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Feng Shui Crystal Tree Benefits: Meaning, Healing + Usages

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Feng Shui Crystal Tree BenefitsFeng Shui is essential to human existence, and for years, it has been accepted as a lifestyle. Feng Shui has helped us to experience efficient association with nature and his environment.

One of the ways Feng Shui achieved this is by introducing images and symbols that represent natural things into the house, thereby bringing nature close to us.

The introduction of these natural elements can change the events of things happening in the home and the surroundings. For example, gemstones or crystals in the Feng Shui way are regarded to have spiritual energies that can heal. While the tree represents life.

Because of the immense benefits and applications of the Feng Shui tree, we discussed Crystal Tree Feng Shui Benefits in this blog. And in order to deliver to make the blog interesting and in-depth, we covered the following topics:

  • What crystal tree meaning is in Feng Shui?
  • What does tree symbolize in Feng Shui
  • Crystal tree for wealth
  • Crystal tree directions
  • Where to place multi-color crystal tree
  • 11 multi-crystal tree benefits
  • How to activate crystal tree
  • Steps for caring Gem Tree
  • How to use a crystal tree for good luck
  • Top crystal tree benefits
  • List out the types of crystal trees in Feng Shui?
  • Where should I place crystal trees?

Do Feng Shui trees work?

A crystal is powerful material in Feng Shui anything in a crystal like Crystal Tree, Crystal Lotus, Crystal Chandelier are a powerful symbol in Feng Shui that attracts wealth and plenty. It’s also important to place it in the correct location in order to make it effective. You can keep it in the living room and the office desk to improve your career luck.

Which crystal tree is best for home?

These crystals on the Feng Shui tree can be made from different types of gemstones like amethyst, agate, pearl, coral, and citrine rose quartz.

Even, all the types of crystals can be combined into one tree. The kind of spiritual energy and other benefits you will enjoy is based on the type of crystals used.

Therefore, combining these two together, we have the Feng Shui crystal tree. The leaves are made of crystals, and they have different types of spiritual energy that are beneficial to man.

The best tree is made with multiple crystals like multi-crystal tree, which can be kept in the living room, office and near the front door.

What are crystal trees used for?

Crystal trees in Feng Shui are used for many purposes like prosperity and good luck. Many people are using and wearing crystals for manifestation, healing and spreading good vibes.

Do let us know how do you want to use Feng Shui crystals?

What Is The Crystal Tree Meaning In Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, a crystal tree is also referred to as a gemstone tree, is like a small tree that is used to decorate the home. Apart from serving as a decorative material, it is loaded with other benefits.

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Crystal tree is produced using metal wire, like gold and copper tree, while the leaves are made from semi-precious gems or crystals.

Crystal trees can be therefore classified as precious and valuable objects because they are made from semi-precious stones like gemstones or crystals. The crystal tree comes in jade plant resemblance, which is a symbol of fortune, wealth, and abundance.

What Does Tree Symbolize In Feng Shui

Trees are an important part of the ecosystem, and key to man’s existence. Scientifically, trees help in transpiration and maintain natural atmospheric conditions.

Feng Shui Crystal Tree Benefits
Feng Shui Crystal Tree Benefits

Trees are associated with the wood element and are one of the five elements present in Feng Shui. Among these five elements, the wood element plays an important role and it represents generosity, caring, warmness, flexibility, and growth.

If you love these great qualities and wish to possess them, you can introduce more wood elements into your home. For more information on the importance of wood elements, you can check our blog post on Wood Element (embed the link)

Besides, trees produce edible fruits for mankind and these trees symbolize wealth, prosperity, nourishment, and fullness. The tree symbol helps you to have an abundance mindset.

Crystal Tree For Wealth

There are some gemstones or crystals attached to the crystal tree as leaves that symbolize wealth. Placing the crystal tree for wealth inside your home opens your door for wealth and fortune.

You might have heard the adage that says “money doesn’t grow on trees”, however, that is not the case in Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, a crystal tree for wealth has enough power to attract wealth and good luck to your doorstep.

The amazing and symbolic feature of your crystal tree which is an added benefit is that it can’t die, or does it need watering?

The following crystals or gemstones are powerful to help you attract wealth, abundance, accomplishment, good luck, and prosperity:

  • Yellow-gold Citrine: Citrine crystal has strong connectivity with the energy of wealth. Placing a crystal tree with citrine crystals as leaves can boost your wealth of energy to make more money
  • Amethyst: Amethyst crystal is greatly associated with prosperity, abundance, fortune, and wealth. It can be placed inside your office space so as to enhance a glittering and successful career.

Ensure your crystal tree has these gemstones on it.

Crystal Tree Directions

In Feng Shui, there are suitable directions to position your Feng Shui Crystal Tree. These directions are vital to see the crystal tree deliver the benefits you want.

  • Placing the crystal tree northwest of your office or house can enhance your career. It can help you to attract people needed to advance your profession, business, and career.
  • If you want to see your romantic life improved, see the love between your partners increased, and also enjoy good luck; put the crystal tree in the southwest direction of your living rooms or bedroom.
  • When you place the crystal tree in the southeast direction of your home, it improves good luck, and wealth.

Where To Place Multi-Color Crystal Tree

In this section, we discussed where to place a multicolor crystal tree to attract good luck. In Feng Shui, it is stated that the crystal tree placement determines the kind of things it will bring to your doorstep.

If you follow the placement below, the crystal tree will bring about luck, vibrant energy, and wealth. The type of gemstone or crystal on the crystal tree also determines the placement of the Feng Shui crystal tree.

Follow the guidelines below to properly place your multi-color crystal tree.

Wealth and fortuneSoutheastGreen aventurine crystal, citrine, and jade
Family BondEastAmethyst crystal, black tourmaline, clear quartz, and rose quartz  crystal
Knowledge and CreativityNortheastAmethyst crystal, Clear Quartz, and tiger’s eye
Fame and reputationSouthCitrine crystal, tiger’s eye, tourmaline, and hematite
Health and vitalityCenterAmethyst crystal, jade, and the seven chakra stones mixture
Career and Path in LifeNorthCitrine, hematite, and green jade
Love and improve the relationshipSouthwestRose quartz
Improve skill, proficiency, and inventivenessWestCarnelian and orange calcite
Attract helpers, and take travelingthe NorthwestRose quartz

10 Multi Feng Shui Crystal Tree Benefits

The multi-crystal tree is a valuable crystal tree containing semi-precious gemstones offering diverse benefits. Listed below are some of the benefits you can derive from placing the multi-crystal trees in your home or office:

Feng Shui Gem Crystal Tree Benefits
Feng Shui Gem Crystal Tree Benefits

1. Attract Wealth

Multi crystal tree is believed to attract wealth, prosperity fortune, financial breakthrough, and abundance.

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2. Boost family life and relationship

If you want to see your family takes a new turn and make the ties between you stronger, place a multi-crystal tree in your home or office.

3. Increases knowledge capacity and creativity

Multi-crystal tree is found to be helpful in increasing your knowledge capacity. It erodes mediocrity and makes you be astute, bright, and brilliant. It can enlarge your appetite to seek more after knowledge.

4. Improves creativity

Multi-crystal trees can improve your creative ability. This can be helpful in your career, business, and profession where you need to engage the creative instinct within you to outshine the competition.

5. Build fame and reputation

Multi-crystal tree performs magic when it comes to developing fame and reputation. Are seeking fame and reputation, or perhaps you are being neglected at your work or office despite your hard labor? Place a multi-crystal tree right in your office. You will see your career opened up.

6. Improve wellbeing and health

Multi-crystal trees can improve your health and your wellbeing. All you have to do is to place a crystal tree with healthy gemstones around you.

7. Career advancement

Are you experiencing career stagnation at one point or the other and you wish to advance? One of the cheap ways to achieve this is by placing a multi-crystal tree on your office desk. It has the capacity to bring much-needed advancement.

8. Enhances love and relationships

Make your love between you and your partner become stronger and more powerful by placing a multi-crystal tree in your bedroom or home. Where it seems love is dying out, revive it easily through this method. 

Bring important people that are ready to support you into your life. Multi-crystal trees can help you attract the right personalities that can give voice to your vision and dreams.

9. improve your daily activities

Do you want to get things done easily, and enhance how you live daily? Place a multi-crystal tree in your home or office. You easily get things done without stress.

10. Remove negative energies

A multi-crystal tree is capable of removing any negative energy from your vicinity (home or office), and replace with positive energy that brings good luck, wealth, fortune, and happiness to your life.

How To Activate Crystal Tree

Having been exposed to the benefits of using the crystal tree, then you need to know how to activate it in the Feng Shui way.

To activate the crystal tree, take the following steps:

  • Firstly, choose the crystal tree that comes with crystals or gemstones that match the outcome you desire.
  • Next is to know the right position to put the crystal tree. Proper positioning is necessary for activating the potential in this powerful ornamental object. Right placement helps to remove negative energies from your home or office.
  • We discussed the right placement above. Thereafter, place you crystal tree at the right position to clear up stagnant energies in your home or office.
  • Lastly, exposing your crystal tree to sunlight often is part of activating the crystal tree. Sunlight has positive and luminous energy that is capable of removing any negative or stagnant energy that has stayed on your tree over time. Since crystals enjoy affinity with sunlight, put the tree under the sun for some hours.

Steps For Caring Feng shui Gem Trees

What you love, you take good care of it. Over time, your crystal tree will keep collecting dust, and is necessary to remove any dirt or step that has gathered on it.

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There are ways to care for gem tree and it brings out the beauty easily. Caring for a gem tree makes it look clean and beautiful, and is easy to do. These are the steps below to care for your gem tree:

  • Gemstones come in handy and can be washed without any possible damage. Gently wash your gemstones with warm water and detergent making use of a soft brush. Avoid scrubbing hard to prevent the stone from damage.
  • Next is to rinse the gemstones under flowing water and use a clean soft towel to dry them gently.
  • Placing your tree under the sunlight for some time is another way to care for it. Sunlight removes stagnated negative energy.

How To Use Crystal Tree For Good Luck

Your crystal tree can bring good luck to you. It includes using gemstones that are active in promoting good luck, fortune, abundance, and positive energy.

The gemstones or crystals that are capable of promoting good luck and prosperity are yellow-gold Citrines, Carnelian, and Green Aventurine. In Feng Shui, these crystals are believed to attract luck and prosperity.

Hence they are used to symbolize good luck, wealth, and fortune.

Making use of these crystals has to do with how you place the tree containing them, which is the southeast direction in your home or office. Use it as an ornament to represent what you want to see in your life.

You can enjoy good luck in your office too by placing it in the southeast corner of your office space.

List Out The Types Of Crystal Tree In Feng Shui?

We have different varieties of crystal trees in Feng Shui. The type of crystal tree is determined by the types of crystal or gemstone used. 

Crystal trees can be made from any of the following gemstones or mixed together.

Where Should I Place Crystal Trees?

You can place your crystal tree anywhere in your home or office. But you must be conversant with the direction or placement. You can check the “Where to place multi-color crystal tree” section above to find out more.

FAQs on Gem tree benefits

Q: 7 chakra crystal tree benefits?

The 7 chakra crystal tree is powerful gen that directly heals all the 7 chakras. It also helps us to sleep better, promotes a better life and career.

Q: where to place multi color crystal tree?

Multicolored gen trees can be placed in the Southwest direction of the home like in the living room or bedroom. Keeping in the southwest direction helps promote good energy.

Q: rose quartz crystal tree benefits?

Rose quartz crystal tree is a symbol of eternal love & peace. Adding this to a gem tree makes it even more special. Add rose quartz crystal tree to your bedroom for blissful love and bonding.

Q: tree of life Feng Shui meaning?

Tree of Life symbol in Feng Shui has many different meaning, but in general it represents growth, new beginning, new opportunities, and humbleness.

Adding to your office desk or warning this as a charm is a great way to integrate all this into your work.

Q: amethyst crystal tree benefits?

Amethyst crystal is a great for healing, relaxation and for calming down the mind, body and soul. Keep amethyst crystal tree in your prayer room or in the meditation room.

Q: citrine crystal tree benefits?

Just like multi colored crystal tree Citrine is also great for attracting money and abundance. It’s a great addition to your living room or bedroom.

In conclusion

The Feng Shui crystal tree is a powerful and fortune-changing symbol, offering numerous benefits and at the same time serving as a decorative object. Whatever your desire, the Feng Shui crystal tree can attract it via positive energy.

The important thing that defines what you get is the placement. Therefore, place these beautiful handy energy-packed crystal trees in your house, office, or any space where you desire to see the influence of positive energy, thereby attracting the good things you want–love, wealth, fortune, happiness, and luck.