:

4. Activate an Area on Bagua Map

The Bagua Map is used for evaluating and designing space according to the Feng Shui principles.

  • It helps understand the positioning of every item and works on boosting different aspects of your life.
  • Similarly, you can use some Feng Shui crystal balls to focus on one of the parts of the map that represents whichever element and life aspect you want to focus on.
  • Do not use a Feng Shui crystal ball in every area. Instead, focus on one particular area first and bring luck and harmony to that aspect of your life.   

5. Disperse Energy in the Bedroom

One of the Feng Shui principles is called “The Commanding Position.” It states that every room has an object or furniture that demands more focus. For instance, a desk in an office or a bed in the bedroom.

  • These items require focus because they’re essential and fulfill the purpose of the room.
  • Sometimes, in a bedroom, the commanding position falls right across the bed, which means all the energy flow is directly blasted on you as you lie in bed.
  • This can cause you tiredness and exhaustion.
  • Hence, you can use a Feng Shui crystal ball to disperse the energy entering the room.
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6. Brighten the Entryway

The entryway of your house is the point of entrance for energy.

  • It must be bright and emit welcoming and positive vibes for your guests and all the energy coming in.
  • You must spend some time designing the entryway with good thoughts because it is the most crucial part of your home.
  • Your entryway also shows how you show up to the world, so a brightly Feng Shui crystal ball can represent your content toward the world.
  • You can also use a crystal ball if your entry is gloomy and dark.

7. Focus on the Centre of Your Home

The Bagua map has eight different parts, and we connected the center part to every region.

  • The center represents your well-being.
  • Thus, the center of your house needs some extra attention.
  • You can enhance the balance of the center of your home by using a Feng Shui crystal ball.
  • Since the center is connected with all aspects of life on the Bagua map, some focus on this part will also help activate other areas.  
  • You can use a crystal ball in the center of your home to bring positive energy into your home and spread it to other parts.

8. Make it a Part of Your Meditation Space

One of the ways people use a crystal ball is by including it in their meditation space.

  • Your meditation area should be a clean place with no clutter around.
  • You can use colors and items that emit calmness and focus on clarity.
  • A crystal ball does the same job.
  • A Feng Shui crystal ball in your meditation space gives you clarity and a sense of serenity and calmness.

9. Activate Your Workspace

Your home is not the only place where you can apply Feng Shui.

  • It is crucial to make it a part of your life and use the principles of Feng Shui in different places where you spend the most parts of your day.
  • This would also include your office.
  • Like your meditation area, you also need focus and clarity in your workplace.
  • Hence it is wise to work on these things in your workplace.
  • Using a Feng Shui crystal ball in your workplace would majorly impact your focus on work tasks and ward off the evil intentions of your coworkers.

Now, that you understand the uses of crystal balls, you must learn about the placement of Feng Shui crystal balls.

Feng Shui Crystal Ball Placement For Healing and Good Luck

Placement is a crucial part of Feng Shui principles.

  • The proper positioning and placement ensure that the home maintains a good flow of energy.
  • It also ensures balance and harmony between all Feng Shui elements in your home.
  • This results in an abundance of prosperity and luck while eliminating negative energies.
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Feng Shui Crystal Ball Placement
Feng Shui Crystal Ball Placement

1. Smooth Feng Shui Crystal Ball

Smooth Feng Shui crystal balls are placed according to the Bagua map.

  • You must refer to the position in the Bagua map before you place it in your home.
  • Firstly, you must decide the area of your life you want to focus on.
  • Then, refer to the Bagua map for your floor plan and place the crystal ball where it will work the best. 
  • However, you can place the clear crystal ball anywhere.
  • The color you choose should also be according to the element representing the map’s particular area.

2. Multi-Faceted Feng Shui Crystal Ball

You can hang a multi-faceted Feng Shui crystal ball to the ceiling of the area you want it to work its magic.

  • One crystal ball is enough.
  • The Feng Shui crystal should be about 44mm in diameter.
  • Since these crystal balls help fight off bad energies and work on healing the flow of energy, you can use a red string to tie them to the ceiling.
  • Ensure they are well-fastened because they can be heavy and might hurt someone if they drop. 
  • The placement of a multifaceted crystal ball depends on its usage.
  • For instance, if you are using it to disperse your room’s energy, then you must hang it between the door and the bed.
  • However, if you want to hang it in your meditation space, you must hang it from a point where it is visible to you during meditation.
  • You can always research or consult a Feng Shui expert to guide you about the Feng Shui crystal ball placement.

FAQ – Feng Shui Crystal Ball Meaning, Use, and Placement Guide

Q: Is a crystal ball good for home?

A Feng Shui crystal ball is good for your home. It will help heal negative energies and transform them into positive energy. It will also help activate the 6th flying star.

Q: Where should you place the Feng Shui crystal ball?

You can place a Feng Shui crystal ball after you have referred to the Bagua map.

You must first decide which area you want to focus on and then choose a crystal according to the element and color on the Bagua map.

Once you have done that you can place it according to the region you have chosen to focus on.