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21 Feng Shui Living Room Mistakes To Avoid For Plenty

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The living room is the facade of a family. The decoration of the living room must not be too low, hence, it will reduce the level of the entire decoration.

In this article, we will learn what are the common Feng Shui Living room Mistakes, which you must avoid or not repeat.

Today, I compiled a summary of the common mistakes made in the decoration of living rooms and the 21 Feng Shui common mistakes of decorating in living rooms. For more Feng Shui Mistakes check out the Top 10 Common Feng Shui Mistakes To Avoid.

No more worrying about living room decoration this year! Here is a complete guide to the living room decoration.

Feng Shui Living Room Mistake 1: Space Should Not Be Small

In the design of the living room, it is very important to create a spacious feeling, it’s also called a family room. Regardless of whether the solid space is large or small, you need to pay attention to this in the interior design. The sense of spaciousness can bring a relaxed mood and joyful mood.

Mistake #2: Living Room Space Cannot Be Low

The living room is the main public activity space of the home. Regardless of whether you do artificial ceilings, you must ensure the height of the space.

This height means that the living room should be the tallest net in the home (except the stairwell). This increase includes the use of various optical illusion processes.

Mistake #3: Living Room Landscape Should Not Be Messy

In interior design, it is necessary to ensure the beauty of the living room is seen from that angle, which also includes the improvement of the outdoor scenery that the main viewpoint (sofa) yearns for. The decoration of the living room should be a beautiful or individual one.

Living Room Mistakes
Feng Shui Living Room Mistakes

Mistake #4: The Living Room Lighting Can Not Be Dim

The living room should be the whole room, and the light (whether natural or artificial) is brighter. Of course, this bright spot is not absolute, but relative.

Maybe you don’t need very bright light in some practical activities (such as watching TV or something), but in other daily living activities, light is indispensable).

You can also hang a crystal chandelier for better lighting and for adding great decor that can go along with any interior.

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Mistake #5: The Living Room Style Should Not Be Different

Regardless of the personality or aesthetic characteristics of you or any family member, unless you don’t usually have friends and relatives, you must ensure that its style is accepted by the public.

This popularity does not mean that the decoration is ordinary, but that it needs to be designed in a style that is harmonious and more acceptable.

Mistake #6: The Living Room Materials Should Be Universal

In the living room decoration, you must ensure that the decoration material used is as if the floor material can be used for most home living behaviors.

For example, laying too-smooth bricks in the living room may cause harm to the elderly or children or hinder their movement.

Mistake #7: The Layout Of The Living Room Should Be Smooth

Whether it is a side-through living room or a middle-crossing living room traffic line layout, it should ensure a smooth entry into or through the living room. Of course, this guarantee is formed when conditions permit.

Mistake #8: Living Room Furniture Should Be Applicable

Living room furniture should consider the suitability of family activities and the suitability of members.

The main consideration here comes from the use of the elderly and children, and sometimes we have to make some concessions for their convenience.

Mistake #9: Do Not Open The Door From The Right

All the doors should be opened from the left. The so-called left Qing long and right white tiger. The blue dragon should move on the left and the white tiger on the right should be quiet.

Therefore, all the doors should be opened from the left. Left. If the door is opened upside down, family disputes may easily occur.

Mistake #10: The Living Room Should Not Be Dark

Feng Shui in the living room is full of light, so try to avoid placing too many potted plants on the balcony to avoid blocking the light. A bright living room can bring prosperity to the family, so it should not be too dark to choose the wall of the living room.

Mistake #11: The Living Room Floor Should Not Be Uneven

The floor of the living room should be flat and there should not be too many steps or differences in height. Some living rooms adopt the design of high and low-level partitions.

This makes the floor height change obviously, so the family movement will be bumpier due to the fluctuation of the floor.

Mistake #12: The Living Room Cannot Be A Moving Line

The living room is a place where vitality gathers. It should be stable when required. The living room should not be planned in the moving line, which makes people move too often.

The living room is located in the moving line of the aisle, which makes it easy for family gatherings or guests to visit. Otherwise, it will affect the career and relationships of the owner.

Mistake #13: Living Room Beam Across Position

If there are beams in the ceiling of the living room, it will form a feeling of oppression. If There Is A Beam Across The Living Room, It Should Be Covered By Decoration

People sitting under the beams will easily cause stress and lose their fortune. As soon as possible to cover the beams in the ceiling of the mezzanine.

Mistake #14: Living Room Hanging Pictures

Pictures in feng shui play a huge role in transforming destructive energies into good. The Living Room Should Not Be Arbitrarily Hanging Beast Pictures.

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Living rooms such as flowers, plants, landscapes, or auspicious animals such as fish, birds, horses, white cranes, and phoenixes are usually less taboo. But if you like to hang beasts like dragons, tigers, eagles, etc.

You need to pay special attention to the heads of the beasts facing outward to form a defensive pattern. Do not threaten the heads of the beasts inward, otherwise, it will be easy. Bring accidents to the family.

Mistake #15: The Living Room Decorations Elements

If the living room is full of bones, debris, and decorations, it is easy to accumulate dust and affect the flow of air. Of course, it is easy to make people’s blood and blood flow unhealthy, and their health declines.

Therefore, the layout and furnishings of the living room cannot be ignored. Now, do you really want to see those Feng Shui common mistakes in the living room decoration?

Mistake #16: Location Of Living Room Matters

The living room is a place shared by the family and should be located in the center of the house; if the living room is spacious and the bedroom is separated, it is not ideal.

Mistake #17: The Decoration Of The Living Room Has Vibes

The number of sets in the living room cannot be repeated. Avoid one set and a half, or use two sets of sofas in one round. The fish tank and bonsai in the living room have the function of “breathing”, which makes the room more lively, and the fish species are more colorful

Mistake #18: The Entrance And Living Room Should Have Entrances

Feng Shui tips: The entrance and the living room are covered by a porch or a low cabinet, which buffers the inside and outside, and the qi can be gathered in the living room after swirling. Hidden deep inside the home, a symbol of good fortune stretches.

Mistake #19: The Living Room Should Be Located In Front Of The Home

After entering the gate, you should first see the living room, while the bedroom, kitchen, and other spaces should be located behind the house.

The space usage configuration is reversed, and the living room is set to the rear by mistake, which will lead to a pattern of returning money, and it is easy to cause wealth to go downhill.

Mistake #20: Don’t Decorate The Living Room Improperly Or Excessively

Below are the biggest Feng Shui Living Room Mistakes that need to be focused on.

  • The sofa shawls are piled with debris. Use a beautiful shawl instead of the shawl that covers the sofa as a whole to keep the sofa’s simple and clean appearance.
  • Don’t pile a lot of fabric on the sofa. Living room bedroom bathroom kitchen porch dining room balcony cloakroom.
  • Move the blanket to cut the overall space. Block blankets in unfixed areas are a big mistake people make because they divert their sight and cut off the sense of unity in the space, and people walking on it easily fall.
  • Before buying a blanket, use a ruler on the floor to show where you want to place the blanket. The blanket should be connected to the sofa set. Place all front feet on a blanket.
  • Decorative fake flowers pollute the environment. This is very controversial, but using fake flowers is indeed a mistake. They can’t bring vitality to the room like beautifully scented flowers.
  • They only bring dust. Changing flowers every day is indeed too expensive, but sometimes it can be replaced with something else.
  • You can put some lemons and fruits in a bowl to create a visual impact. Or use dry natural materials such as curved wicker or bamboo stalks.
  • The picture frame is too high to destroy the aesthetics. If you want to look up to appreciate your artwork, it means that it hangs too high. Whether sitting or standing, you usually don’t want to look up to appreciate your artwork. The best height is the height of your eyes.
  • Looking at the top edge of your door frame, if your artwork is too large, then use the top edge of the door frame as a reference to hang the picture, and do not exceed it. In this way, from any sitting or standing angle of the room, it will look very comfortable.
  • There is a good rule to remember: if you are hanging a picture behind the sofa, keep the bottom of the frame 15 cm from the top edge of the sofa back.
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Mistake #21: The Living Room Decoration Should Not Be Too Soft And Redundant


First, losing sight by placing it against a wall.

Move the beautiful furniture placed against the wall to the center of the room so that it is exposed to the sight and becomes a great visual focus.

It has the effect of enlarging the space. If you like it, show it more.


Second, too many pillows will occupy the sofa space, therefore If the pillow hinders you from sitting comfortably on the sofa or lying on the bed.

It appears to be too much. Too many pillows on the bed will make you spend a lot of time removing them before going to bed and spending the same time putting them back on the bed after getting up early.

Instead of buying a lot of pillows, put your time, energy, and finances into areas that should be inked in your room. A few cushions can perform very well.


Third, there are many cluttered home furnishings. After the home decoration, there will be many gadgets, these are everyone’s love, otherwise, how do you put them outside to show your babies in turns.

If you really like some items, but it has been outside for a long time, you can put them away temporarily. Edit and combine your collection, so that your baby can stand out in different combinations of furnishings.

Feng Shui Living Room Mistakes
Feng Shui Living Room Mistakes
Feng Shui Living Room Mistakes
Feng Shui Living Room Mistakes To Avoid


The position and orientation of the space to be built a very important issues to consider while decorating the living room. The place that our residence occupies, our work office, and the objects that surround us usually affect our existence.

Today in the West we are not accustomed to repairing these details, rather we install the objects according to our comfort and follow fashion or decoration models.

On very few occasions we are right in their exact position (plants, mirrors, paintings, etc.), although Chinese sages warn that intuition is greatly influenced by this Eastern philosophy.

And this is a virtue that all human beings possess to a greater or lesser extent. Feng Shui is an ancient tradition that tries to use the elements at our disposal to make the planet’s energies more favorable.

We hope you will know and understand all these Feng Shui Living Room Mistakes, and all things to avoid while setting up your living room.