Feng Shui Colors For Home, when used correctly, will bring the desired energy to your home. The color is really easy to take home, as well as change as many times as necessary with little or no commitment.

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A red pillow or a yellow blanket can cause an immediate spark in your space without too much effort or investment.

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It is always good to know in feng shui what energy a specific color will bring to your space.

When decorating and lucky paint color for the house painting our house, a basic issue is to choose what color to use for each room.

Feng shui can help us a lot, but it also depends on the personality of the person, since not everyone reacts in the same way to a color.

How To Use The Color Blue For Good Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui color for home are a great source of energy if used wisely.

They create harmony and balance in every room of the house as long as we understand its virtues and specifics. Connected to the elements of fire, earth, wood, water or even metal.

Feng Shui Colors For Home-Blue

The colors convey very specific energies and are adapted to different uses and living spaces. Without going into the complex detail of the multiple associations and intersections with the cardinal points, here are some ways to surf the energy of colors at home, for your well-being and that of your family.

 Blue is a magnificent color evoking the sky and the sea, calm and infinity. In Feng Shui, blue is linked to water and is reputed to convey peace, relaxation and relief in the event of disorders.

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Feng Shui Colors For home 1

From pale blue to indigo blue to overseas blue, there is no shortage of nuances to bring a feeling of calm to your room. You can use it as a wall covering or as a decorative accessory.

But beware, the “all blue” is not necessarily the most relaxing setting. Prefer the combination of blue and white to tap into the energy of the big skies and feel the freshness of new horizons.

How To Use Color Orange for Good Feng Shui Home

When the use of red feng shui is too intense for your home or feng shui colors for office, opt instead for orange colors in your feng shui applications.

In winter, it reminds us of summer dreams and adventures; it also resembles the joyful sparkle of the deep orange and vibrant in the wood fires.

Feng Shui Colors For Home-Orange

And, of course, the beauty of orange in all its splendor manifests itself in the fall, and you can borrow from the warm color palette of nature to warm your own home.

In feng shui, each color is the expression of one of the five elements of feng shui. So, there are specific guidelines on how to use color to create good feng shui energy in any space.

The orange color represents the feng shui fire element, so the guidelines for using the orange color are based on how the fire element interacts with the other four elements in each bag area of ​​a house or d ‘a desk.

Here are the backs and dummies of using the color orange for good feng shui.

Use the color orange freely in the following Bagua areas:

  • South (Fame & Reputation)
  • South West (Love and Marriage)
  • North East (Spiritual growth and self-cultivation)

A little warm orange is also welcome in the center of your home, because the energy of the fire elements nourishes the earth element of this region.

Avoid a strong presence of orange in these areas:

  • West (Children & Creativity)
  • North West (helpful people and blessings)
  • East (Health & Family)
  • South East (Money & Abundance)

How are these feng shui color rules explained? It’s simple.

For example, the main element of the West zone of any space is metal. For good feng shui, you always want to feed the main element of each bag area. Because the orange Fire element is stronger than Metal (it melts it).

You will be careful to limit the use of the fire color in the West. The same applies to the areas of wood elements in your bag (East and Southeast), they will not thrive with a powerful fire color decoration because the fire burns the wood.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid the orange color! You can place a beautiful orange vase in your west zone coat or a pair of small orange pots by your east main entrance.

This means that you do not want the orange color to be too strong or prominent in these areas.

The vibrant and joyful orange color is a great choice of feng shui for the feng shui colors for north facing living room.

Dining room, and feng shui colors kitchen, children’s play area, or anywhere in your space where you want to have playful, lively, and thrilling energy.

Usually it is easier to bring orange color with feng shui decor accessories or just a feature wall, rather than a full room color.

The sweetness and warmth of the orange make it an easy-going feng shui color. At sunset, the light in the orange themed rooms becomes beautifully golden and truly magical – a nourishing feeling of cherishing and remembering.

How to Use the Color Yellow for Good Feng Shui Home

The feng shui  yellow color has a curious meaning and symbolism, since it is quite contradictory; on the one hand it is associated with happiness, joy and optimism and on the other, with jealousy, envy, selfishness and some diseases.

Feng Shui Colors For Home-Yellow

It is a bright, cheerful color that symbolizes luxury and how to party every day.

Also associated with the intellectual part of the mind and the expression of our thoughts. It facilitates the power of speech and expression.

If you have trouble expressing what you think or know, visualize the color yellow or wear yellow and the ease of communicating with others and expressing your thoughts will appear. They will be surprised at how easy it is.

If you have communication problems with your partner or with your child or boss. Work with the feng shui yellow color during the meditation (10 minutes) and you will see how easy it is and how the right words come to your mind.

It is, therefore, the power to discern and discriminate, memory and clear ideas, the power to decide and the ability to judge everything.

It also helps to be organized, to assimilate innovative ideas and provides the ability to see and understand different points of view.

Anyway, the meaning of this and all colors vary depending on the context and culture. In the West, colors mean one thing, but they may mean another in the East.

How to Use Color Red for Good Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui is an ancestral art originally from China, whose philosophy is based on improving your life through the energy of each of the elements that we have within a certain environment.

There are different colors that we can use in our day to day, while others are more to decorate or lucky paint color for the house to paint our spaces.

Feng Shui Colors For Home-Red

When colors are used in the right way, they are responsible for providing the desired energy. Color is not only limited to the home, but this theory applies to any space that is part of everyday life.

For example, a red pillow or a yellow mat may cause a spark within the energy balance of a room.

Each color has a specific quality, and in the case of the red color it represents the fire element in Feng Shui. Fire has always been considered a symbol of divine energy, but it can be both a destructive and creative element.

This color represents the energy of the sun and life, if you use it correctly inside your home it brings joy, emotion and a strong sexual desire.

On the other hand, an imbalance of this element can generate restlessness, intense aggression or even a lack of energy when there is very little reinforcement of the fire element within our life.

In this way, the energy that comes from the color red is described as that which stimulates strong sensations such as passion, abundance and celebration.

In this sense, in China red symbolizes luck and happiness, in India it is the color associated with marriage and for Western cultures it represents love, romance and passion.

When you decorate an environment with red color, that space will be deeply linked to wealth, luck and luxury. You can also take it with you with an amulet, and here are some examples of it.

Adjustable bracelet with Chinese currency

It is a bracelet designed and made with an adjustable red cord that can adapt to any type of wrist. The coin is made of brass, a material that makes it very flexible and light.

It symbolizes good luck and wealth, it also helps you attract fortune so you can project it in your career and for the rest of your life. It also helps repel and transform negative energy.

Chinese fortune coins

They are composed of coins with the names of five Chinese emperors. Made with a durable and durable metal alloy, they do not rust or erode.

Within Chinese culture, these coins are considered to be carriers of good fortune and that they have the ability to protect from evil. Each amulet is made up of 3 coins tied with a red string that attracts abundance.

Cord with Chinese knots of red thread

Each package contains 50 pieces of handmade knots with red Chinese threads. They are beautiful handmade pieces made with satin silk very soft to the touch.

The knots symbolize happiness, good fortune, health, wealth and good wishes. They are a versatile option that you can place anywhere in your home and you can also load it as a personal amulet.

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What we normally consider color is really the reflection of the light on the objects it affects. And it depends on who looks, you will see things of one color or another.

A colorblind does not see colors just like a person without that condition. Not a bull like a dog or a human. In addition, the color will affect the same person differently depending on their personality.

Their psyche and their mood. Even nuances of the same color can produce very different emotions.

Despite being so subjective, the truth is that colors cause emotions that influence the mood. They can also be used to communicate ideas, to stimulate character, to reassure him and to express feelings.

As you can see the theme of colors is not trivial, that’s why feng shui attaches much importance to them. In this millenary philosophy.

Colors are used to create harmonic spaces that favor the free movement of Chi so that your home or business will attract peace, love, health, and prosperity.

Thus, the colors in feng shui are used to balance Chi, to expand small spaces, or to reduce large areas. The misuse of color, within a space, can damage its energy quality, and create a bad Feng Shui that will affect the people who inhabit that place.

By decorating your home according to the colors and feng shui, you will be choosing them not only according to your taste, but also based on the emotional and psychological response they cause.

When you want to apply colors according to Feng Shui, in addition to deciding which color to apply, you will have to take into account the richness of shades and nuances of each color.

But before painting it is convenient to perform a good analysis of the space as a whole.

Not only does it depend on the color that is convenient to lucky paint color for the house according to Feng Shui, but the other characteristics of the room must be taken into account.

For example, following the method that assigns colors in Feng Shui, a dining room located in the northern part of a house, which is symbolized by the water element, should be painted in blue and black.

If the dining room does not have too many windows and there is little natural light it would be a tremendous mistake to follow the recommendations on the colors in feng shui as it would turn the room into something cold and without movement.

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