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Crystal Chandelier For Living Room Placement In Feng Shui

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Go to any standard and typical Chinese home, including restaurants.

You will see decorations with feng shui lamps, lighting, and the coolest chandeliers, that give colorful Chinese restaurant lighting.

You may question if this is an endeavor to beautify the living room.

Although it might be also for beautification, however, chandeliers in a home, especially in the living room have important symbolic meanings in Feng shui

The best placement according to feng shui experts for Crystal Chandelier is in the south zone.

This can boost a bright and rewarding career. Also, hang the crystal chandelier for the living room at least 7 feet from the floor.

In this blog, we will talk about Feng Shui Crystal Chandelier For Living Room Placement, its meaning, directions, benefits, and many more things including below.

  • Benefits of Crystal Chandelier For Living Room.
  • Chandelier for living room with high ceiling.
  • Chandelier placement in the living room in feng shui.
  • Chandelier in the corner of the living room.
  • Feng Shui Lighting In Bedroom.
  • Chandelier symbolism in feng shui

Spiritual Meaning Of Chandeliers

The spiritual meaning for a dream whereby the chandelier fails to light up is pointing to the fact that you have to start being honest and be true to your words and promises. 

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Chandeliers In Dreams Meaning and significance?

  • In dreams, the vision of a fascinating crystal chandelier shows that you have luck and good things await you in reality.
  • The interpretation of chandelier dreams mostly concerns your interactions with your relatives, you’re going to have a good link with your family. These connections will make you feel content and very happy. 
  • It forecasts any quarrels and controversies if you had a vision of a chandelier broken. You’re going to stop understanding people and they won’t listen to you. This interferes in both personal and social relations.
  • The solution to this type of predicament is to try, if practicable, to remain in silence during that space of time to prevent negative effects. Eventually, all is going to be natural and the relationship will be good and peaceful again. 
  • A vibrant chandelier’s dream description means that you should take all that life can offer. Luck is going to be with you and in a brief duration, you will do a great deal of work.
  • A new romantic experience may also be the interpretation of the dream. On the way, you will possibly meet charming opposing sex, whom you can’t avoid. It just rests on your willingness to turn the flirting into a proper relationship. 

Are Crystal Chandeliers Still In Style? 

The crystal chandeliers still remain in style and are commonly used in dining areas, and bedrooms and they are also utilized as decorative lighting devices.

They are present in numerous modern designs and make a powerful statement everywhere they are used.

Are Crystal Chandelier Good Feng Shui? 

Hang a chandelier in the corridor, closer to the front door. The entryway chandelier feng shui brings more positive chi and energy into your home.

Feng Shui teachings say that any time you get the door wide open and the light reaches the glass or crystals that supports the chandelier, the energy levels inside your home will be raised significantly. 

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Crystal chandeliers for bedrooms must be relaxing. Since the bedroom is one of the most three important rooms in feng shui. Check that the chandelier in your bedroom is not too large and luminous.

Do not put it right on your bed because that would block off the energy in the room. Besides, the occupant of the room will feel insecure and always alert, leading to adverse health conditions. 

Feng Shui Elements and Crystal Chandeliers in the living room?

Spiritual Meaning Of Chandeliers
Spiritual Meaning Of Chandeliers

The crystal-built Chandeliers incorporate two components, the earth, and the fire. These are part of five feng shui elements.

  • Electricity, or light, is a representation of the fire element, while crystals are explicitly extracted from the earth.
  • Which makes a crystal a symbolic earth element. In the active productive cycle, these two elements are mutually strengthening each other. 
  • Because these elements join forces in this way, a beautiful light that inevitably attracts people is produced.
  • The crystals’ parabolic reflectors flow in multiple directions from the arch of the fixture.
  • This reflected light glow is extremely helpful as it draws people together. It is also helpful in any type of relationship.

Benefits of Crystal Chandelier For Living Room In Feng Shui

Let us find out below the advantages of Crystal Chandeliers for living rooms in Feng shui.

1. Chandeliers Boost Dining In Restaurants

Once you’ve observed Chinese restaurants or diners, people always assemble the all-around table in big groups.

The chandeliers add outstanding chi and a relaxing connection to the restaurant and diners. 

In Chinese culture, eating and experiencing contact with one another go hand-in-hand, and chandeliers represent a mutually beneficial relationship.

Earth energy and calming light erupting from the chandeliers are ideal boosters in any dining room. 

2. Chandeliers Increases Chi

Light is undeniably one of the most favorable feng shui modulators. As this light is mirrored in a crystal chandelier, it is multiplied and tripled.

The parabolic mirrors in the crystals of chandeliers cast rainbows that offer particularly great chi. Crystals are the truest and greatest energy type on the planet, and they also symbolize the origin of abundance. 

3. Chandelier Can Serve As A Remedy in Feng Shui

Since chandelier power is earth, it is ideal as a remedy for the concerns of an opposite stove and sink. In this scenario, a dispute occurs between the man and the woman, represented by a fight between fire and water.

But the chandelier’s earth energy will serve as a gateway, overcoming the battle between the two opposing energies.

Placement For Chandeliers In A Living Room

Chandeliers in a corridor or a big room will make a remarkable comment and fill the whole room with ambient lighting.

It is advisable for you to place the chandelier over a coffee table usually to optimally illuminate it in the middle of the living room. Also, try to incorporate crystal chandeliers in the south zone for overall prosperity.

When many people pass around in the living room, hang the crystal chandelier for the living room at least 7 feet from the floor to keep anyone from whacking into it.

If the chandelier is an elegant glass holder or a rustic car wheel design or a crystal chandelier, the right positioning in space provides a feeling of optical energy. 

Best Place To Hang A Crystal Chandelier

Selecting the sizes, type, height, position, and how it works includes the criteria for installing a chandelier. In virtually every room in the house, you can install a chandelier, from the entrance hall to a wide closet. 

Be sure to hang the chandelier at a perfect angle. The underside of a dining table chandelier should drop 30 to 32 inches above the top of the table of a dining room or kitchen counter. 

Hanging Crystal Ball In A Home

A crystal reflects energy distribution in the theory of feng shui, since a transparent crystal can distribute energy, the translucent rainbow sunlight will refract. Feng Shui claims that dangling crystal balls in the house expels harmful energy. 

Wealth can be in abundance just by placing a crystal ball in the home, especially in the living room. In the southwest section of the home living room, the crystal ball must always be installed there.

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Feng Shui crystal chandeliers Lighting In Bedroom

The bedroom is considered the most significant space in a home concerning Feng Shui. Since you spend a third of your life in your bedroom.

Feng Shui is extremely significant. Since your rest and sleep are directly linked to your bedroom set, bedroom Feng Shui dictates if you will have a freckled complexion, exuberant capacity, and so on.

In terms of Feng Shui, a bedroom crystal chandelier placed directly above the bed can draw bad spirits and cause health issues.

Research results from modern psychology science proved that having a chandelier over bed feng shui can send you mental clues, increase your mental tension, and damage your nervous system, resulting in a variety of health issues such as lack of sleep, nightmares, and respiratory diseases.

The roof directly above the bed should be left bare or covered with a canopy if a chandelier is to be hung, rather a soft-lighting bedside floor lamp or table lamp should be used.

Feng Shui Light Fixtures

The feng shui light fixture includes the selected lighting fittings that have been recommended by the feng shui practitioners to enhance the flow of positive energy in and around the home. Some of these fixtures are listed below:

Feng Shui Furniture Placement Rules

Feng shui is more than simply reorganizing furniture. This ancient Chinese tradition is all about bringing warmth and peace into our lives by channeling the strength of natural energy (regarded as chi).

One of the most essential things to put into consideration when it comes to feng shui principles for the home is the living room. It’s the social hub of your house, as well as a place to unwind.

Check out the following organizing tips to get started on improving the feng shui style of your living room!

  • Sharp-cornered furniture that protrudes into walkways can block the flow of chi in a space. Cutting energy can be created by menacing angles or obstructive furniture, making the living room feel uneasy.
  • To keep the room open, use circular tables or oval ottomans. Potted plants may also be used to mask harmful energy and disperse obstructive furniture points.
  • Ensure that the furniture to be used fits in with the space that is available to avoid clustering. The sofa is advised to be placed against the wall to provide a safe feeling for the occupants.

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Feng Shui Crystal Ball Placement

The crystal ball has been veiled in a cloak of mystic energy and influence for millennia since before the time of the Gaelic Druids.

The picture of a psychic reader looking into a crystal ball to foretell a person’s psyche or access the background is among the most common visual associations with a transparent quartz crystal ball today.

A crystal ball can add a fluid value of the most exquisite healing power to any room, including a home, office, or garden, according to feng shui, it is the art of positioning and energy transfer through space.

The energy of the ball will relax and subdue a wide variety of negative emotions while also placing the mind to productive use, such as minimizing fears about the future and picturing a better one.

You may position the crystal ball in a region that requires more peace, light, and refreshed energy, according to your needs. The crystal ball is usually used in the following Bagua regions of your house for feng shui purposes:

  • Areas of passion and marriage (southwest)
  • The field of personal self – actualization and self-development (northeast)
  • Innovation and children (west)
  • The home’s heart (center)

Feng Shui Front Door Lighting

The fire aspect of acceptance and how you’re being seen by the world is brought about by lighting in your front door area. We should see and be seen in the same way that the sun does: with clarity and light.

Dust the light fittings to brighten your entrance because dust blocks light from streaming through. Any glass in and near the door should also be cleaned properly. Clean it to let in as much light as possible.

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A bright flat white color should be used to paint the ceiling. If necessary, substitute the bulb with a higher wattage dimmer bulb or add more light fixtures such as the front door chandelier.

 The light fittings in the front door area do not have to be switched all the way up. It’s all about the prospect of light and clarity of vision.

Feng Shui Lighting Exterior

When you add lighting to the interior or exterior of your house, the possible lighting exceeds the real illumination. The light does not have to be switched on all of the time when its main purpose is for a Feng Shui remedy. For example, you will see a difference by leaving lights on for a few hours in the evening.

Here are a few simple ways to use lighting to boost the chi in your house or compensate for “weak” areas caused by an oddly shaped house or area of land.

  • A spotlight shined on your rooftop or front door increases the chi in the house.
  •  A small Chinese chandelier placed above the front door will put your home’s chi into harmony.
  • Lights on both sides of your front door will serve as deterrents to evil while also attracting good energies into your house.
  • If your house level is less than the road level, a spotlight directed from down the slope side to the peak on your roof will lift the chi in your house.
  • A motion-detecting indicator light that turns on if someone enters a small space promotes cogent thought while also making space appear larger. 
  • Set light bulbs on a timer to greet you as you are about to enter your home/ house.

Crystal Chandelier In Feng Shui FAQS

How high to hang a chandelier in the living room

Assuming that hanging chandeliers for the living room is in the center of the house. You can hang for an 8-foot ceiling between 30 and 36 inches above the top of the dining table.

How low should a chandelier hang in a living room?

Regardless of the size of your Chandelier, as per the designer’s rules chandeliers should never hang lower than 30 inches to 36 inches above your table.

How big should my chandelier be?

To Decide The Size And Width Of Your Chandelier, First Measure The Size Of Your Table. We Suggest That The Width Or Measurement Of The Chandelier Ought to Be One-Half the Width Of The Table.

Q: Can we have 2 chandeliers in the living room?

Yes if your living room hall is too wide or big, in that case, keep two chandeliers in the living room.

Also, find below an exclusive guide on the Feng Shui Living room.

The bottom line

There are several facets of interior and exterior designs to ensure that they comply with Feng Shui principles, but lighting is usually one of the easiest.

Concentrate on wall sconces, tables, and chandeliers, and stay away from low-suspending ceiling fixtures.

Likewise, ensure your home entrances are adequately lit up to allow good energy in, and choose light fixtures that integrate the five Feng Shui elements.

With these few tips, I hope you will be able to optimize the chi in your home through lighting and the correct placement of Crystal Chandelier For the Living Room.