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15 Feng Shui For A Better Life Rules (you must follow)

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Want to practice Feng Shui for a better life? Read here to learn about what it is and how to incorporate it into your daily life. 

The practice of Feng Shui has been in motion for the past 3000 years. It is an ancient art and Chinese science that results in overall well-being and an improved way of life.

The benefits it has offered along with greater awareness of its principles have made it quite popular in contemporary societies.

However, practicing the art of Feng Shui requires persistence, commitment, and a clear intention. It follows strategic and systematic placements of items that draw inspiration from, or originate from, the 5 elements of water, earth, metal, wood, and fire.

If you wish to add a touch of Feng Shui to improve your way of life, then you need not worry. This article highlights the core principles of Feng Shui along with tips on how to make it a part of your lifestyle right away. Read ahead to find out more.

Feng Shui: What It Is

Originating from Chinese geomancy, Feng Shui rests on integrating and creating harmony between individuals and their surroundings.

This is done via the use of energy that is emitted from every possible element in the world.

By absorbing and creating an environment of positive energy, self-awareness, well-being, healing, and good fortune can be achieved.

Feng Shui does this by making use of the 5 elements of water, fire, metal, wood, and the earth. It is a simple yet effective art that provides peace of mind.

By using items and following practices that open the pathways to prosperity and luck, Feng Shui can offer benefits that are far-reaching. Here are some of them:    

  1. Rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul
  2. Prosperity in professional experiences and career
  3. Improved mental and physical wellbeing
  4. A positive outlook on life
  5. Improved relationships
  6. Physical and emotional well being
  7. Protection from danger and harm
  8. Uplift in energy levels
  9. Improvements in motivation and productivity levels
  10. Improvements in financial situations
  11. Improved fertility
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Feng Shui For A Better Life Placements

Here are some ways to pave the path towards a better life via the art of Feng Shui.

1. Invest in Natural Fragrances

The scents and fragrances nature provides are like no other. It is no wonder natural fragrances are used for aromatherapy.

By awakening, the senses, the mind, and the body can be rejuvenated. In Feng Shui too, good smells and natural scents add to improving the way of life.

This is from the use of scented candles, essential oils, and perfumes.

Applying them onto your body or having the scent linger on in your home draw in positivity and help eliminate bad odor and negative energy both. 

2. Add Plants for Some Greenery

Having indoor plants in your home or empty spaces of the house is another great way to practice Feng Shui for a better life. Plants with big leaves add depth and dimension.

Feng Shui For A Better Life
Feng Shui For A Better Life

They also reflect the principles of Feng Shui that showcase fluidity. You want to avoid plants that have thorns and are prickly such as cacti.

These can undo the positive energy being brought in from other aspects of Feng Shui that are being followed.

3. Embracing the Colors of Feng Shui

Colors play an important role in how Feng Shui works. Each color and element draws in its own energy. Here are some of the colors that you can add to the wardrobe or color pallet of your aesthetics.

Feng Shui Colors For A Better Life
Feng Shui Colors For A Better Life
  • Blue represents the water. It is a color that promotes peace and prosperity. You can wear shades of blue for a job interview to draw in good luck. When combined with gold, it can attract abundance as well. Be sure to add these colors to your living room, office, and study.
  • Darker colors such as indigo and navy enhance spiritual growth. You can add these colors to your designated spaces for practicing mindfulness and meditation.
  • Pink offers feelings of love and harmony. You can place roses and pink flowers in and around your home for this.
  • Orange along with yellow represents social life and friendships. These colors are ideal to have in your living room or places where you entertain guests and host gatherings.
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4. Removing Negative Energy

Treating your home like a temple and treating yourself as an important guest in your home is what you want to focus on.

To start, decluttering your home and getting rid of outdated, non-functional, and old items is a must.

Feng Shui Tips To Get Rid Of Negative Energy
Feng Shui For A Better Life Tips

Even removing dead plants and fallen leaves helps eliminate negative energy. Replace such items and empty spaces left behind with those that give you happiness and inspiration.

Ask yourself if a certain corner or item in your home gives you happiness when you look at it. If not, you can move furniture around and add the colors of Feng Shui to transform your home.

This is sure to draw out the negative energy. In addition, making use of natural lighting by allowing sunshine to filter in from your window can further add to the practice.

5. Practicing Mindfulness

By being wary of your surroundings, mindfulness can be practiced. This is essential for living a better life. It helps ensure one is at peace and regulates mood and behavior.

For this a few moments of meditation, journaling, or self-reflection are sufficient.

This can be practiced anywhere. You can have a designated space in your home to meditate in or choose to observe mindfulness while on your way to work.

6. Being Grateful

By cherishing what you have, staying focused, and being grounded in reality follow. This helps explore areas in life that can be addressed, and sideline those that are beyond one’s control.

Choices on what to do next to change things around become a lot easier. In addition, being content with your current position, open the path for more good fortune and luck to follow.

7. Giving Back To Society

Charity tops the list.

If nothing works out for you after practicing the acts of Feng Shui for a better life mentioned above, then giving charity and helping those in need is what you want to find yourself practicing.

This can be as small as sharing helpful information with someone, giving a friend a ride to work, or helping the less privileged.

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The more you give, the more you shall receive in return. This is how the cycle of good fortune and prosperity stays in motion.

Feng Shui–A Deeper Understanding 

Feng Shui is a since that requires deep understanding.

The belief in its power is what enhances its response and reaction. This is why Feng Shui for a better life rests on observing the bigger picture.

It seeks to keep emotions aside when analyzing the world and what it has to offer. This results in self-discovery and opens avenues of growth, luck, and prosperity.

In addition, it is important to remember that the benefits of practicing Feng Shui do not follow immediately.

As energy levels change and become imperfect, so does the practice of Feng Shui.

And this is okay–it is part of the process and takes some time before setting the cycle of fortune and luck into motion. The key here is to remain persistent, patient, and dedicated.

The Path to Prosperity is Simple and Effortless!

By engaging in the practice of Feng Shui for a better life, you cannot only achieve an improvement in your way of life but that of your loved ones as well.

The positive energy and good fortune that Feng Shui offers are going to make your home feel welcoming, comfortable, and safe.

It can also be practiced outside of the home by being mindful of your surroundings, cherishing the small acts of kindness by others, giving back to society, and being grateful.

In due time, the benefits of doing so are sure to reflect on the good fortune that follows.

To get started, you can share this article with your loved ones. Sharing positivity and helping others choose a path towards peace is also a part of Feng Shui that can bring you luck and positivity.