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20 Feng Shui Living Room Decor Tips For Bringing Good Vibes

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You look at the magazines and you say to yourself: I would like to have this Feng Shui living room decor at home as its furniture.

You want to radically change from floor to ceiling so it’s time to act. Here we are going to discuss the top 20 Feng Shui Living Room Decor Tips.

The main important Feng Shui Living Room Decor Tips are the comfort, feng shui directions, Colors and the overall chi of the space. Also, we are going to emphasize elegant small living room ideas for small spaces too.

Energize Feng Shui Living Room With Simple Decor Tips & Tricks

If the redevelopment is necessary, it does not mean that the budget will be impacted. We will be feng shui decorating small spaces on a budget.

These are ad hoc changes capable of achieving wonders. All of the feng shui five elements must be added in order to have a positive chi for your living room.

For example, in this photo, we have a combination of classic elements with contemporary elements. All the materials have been taken into account so that it fits perfectly into space.

Feng Shui Living Room Decor
Feng Shui Living Room Decor Tips

Small changes work wonders and you will not regret making these useful changes. It’s important to breathe new life into your feng shui living room.

Changing the face of your feng shui living room so that it changes its look and is not a classic feng shui living room, but an elegant feng shui living room.

The first step is to ignore your feng shui living room and leave the room and configure it your way. It sounds complicated, but just start with what you like.

If it is a specific style, assess whether your feng shui furniture matches or if there is a way to fit. If it’s the excess that bothers you, it’s time to apply the minimalist style and let yourself go.

Small changes in furniture and the arrangement of furniture can make a big difference. It is very cool to compose the room with pieces of the latest trend, as long as it matches the personality of those who live there.

Nobody wants to have a feng shui living room like a showroom for the latest trendy furniture. Your feng shui living room has to have personality and that means giving it life.

You just need to know the right way to renovate your house in different ways thanks to the help of 4 architects who specialize in interior renovation.

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1. Concrete Effect

Tired of your white feng shui living room then it’s time to adopt the new beige which is gray. Gray is more and more used to bring finesse to your interior and character. The industrial style saves space.

The architects recommend the technique of burnt cement to bring sophistication and airs of modernity.

The feng shui wall art living room does not have to be monotonous, it has a velvety appearance with a neutral tone.

2. Frames, Various Frames

For the decoration of your feng shui living room, try to bring some in accordance with the chosen style. Sets in the wild style or engravings or feng shui paintings.

It can be works of feng shui art for living room, but also enlargements of a photo of your family. And the more varied the style, the more interesting it becomes.

Find below my picks on lucky paintings for the living room.

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3. Coffee Table

It is not just a decorative item for the room. The coffee table is convivial support for aperitifs with friends or the space to leave books but also objects that reflect the resident’s personality.

Feng Shui Living Room coffee table
Living Room Decor Tips- Round coffee table

It is therefore essential to choose your decorative elements well. For my part, I chose marble elements typical of Portuguese decorations.

4. Sofa Accessories

Do you want to change the sofa? but your sofa is still in good condition, you should invest in accessories to dress it up.

Feng Shui Living Room
Feng Shui Living Room Decor Tips

To transform your feng shui living room, you don’t need to invest in expensive decorative elements, but just a few accessories. and want to see sofa set designs for a small living room too.

Make changes to the accessories that make up the furniture. The change in the style of pillows, like these colorful ones, breaks the seriousness of the space.

In winter, the shawls can do the same role, even a sofa cover. Sofa covers are very fashionable and you shouldn’t be ashamed of using them.

5. Some Furniture Is Suitable For Small Spaces

Certain changes in the furniture are however essential in certain rooms to bring more functionality, the glass tabletop is visually lighter, appearing to occupy less space.

Feng Shui Living Room for small spaces
Living Room Decor Tips

The armless sofa, custom-made by the architect, and the striped carpet favor the little optical illusions that give the feeling of width to this apartment.

Just because your apartment is small doesn’t mean you can’t afford chic furniture.

6. Versatility Is The Key

Multifunctional furniture is essential in small spaces. For example, this apartment measures less than 30 m² and all the spaces have been optimized.

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To make space easier in this room, it does not make sense to have a table in the feng shui living room, but simply a single multipurpose table.

To make better use of the space, the project found solutions thanks to the works of the walls. Custom storage has been designed to save square meters.

7. Shelves

They are great allies in the organization of environments. Whether it is to store books, objects, collections, and even dishes, the library widens the spaces and strengthens the idea of organization.

The room, almost always made of wood, has several niches, which allow the inhabitant to display and shelter a wide variety of objects.

Thus enlarging the small room, Do not believe that wood ages rooms: on the contrary, wood brings warmth to your interior.

8. Integration Of Spaces

The feng shui living room has undergone changes over the years to become a real part of life. It’s one of the most versatile pieces.

Feng Shui Living Room

It is an ideal place to receive friends: different rooms are integrated with this room such as a TV room, a desk, a dining room, and even a kitchen. Boundaries and limits have disappeared in the feng shui living rooms.

9. New Texture

To transform your interior, the wall with brick wall cladding can transform the room. The change left the environment different and gave personality to this apartment.

But you still have to choose the right wall to apply this coating. You have to offer a certain hierarchy to space in order to choose the highest point in this space. The harmony in the room will be preserved thanks to the appreciation of a single wall.

10. Lateral Supports

If the idea is to gain more space, a tip is to bet on the side shelves. This type of arrangement replaces coffee tables and can serve as a support for serving treats.

Placing books, or even supporting frames in a less conventional manner. This saves you the drudgery of fixing them to the wall.

Feng Shui Living Room
feng shui home decorating

The lights highlight objects and furniture for a more intimate atmosphere.

11. Feng Shui Living Room Lighting

If your room has diffuse lighting, it can transform with spotlights. In the case of this project, the four bulbs highlight the dining table and the tables leaning against the wall. The place is also more intimate and friendlier.

Feng Shui Living Room

12. Feng Shui Living Room: Curtains

Feng shui curtains are differential but generally remain at the end of the decor. For my part. I made the price decision not to put any curtain: nature around is an idyllic setting and I tucked the frame into the house.

Feng Shui Living Room curtains
feng shui curtain color for living room

The choice of fabric, color, and type of installation interferes with the style you want to give to your room.

The desired option can give the project contemporary or traditional areas. In this room, the brushed steel rails that appear voluntarily follow the stripped-down style of the environment.

13. Sentimental Value

The dining table furniture should have links to the family’s history in your contemporary feng shui living room. The pieces should have been passed down from generation to generation and have been restored.

The bottom line is that you can restore old furniture belonging to your feng shui family room. You just have to give them a touch of modernity with simple accessories.

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14. A Beautiful Rug In Your Feng Shui Living Room

It is usually the last piece to think about in a Feng Shui living room. The soft blue, gray and purple tones of the room center the decor and give all the harmony of the room.

Feng Shui Rug
Living Room Decor Tips

The large space and the harmony between specific details, such as the use of the family mirror and chairs, are characteristics of the project.

It is quite possible to achieve harmony between old furniture with elements of modernity. It’s daring and the result is simply magical and indisputable.

15. Feng Shui Living Room: Signed Design

Signed pieces are key concepts for having an always modern feng shui living room.

Their choice: they tend to be much more durable, and the materials chosen are more durable to wear. But above all, its aesthetic is timeless and significant in itself.

And, believe me, a chair or even a small corner table can give a new atmosphere to your feng shui living room. Although they are more expensive, they are generally worth the investment. They are works of art.

16. Feng Shui Living Room: Mirrors For Ambient Light

One of the starting points for the interior design of this feng shui living room was the ambient light.

And from there, all the materials and colors chosen have the function of reflecting, shining and harmonizing with space. The mirror, in addition to giving amplitude, also illuminates the room in a more natural way.

Dinning Room
Feng Shui Living Room Dining Room Combo

17. Feng Shui Living Room Decor Tips-Bright Colors

If your room is monochrome, the idea of coloring the space – or part of it – may have passed quickly through your mind until you gave up on that idea.

Feng Shui Colors

And the excuse whose “strong color” is too marked in your room is just an illusion. What really matters is the harmony of the whole.

18. Joy In The Feng Shui Living Room

In this apartment located, the joy of the residents is stamped on the objects in the room. And in every place, every corner, there are hints of humor.

Feng Shui Home

Next to the dining table is an image: these are works that aim to deliver goals of happiness and joy in this apartment. Personality has been brought to this apartment.

19. Change The Place Of The Feng Shui Living Room And Dining Room

When you feel tired in the room, you just have to change the arrangement of the furniture in the room. How about changing the place from the dining room to the feng shui living room?

Furniture must be adjusted according to trends. Furniture does not have a single function: it is versatile and can be adapted to different places in the room.

20. Without Ostentation

Of course, it is much easier to create an incredible room with designer furniture, expensive pieces, and works of art. But creating a beautiful space with popular furniture is not difficult.

It just takes imagination and keeps an eye out for cool tutorials to create cool pieces you can make yourself.

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