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How To Cleanse Your Life: [22] Feng Shui Tips To Detox Mind

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Feng shui is a concept that has been derived from the ancient belief that humans and their environment are deeply connected with each other.

According to feng shui, the environment that humans surround themselves with makes an impact on their life, whether positive or negative.

These impacts can be modified and worked on according to the person. With this blog, we aim to tell you everyday feng shui tips, How To Cleanse Your Life in the feng shui way, and detox your life in 20 days.

Connection Between Life And Feng Shui

Feng shui for home is something that a lot of people practice in their daily lives. With feng shui, you can engage in one of the best life power cleanse you can imagine.

How To Cleanse Your Life
feng shui your life
  • With the power of feng shui, you can detox your life and make sure that you live a life that is not cluttered or conflicted.
  • This is a traditional practice that finds its roots in ancient China and uses clean energy forces to make your life better than before.
  • The term feng shui when translated to English roughly means “wind-water”.
  • The connection between life and feng shui is something that is advocated fiercely by the supporters and believers of feng shui.
  • It is that fundamental principle that makes everything fall into place, whether it is their rules or principles, or ethos.

Symptoms of negative energy at home

Below are a few things that can be used to indicate negativity in the house: If you feel any of these emotions or find these symptoms then, no worries we can help to overcome this situation in feng shui ways.

  1. Loss of money
  2. Loss of health
  3. Lack of peaceful sleep.
  4. Lack of career growth
  5. Lack of mental peace, jealousy
  6. Conflict and disagreement between family
  7. Feeling tired, lethargic and disturbed, always
  8. Feeling stuck in something, no progress in life
  9. Negative thoughts for ending life or to harm someone

How To Cleanse Your Life and Mind With Feng Shui [22 Rules]

There are several ways, according to feng shui, by means of which you can detox your life & mind. All that starts with your house.

When your house is decluttered, you have the peace of mind to declutter your presence in the house as well. You can train your mind to be more peaceful in the house and ensure that there is a constant flow of positive energies.

These positive energies in the house do not come by themselves. They have to be brought into the house by the power of feng shui and by putting in the conscious effort to do so.

If you are a person who wants to detox your house and your mind through the power of positive thoughts and feng shui, we are here for you with many simple suggestions.

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Here are 22 tips by using which you can declutter your life by using the power of Feng Shui.

Ways To Detox Your Life And Mind With Feng Shui
Ways To Detox Your Life And Mind With Feng Shui

#1 Remove Clutter From Home

  • There is a lot of downside to having a lot of clutter in your house. A lot of clutter around the house saps the positive energy and the positive presence in the house and replaces it with negative energy that is not good for your mind.
  • Hence, if you are looking for a positive cleanse in the house, you should start by cleaning out the clutter. Clear the clutter from the places in your house that greet you (sort of) when you first enter through the door.
  • Next, you need to remove the clutter from the places that you stay in the most. These might be your living room, your kitchen, and your bedroom.
  • Anything that you don’t like or don’t use should also be removed from the house because this also counts as clutter and contributes to the negative energies of the house.

#2 Keep Things Off The Floor (Lifting Crap Items)

  • When you are planning to make a house run with positive energies throughout the day, you must ensure that you are keeping the floors of the house clutter-free.
  • Everything in your house must have a purpose that they serve. You must have a place for everything, and you must make sure that everything is at its designated place all the time.
  • This is important because it brings a lot of positive energy to the house when your floors are free of clutter and are clean.

#3 Use Rounded Objects More (Shapes)

  • There is a lot to do with shapes in the elaborate concept of feng shui. There are different shapes in feng shui that mean different things and that can bring different positive energies into the house.
  • One of these shapes is the round shape. The round or the spherical shape is an expression of the feng shui element of metal.
  • The circular decor items that you keep in your house bring a lot of energy that brings clarity, freshness, and positive feelings to the house. The metal feng shui element is one of the strongest elements to have in your bedroom.

#4 Wash And Dust Frequently

  • When your things get dusty and dirty when you don’t wash or dust them frequently, they start to look old and bad. Even though these things might hold great value to us and our lives, the dirt makes them feel and look unwanted and unappealing.
  • There is a very strong reason that you get good vibes from a house that is clean and dusted. When you enter a clean house where everything is free of dust and dirt, you get a surge of positivity from the place.
  • Preciseness and freshness are some things that you get from a house that is mostly clean. Hence, you must make sure that you dust your furniture often and clean your rugs or tapestries or curtains often.
  • You must also make sure that the glass items you have in your house are always shining for a positive effect.

#5 Make It A Tech-Free Zone

  • With the coronavirus pandemic, technology has become more of a thing than we care to accept. Most of our time is spent in front of a screen and it is not good for our mind or our house.
  • You must strive to make your house a place where you can be free of screens as much as possible. You must have a designated place for your computer to sit if you work from home.
  • If you have a TV in your bedroom, remove that immediately. This brings a lot of negative energy into the bedroom. While trying to get a feng shui detox in your life, you should aim to get a digital detox too.
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#6 Use Non-Toxic Products More

  • The products that you use every day are made of a host of different materials. When they are made, they are made with chemicals that are used when mass-producing them.
  • You have to ensure that you use products that are relatively cleaner and nicer and made from items that cause harm to the environment neither when they’re made nor after.

#7 Energize Your Space With Plants

  • Plants provide excellent feng shui for all your rooms in the house. They are living things after all. In feng shui, trees and indoor plants hold a lot of importance and bring a lot of positive energy into the house.
  • When you keep plants inside the house, you have to ensure that you get the right indoor plants that have the capability to survive without a lot of sunlight. You also have to water them well so that they stay alive for longer.

#8 No-No To Mirrors Facing The Bed

  • There are a lot of sources that confirm that mirrors facing the bed are a no-no in feng shui. They bring a lot of negative energy to your bedroom, your mind, and to your house as a whole.
  • When you have a mirror facing the bed, you should remove it as soon as possible because it can spell damage to your relationships, your intimate life, and your emotional stability as a whole.

#9 Use Lucky And Positive Feng Shui Symbols

There are several positive feng shui symbols that you can use in your house to channel good and positive energy. These symbols are:

These feng shui symbols help channel positive energy into the house by virtue of their positive properties. They are symbols that are very revered in feng shui.

Find below my top recommendations for you on Feng Shui Lucky Items for home, wealth, career, and overall well-being.

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#10 Use Feng Shui Friendly Colours For Home And Yourself

Colors make an interesting effect too. Here are some Feng Shui colors that you should have in your house:

  • Yellow – which means nourishing
  • Red – brings passion
  • Green – is for growth and happiness
  • Orange – is for optimism and social settings

#11 Follow Feng Shui Rules For Bathroom

Here are some Feng Shui rules that you should follow in your bathroom. They help to bring positive feelings as well:

  • The bathroom must be generally clean and tidy
  • You must have a lot of plants in the bathroom
  • Having a window in the bathroom is also an extremely good feng shui

#12 Socialize And Mingle

Following a good social life is good for the mind detox. Humans are social beings and connecting with people who like us and whom we like is a good feng shui technique.

We have to ensure that our social interactions are positive and nurturing and that they make us feel good in general.

#13 Follow A Routine For Sleep

Sleep patterns are a very vital part of the feng shui bedroom. When you have a strict pattern for sleep and waking up, you make positive energies flow into your system.

Having a productive system that is repetitive makes your mind fresh and ready. Efficiency is also boosted when you have a predictable sleeping pattern that you usually follow. Find amazing Feng Shui rules for good sleep, to understand more.

#14 Get Away From Toxic People

Not all people give us positive vibes. While it is good feng shui to have some friends and socialize with them, there are things that you should do to eliminate the toxic people from your life.

When you think that there are some people who contribute to negative feelings in your mind, you should do everything you can to reduce your social interactions with them.

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#15 Minimize Social Media Activities

Social media can be a very big solicitor of negative energies in your life. This is because the constant use of social media makes you start comparing your life with the lives of others.

This is also particularly harmful because social media produces a distorted picture of what the lives of people look like.

#16 Indulge In Yoga, Meditation, And Exercise

Exercise is a big requirement in the lives of everybody. With the work that most people do, they don’t have the requirement to be active during the day.

However, for a healthy mind to grow you have to foster a healthy body as well. Hence, it is important that you take some time during the day to get some exercise.

#17 Say No To Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant that does nothing good for the body. Alcohol has also been linked with a lot of diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Drinking before going to sleep on a regular basis can also cause sleeping troubles later in life, not to mention the pressure it puts on your liver.

#18 Increase Your Water Intake

The more water you drink, your body stays hydrated throughout the day. A good rule of thumb for your water intake is around 3 liters a day if you stay fairly active. Other sources of water include fruits, vegetables, and juices.

#19 Learn To Forgive People

Harboring a grudge or having a chip on your shoulder for something that someone did is extremely bad for you. Harboring grudges can be a constant source of negative energy in your life and sometimes, it is easier to just forgive people and move on.

#20 Switch To Plant Based Foods

Eating meat might be an important part of your diet but in the concept of feng shui, the more plant-based food you eat, the better your chances of having positive energy in your house become. The killing of animals in feng shui is something that is strictly condemned.

#21 Opt Healthiest Food Options

You should ration your food so that you don’t eat too much and make sure that you choose the healthiest food options every single time. A balanced diet is the key to a balanced life.

#22 Develop New Hobbies

Wasting your time on social media or other tech is not productive. You must use your time to develop productive hobbies like reading, gardening, or cooking that make you happier and increase the input of positive feelings in your mind.

#23 Spend some me-time

In the self-healing process, it’s very important to allow our mind and body to do their own cleansing. Every day allow yourself to give some “Me Time“. Just focus on your thoughts, breathe correctly,ly and do nothing for some time.

Initially, it’s difficult to sit without doing anything, but gradually when you practice, you will enjoy this process. Try and let us know how do you feel?

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Hence, these are some of the things that you can do to detox your life, mind, and overall cleansing. Follow the above golden rules along with feng shui declutter and feng shui cleaning tips to make sure that you never have negative energies ever again!