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What Is Chi In Feng Shui: How To Harness Chi Energy For Life

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Are you learning about Feng Shui and what to know what chi energy is, How To Harness Chi Energy For Life? Read here to understand the meaning of chi and how to get good chi.

If you are learning about Feng Shui, you must have heard of the term “Chi.” Hence, you must have wondered what Chi is and what it does. And what’s with the symbol? It is all so confusing!

Fret not, my dears! In this article, we will share everything you need to know to understand what chi is, what it does, and how positive and negative chi energy affects you.

How To Harness Chi Energy For Life
How To Harness Chi Energy For Life

Chi is a force of energy present within every natural and manufactured thing. Moreover, these things breathe energy by absorbing or releasing good or bad chi. You can understand the flow of energy and the meaning of chi with the help of the tai chi symbol. According to the concept, positive and negative energies coexist with each other in harmony. You can similarly bring harmony and balance to your life by applying Feng Shui at home.

Now, let’s get into a bit of detail. We can use Chi energy in many ways in life for healing, Life saving, Plenty, Positivity and to practice spirituality.

What Does Chi Mean?

Chi can be defined as a force of energy. It represents the flow of water and the movements of the wind. Chi runs through your body like energy and gives you the ability to function with an internal balance.

  • Chi is also known as qi and is often referred to as the breath of life. The ancient Chinese people believed that every object and person in this universe carries some energy.
  • Just as humans breathe every second of their life, energy is also absorbed and released in the universe by every object. Chi energy is present everywhere, and it could be positive or negative.

Let’s put it this way, ever noticed how some places are brightly lit and have nice and bright colors yet still give off strange vibes? This can mean the place has some negative energy around.

Similarly, have you ever met someone who never seems to take off in life despite having good qualities? They are always stuck in a problem, and being around them gets your energy down as well?

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Let’s look at good chi meaning?

You enter a location, and it might not be as brightly lit as the other place, but it still makes you feel good?

These places and people are emitting their energy, and you are absorbing it, making you feel the way you do about these things or people.

  • Furthermore, chi is a life force, so the chi energy within you impacts your mind, body, and soul. In order to have a strong life force, it is vital that you work on the energy you possess and release. Imagine the strong effects it has on your well-being.
  • The chi energy does not only affect your mind, body, and soul. In fact, it impacts everything in your life. It affects your luck and your well-being.
  • Having a strong chi would mean that you have positive energy in your life that flows within you and helps you live your life strongly with a balance in every aspect of your life like health, wealth, career, relationships, etc. This is why Feng Shui emphasizes having positive chi energy around you to have harmony in your life.

The Chi of a Space

Energies contained in our home play an essential role in our life. We are at our homes for the most part of the day. So, of course, it is essential to be in a space that has good and robust chi energy.

In fact, many people choose their homes by checking the chi of earth in that area. 5 Elements of the universe like fire, water, wood, metal, and earth have a significant part in analyzing the chi energy. 

The Chi of a Body

Chi of the body refers to the flow of energy within you. As mentioned earlier, people can also carry chi, which is different for everyone. Some people carry good chi, while others may carry bad chi.

If you need positive chi energy, which will influence your mind, body, and soul leading to the harmony of the elements you are surrounded with and your physical and mental well-being. 

What is the Importance of Chi Energy in Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, there must be a smooth, unrestricted, and balanced flow of energy in life. A balance of both positive and negative chi is required for balance and harmony.

The imbalance of these energies causes tension and distress in life. Chi requires both energies for survival which leads to the belief that Feng Shui is the art of creating a balance in life.

But first, the question arises, what is a balance of positive and negative energy. The answer is in the tai chi symbol and the concept of yin and yang.

Yin and Yang – The Tai Chi Symbol and Concept

The chi energy symbol itself is an excellent depiction of the concept. Yin represents the black side of the symbol, while yang is white. Check here Yin vs Yang, complete theory.

How To Harness Chi Energy For Life
How To Harness Chi Energy For Life
  • A round dot is present on each side, representing the parts of each other. The curve in between shows they are intertwined and exist as a whole (represented by a circle).
  • In addition to that, the circular direction of both parts emphasizes the flow and motion.
  • Thus they are opposites, but neither energy can survive without the other. Both of them carry some parts of the other.
  • The chi energy symbol shows that yin and yang coexist in harmony, which is why balance and harmony are two essential components of Feng Shui.
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However, there is also a complex thought behind the concept, so let’s break it down to understand it better.

Yin Energy

Yin is the black side of the chi energy symbol and is often called the feminine or passive side. It relates to the materialistic property of a being, a solid form, heavy, cold, and dark.

Yang Energy

On the other hand, yang is the white side, masculine and active. It relates to different aspects like warm, dry, hot, light, and immaterial.

Simply put, yin and yang are the balance of chi.

If everything requires balance, you may be wondering what good chi and bad chi are.

How To Harness Chi Energy For Life

  1. Male yourself conformable and allow your body to take a good night’s sleep.
  2. Concentrate on your breathing more, inhale and exhale your breath, try yoga for breathing excersise.
  3. Develop great habits for self discipline.
  4. Learn Tai chi to regulate blood flow and to increase mental state.
  5. Eat healthy food and discard all ready to eat items.
  6. Clean your surrounding and space.
  7. Learn to spend some “ME” time daily alone.

What is Positive and Negative Chi Energy and How to Get Good Chi?

In order to bring harmony and balance to all aspects of your life, it is vital to understand the positive and negative chi first.

  • Understanding chi energy will help you bring luck and prosperity to your life, and you can learn how to diminish or restrict negative energy.
  • Ultimately, you will build a harmonious surrounding that will uplift your mind, body, and soul and develop a smooth flow of strong positive energy within you.

Positive and negative chi is described in different ways. Here is how different Chinese terms can explain it:

Sheng Chi

Sheng is upward moving energy, and in Feng Shui, Sheng chi means good and positive chi. You would want uplifting energy in your home and your spirits to lift you and bring prosperity to your life.

Let’s put it this way, you know that feeling you have when you are out in nature or at the beach. It’s Sheng chi that makes you feel that way.

There is a balance of positive and negative chi in nature, and you want the same energy in your home that supports your well-being and prosperity.

You can bring Sheng chi into your life by:

  • Letting in natural light
  • Decluttering inside and outside your home
  • Creating a balance of Feng Shui elements in your home and incorporating harmonious colors
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Si Chi

While Sheng chi is uplifting energy, Si chi is energy that brings you down. Such low-level energy cannot support you and will eat away at your well-being, just like a parasite.

Around the home, you can see this energy in broken things, dust, or uncleaned items like clogged drains, carpets, leaky faucets, dirty dishes, and clutter.

However, you can work on this energy and turn it into good chi. You can do this by fixing broken things, tossing them away, and cleaning dirty things. Here is how Feng Shui suggests you bring Si chi to your home and life:

  • Organize things around your house
  • Take out the trash every day to make sure it doesn’t build-up
  • Meditate around nature or in places with serenity to remove yourself from bad chi. 

Sha Chi

Sha chi is the energy that kills. It destroys things around it and even kills good chi in space. It is harmful energy and is often found in closed-off places and cemeteries, among other regular places.

At home, it may be present in rooms that are kept closed often. Moreover, sha chi has different types, which are as follows:

Stagnant chi

This type of Sha chi blocks Sheng chi and creates hurdles in your path. Clearing up clutter around the house is essential to boost sheng chi and block good chi from getting stagnant.

Poison arrows

Poison arrows are Pointy, edgy, and spiky objects carry bad chi. The negative can be present in your home in cactus plants, pointy furniture, etc. You must remove such objects and replace them with rounded or curved items.

FAQ- How To Harness Chi Energy For Life

Q: How do I increase chi in my house?

Follow the principles of Feng shui to increase good chi in your home. You must keep your home tidy and organized. Use harmonizing colors to boost the positive chi at your home.

Q: How do I increase chi in my bedroom?

If you want to design your bedroom to enhance your chi, you can refer to the Bagua map to understand how placement and positioning work.

The bedroom is accosted with your well-being and relationships in life. Incorporate elements and colors s directed in the Bagua map for your home.

Q: What is Sheng Chi Direction In Feng Shui?

Sheng Chi is a positive direction for prosperity and wealth. So teh Northwest directions is teh best direction for bringing luck and plenty and life.