Top 15 Feng Shui Financial Tips To Improve Status

In Feng Shui, not only the placement of items can affect people’s fortune, even the colors are magical things.Today we are going to discover how to improve financial status by simple Feng Shui Financial Tips & Tricks.

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Different colors painted in different directions can bring different fortunes. Different directions have different fortunes, and different colors will play a role.

if the residential door is open to the center, The financial position is on the top of the left and right diagonal.

The best position for the financial position is the diagonal orientation of the door. This includes the following three scenarios.In

If the residential door is open to the left, the financial position is on the top of the diagonal on the right.

if the residential door is open to the right, the financial position is on the top of the diagonal on the left;

The layout of the financial position has the following ten precautions:

Financial Position Is Not Reliable- Feng Shui Financial Tips

Behind the financial position is a solid two walls, because the symbol has a backing and a guarantee of no worry, so that the wind can gather. If there is a transparent glass window behind the financial position, it is not only difficult to accumulate wealth, but also because it is easy to discourage, there is a risk of breaking the wealth.

The Financial Position Should Be Flat

The aisle should not be an aisle or open a door, and there should be no open windows on the steps of the aisle. If there are curtains covering or closing windows, the financial position will not leak. The financial position should avoid pillars and recesses as much as possible. If it is just a passageway, a screen can be placed. This can avoid the embarrassment of penetration and form a good financial position.

Financial Position Avoid Messy Vibration

If the financial position is chaotic and vibrated for a long time, it will be difficult to stick to the fortune. Therefore, the rotating items on the financial position must be neat, and all kinds of televisions, stereos, etc. that often vibrate under contract can not be placed.

Financial Position To Avoid Being Polluted

The financial position should be kept clean, and the financial position should not be shot at sharp angles, so as not to affect financial fortune.

Financial Position Is Not Under Pressure

Pressure on the financial position will prevent the growth of household wealth.

Financial Position Should Be Bright But Not Dark

If the financial position is bright, the home is full of vitality. If the financial position is dim, there will be a delay in wealth. You need to install a long light to resolve it.

Financial Position Should Sit Or Lie

Financial position is a place where wealth is gathered, so it should be used well. In addition to rotating lush plants, you can also put a bed or sofa on the financial position, sit in the financial position, accumulate, and flourish. Fortune.

Feng Shui Financial Tips

In addition, if the dining table is placed in the financial position, it is also very suitable, because the dining table is a place to eat, while absorbing the energy of food, it also absorbs the wealth, it can be said to serve two purposes.

The Mascot Should Be Placed On The Financial Position

There are some lucky objects that are auspicious, such as the statues of Fu, Lu, Shou Sanxing, or Wenwu Caishen.

Financial Position Avoid Water- Feng Shui Financial Tips

The financial position is stable and avoids water, so it is not appropriate to place water-seeding plants in addition, and it is not allowed to place the fish tank in the financial position, so as not to see financial water.

The Plant Of Wealth Should Pay Attention To

The wealthy place should be filled with lush plants and growing, which can make the family’s wealth continue to be strong and better. Therefore, it is appropriate to place evergreen plants in the financial position, especially the large-leaved or thick-leaved golden pueraria, rubber tree, golden sassafras tree, and brazilian iron tree.

Feng Shui Financial Tips

Water culture. It is not advisable to plant thorny cactus plants in the financial position, because such plants are used to dispel evil spirits. If it is unknown, it will be self-defeating, but it will cause damage to the financial position. The vines are too zigzag, so they are not on the wealth.

There are eight main points of the Feng Shui design of the entrance:

Entrance Hallway Painting- Feng Shui Financial Tips

The porch is the first place to see when entering the door, so the feng shui of the porch is very important. What is the suitable place for the porch, and what should be paid attention to when painting the porch?

In the porch, you can choose a piece of Chinese painting with Fengshui significance, such as nine fish pictures, peony painting, smiling pomegranate painting, and landscape painting with Fengshui significance.

Wall Spacing Matters- Feng Shui Financial Tips

The space between the walls should be solid, and the lower half of the entrance facing the door should be made of good brick walls or wooden boards. As a template, the upper half can be made of bright decoration materials such as frosted glass. Note that the entrance to the doorway can be installed with a mirror. The installation of frosted glass is different from the mirror. The glass does not reflect. The walls should be smooth.

The color of the wall should be consistent with the color tone of the ceiling.

Decoration Is a Key Point- Feng Shui Financial Tips

As soon as you enter the porch, you are greeted by the floor. When designing it, pay attention to the flatness and light color of the floor, the color tone should be bright and bright, the patterns should be auspicious, and the pattern should be good. If the wooden floor of the entrance hallway should flow into the room, do not pierce the door directly. The material of the floor should not be too smooth, which will easily make the family fall.

An insole printed with “Peace of Entry and Exit” can be placed at the entrance of the entrance floor to keep the family safe. The color choice should be determined according to the combination of Mingzhu Minggua and Feixing.

The Brightness Of The Light- Feng Shui Financial Tips

The lighting of the entrance is a very important content. It can regulate the health and wealth of the family. The light should not be too bright, otherwise it will be dazzling and affect the nerves when entering.

It can’t be too dark, it will recruit the ghosts for a while, and it will ruin your luck. As mentioned earlier, it is better to choose a square circle, you cannot use a triangle light type. The beautiful floor will give the porch a finishing touch. Bring your luck.

Shoe Cabinet Placement- Feng Shui Financial Tips

The shoe cabinet should not be tall, but the area should be suitable for the height and height. It should be practical, the design should be beautiful, concealed, not exposed, and it should be clean and natural. Cannot be designed in the middle.

Its advisable not to make use of plants in the porch. Besides, some plants cannot be used in Feng Shui science. Generally speaking, the layout of plants will increase the entrance and increase the vitality.

But it is necessary to pay attention to whether the plants are suitable for the entrance. Plants should be dominated by tall greens, which will increase wealth. However, special plants with thorns and strong flavors cannot be used.

The design of the entrance should be beautiful and elegant, with auspicious pictures or evil spirits. Such as lotus, lion, fish, dragon and phoenix, money and other patterns. Ornaments related to these pictures can also be placed in the porch.

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Financial Feng Shui Tips 1


Today we know that some of the old Feng Shui tips (such as keeping the toilet covered, for example) correspond to a simple application of common sense. However, it is something much more complex.

One cannot understand, for example, the prosperity of regions like Hong Kong without seeing in situ how far they practice Feng Shui in everyday life. When designing and building those lush buildings, some details are taken into account, such as the “secret arrows”.

It is something that British architect Norman Foster could verify when he was commissioned to design the headquarters of the HSBC bank in Hong Kong.

In addition, the area has exceptional geographical conditions, with protective mountains behind the large buildings. Although others prefer to talk about their colonial past, their mixed economy system, or the extraordinary port movement of the great giant, the truth is that there are many aspects of Feng Shui that can also explain that prosperity very well.

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