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11 Feng Shui Nightstands Rules For Bedroom & Harmony

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Feng Shui Nightstands Rules For Bedroom? Nightstands are an often neglected piece of furniture, but it is essential for the energy flow of your bedroom. Hence, you must follow these Feng Shui nightstand rules!

A goodnight’s sleep accounts for good health and a positive mindset. And the only place you can get a good sleep is your bedroom.

Your bedroom is your place of relaxation–since most of us spend most of our day in the bedroom, we must make sure it is a healthy and positive environment to be in for so long.

This is why it is best to follow Feng Shui rules for the bedroom to make sure we are spending the night in the optimum environment. 

When it comes to the bedroom, our bed is the focal point of our room. It is where we sleep, relax, and stay cozied up with our partner, which is why when people follow the Feng Shui rules for the bedroom, they tend to focus most on their bed and neglect nightstands.

But did you know there are important Feng Shui nightstand rules for your bedroom as well that you must follow to make sure the energies in your room are balanced?

Bedroom Feng Shui Nightstand Rules

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that works on the principle of energy.

According to the Feng Shui perspective, every object–animate or inanimate- has some energy to bring into your surroundings and attract you.

Feng Shui Nightstands Rules For Bedroom
Feng Shui Nightstands Rules For Bedroom

This is why Feng Shui focuses on the placement, direction, and location of objects in your surroundings to ensure they attract the right kind of energy.

The nightstands in our house are also inanimate objects placed in our room, close to our bed.

When we sleep on our bed at night, the nightstands become a critical part of the environment and are likely to impact us. However, they are a piece of furniture that often goes neglected, which can often disturb your bedroom’s Feng Shui.

Even though most interior designers consider them a part of the bed, they can individually impact the look and energy of your room.

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We know that nightstands play a crucial role in the Feng Shui of your bedroom–therefore; we have compiled some top Feng Shui nightstand rules for you to follow.

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Useful Feng Shui Nightstands Rules For Bedroom

1. Make Sure you Keep a Pair of Nightstands

Feng Shui is all about keeping a balance of energies, and one way to make sure of that in your room is by keeping a pair of nightstands on either side of the bed, it is considered double happiness.

Many people prefer keeping minimal furniture in their room and reducing the amount of furniture; they keep only one nightstand in their room.

This creates an imbalance of chi that can, in turn, impact your life – especially your love life.

The simple logic behind this is that you know your bedroom, especially your bed, is a place for you and your partner (a pair of two people) to share.

Hence if the energy on both sides of the bed is not balanced using a pair of nightstands, it will cause an imbalance in your love life. This trick is particularly recommended to manifest romantic luck in your life.

2. Pick the Right Table for Nightstand

  • You have to buy a pair of nightstands, but you also have to buy the right nightstand table for your room.
  • We know everyone prioritizes their room’s interior design when picking the right furniture.
  • However, it is important to prioritize Feng Shui nightstand rules when choosing furniture – especially nightstands for your room.

3. Nightstand Shape Rules

  • As per Feng Shui nightstand rules, the right nightstand table should not be in a square or rectangular shape.
  • Sharp corners, also called poison arrows are not recommended in Feng Shui; pick nightstand tables with rounded corners because sharp corners can be harsh.
  • Moreover, the sharp end of the table pointing at your face while you sleep on the bed will create a poison which is a huge sign of bad luck and negative energy.

4. Nightstand Height Rules

  • The nightstand height is another aspect you must be careful with when buying a nightstand for your bedroom.
  • The ideal height for a nightstand table must be lower than the mattress of your bed. It should not exceed the height of your head on the bed beside it.
  • This is because the table’s low height will hide its corners, giving them less exposure.
  • This is not only a safety hazard but also a precautionary step to avoid negative energy right close to you.

5. Clean the Clutter

You must have read this everywhere; clutter is your biggest enemy as per Feng Shui principles.

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Our bedside table is a very useful piece of furniture; we tend to spend a lot of time on it, especially before sleeping.

  • Everything that we use throughout the day and before sleeping lands on the nightstand table, from our mobile phones to the alarm clock, to the reading book, reading glasses, and cup and coaster.
  • But don’t let your laziness get the best of you. No matter how tired you are, never leave clutter to sit on your bedside table for the night.
  • Put everything in its place and keep the nightstand clean and minimally decorated.–do not treat your nightstand like a mini store table. Keep large and heavy items away from your nightstand.
  • Clutter means negative energy–a cluttered room or furniture top accounts for a cluttered mind.
  • Decluttering is the best way to relax, and you must engage in it every night before sleeping – make this a bedtime routine for a clean room and peaceful mind.

6. Use your Nightstand Drawers

  • Most nightstand comes with a drawer, and if you don’t, you might have to do a little hard work. The draws on your nightstand are a great way to Feng Shui on your bedside tables.
  • These drawers can come in handy when you have clutter on your nightstand.
  • Keep everything that is present on the nightstand inside the nightstand. This way, you won’t have to have a hectic routine of keeping everything away and cleaning the nightstand every day.
  • And everything will still be close and accessible without hindering the positive energy flow in your room.

7. Light Candles

  • Keeping candles on your nightstand and lighting them every night before sleeping is another way of attracting positive energy to your bedroom.
  • Candles are a sign of serenity and peace. Keeping candles on your nightstand doesn’t cause any clutter, and some candles are also designed to look decorative.
  • Moreover, lighting candles at night is a way to create a peaceful ambiance and keep a balance of the Feng Shui fire element.
  • Additionally, fragrant candles are a nice way to make your room smell good and attract positive chi through the smell of the candles.
  • You can use natural fragrances such as fragrant lavender candles–since it has healing properties and promotes calmness in the mind.
  • The nightstand table must be shorter than the mattress length – it should not be the height of your head because then the corners are exposed, which attracts negative chi into the room.

8. What to Keep on the Nightstand?

However, cleaning the clutter doesn’t mean you have to keep your nightstand completely empty. Instead, keep items on the nightstand that can help enhance your Feng Shui and attract positive energy for you. For example:

  • You can add a potted plant. Not only are plants healthy, but they bring nature into your room and attract positive chi while you sleep. Moreover, green plants also balance Feng Shui wood and earth elements.
  • Similarly, you can also keep flowery plants that are fragrant and colorful so they can attract love energy. Technically, you should keep a vase full of flowers far from the bed; however, adding a single flower to the potted plant can be helpful. Flowers, especially in colors and pink and purple like the orchid, are great for attracting romantic energy and promoting love.
  • Lastly, you can also add crystals to the nightstand. Crystals play a significant role in Feng Shui, and keeping the right crystals in your bedroom near you while you sleep can be very helpful in attracting the right energy. You can keep rose quartz crystal which is well known for promoting love and positive vibes–perfect for the nightstand and your bedroom.
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9. Wrapping Up!

Feng Shui nightstand rules are important for everyone to follow.

If you want your bedroom to be filled with positive energy and make sure you have a peaceful sleep at night–be very careful of what nightstand you are purchasing for your room and how you are decorating it.

Always remember, you must neglect your nightstand–it is a significant piece of furniture when it comes to Feng Shui.

Hence, make sure you buy the right nightstand table with rounded corners and keep it clean and tidy every night!

FAQs: Feng Shui Nightstands Rules For Bedroom

Q 10: Why should the nightstand not have pointy corners?

Pointy corners are a safety hazard for sure, but according to Feng Shui, sharp corners are harsh, attracting bad luck in the room.

Moreover, these corners form a poison arrow when close to your head–which is extremely negative.

Q 11: What should be the height of the nightstand table?

The nightstand table must be shorter than the mattress length–it should not be the height of your head because then the corners are exposed, which attracts negative chi into the room.