Top 30 Feng Shui Gifts for Business

Planning to buy a gift for your business buddy, and you are totally lost and out of ideas. Then hold on right here we are going to talk all the feng shui gifts for business.

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If you think that gift should be just what your business partner will need, after all, he is are starting a business (or perhaps running one). And they will need something that makes their lives easier.

Or, maybe you are an entrepreneur and want to share this link to “that person” to avoid any surprises, these are the following feng shui gits for the business that speaks well to the improvement of business chi.

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Kindle – Feng Shui Gifts For Business

With so many great books on entrepreneurship, a Kindle or other e-reader can be the perfect gift for an entrepreneur. With a seemingly endless amount of ebooks, they will be able to enjoy their gift over and over again.

Feng Shui Gifts For Business

A Card Reader – Feng Shui Gifts For Business

If you know that your favorite entrepreneur is planning to accept card payments and needs a small and convenient mobile payment processor, why not look to give them a card reader?

Feng Shui Gifts For Business

The process of accepting payments can be a hassle, so anything that solves this problem will be a fantastic Christmas gift.

Steakhouse – Feng Shui Gifts For Business

A good roast like almost anyone and more if it is in the company of friends and family. Give the excuse to organize meetings with a professional grill where you can highlight your experience as a chef.

Feng Shui Gifts For Business Steakhouse

It is recommended that the material with which they are made in stainless steel because it is resistant to weather changes, allows easy cleaning, provides greater durability and prevents corrosion, both by heat and use.

A Pen Drive – Feng Shui Gifts For Business

Its a very useful handy device to carry, when traveling anywhere to carry important office-related pieces of stuff. This small device can store and used for data storage that includes a flash memory and an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface

Fen g Shui Gifts For BusinessPen drive

A Whiteboard With Markers

For entrepreneurs who love a good brainstorming session, why not a great and nice whiteboard? With lists of pending tasks of a kilometer long, a blackboard is something that any budding entrepreneur would appreciate.

Feng Shui Gifts For Business Whiteboard With Markers

A Tight Thermos

To keep your coffee or tea roasted, an airtight thermos is a great gift. These vacuum-sealed wonders keep things hot or cold and do not spill into a bag or backpack, which is ideal for constantly moving entrepreneurs.

Feng Shui Gifts For Business Thermos

Some Feng Shui  Moleskine Notebooks

A classic and a favorite of entrepreneurs, these elegant and practical little notebooks were suggested several times! They come in multiple sizes and colors, both lined and unlined, to meet a variety of note-taking styles.


A Feng Shui  Moleskine Evernote Smart Laptop

If you have a budget take the dear Moleskine one step further with its integration with Evernote, which will allow you to digitize all your notes. Essential for entrepreneurs who like to keep old school stuff, but would also like to integrate Evernote’s great technology into pencil and paper notes.

Feng Shui Gifts For Business Laptop

A Feng Shui Waterproof Notebook

The best ideas seem to come when you are not in a position to record them. We often do our best thinking while we relax in the shower, but we forget our notions and designs when we go out and we can write down the information.

Waterproof Notebook

However, with a waterproof notepad, you’ll never have to worry about letting an idea slip through the drain.

A Great Book (or several) About Entrepreneurship

A book is always a gift appreciated by any entrepreneur, and although there are many, The Lean Startup is definitely a good option to start. In terms of great books.

Entrepreneurship book

The Art of Exceptional Living and Presenting to Win are highly recommended, if you want more ideas you may want to read these book options for entrepreneurs.

A Subscription to Evernote Premium

The free Evernote service is excellent, but an entrepreneur without money (or even with money) would probably appreciate the greater functionality of the Evernote premium edition.


This allows users to convert their notes into presentations, synchronize through their devices, access to the notes even offline and much more.

A Feng Shui Coffee Maker

Work nights and mornings are inevitable for entrepreneurs. What if we facilitate that process with good coffee?

Coffee Maker

An Executive Feng Shui Paperweight For Decision Making

Basically an eight ball for entrepreneurs, this fun paperweight will make the most difficult decisions for you. (“Entrepreneur without money” is not responsible for any negative consequences that may result from leaving important business decisions to a paperweight.)


A Miniature Feng Shui Zen Garden

This mini Zen garden is a fun addition to any entrepreneur’s desk and is a nice way to rest from a busy day. Give this to your favorite stressed entrepreneur: they may look you in the eye, but they will secretly have fun.

Zen Garden

 A Pass To a Yoga Class

Another fantastic way to help your favorite entrepreneur relax is the gift of yoga. Simply go to your local yoga studio (preferably one near your workplace or home) and pick up a pass or gift card!

Something Intangible

Some business owners don’t want more things to mess up their busy lives


A gift, subscription or membership card for something you need and save money and time can be the perfect gift. An audible membership so they can listen to books on the way to the office, or a gift certificate to their favorite cafeteria are some options that you cannot put aside.

A Feng Shui Decent Camera

While potentially one of the most expensive gifts, a camera will greatly help any entrepreneur who is looking to improve their social presence, allowing them to take excellent pictures for their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels, or upload YouTube videos.


An Octopus Tripod

Another great addition to any entrepreneur’s social media arsenal is this flexible and lightweight tripod, which works on both flat surfaces and odd shapes.


It works with a traditional camera and includes a mobile phone holder, which facilitates the taking of anything, from product images to moving marketing videos and from any angle.

For entrepreneurs who need to disconnect

A Pair Of Noise-Canceling Headphones

Whether it is a busy office or a noisy cafeteria, it is sometimes necessary to block the noise around you to do the job. Noise-proof headphones are a great advantage when it comes to working without distractions.


Washable Feng Shui Keyboard

Accidents happen, but for someone who is in the middle of planning or managing your business, they can be enormously uncomfortable. Did you spill a cup of coffee? Does the little one throw away his juice? This washable keyboard will be a lifesaver.

Feng Shui Keyboard

A Bluetooth Speaker

To help animate a new home office, a Bluetooth speaker is a great bet. Larger versions would also be a great gift for an entrepreneur who is opening a small store and needs help in creating the environment.

Bluetooth Speaker

A Feng Shui Jade Flower

Since the feng shui jade flower improves positive chi and brings in an abundance of wealth for business, you can actually gift your friends or your business partner such a jade flower, planted in a vase.

 Feng Shui Jade Flower

A Feng Shui GPS Watch or Another Activity Tracker

If your favorite entrepreneur is an enthusiast of being physically fit, he may appreciate a running activity tracker.

GPS Watch

A Portable Feng Shui Charger

All entrepreneurs know the problems that a dead phone can bring, especially for someone who starts or runs a new business. This slim and portable charger easily fits in a wallet, which makes it possible to stay connected at all times.

Feng Shui Charger

A Nice Feng Shui Laptop Bag

It facilitates the round trip to work and meetings with a robust and professional-looking portable bag. Messenger bags are always classic and sporty.

Feng Shui Laptop Bag

Feng Shui Shoes

A good pair of Oxford dress shoes are an excellent gift for any entrepreneur who likes to be presentable for the office or a work meeting. According to an American magazine, the quality of shoes usually reveals how much a man respects himself.


A Reasonable Feng Shui Mini Tablet

Many entrepreneurs are lovers of gadgets, especially because they find important allies in their daily work and in increasing productivity. One of the most demanded devices of this season are mini-tablets, which have practically the same characteristics as traditional tablets but with better portability and a lower price.

Feng Shui Mini Tablet

There are several models on the market such as the Amazon Kindle Fire (ideal for those who like to download and read books), the Google Nexus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Apple iPad mini. The price of these gadgets is around $ 200.

Feng Shui Traditional Books

One of the gifts that never go out of style is books. Why? Because in addition to being useful and providing knowledge, they are personal and tasteful gifts. From novels to motivational texts and personal improvement, the options are endless.

Traditional Books

A good idea is to give books related to the industry in which the person works, especially if they are collectible or first editions.

Feng Shui Smartwatch

If your friend or entrepreneurial partner loves technology, consider giving him a smartwatch that accompanies him all day. Keep in mind that if you like to exercise, these devices have attractive and special features for athletes.


In addition, you can receive emails, messages, save your music, among other features depending on the model.

Feng Shui Hearing Aids

It may not apply in the case of all entrepreneurs starting a new business, but most like to listen to good music on their mp3 or even on their computer. A good sound system is never too much, either for family gatherings or for the simple fact of wanting to have the best.

Feng shui Head phones

The Bose brand offers a wide variety of products from headphones to iPod speakers; while the Beats are recognized in the market for their quality. It is a gift that will last a long time and with which you will enjoy your favorite music.

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Feng Shui Gifts not only making a person feel special but also, making a gift improves social ties and manages to maintain contact.

And increase the friction and affection for that person. In fact, if an original gift is made, a greater effect is achieved, and that is that surprise is an advantage when that gift is not expected.

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